Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

Many people who want to upload their videos on YouTube, they want to edit or cut their videos before uploading it to YouTube, so most people will try to look for a video editing software. But, now a days, there are very few video editing softwares which comes for free. When you are starting as a YouTuber you don’t want to spend money on for editing your videos, so most people will look for a free video editing software for their YouTube videos.

I used to upload few videos on YouTube for fun when i was in my teenage. There are some popular video editing softwares which are free and gives you plenty of video effects for your videos.

Here is the list of free video editing software for YouTube videos

You might have already searched and tried for free video editing softwares, most of the video editing softwares you get now a days offer a free trail version and and when you try to export your video, they will ask you to buy their software. But i am going to list of video editing softwares which are 100% free.

#1 Movie Creator – Free Video Editor by Microsoft

If you are on Windows 10, then you can install Movie creator by Microsoft , this software is free and easy to use. If you are a newbie, then you can try this video editor for your small scale video editing needs.

If you are on older versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8, then you can try Windows Movie Maker, this is very easy to use and newbie friendly. You can make great videos with Windows movie maker.

#2 Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is another 100% free video editing software for your YouTube needs. You can do small tasks like extract audio from video or add audio to your video. Go ahead and download this video editing software and play a little bit with it and see if it fits your needs.

#3 Openshot Video Editor

openshot video editor

This video editor is one of the best free video editor available in the internet today. It comes with almost all features for free. You can cut your video, add effects to your videos, add titles, add audio and many more effects to your video.

Convert your video to many formats like avi, mpeg, mp4 etc.

One of the main advantage of this software is that, it offers support for all operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.

#4 VSDC video editor

VSDC free video editor is another freeware software which can help you with your video editing needs. This software offers all the basic stuff a video editor needs, like adding texts, adding audio, adding effects, setting up a capture device etc.

You can cut and past videos using this video editing software, like all free video editor’s comes with some disadvantages, this video editor does not offers preview when exporting your final video.

But, yeah you get what you pay for. But anyways something is better than nothing.

#5 iMovie

iMovie is strictly for Mac users only. Apple is offering iMovie for free only to its Mac users. We all know, apple always maintain’s some standards, so yeah this software comes with lot of editing options and you can customize your videos to fit your needs using Apple’s iMovie.

If you own a Mac, go ahead and give it a try for your Apple’s iMovie.


If you are just starting with YouTube, give it a try with these video editing softwares, once you think you are in need of professional video editing for your videos, then you can purchase paid video editing softwares which comes with lot of cool effects which will make your video look more great.

Until then, keep working with these free video editing softwares.