How to Get Free Amazon Prime Membership Without Paying Anything

amazon prime

Everyone is raving about Amazon Prime Membership because of its popularity, you can get free shipping and lot of other benefits using Amazon prime membership. But its not free to have this, you need to pay around $99 per year for this prime membership, however there are some cell phone companies and credit cards offer free Amazon prime membership for buying their expensive packages.


amazon prime

What if there is a way to get Amazon prime for free without paying anything? Is it possible? Yes there are some sneaky ways to get Amazon prime membership for free.

Here are the ways to get Amazon prime for free.

Get Amazon Prime for 1 month for free if your package arrives late

This is one of the coolest and legit way to get free Amazon prime membership. But to avail this benefit you must already have a prime membership. If you order anything from Amazon, and if it does not arrive at your doorstep within the guaranteed time, then you can contact Amazon support explain the situation to them. They will check your order and if it really doesn’t arrive at your door step within the guaranteed time frame, then they will extend your prime membership to one month more as a part of peace making with you.

If you have paid extra dollars for one day shipping, they will even refund your shipping fee incase if it doesn’t arrive within the guaranteed time frame.

If they offered you 1 month extra prime membership means, that extra one month will commence after your current prime membership expires, in that way, your extra one month will not get wasted.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Free Trail using multiple accounts

At first, when i heard about this trick, i didn’t believed it, but until when i got in touch with Amazon customer support and asked about this out of curiosity, they said, yes that is acceptable and can avail multiple prime memberships.

Below is the chat transcript of it

I asked her, if i have two email address, can i sign up for Amazon prime free trail using those two email address? and she said yes. So the trick is, first sign up for 1 free trail using one email address and when it got expired, use another email and sign up for another free trail and use its benefits. This is another cool way to get free Amazon prime.

But i don’t think it will last forever, so use it while it is still there. All you need is a different email address every time when you register a new account.

Get Amazon Prime for free by signing up with Sprint

There used to be a cell phone plan launched by Sprint mobile, that you could get 12 month Amazon prime membership for free when you sign up for one of their cell phone plan. It was long time ago, now they have removed that plan and only offering a way to add Amazon prime membership to your cell phone plan. If you are having a free trail Amazon prime membership, then you can add that to your sprint cell phone plan. But they are not giving it for free anymore.

Sign up for American Express Card and Get a Free Amazon Prime

Amazon and American Express has teamed up and are offering Free Amazon prime membership for people who sign up for Amex card. But unfortunately this promotion has ended recently. Right now there is no working promotion going for Amazon prime.

6 Months Free Amazon Prime for Students

Amazon did a great thing for students. They are offering 6 months free amazon prime for students exclusively. All you need to have is a .edu email address and you have to sign up to Amazon prime using that .edu email address and you need to enrol in atleast one course in any of the available 50 colleges in US, Puerto rico or The district of Columbia.

You will get all features available in Prime membership except prime music and Kindle lending library. Apart from this, you will get instant access to unlimited videos from Amazon prime videos, amazing college deals and many more.

Once your 6 months free trail expires, they will give you an option to continue using their membership for  just $49.95 a year upto 4 years. Its your wish to continue or not to continue with them .

Without Amazon Prime

Even without signing up for expensive Amazon prime, you can still enjoy the benefits of prime membership, since Amazon already offers free shipping on products which are of $35 or more, or for books its $25 or more and they need a minimum threshold of $75 or $99 in order to qualify for a free shipping. To beat this, all you need to do is, just back order few items until your cart becomes $99 and then you will be eligible for  free shipping, once you qualified for free shipping, you can cancel your back ordered items.

Do not over use this trick, as if Amazon finds out, they may ban your account.

Get your money back using Amazon rewards card

Sign up for Amazon rewards card as it pays 5% cash back on every item you purchase from Amazon. So, if you do around $165 worth of shopping every month through Amazon, in the form of cash back, your $99 invested for Amazon prime will be credited back to your account.

This trick is simple and straight forward unless you need to do atleast $165 shopping every month through Amazon.

Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

Sign up for Amazon prime free trail and when it is about to expire in 2 days, cancel your prime membership. Amazon will offer you another 1 month free trail of Amazon prime membership.

This is another cool way to get free amazon prime membership.