Working Godaddy Promo Codes for January 2018

Are you trying to purchase something from Godaddy and looking to save some bucks with the help of Godaddy Promo Codes? You might have already tried many websites for working godaddy promo codes and may failed, so to help fellow users like me, here i am going to share some working godaddy promo codes for your shopping with Godaddy.

Godaddy coupons or promo codes are used to get some instant discount during checkout. Never pay what Godaddy asks for, because no matter whether it is domain purchase, webhosting or any other hosting related product, Godaddy will issue promo code for every of their product. Many people are too lazy to search for promo codes and pay in full.

But smart shoppers will always look for coupons or promo codes to avail instant discounts from Godaddy.

Here is the coupon or promo code for Godaddy purchases: fbfhpg30bs

and Get 30% discount on any new purchase

This coupon can only be used on new domain purchases or hosting related products. This coupon cannot be used for renewals of any kind in Godaddy website. This instant discount is only applied to the purchased product not including ICANN fee, or any gift card applied to your shopping cart.

How to apply Godaddy promo code:

First of all, add all the items you wanted to purchase from Godaddy to your shopping cart, and during checkout, you have an option to enter promo code during checkout.

Now enter the promo code provided above in the promo code box and click apply to apply the promo code, instantly your shopping cart will be applied with 30% discount and you can pay the rest with your preferred payment method.

Keep visiting our blog for more promo codes, we will update the Godaddy promo codes regularly in our blog. Good luck with your blogging journey.

Tier 1 Countries Advertising

If you are in Affiliate Marketing Industry, you might heard of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 countries. Certain affiliate offers only certain tier countries traffic. If you are unsure about what are these tier countries are, here is the list of countries by tier wise.

Have a look below.

Tier 1
United Kingdom
United States

Most of the affiliate offers only wants traffic from Tier 1 countries, and the payout for these offers are usually high when compared with other tier countries.

The next best geo list is

Tier 2

Czech Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Puerto Rico
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

The amount of traffic available from these Geo’s is less when compared with Tier 1 countries, but you can get good affiliate payouts for offers for these Geo’s. If you have some good traffic sources for these geo’s its worth promoting few offers for these geo’s because of less competition and good payouts.

Tier 3

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Korea (South)
Saudi Arabia
Slovak Republic
Sri Lanka
Viet Nam

You can find very few offers for these geo’s and traffic sources available for these geo’s are also less. Moderate affiliate payouts and very less competition.

Tier 4
Aland Islands
American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Brunei Darussalam
Burkina Faso
Burma (Myanmar)
Cape Verde
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Cook Islands
Croatia (Hrvatska)
Democratic Republic of Congo
East Timor
Equatorial Guinea
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Faroe Islands
French Guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern Territories
Heard and McDonald Islands
Ivory Coast
Korea (North)
Marshall Islands
Netherlands Antilles
Neutral Zone
New Caledonia
Norfolk Island
Northern Mariana Islands
Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Papua New Guinea
Republic of Serbia
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Serbia and Montenegro
S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
St. Helena
St. Pierre and Miquelon
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
Vatican City State (Holy See)
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Western Sahara

  • Very less affiliate payouts and huge inventory in many ad networks, but you get very few offers with very less payouts.

Tier 5


I have never promoted any offers for these geo’s, so unless you know what you are doing, go ahead and give it a shot for these Geo’s.


How to Make Atleast $10 a Day

Everyone will have their ups and downs in their life. If you are struggling to make at least $10 a day. Here is how to earn $10 a day with this proven method.

$10 a day

To make this work, you  must have little knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you are already an affiliate, then things will be pretty easy for you. But, if you are entirely new to this affiliate industry, then you need to work a little in order to know what is what.

So, anyways, here is what you need to do in order to earn atleast $10 a day.

First of all, you need the following

  • Craiglist account
  • An affiliate account in Peerfly or any other affiliate network where they have zip submit offers.

You can also find zip submit offers through this affiliate offers explorer (Offervault) or Odigger . Browse through some zip submit offers and sign up for an account in the company that offers zip submit offers.

Once you got registered, now pull your tracking link for the zip submit offer which will pay you around $1-$2 depending upon the offer and Geo.

Now, all over the world, there will be many people who are jobless trying to find some part time works which can be done from by working at home. So, what you will do is, post a craiglist ad under job sections, saying “Data entry people needed, earn $20 per survey

Be prepared to get floods of emails to your inbox. Now, reply them with your affiliate link in it, since people are hungry to make some money, they will sign up for it and you will make money for making people to sign up for your offers.


Affiliate Marketing Scams

If you are searching for Affiliate Marketing Scams means, probably you are about to start Affiliate marketing to make some money online. But before becoming a prey to some scam companies, it is very wise of you to come here for to know more about Affiliate Marketing Scams. Everywhere in this world, there is both good and bad. But doesn’t mean that, there are scams everywhere. There is also some good reputed companies doing decent business.

The common mistake most newbies do is becoming a prey to scam companies and then end up here searching for affiliate marketing scams. Affiliate marketing is not at all scam, but some scammers use this name and attract new people and steal their money in the name of affiliate marketing. Usually, people will hear a lot of sayings that many people are making good amount of money through Affiliate marketing. Yes that is true, but you need to put some work in there in order to make some decent money.

Affiliate Marketing

People are making $$$$ every day with affiliate marketing. By hearing these words, beginners wanted to learn how others are making that much amount of money and are willing to pay for the training. But here is what happens.

List of Affiliate marketing scams

  • Fake Affiliate Marketing Training

Many starters wanted to start affiliate marketing and make some decent amount of money, for this they will fall prey to numerous online courses which claim that they will teach A-Z about affiliate marketing and finally end up in buying the course, which is nothing but bullshit. For me, i haven’t bought any course at all before starting my affiliate marketing career. There will be online forums, blogs where you can find plenty of free information. First learn the basics which you can acquire anywhere in the internet by searching in the Google.

For real beginners, i would recommend you to create forum account at and ask for tips and suggestions on how to start your affiliate marketing journey.

If you think, you really found a great course on Affiliate marketing, try to find some reviews on that training before buying anything from them. Its always good to search for the reviews before buying anything. That will make your life easier by not making you lose any money.

  • Fake Affiliate Networks

Even, if you have managed to learn everything about affiliate marketing and started your journey with affiliate marketing, and making some money already. You have to be very cautious about your traffic you send in and the affiliate network you have joined in. If you have joined in a new affiliate network, make sure that they will pay you on time. Try searching for reviews and ratings of that affiliate networks. Because some affiliate networks keep your money for long time and will end not paying you by giving a fake reason saying that your traffic is not backing out for them. Even though, if you have sent good quality traffic, you might end up not being paid because of that fake affiliate network.

Here are some reputed affiliate networks





  • Get Rich Quick Offers

90% of the people fall for this get rich quick offers. Scam marketers advertise that there is a secret system with which you can make thousands of dollars every day. They also promise you like that all you need to work is 2 hours a day and make around $500 per day. People think that they really can make this much amount of money every day. But the scammer don’t give out this secret system for free, the user needs to pay some amount of money in order to get that secret system. So, newbies will fall for it and pay the scammer, and finally end up getting some bullshit ebook and other materials with which you can’t do anything.

Here you will get scammed, so, never pay a dime for this kind of get rich quick offers. If someone is promising you that you can make thousands of dollars every day, why can’t they just use the same method to make money? Instead why they are offering you? So, do your research before paying for anything.

Apart from that, making that much amount of money in affiliate marketing requires lot of hard work and yes you can definitely make such huge amount of money with affiliate marketing, but you need to do hard work and lot of testing different campaigns.

  • Pyramid Schemes

There will be some pyramid schemes, where they will promise you that you can make good amount of commissions for life long. But in order to get these kind of commissions, you need to first join in their program by depositing some money. Don’t ever fall for these kind of pyramid schemes. All they will say is, that you can make money by browsing ads which is real bullshit. Because, all they will do is, when you make a deposit with their company, your deposit will paid to other people’s in your tier as commission. And when you bring a new person, then the new person’s deposit will be paid to you as commission and so on.

These pyramid schemes are not legal and if the police finds out about this pyramid scheme, they will immediately shut down that company and you will lose your money and others which you might join under your tier.

So, don’t fall prey for it. They are not real and not reliable. 100% scam even if they look promising never pay a dime.

  • Never pay to join in any affiliate network

If an affiliate network asks you to pay some money to join in their network, i wouldn’t trust this company at all. Because, a real and trusted affiliate network will never ever ask their affiliates to pay money to join in their network. Even the most popular affiliate network, clickbank also offers free sign up.

However, some CPA companies will ask recommendations from other affiliate network managers and revenue proofs, then only they will activate your affiliate account. These kind of affiliate networks are trust worthy.

And make sure, when promoting an affiliate offer, follow their restrictions, some offers only certain kind of promotions. So check the restrictions and promote the offer, otherwise, even though if you generate good amount leads, they won’t pay you.

  • Domain Name Scams

This is one of the popular scam which is being practiced by many scammers and yet many people are falling prey for this scam still. Suppose if you own a domain name, these scammers get your WHOIS information and email you pretending as the domain registrar for your domain. They will send you an email saying that someone is trying to register your domain name on other company’s name, and if you want to stop the domain transfer they will ask for some amount of money.

If believe that it is true, then you will pay for them and you get nothing, because, they don’t own your domain name, but they will make you panic and steal money from you. Never ever open your emails in spam folder. Most of these scam emails goes to spam folder.

Just don’t respond to their emails, instead raise a support ticket with your domain registrar.

Finally, wherever you go, scammers exist, but you need to be careful with what you do. Keep in mind that, Google is your friend, if you ever suspect anything, find their reviews and if you couldn’t find any reviews of that company, then approach to online forums and open a thread in there with the situation you have encountered with.

Nothing comes free, even your money which you are about spend on them is your hard earned money, so do you are research and invest wisely.

If you like this article, please let me know through your comments.

List of Top 10 Online Best Shopping Sites in India 2017

List of Top 10 Online Best Shopping Sites in India 2017

Looking for the best online shopping websites in India? Indian shopping trend has changed a lot in the recent few years. With emerge of cash on delivery method, Indian people started doing online shopping. As of now, many people are doing shopping online rather than going to a physical store. As with the increase of shopping sites, there are also increase in some scam sites which are trying to lure people. So, here I have handpicked the best online shopping websites.

Of course, with the availability of cash on delivery option, customers are still safe with their shopping. But some websites are not offering cash on delivery method, so in order to help people, here I have sorted the top online best shopping sites.

Here is the list below: is the most widely used website in India. Currently it is ranked #6 in India. The name Amazon has great reputation all over the world and it is most trusted website in the internet. Whenever you face a problem with your purchase, their support team is always there to help you. The best thing about Amazon is you can get everything in cheap when compared with other websites. sells everything from mobile phones to home appliances. You can buy the same product from multiple sellers which gives you the ability to choose the best price from different sellers. and compete each other all the time. Some time, ranks better than and sometime Amazon ranks better. People started online shopping with the emergence of in India. So more people trust than Since, is owned by an Indian, and is being heard by people from the emergence of online shopping in India, more people are addicted to it. And moreover, brings some exclusive sales like Gionee mobile phones which are exclusively available only in This makes unique amongst others. And of course, if you ever face any problem with your purchase, support team is available to happily assist you.

Like Amazon, Ebay is also a trusted name in the internet. They are quite popular for online shopping. Even before the emergence of shopping trend in India, was there in India. But due to the emergence of numerous online shopping websites, has lost some its popularity. As more and more sellers are moving to newly emerged sites like and is getting less sales when compared with others. But still, is one of the best online shopping websites in India. There are some products which you can’t get in other websites, but you still can get them through And support team is the absolute best when compared with others. Even after using the purchased product for 3 months, you can still get a full refund if it is not working properly. is used to compete with, but couldn’t able to beat it. Later it was acquired by itself. is famous for big appliances, but also has wide variety of other products too. Unlike other shopping websites, you can get great deals from Their shipping and customer support are both good. It is ranked around #46 in India after generates good amount of daily sales. Many people put their trust in this website. is a famous shopping website for Apparel. You can get apparels for both men and women. Recently they have offered apparels for kids too. You can get Jeans, Shirts, T-shirts, Shoes, watches, Wallets and many more. If you are not residing in a metro and wanted to buy branded apparels, then this is the website for you. Even when compared with local branded stores, offers you the best prices for apparels. Currently it is ranked #34 in India. is another famous website in India for Apparel shopping. and always compete each other. There is some specialty with, as there are some branded products which you can buy only through but not anywhere else. has exclusive brands like HRX, this branded clothing and apparels can only be purchased through website. You can get great offers if you use their mobile app instead of their website. Currently it is ranked #55 in India. is another famous website for your home appliances. Apart from home appliances, you can also get clothing, footwear, Jewelry and mobile phones. This website offers you very good prices amongst others. But, they have very slow delivery record. If you don’t mind waiting long enough for your purchase to arrive your doorstep. Then this website is for you. Currently it is ranked around #1115 in India. is another trending shopping website in India. This website is famous for getting the rarest things. If you cannot find a product in any website, then you might get that product from This website is popular for electronics and books. But, you can get most of the products from Currently it is ranked around #1142 in India. is another famous website in India which is similar to and You can get heavily discounted items at You can get some products at very cheap when compared with other websites. If you wanted to get best products at cheaper price, then this website is for you. Currently it is ranked #75 in India. This website offers clothing for men and women, Mobiles, Home & Kitchen appliances, Electronics, Kid products and Sportswear. Most people who watch TV are its customers as they heavily advertise on TV. is a famous website for baby related shopping. You can get everything from Baby clothes, footwear, toys, diapers, bath related products, mom related products and birthday related products. This website is exclusively for newborns and kids. You can get numerous deals for baby related products. Currently it is ranked #829 in India. is very popular website India. But it is popular as bill payment website rather than online shopping website. can be used as payment service for paying mobile phone bills, recharging mobile phones, DTH, Landlines and other financial transactions. It is also used as virtual wallet where you can store money and send money to other account holders. It is instant and very secure. Currently it is ranked #27 in India. is exclusive website for female shopping. You can get everything a girl wants. Coming from Sarees, Skirts, Gowns, Jeans, accessories, bags and more. If you are girl or you want to shop for your girlfriend, wife or mom, you can go to Currently it is ranked #1205 in India. This website is famous among women users. is the famous website for online grocery shopping. Currently it is famous only in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Slowly it is progressing in other cities as well. Most websites offer online shopping for clothing and electronics, but is specially launched for grocery shopping. You can sit in front of your computer or laptop and order your groceries. Instead of waiting at long queues at shopping malls, this website helps you buy groceries at your comfort. Currently it is ranked around #477 in India. is another unique website in India which offers online home services through their website. It offers home repairs and services, beauty services, events and wedding services, business services and other personal services through their website. If you are living in a metro and don’t know where to hire a mehendi artist or a DJ for your party, then this website can help you with your needs. Currently it is popular in major cities in India only. It is currently ranked around #2332 in India. is another unique online shopping website in India which is very famous among women. This website offers women lingerie, active wear and apparel only for women. They offer wide variety of bras, panties, Tops and tees. This website has been in the internet from very long. They are very trusted and can get good deals from this website. Currently it is ranked around #2061 in India. You can also get Babydolls from this website. is another unique website in India which is mainly focused on selling eye wear. If you are looking to buy glasses, then this website is for you. You can get glasses for men, women and kids too. You can get wide variety of branded glasses from this website. They are also selling frames for your glasses. You can buy glasses from doctor’s prescription. Recently they have started offering franchises where you can visit their local stores in many places to buy directly. They also offer 3D try on and Home try service, where you can try the lens at your home and if they doesn’t fit you well, you can get another one. Similarly with their 3D try, you can try with your picture. This is a great feature and hassle free to buy your glasses. Currently this website is ranked around #973 in India. is another famous website for women lingerie. You can get bras, panties, and nightwear, clothing and bridal makeup for women from this website. This website offers great deals for women. Since this website is women only you wouldn’t find any product related to men. After, this website is the second famous website for women lingerie. However you can still find these lingerie in sites like and, but these websites are exclusive for women inner wear. Currently it is ranked #3292 in India. is been in the online industry from many years. It offers celebrity apparel at cheaper prices. Apart from this, this website is quite popular for its shoes, as it manufactures its own shoes and also sells other top branded clothing and footwear. You can get cheaper deals at this website and that is why it became very popular among moderate buyers. Currently it is ranked #20319 in India. Due to emergence of new shopping sites, it failed to sustain the competition, but still runs. is a new online shopping website which is exclusively launched to sell Cameras. Everything related to cameras can be bought from this website. Since it is very new, we were not able to verify its credibility. If you are looking to buy something from this website, try at your own risk or try to reach their support first and if they respond well for you, then you can give it a try. Currently it is ranked around #127873 in India. is currently trending website in India for fashion shopping. This website offers apparel, accessories, footwear, and bags for both men and women. They also selling tech related items like mobile phones, cameras and headphones. Slowly more and more users are using this website. If you still not aware of this website, then give it a try today. Currently it is ranked #431 in India. is another trending website which is mainly focused on women shopping. But recently they started selling men’s related products too. They offer apparel, inner wear, jeans, shoes, tops, shirts for both men and women. But like I said, it is selling more women products than men. If you are looking for numerous options, they give it a try. Currently it is ranked #433 in India and is still climbing up. is another trending website in India. This website is very famous in United States, and recently started its online journey in India. This website is exclusive for Women only. You can find everything related women like jeans, T-shirts, skirts, bras, panties, accessories, jewellery, shoes and many more. Currently it is ranked at #9329, but is progressing day by day. It is a very good ranked website in US. If you are looking for some high end fashion online store, i recommend this website.

There are still plenty of online shopping websites emerging each day. If I miss any amazing online shopping website which I should mention in this post, please comment below and please don’t forget to share your thoughts below in the comment section.

7 attraction marketing tips to develop your business

7 attraction marketing tips to develop your business

Running a business successfully is not a simple job today. There is so much competition and you are competing with the people from other parts of the world too. As the business is complex we will have to look for more competitive ways to do business. This is exactly why the concept of “attraction marketing” has developed. Some of you must be new to the concept and some of you must have read something about it. We will try to explain all the aspects of this interesting concept in this article. It is popularly said that attraction marketing is about being the hunted and not the hunter. Well that is true no doubt but there is more to the concept than that.

If you ask our opinion we would say that attraction marketing is nothing but value based marketing. This is so because it is actually about leading with value and free training to build a strong relationship with the people who consider as your prospective buyers. It is not as complicated as you think it to be or people have made you believe that it is.

If you look around closely you will find a numerous examples of attraction marketing but till date you must not have realised it. For example suppose a business firm is holding a free seminar for the local business it can be considered to be attraction marketing. Why we say so is that they are leading with something that is free and it also adds value. This is a concept that will definitely attract the customers. Now suppose this company had just made calls to the customers then would the impact be as strong as it is after this free seminar. The answer is simple “no”. If you want to attract the customers of today you will have to give them some benefits. Else they will not come to you. This is the difference between the marketing of yesterday and today.

Some people feel that attraction marketing is effective only in case of online business. However, we do not agree to this. Attraction marketing can be used in all types of business. It can actually give you a lot of advantages if you learn how to do it well.

The seven attraction marketing strategies that we will be explaining in this article are simple and any one can start using them soon after reading this article:

  1. Always act as a solution provider – The first point is you will have to understand the difference between a consultant and a sales representative. You will notice that people are at least ready to listen to a consultant but as soon as they hear the words “sales representative” they will start to move away. Why do you think this difference is there? The answer is simple a consultant will try to provide a solution where as a sales man will always try to sell something. Suppose you are projecting yourself as a solution provider people will be more interested in what you are saying. If you say that you have a deep knowledge on a subject and you are trusted as an advisor by many people then your value will automatically increase more. Anyone will try to know more about you and spend more time with you.

    This is the first and the foremost principal of attraction marketing that you stop saying that you are here to sell something. Always say that you want to provide a solution to the problems of your prospective users. When you do this you will automatically be the hunted and not the hunter who is looking for buyers. Do not even think that you are selling something. Always have it in your mind that you are basically providing solution to the people.

  2. Teaching something is vital – The second point of attraction marketing that we will be explaining now is that become a teacher. Whenever you are doing anything regarding your business like making a video or writing a blog always remember that you are a teacher and you are here to teach. Use the words “I am going to teach you how”, “we are here to teach you about” and the list just goes on. Always make it clear that you are here to teach for free. You want to share with the people all that you have learnt from your experience so that they do not have to make the mistakes to learn the tricks of the trade. Ensure that you can make the audience believe that you can actually teach them a lot.

    The people whom you are targeting should have a feeling from all that you are teaching that you can actually help them and teach them something more. Only then they will subscribe to your premium products and special paid coaching sessions in anticipation that you can teach them something valuable and important. You will have to use a “bait and switch” policy. You have to give a lot of free stuff only then people may want to pay for some content. When you do this there will come a human need to reciprocate and this is called “rule of reciprocity”. This is a time tested rule and it can never fail you. Some people would not like to use it saying that why should I keep giving free stuff when the other party is not even responding. Just have patience wait and watch this rule will always work.

  3. You have to learn about the direct response marketing – We will now quickly move to the next step that you need to follow for a successful attraction marketing strategy. Direct marketing is very useful tool and it can very well work in attraction marketing. We will explain more about the concept now. The fact is most people do not know what direct marketing is. Some people also have a wrong idea about direct marketing and they will right away tell you that direct marketing cannot work. If you do not use the tool of direct marketing correctly you will not be able to get the benefits that you are seeking. So what exactly is this? If you ask a simple definition we will say that direct marketing is about using some measurable systems in order to generate leads that can be put through a follow up process that will ultimately convert into sales. It is always more effective than selling on the front end. Seems complicated right? Well do not think so much about the definition. It is simple you will have to come up with a process that can finally help you ensure that sales happen. You will again have to spend a lot of time in developing a good process that can be relied upon. Once you have this process you will have no reasons to look back. Spending time on developing it is important. It is your business and no one will now it better than you so you yourself will have to develop this process of direct marketing.
  4. Try to use the internet – You are practicing attraction marketing and to do that one thing that you will need for sure is the internet. When you use the net only then you can make attraction marketing more powerful. The internet does not have any geographical boundaries and you can use it easily to create a valuable content that you can send to the different parts of the world. If you have a successful blog you can use it again and again to create a valuable content that people would like to read again and again. This will also help you get a better content in the search engines. This is possible with search engine optimisation. Always keep in mind that more content you create the better traffic you will be able to generate.

    Apart from blogs which is always a good idea you can also try to use videos and YouTube to reach more people. These options will help you to create better educational videos that can be sent to all the prospects. It has been observed that people like to see videos more than reading online this is why videos can help you to get much better response. It can really help you to get better leads. Do try to use this option and make the most of attraction marketing. When people see a video they will be able to remember you and your product better they will also be able to relate to you more.

  5. You have to hold webinars – our intention is to give you some practical tips that will help you to ensure that attraction marketing is working well for you. Webinars are very powerful and can add a lot to your image. You can consider them as a modern day seminar that can be given to all the prospects from different parts of the world using the internet. It is always a good idea to hold a training webinar as that can add a lot of value to your image and give you authority. When a prospect will see your webinar they will automatically feel more attracted to the work that you are doing and they would like to know more about you.

    The webinar must be informative and you should spend a good time in developing the webinar. It should be made in such a way that an instant interest can be developed in the mind of those who are watching it. They convert very well as they are nothing but special scheduled event that people would like to attend. It does not include any interruption marketing. So what you get from it is a highly qualified prospect taking time to listen to what you have to say.

  6. You have to get a video – If you are using the internet attraction marketing can be done more easily. You will have to make a video in order to tell people who you actually are. There are many such videos out there so you will have to ensure that the video is made in such a way that people actually watch it and share it. Video marketing is critical in today’s world if you have not yet tried the concept then do give it a shot at the earliest. The best part is that it is very personal. You must use it along with webinars to get better response. You want to be seen as a trusted advisor so people need to know about you in order to trust you.
  7. Try to create a free guide – The last point on attraction marketing is preparing a free guide. This is that something that you can giveaway in order to build your email list. You may consider this as a bribe or a freebie. Ensure that the free guide gives a rough idea of what you know and can teach people. The guide should have information that the users can actually use. This will help you build an email list and get recognition for your site or blog.

    The points that we have discussed about attraction marketing are simple and can be implemented by anyone easily. If you put all the points together the simple fact is you will have to act nice and say that you can teach the prospects something that no one else probably can. Never project yourself as a salesman. There are many salesmen out there and people do not want some more. Does a little change in the way you project yourself and you can easily feel the difference it can make to your business. Many people have used these attraction marketing strategies and they are doing well. When you ask people about attraction marketing they will tell you many things. Do not make attraction marketing so complicated it is a simple concept that needs a different approach when it comes to traditional marketing ideas.

3 steps to start a business when you want to make it big with investing less money

Three steps to start a business when you want to make it big with investing less money

When you see a friend of yours making good money with a blog you feel disheartened because you cannot come up with your own as you do not have enough money. Money is an integral part of any business. If you do not have money you just cannot grow your business. Does that mean if you do not have money you cannot do anything? If you look at history you will notice that many successful businessmen actually started with almost no money and made it to the top. What you will need is imagination and creativity. If you have a passion for your dreams nothing can just stop you and this is the fact of life. Ambition and money has nothing to do with each other. If you have the fire in you then this is the article for you. No matter how broke you are we will now give you some amazing ideas about how to start business without putting in much money. So what are we waiting for let’s directly getting to the point?

  • First of all make a list of things that you can actually do without the help of money – You do not need a coach or a guide. You can do it own your own. We are giving you a nice direction that you need to follow. It is absolutely up to you what you make of these directions that we are sharing with you. You will have to invest only one thing and that is your time. Time is actually money so always invest it with good planning.

If you want a coach then again this is a good idea because by the time you find someone for yourself you already have the skeletal plan ready. Now as an intelligent businessman you have to make a strategy. What are you going to serve to the people? Who will be the audience for you? For example are you targeting college students or you are targeting housewives? You must have all these things really clear in your mind. Are you confused and do not know what to do? Look at it from this point and it might help. For example think of where you were sometime back. Now, think about people who are now at the same position and have the same concerns. Then think how you worked on your problems and reached where you are. So after all this brainstorming what you have is your business idea.

So we will now move to the next step and that is looking for a good name for the blog. After you have the name for the business or the blog what you do is create relevant pages for it on all the social media websites. You can also use your own name and ensure that all your social media accounts are connected with the same common name that will help you build a brand. Your name in this case becomes your brand. Relationships and connections are integral part of any business. Now that you know which line of business you are choosing for yourself start connecting with anyone who is into the same line via social media. This will make your presence felt.

Some people will say that social media is huge so where should they start from? Well the answer is simple join a platform where most of the audience that you are targeting hangs around and you will have a good platform to start your business that is recognized by your target audience. Make the “about me” section of your social media accounts well. It will tell people who you are and how you can solve their problems. Make a killer bio and ensure that it is impressive.

The brand must have a style guide. You must know well the fonts, the colors and the images that you are representing because these are building your brand image and tomorrow people will know your brand with these. It is advisable to have a style guide to ensure that there is a consistency in the visuals and the audience do not get confused. There are many free style guides for templates that you can actually use.

Many people give all the importance to have money in starting a business. If you do not have money then does try to invest time and look for other important aspects of a business other than money. You will have to make a list of things that do not cost you any money. Trust us this is possible and once you have this list ready you are all set for the next step.

  • Make a list of things that will definitely cost you a lot of money – So you have now exhausted all the time you had and also used all the free resources. What matters now is that you have to get more real. For this you will have to make a list of things that according to you actually need money. What is included in this are:
  • Domain
  • Web design
  • Hosting
  • Coaching
  • Products

There will be definitely many more things in the list as per the level of intricacies your business actually has. Now you have the list ready so what you will have to do is set the cost and the priority for each item in the list with the order in which they must be executed. You must know that many people have great business ideas but they don’t really work on it because they feel that it is an unnecessary expense and can lead to losses. When you have a list with definite expenses like this it will be better for you to understand exactly how much the expense actually are. Sometimes you will feel oh this is going to cost me 1000$ at least but when you have a list like this you might realize that the expense is actually much lower than you thought.

You can also make a step by step plan and first do the things that are more important and critical and then slowly move to the items that are not so important. For example having a website is more important than anything else. It will help you to set goals better. We will give an example here suppose you will have to pay $1000 for a website and you do not have the money then why don’t you just buy a template that will not cost you more than 60$. There are hacks for everything. You will have to spend the time and keep looking for these hacks. This is fine because you do not have money so time is the only resources that you can invest to make the most of your ideas.

If you have a good idea and you know you are on the right track money does not matter. The points that we have mentioned here will save you a lot of money it will also ensure that in the long run you will realise that what you did at the beginning was absolutely correct. Business is risk. When you invest a lot of money your whole attention in on that money and you start getting sleepless nights. When you are not investing too much money you are in a better position mentally and it is also good for the business as you will get creative and look for ideas that actually do not cost you a lot of money. It is always expensive to hire a professional then why not start working with an amateur. You might be surprised to see how an amateur can give you better results than a professional. This is because an amateur will have the ability to think out of the box and try something that no one has ever tried in the business.

  • Make a list of things that you feel you are very good at and no one can beat you in – Most of the time we downplay our achievements and abilities. Why do you think that you do not have any expertise? We all have some expertise. Some of us realize it and work towards making it better and some do not want to take the chance they are simply happy with what they are doing. We want you to become a dream chaser. We want you to look beyond your limits and do things that no one has ever done before. Trust us it is possible just that you have to look at it from a new point of view. Just sit for a while and think what your achievements are? Think what people compliment you about. It can be something even as small as your flawless skin. Before you start with the business you will have to have all the answers for the questions that we are going to discuss now:
  • What is it that you are going to sell? Is it a service or is it a product? You have to look at making sales from the beginning itself. It is good for the business and your morale.
  • Who are the people who will be the target audience for you? Why they are your audience and what problem are you actually going to solve for them?
  • First offer the product or the service to the people you know well. Tell them about the product. Ensure that they use the product and service and give you a feedback. These can work as a testimonial. You can offer them a price lesser than the actual price as a friendly gesture. These can also be used as a case study. People who know you will show more trust in you than people who are interacting with you for the first time.
  • Now you have the product or the service that you will be offering to the clients. You have also got some feedback from people you know. Now you will have to look for a person who will have the skills that you need. You can ask these people who are interested in your business for barter because you do not have money. Tell then to provide you a service for free and in return you will also provide them with a service that they may need. You will have to figure out what is it that you can do in return so that these people feel interested in your proposal. You can ask them to build a website for you at a lower price and you can market their products in your site or blog. There are many people who are interested in such give and take. However, as we have mentioned before to look for such like-minded people you will have to invest time. It may take you weeks and months to get a positive response. However, when you find someone who is ready to accept your proposal there is no looking back for you. A trick that you can use here is build a relationship with these people and then make the proposal to them it will improve the chances of you getting a better response.

Whenever there is a mention about starting a business the first reaction you will get is “where is the money” well your answer should be “why do you need money”. If you have some big dreams then this must be the stepping stone to it. The first step to realize your dreams is to start working on them. We are not talking about things that are impossible. All the points that we have discussed above can be done by anyone who has a passion for his or her dreams. These ideas have helped many and if you want you can use them too. We always try to ensure that we give the best ideas to our readers and we hope this article will help you realize the dreams of yours.

7 best opensource helpdesk software tools

7 best opensource helpdesk software tools

A help desk is always in a need of help. If the helpdesk is not good and up to the mark you will suffer from misplaced tickets, SLA’s is getting violated and a lot of frustrated customers. These problems can also lead to the customers leaving you. The problem is that you might have to shell out a lot of money and sometimes it can be as high as $100 to $200 a month on software. This is a common problem faced by many. Our constant try is to ensure that we solve all the problems that our readers are facing this is exactly why we have decided to write this article on desk top software tools that are absolutely free. These are options that you must give a try and you will never be disappointed.

  • Some also feel that there is too much of information on the start screen and the configuration option which makes it difficult to understand.

    Overview about UserVoice

    UserVoice is a good suggestion for the shops that are getting a lot of user suggestions for the product improvement and need a solution that will help them to improve the ranking and organize the helpdesk. The UserVoice can also help a lot in processing the suggestions. It will give you the ability to eliminate many versions of the same suggestions and save you time. If you have many variation of the same suggestion with different words and spellings you will really find this very helpful.

    However, you must keep in mind that there is a little possibility that one-agent shop will get many product improvement suggestions. If you actually want many suggestions then you will have to hire more agents and pay for the full product.

  • The chat requires SnapEngage.
  • The community feature of UserVoice does not seem like a community at all. Many users feel that the forum is weak.
  • It also helps the customer support representatives to understand where they can improve.

    We will now mention some of the cons of UserVoice so that the users can take a better decision:

  • Suggests searches as the user types.
  • It easily integrates with Facebook.
  • UserVoiceThis is the first option that we will be discussing. It is ranked third on Capterra’s rankings of the top 20 customer service software providers. This ranking is completely based on the total number of customers, users and also social media presence. The free option is limited only for one agent and has limited functionality. However, all the features that we have listed below apply to this free version.

    Stand out features of UserVoice are as follows:

  • FreshdeskThe second option that we will be going to discuss is the Feshdesk. This is ranked fourth in Capterra’s rankings of the top 20 customer service software providers. The free option of Freshdesk is for three agents. However, the functionalities will be limited.

Stand out features of Freshdesk are mentioned here:

  • Easily prioritize some of the customers based on the SLA policies.
  • It will easily convert emails and tickets into knowledgebase articles.
  • It has the ability to use 16 different languages.
  • It can be accessed via mobile friendly site.

The demand for Freshdesk’s solution for temporary increased demand is solid. You can easily add extra agents for a day or so if you have a lot of backlogs to deal with. You can do this by spending as low as $1 to $3. This can be done without changing your plan and that is the best part. There is also a possibility to purchase these in advance and use them as and when needed. Many users find the customer service of Freshdesk just amazing.

We will also talk about some of the cons of using Freshdesk now so that the readers can compare it with the other options that are available:

  • Some people are of the opinion that when you compare Freshdesk with others you will feel that it is a little slow.
  • Freshdesk can easily gamify the customer service. It also provides good rewards for excellent services in order to improve the employee morale and engagement. This is a great point but gamification is not available for the free version of Freshdesk.

Overview on Freshdesk

It is a good idea that gamification is made available only to the larger shops. There has to be competition between the agents for gamification to seriously work. If you do not have more than three agents the other features of Freshdesk will continue to work. If you are just having one agent even if you grow to three agents the Freshdesk will remain free and that is indeed a very good idea.

  • SpiceworksThe last in the list that we will be discussing is Spiceworks. The free version of Spiceworks is well managed and backed up. The free version is also self-hosted. The self-hosting is a premium service that actually comes with support and backups for the product. Spiceworks is easy to download and use. Within seconds of downloading it you can actually start to work with it.

Stand out features of Spiceworks are as follows:

  • LDAP/Active directory synchronization is available.
  • It is free no matter how many agents you have working for you.
  • It allows mobile integration.
  • It provides multi-site support.
  • It is fast and easy to install
  • It provides server monitoring services.

Some Cons of Spiceworks are mentioned below:

  • If your network is large the performance of Spiceworks can become slow.
  • It might be a challenge to install Spiceworks on VMWare, Unix and Linux.

Overview of Spiceworks

The free version of Spiceworks is self-hosted. Some people might not want it and they would want the backups and management to be handled somewhere else. If you want that then Spiceworks is not the option that you should choose.

Apart from the names that we have mentioned above there are other free tools that you can use and these are Zoho, Sysaid and ManageEngine. The free service that they offer is very good and definitely worth it.

OpenSource options

The fact is the free versions of helpdesk software are usually limited in users and functionality. The opensource software is usually fully functional for users of different kinds. These are also extremely customizable. It depends on the team how they are configuring and installing the software. Most of the OpenSource helpdesk software companies also offer a preconfigured version that is very useful for installation. We will discuss some of these options now in this article.

  • osTicketWith the help of osTicket you will be able to associate your SLAs with the help topics, tickets, departments or filters. Not only this, you can also set up overdue alerts so that you do not miss on any due dates. The customer portal of osTicket contains all the requests and answers that you can access later.

Stand out features of osTicket are mentioned below:

  • They have unlimited SLA agreements.
  • They will also have space in ticket for notes of all actions.
  • With the help of osTicket you can add videos, images and logos to the tickets.

Some cons of osTicket are as follows:

The only con of osTicket that we can think of is that although the community support is quite strong sometimes the larger issues take a long time to get resolved.

Overview of osTicket

OsTicket does have many interesting features that makes it a full-fledged help desk software tool and includes a ticket filter tool too that can filter incoming tickets in phone calls, emails and web forms to the right agents. It also has an auto-responder that will help you to set work-flows as per the ticket type. There is a possibility to ensure automatic canned responses and the system also offers dashboard reports.

  • OTRS FreeThe OTRS Free can offer email notification when the tickets are created and changed. The tickets can be sorted by status like pending, in-process, escalated, watched, open, such as new, escalation time, by priority, SLA service and many more such options. The system will report as per the number of tickets and the processing time.

Stand out features of OTRS Free are:

  • It is available in 34 different languages.
  • It can also offer out of office features and visualization of the agents that are away.
  • It has an option of search auto-suggest.
  • There is a ticket lock feature to ensure that two agents cannot work on the same ticket at the same time.

Cons of OTRS Free are mentioned below:

The only con of OTRS Free that we can think of is that it has an admin manual that is more than 300 pages long.

Overview of OTRS Free

We will now give a slight overview of OTRS Free. The most useful benefit of OTRS Free is the fact that it can easily automate any number of requests. This ensures that the errors are reduced and the efficiency of the agents is increased. They call this a process management module. You can have standardized process on billing; ordering and decision dialogues guide the service agent and the consumer with the help of this. The best part is that the free configurable workflow makes the tickets almost automatic.

  • Mantis Bug TrackerThis is the most commonly used tool to detect defects in software. Mantis Bug Tracker is a very powerful tool as it is easy to configure. It allows the agents to decide which email notification they actually want. This can be done by setting filters to define the minimum severity of the issues and to get the notifications. Different level of access can be given to different users and the changes to the tickets can be recorded in the audit trails.

Stand out features of Mantis Bug Tracker are mentioned below:

  • It helps to set user access by project and role
  • It enables revision control of text fields and notes.
  • It can show graph relationships between issues.
  • You can track issues that can be resolved by RSS feeds.

Cons of Mantis Bug Tracker are as follows:

The only con of Mantis Bug Tracker is that the configuration requires manual editing of php files which can be a difficult task for non-developers.

Overview of Mantis Bug Tracker

The best part of Mantis Bug Tracker is its plugin system. They have over 50 plugins. These plugins can help to do a lot of things tweet a notification when a problem is solved. It can also send SMS messages and update status in the external project management system. It is easy to install and use.

  • BugzillaThe Bugzilla is the last option that we will be discussing on this article. It is much simpler when it comes to functionalities compares to the others that we have discussed so far. It is clean and easy to use as a result many people prefer it. Bugzilla has some advanced features that can remember the search that you were doing. It also has some editable user profiles. The email preferences and bug permissions are comprehensive.

Stand out features of Bugzilla are here:

  • It remembers the queries.
  • It allows advanced search

Cons of Bugzilla are mentioned here:

  • The configuration can be a little complicated especially if you are not a Linux or UNIX administrator.
  • The system cannot be customized.
  • The Bugzilla is very difficult to install on Ubuntu servers.

Overview of Bugzilla

If you need something simple and easy then Bugzilla should definitely be your first preference.

Most people feel that a better system means spending a lot of money. This might not be true all the time this is what we have tried to explain in this article. We hope that you will find this article a great help and it will help you to improve your systems. You can also use the Capterra’s helpdesk software directory to compare the options. Analyze all the options well and then take a well informed decision.

Who can become a Growth Hacker?

Who can become a Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking is definitely becoming a reality and many people want to take it up as a career. The simple question arises what is it that you must have in order to become a successful growth hacker? This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. It will help you to understand the challenges of becoming a growth hacker.

Should a Growth Hacker must be a programmer?

This is a common question that all people who want to become growth hackers will have. The answer is not as simple as it may seem. If you know coding then you definitely have an edge over. Many growth hackers do not do the coding themselves. You can also do with a good programmer in your team if you do not know much about programming yourself.

Growth hacker is a person who handles a team. He will have a front end and back end developer. He will guide the team on what exactly he wants. The programmers might not know anything about growth. They will basically follow the instructions that the growth hacker is giving them and try to build a code that is needed. The front end developer will just ensure that the site looks good and it user friendly. All these people work together in order to ensure that growth is achieved. It is basically a team work. No one can be considered more important or less important. A programmer might do the job of a growth hacker but that might not be possible all the time.

Can traditional marketers be good Growth Hackers?

Why is a growth hacker considered to be different from a marketer? This is simply because it is all in our mind. Growth hackers should not look at marketers as an enemy. Someone with knowledge of marketing will always have an edge as a growth hacker. It is not the skill set that is different between the two what makes the difference is the mindset.

What a marketer has to do as a growth hacker is copy write and then ensure that the focus is on growth alone. After this an event based analysis has to be done about the product. This analysis is needed to run the funnel analysis that will help to improve the copywriting that was originally made. After all this is done and all analysis is in place growth hacking is done. A traditional marketer can become a good growth hacker provided he or she changes the way they analyse the data and shift the focus to growth alone.

The best way to prove this point would be by using the example of Sean Ellis. He is the first person who came up with the concept of growth hacker. He was also a marketer by profession. The root of growth hacking is in marketing and we must never try to forget that. If you do not understand the basics of marketing it might be difficult for you to become a good growth hacker.

Are Growth Hackers unethical?

All that a growth hacker is expected to achieve is growth and they can achieve it by whatever way they want. Like we say everything is fair in love and war. Ethics is important no doubt. Every profession has ethics. We cannot say that growth hackers do not have ethics. They are just smart people who use their knowledge of distribution channels in order to increase conversions. In the last article we discussed the example of Craigslist and AirBNB. AirBNB was just trying to provide a good service to all the users. Craigslist could disallow AirBNB activities and they eventually did so. This is fine as no one was harmed by it.

It is true that sometimes the growth hackers might cross the limit. However, they must know where to draw the line and ensure that no one is harmed by their actions.

Growth Hackers must have good analytical skills

A growth hacker will have to use a lot of analytics. Without the ability to analyse data a growth hacker will not be able to succeed. Love for analytics drives a growth hacker.

Analytics actually keep the Growth Hackers honest – Analytics basically help the growth hackers to understand how they are performing. Analytics will reveal if the growth hacker did a good job or a sloppy one. It does not matter how big ideas you have. What is important is the analytics of the work done. Sometimes the growth hackers may feel that they have been doing a great job but analytics will have a completely different story to say.

Analytics helps the Growth Hackers to succeed time and again – Analytics means a detailed scrutiny of all that is happening in your business. Until you have a strong analysis done you will not be able to repeat the success that you made in the past. If your present quarter gave you a good returns compared to the previous one and you feel overwhelmed with it growth will not happen. Even if the present quarter is better do a detailed analysis of why and how. This will help you understand what is working and must be repeated as well as what is not working and must be stopped.

Analytics can help the Growth Hackers to predict the future – Companies like to predict and plan the future. Prediction is definitely guessing no one knows if it will come true. However, if you have proper data you can use it to ensure that the decisions you are taking about the future are more informed. Yes this prediction might also be wrong as it is a guess you are making. As you are using data the expectation is based on better analysis and can be considered to be more accurate. Event based analysis is critical to growth hacking. This process of causation bust be supported with strong analytics and that is a very strong weapon.

With Analytics the Growth Hackers can shift focus- When you have numbers in hand it can help you to shift your focus to the right things. It can help you give importance to things that you perhaps do not consider that important. With the help of analytics you can ensure that your focus is on the right track. Suppose the referral loop feature never attracted that you have never attracted your attention. With the help of data analysis you realise that almost twenty percent of the new signups are coming from this area so what you should do is make your team pay more attention to this area.

Why is it said that Growth Hackers are “T” shaped?

Why must a growth hacker be “T” shaped? This shape is basically used to describe the skills that a growth hacker must possess. The flat horizontal part of the “T” stands for all the various skills and disciplines that the growth hacker must have. A growth hacker must know about the market, the psychology of people, the area of knowledge is vast and they must know a little of everything. Rather we can say they must know a little bit of everything under the sun.

The vertical part of the “T” talks about skill sets that dominates and ensures that the growth hacker specialises in these. You will be considered an expert in this and as expected you must go deep into them and keep learning them. Of these skills you will have to be awesome in a few in order to be successful. These are basically the skills that you are expected to master. A growth hacker is less of a professional more of a skilled and creative person. For growing a product you have to go deep. You have to keep learning and finding new ways to deal with it. There is no short cut to success. Yes growing a product requires about ten to twenty percent of skills that you are naturally born with the remaining has to be acquired through hard work only.

The Growth Hackers are generally obsessive

Yes we want the growth hackers to concentrate only on growth. Can you concentrate on a one point goal for weeks and months? It might not be possible for all and they may lose focus. To do this you have to be an obsessive person who can concentrate on one single goal for a long time. It is thus the most important quality that a growth hacker must possess.

Keep looking for the best idea- every day you will come across a lot of ideas. It is not necessary that you get ten ideas and one of it works for you. Be prepared to work on at least hundred ideas and then you may stumble upon something that actually works. If you lose hope in between you will not be able to succeed as a growth hacker. One brilliant idea can come up after you have worked on a hundreds of failed ideas. This will help you understand why we say you must be obsessive.

Learn to make series of small successes over a period of time – people feel that growth hacking is about getting a big idea that can give huge success. The fact is that it is about looking for small ideas that can give small success which we can compound on later. You must look at improving your numbers day by day. It is not always about a breakthrough moment it is about making progress in the right direction over a number of years. Taking off like a rocket is not the aim always. Growth hacking means and looks at growth but it can be a slow and steady growth too. This is possible when you are obsessive and you can work relentlessly towards one single goal for years together.

A growth Hacker should be right brained

We have been talking a lot about analysis. Yes growth hacker must be strong at analytics but that is not the end of the story. With analysis you win half the battle the remaining battle depends on how creatively you use the analytics in order to grow the product. This is why we say that growth hackers must be right brained.

Growth Hackers must have an extra sense of curiosity – we all are born with a sense of curiosity. Curiosity helps man to think of new ideas and ways. Growth hackers must be curious not only about the product they are dealing with but also about how they can grow the product. A growth hacker must know that no idea is a dumb idea and all new ideas must be tried no matter how strange they seem to be. We will list examples of some ideas that you can get only if you are highly curious.

  • Let’s allow the customers to choose the price for the product?
  • For every customer support request send a drip email of funny videos from the YouTube?
  • Making the users do something new every week so that the account does not get deactivated?

This list can go on depending on how curious you can get. To some these ideas may seem stupid and impossible. A growth hacker should not fear that he may be wrong and can be ridiculed. If you are afraid of being different you are not a curious person by nature. Write down hundreds of such stupid ideas and you never know which one would be the best idea you are looking for.

Logical thinking is critical in growth hacking

Growth hacker must be a data cruncher. It is not necessary that a heap of data will always solve your problem. Never leave logical thinking if you want to be successful as a growth hacker. If you have problems do not look for answers in the data. Take a break and you might find the solution to your trouble. Sometimes even a small change can make a huge impact on the growth of the product.


These are the various things to look for in a growth hacker. We hope this will help you understand if you have it in you to become a successful growth hacker.

Online Captcha Entry Jobs to Work from Home

Best Online Captcha Entry Jobs

I am often asked many similar questions like how to make money online easily by many newbies. Many people will have so much free time with a computer and internet connection. So, Instead of wasting their time on Facebook and other social networks, they will try to find some way or another to make some money online. But due to the number of scams in work from home based jobs, people are struggling to find some legitimate ways to make money online. It is not a secret anymore, as you know many successful bloggers like Patt Flynn are making huge amount of dollars by working from home. But it is not that easy to make such amount of money. All it takes is a lot of hard work and your efforts.

work from home jobs

Newbies and who are not that good at internet will struggle to understand the concepts of blogging and affiliate marketing. If I suggest start blogging or affiliate marketing, it will take many months for them to earn few dollars, because they don’t even know what blogging or affiliate marketing is. They don’t even has any idea about Google AdSense or affiliate networks. All they have is like few free hours every day and wanted to make few bucks out of it.

For people like them who don’t want to struggle a lot in learning technical aspects and wanted to earn few dollars every day, this article is for them.

Today, I am going to write on best online captcha entry jobs where you can easily earn around $1 – $250 a month by just solving the captchas.


You might have already searched for captcha entry jobs and found them not paying for you work. But in this article, I am going to list the best online captcha entry job website who actually pays for your work. I don’t say you will earn millions using these jobs, but you can earn few bucks to fill your tiny pocket and moreover something is better than nothing right? So, it’s all up to you whether trying it or not.

Since, I am writing this article by keeping newbies in mind, they might not have any idea about what a captcha would be, so

What exactly a captcha is?

Captcha is nothing but an image verification which is used by many websites to prevent automated registrations by bots. For example, if you are signing up for a Gmail account or Facebook, you will be asked to enter image verification to prove that you are a human.

See the images below for example:

You can see the captcha during Gmail account registration

So, I think, now you must have understood what a captcha is. Now, you might wonder what your jobs is and what you need to do.

Captcha Job:

Many companies creates a software which automatically creates accounts in websites like Gmail, Facebook etc. But to prevent these kind of softwares, Gmail, Facebook and other companies use captcha to prevent automated registrations. So, the companies we are taking about are willing to pay if someone is going to solve the captcha for them. So, all you need to do is, install their software in your computer and you will be presented with captcha one by one. The more captchas you will, the more money you will earn.

The only skill you need here is typing, if you are fast at typing, you can solve as many captcha’s and earn good amount of money.

There are numerous websites offering captcha jobs, but only few websites actually pays to their customers. Here are some of the top rated captcha job websites.

Best Online Captcha Entry Job Websites:

  1. Mega Typers:


Megatypers is one of the best online captcha entry job website where you can create an account with them and start working. They pay around $0.45 to $1.50 for every 1000 captchas you solve. You can earn around $250 (INR 16250) monthly using this website.

They pay through Paypal, Webmoney, Payza or Western Union. Out of all, its easy to setup a PayPal account and get paid instantly.


You have to be a good typer, as you will be given only 20 seconds to fill each captcha.

You should solve these captchas correctly otherwise for each wrong entry, you will lose your hard earned money from them, as they will deduct money from what you earned.

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2) ProTypers


Protypers is another work from home based website which pays its users for solving captchas. People can earn around $200 monthly by solving captchas. This website accepts people from all over the world.

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3) Captcha2Cash

Captcha2Cash is another work from home based website where you can earn few bucks by doing online data entry work. They pay around $1 for every 1000 captchas you solve. You can even withdraw $1 also with Captch2Cash. If you earn $2 for today’s work, you can withdraw that money too, as their minimum threshold for payment is very low. They pay instantly to
Payza and Perfect Money.

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4) is another work from home based jobs provider. It pays around $1 for every 1000 captchas solved. The pay more for their efficient works who has showed efficiency in their work, which means, if you have good accuracy while typing the captchas, you will get paid more than others. The more accuracy you have the better payout you will get.

But initially, you need to prove your work that you can deliver accurate results, so you need to work hard at start and eventually you can grow.

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5) Fast Typers

This another work from home based job provider who offers jobs on Captcha solving. They pay around $1 for every 1000 captchas entered. Their minimum payment threshold is $1. So, if you reach $1 in your account, you can withdraw that money to your Payza account.

If you refer someone to their website, you can also earn referral commission. It is also a great way to increase your income.

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7) CaptchaTypers

People across the globe are earning around $200 per month using Captchatypers. All you need to do is send an email to [email protected]
and you will receive your login details to their website for free.

Your typing should be fast and you need to type before it gets timed out. If it gets timed out, your account will get banned for 30 mins. Their pay varies with time, you can get maximum rates if you intended to work at 9 PM to 9 AM. They will provide a software which you need to install in your computer, and then using your login details which you will receive from the admin log into the software which you installed in your computer and start typing.

You can download their latest software from here

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and click here to visit their website

Points to remember:

  • You will not be able to make millions using this job, and moreover this is some kind of boring job to do. If you have nothing to do and wanted to earn around $100 – $200 a month, you can do these kind of jobs. In order to earn that much money, you need to work atleast 4 hours a day.
  • Some websites require you to download their software and you need to install that software in your computer, after installing their software, captcha’s will appear in that software and you have to work on that software.
  • You need to have a paypal account in order to receive payments from them, apart from Paypal you also need payza and perfect money accounts too.
  • Another important thing is, some websites only pay you when you reach their minimum threshold. Suppose, some websites requires you to earn $25 in order to get paid, so you need to work until you earn $25 and then you will get paid.

You can also find these kind of jobs in freelancing websites like and If you wanted to earn few bucks per month, then these options may suit you well. Good luck with your online journey.