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free psn codes

If you are searching for Free PSN Codes or Free PSN Code generator, then you have came to the right people. This website will help you find Free PSN codes which you can generate online. Many websites claim that they can provide you with free psn codes, but in the end they will ask for human verification or a captcha verification or even a survey to complete, without those, you will never get a psn code.

free psn codes

But, are those websites really provide you with free psn codes? Lets find out .

About PSN (Play station Network) :

PSN is also called as Play Station Network which is owned by Sony Corporation. This PSN is created exclusively for gamers. It was launched in 2006 and is first meant for only play station consoles, later it is introduced to other devices like smartphones, Blu ray devices, and HD televisions. After the introduction of play station network, it has gained enormous popularity and now there are around 110 Million users in the play station network (PSN).

PSN (Play station network) is a subscription based services, and every month the user has to pay to keep their membership alive. The benefits you will get with PSN subscription are movie streaming, movie rentals, Huge discounts, play multiplayer online, online game saves and many more.

PSN network offers play station vue which offers live television with this service. With play station now you can access over 500 games from PS 3 and PS4. To get access to both Play Station Vue and Play Station Now, it can be possible with the subscription of PSN.

psn code

Play Station vue offers three type of packages as you can see in the above with psn. They are

Ultra – which is $74.99/month which offers Movie channels + Sports channels and other Premium channels.

Elite – which is $54.99/month offers Movie channels + Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Core Package – which is $44.99/month and offers Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Access Package – which is $39.99/month and offers only popular Live TV.

Is there really a way to generate PSN codes?

In the world of web, you can find anything you want. But many people are still skeptical about getting PSN codes using psn code generator. Do you think they really work and generate psn codes online. Let me clear that up for you people. Ofcourse there are a lot of psn code generator websites present. All these websites claim that users can easily generate psn codes in just a few clicks.

They also claim that, you don’t need to solve the captcha or complete a survey or even a prove that you are human to get psn code. They also claim that you don’t need to download and install any software in your computer or smart phones. All you have to do is, access their online tool and enter the amount you need to get as a psn code and generate one for you and use it to buy your favorite game.

Is it really that simple? If so everyone will use this method and won’t buy anything from PSN.

Does this free psn codes thing work?

The websites claiming that it can generate free psn codes online, offers the following packages.

psn cards

They offer psn codes in the following denominations

  • $10 code
  • $20 code
  • $50 code
  • and $100 code which is the maximum amount you can get.

They also claim that, you can only use these codes for the account you have generated for and these cannot be used on any other accounts at all.

How to get free psn codes?

These websites claim that all you have to do is, use their online generator and enter the details and generate your psn code online.

Here are the steps involved in it.

  • Enter your email address with the play station network
  • enter the amount you need to generate
  • After filling those above details, click next to continue, and it will generate a code for you
  • But in order to associate that code to your account, you need to activate that code
  • In order to activate the code, you need to solve the captcha, this is where the real deal begins.

This is how their online psn code generator looks like

psn code generator

It will ask for your email id and the type of device, when you enter those details and click next, here is what appears

free psn codes

Now, choose the options which you will be shown on the next screen

Enter the amount and click on Generate code

Now, the next screen may seem like it is actually connecting to the Play Station servers and hacking into it. This is how it looks like

psn codes

But it is not. Its not really hacking anything, this is just a pre made code which will be shown to every user no matter what input you give in their website.

captcha verification

This is not actually a captcha verification, but a way to earn money by the owner of that website. This captcha verification is called a CPA (Affiliate offer) when someone like you completes the verification which will lead you to complete an offer. See below.

complete survey

If someone like you completes the above offers, the owner of the website will make money. But its okay, nothing is free in this world

But, will you get the code after you complete it? Not in this world for sure.

Once, you complete these steps and complete the survey by giving your email address, your email address will spammed with lot of emails every day and you will never get a free psn code.

These website doesn’t do anything other than making you sign up for their offers. So don’t fall victims for these websites.

No website will give you free psn codes for free. You can get discount offers, but not this much for sure.

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