How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2017

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Looking for ways on how to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2017? This article shows how to get get more subscribers for your video channel.

Different people choose different careers. No matter what field you are in, if you are really good at what you do, you will definitely become famous in your field. Now a days many people are making YouTube as their career. No doubt, YouTube is the second most accessed website after If you became famous on YouTube, you can become famous across the globe because of its wide global presence. It is just like a global TV channel which can be viewed anywhere in the globe with an internet connection. This is why more and more people who want to get into entertainment business are choosing YouTube as their career. Its pretty easy to become famous with YouTube. All you have to do is upload your talent videos in YouTube, when more people start watching your videos, you will get popularity along with you can make money simultaneously.

But the question is, thousands of people upload videos in YouTube daily, how will you know for sure that people will watch your videos ? This is where subscribers come in. If a person subscribes to your YouTube channel, then whenever you upload a new video, it will be showcased in the people’s YouTube homepage who have subscribed to your channel. This is why you need more and more subscribers. The more subscribers you have, your videos will be showcased to more people’s homepage, so there is more chances that your videos will be viewed by many people.


For example look at Canadian YouTube blogger Lilly Singh,

Lilly Singh's Channel

She got a whooping 12 Million subscribers for her YouTube channel and she is famous worldwide. Probably she is making millions of dollars using her YouTube channel.

Here is another example:

PewDiePie Channel


PewDiePie is another famous YouTube blogger who has around 56 Million YouTube subscribers for his YouTube channel. He is one of the highest YouTube millionaire who has highest number of YouTube subscribers.

So, now you might have understood how important YouTube subscribers are and how much money you can make with having lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

So, now coming to the point directly. Here is the best ways to get more subscribers to your YouTube Channel in 2017.

  • Solid Plan (Before you start)


If you are just starting out or already have a channel. Make sure you have a solid plan for your YouTube channel. Because, it is very important to know your audience first before going further. For example, take TV channels as an example. National Geographic channel is mainly focused on Wild Life Adventures, HBO is focused on Movies and TV series, a Cartoon Network is focused on cartoons only which is targeted to kids only.

So, before going further, know your audience first. What you are good at and who will watch your videos. For example, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel is mainly focused on gaming. So, his main audience will be people who play lot of video games. Same applies to Lilly Singh’s ||SuperWomen|| channel is mainly focused on women, most of her videos are being watched by females only. So, like that, you have to know your audience first. Say like, if you are good at cooking, then you should start an YouTube channel focused on cooking videos. In this case, your audience will be moms and middle aged women. So first know your niche and then start your channel.

Don’t just copy other famous YouTube bloggers, do what you love and make videos of what you love. Try to experiment different kind of videos in your niche, and find the one performing most and continue creating the same kind of videos that will be loved by your audience.

  • Highly Engaging Content For Better Response

No matter how long your video is, if it is non sense then no one will watch your videos and you won’t get any subscribers. Even if you upload videos rarely, they should be highly engaging with your audience. For example see this shampoo prank video


This video is very funny and is very engaging with the audience. Myself wanted to see more of this kind videos, so i would subscribe to his channel to see more of this kind of videos. So, make sure the content  you are going to upload should be engaging with your audience. These kind of videos are ever green videos, at any time, people want to watch these kind of videos. There will be some videos which are of burst type, which means, they will give you instant hits and then fades away. Examples for burst videos are IPhone unboxing videos. These videos will lose their reach once the new version of IPhone releases.

So, if you are looking to get more subscribers in short span of time, then go for burst videos but will fade away with time, if you are looking to get constant new subscribers, then try for ever green content, this will keep your channel live always with new subscribers.

  • Get more subscribers with more videos

Try to stick to upload more videos consistently. People don’t like to subscribe to a channel which will upload very few videos. If you want your audience to stick to your channel and get more subscribers, try to upload one or two videos per week. For example, consider Game of Thrones TV series, people will wait deliberately for the next episode by waiting for an entire week. People will know that they are going to see the next episode in the next week. Likewise, you need to consistently upload more videos every month. Stick to a routine and in long run, it will help you gain more subscribers to your channel.

By following this consistency, people will stick to your channel and will wait for your next video.

  • Better titles = More Views

Your title plays a very good role in getting the user’s attention. If you want a YouTube viewer to turn into your subscriber, first he needs to see your videos right? So, in order to get user’s attention, you should optimize your video titles.

For example see the following video DELETING MY CHANNEL

The title of the video says, he is going to delete his YouTube channel, even the non subscriber will also watch this video as it will grab many people’s attention.
Many people will become curious and wanted to watch why this guy is deleting his channel which is because it has grabbed many people’s attention. So, the title of the video plays a very important role in getting more subscribers.

Here are few tips on how to optimize your YouTube titles.

– Use keyword in the title, it will help you rank in search engines and also in YouTube. Since, this is a video, Google bots cannot watch what the video is about, so you have to use your keyword in the title, so that it will match with the user’s query.

– You can use Google Adwords to find what people are searching for, like high volume searches with low competition.

– Don’t use longer titles for your videos, as Google will limit the title to 60 characters only. Google will add an extra term “video” for your title, so try to limit your title to 50 characters only.

– Try to give a descriptive title for your video, so that people will have an idea of what the video is about. Here is an example of working titles

How Girls Text Back
Emotions I Go Through When I See My Crush Online
Types of Crushes

– Try to get a catchy titles which will grab user’s attention, so the more clicks your video gets the more subscribers you can bag in.

– You don’t need to add “video” in your title as it will take up your title space but do nothing.

  • Use YouTube customization

If you are really serious about your YouTube channel and wanted to get more subscribers, then your channel must appear professional in order to get visitor’s attention. There will be a huge difference between a YouTube channel with cover and good amount of videos than YouTube channel without cover and not many videos.

VICE Youtube


If you look at some famous YouTubers, everyone is using customizations fully provided by YouTube, which will help them look like professionals. So, if you haven’t already got a cover image for your channel, get one soon. And also, get a custom YouTube channel URL which will help people to recognize your channel easily.

  • YouTube Custom Thumbnails

Youtube Thumbnails

YouTube custom thumbnails is another great way to boost subscribers to your channel. Recently many famous YouTuber’s are following this practice as instead of using the thumbnail which was generated automatically using a custom thumbnail has proven that it will increase the engagement rate for your videos. By default, YouTube uses a randomly generated thumbnail for your videos, but instead, if you use a custom thumbnail which you think it will attract people’s attention will help you bring more users to your videos and thereby more subscribers for your channel.

  • Channel Trailer

YouTube offers channel trailer option, where you have the option to upload a channel trailer for your YouTube channel. This trailer will be automatically played when someone open’s your YouTube channel. Almost all famous YouTubers make use of channel trailers for their YouTube channel. This feature is very useful in converting a normal visitor to a subscriber.

Just like movies release trailers before the release of the actual movie, you need to make use of this trailer option for your channel. So, that every viewer will get the idea about what your channel is really about and what they can get from your YouTube channel. Don’t use longer video as this will make the visitor go away with boredom. Try to keep your trailer any where between 30 to 60 seconds.

Upload a good trailer or if you are really good in front of the camera, then make one and make use of the YouTube trailer to get your users attention.

  • Call – To – Action Annotations

YouTube annotations is another great way to increase subscribers to your channel. Usually many viewers hate annotations in the videos as they tend to be annoying during the video. But, if you use it in a smart way, you can increase your subscribers or turn viewers into subscribers. If you have good quality content and use this call to action annotation at the end of the video and ask them to subscribe, then there is very good chance that people will subscriber.

But it will become worse, if you don’t have any quality content and still ask them to subscribe to your channel with multiple annotations, then the user will go away from your channel. Its all about, having good content first and then use other techniques like annotations to turn your viewers into subscribers.

  • Use YouTube optimization tools


There are a lot of video tools available to make and optimize your videos and upload them in YouTube. One of the famous tool for optimizing your YouTube videos is Tubebuddy.

There are a lot of features available within Tubebuddy, using these features, you can optimize your YouTube videos and produce great quality videos for your channel. This Tubebuddy comes like a browser plugin for your Google chrome browser. You can make changes and optimize your videos from your browser itself using this browser plugin.

  • Become a brand

AGT YouTube channel

It is very imperative that you keep your social media links and your website’s URL in your YouTube channel page. This will show people that your YouTube channel will look like a brand and becoming a brand will get you more recognition.  For example, see in the above picture of America’s Got Talent’s YouTube channel. They have placed all their social media profiles in their YouTube channel’s page.

At the same time, they will also keep their YouTube channel’s link in other social media profiles like Facebook, Google+ etc. So, whenever you get visitor to your website or other social media profile, if they like what they see, and want to see more of your work, they can easily subscribe to your YouTube channel and other social media profiles by showcasing your links everywhere. Similarly, a hungry visitor from your YouTube channel will turn into a customer to your website by visiting your website link from your YouTube channel.

  • Limit Your Videos Length

According to MiniMatters the video length for most popular videos in the YouTube ranges from 42 seconds to 9 minutes 56 seconds. They have researched that, having your video under 5 minutes will reach more audience.

The most popular videos in YouTube are very short. When did a research on YouTube videos length, the average length of top 50 YouTube videos is of around 2 minutes 54 seconds.

Similarly for podcasts, the average length is around 22 minutes, and for TED Talk videos, the average length is of 18 minutes.

If you are going to produce a presentation video, then the suggested length of the video is 6 minutes.

These suggestions are based on analyzing the top popular videos in YouTube. If you want some serious followers to your channel, try to follow the above steps in order to get some following to your channel.

  • Intro For Your Videos

As you can see every TV Show comes with an Intro. Say for example, the famous TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, which comes with an intro by its host. Similarly, for all your videos, you should use a small intro and outro for your video and this will add a bit of professionalism to your videos. Finally in long run, people will recognize your channel as a brand which will help in bringing more popularity for your videos and channel.

See below for an example Lilly Singh’s intro.

  • Edit your Videos

Do not publish raw videos to your video channel without even editing them. As you can see almost all famous YouTubers edit their videos before uploading them into YouTube. Even a famous photographer also will take numerous shots and do some editing before it get published elsewhere. Editing a video will gives the ability to cut the scenes which are not good and make the video much better.

Don’t use the same audio which was recorded along with the video, instead, do a voice over separately and add that audio separately using video editing software. If you are newbie with video editing softwares, you can try some newbie friendly softwares like

Power Director Ultra

Video Stuio by Corel

If you are really serious about video editing and wanted to go like a pro, then try

Adobe After Effects (Not newbie friendly)

  • Better video descriptions

Along with the title tag optimization which I’ve discussed in the above, you also have to use better video descriptions which will help your video to get found by the search engines. Using a better description for your video also helps your viewers to find out what this video is about. Use your keywords in the title and descriptions which will be helpful in SEO aspect.

But don’t insert too many keywords in your description which will be bad for your video SEO. Many famous YouTube channels, use their social media links and website links in the video description along with the text.

  • Better Meta Tags

If you want your videos to be get found by the search engines for multiple keywords, try to put some more keywords for your video. But don’t use too many, just a few is enough. If you want ideas for new keywords, then try Google Adwords Keyword planner to get new ideas for more keywords for your videos.

If you want to know how others are making use of this feature, try to browse some famous videos and try see their descriptions and meta tags and see what they are using and find out what you are missing.

  • Use a call to action in the end

Always end your videos with something like please subscribe to our channel. Different channels use different ways to say subscribe to our channel.

For example: America’s Got Talent’s channel use, the following phrase

“Hey YouTube, Did you like what you just saw? If you want more, please subscribe”

So, observe some of the famous channels and try to create your own one and the use that one for every video. This is one of the best way to get more subscribers. Even the most famous channels like Britian’s Got talent will ask their viewers to subscribers in the end.

And there is nothing wrong in ask. If you don’t ask, they will never be your subscriber.

  • Collaborate with other YouTubers

Many famous YouTubers are using collaboration technique to get more viewers and subscribers to your channel. For example, you have an YouTube channel on internet marketing and you have around 50k subscribers and there is an other guy who has around 45k subscribers and he is also making videos on internet marketing, then if you two guys collaborate each other make a video together, then there is a pretty good chance that you can get more subscribers from the other guy’s channel and vice verse. This is a great way to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel.

Also, try to collaborate with famous people in your niche and make videos or interviews with them. If you are in entertainment field, try to collaborate with celebrities, this will boost your subscribers for sure.

  • Communicate with your fans in the comment section

Don’t just upload your videos and sit, when you get some visitors you will probably get comments under your video. The more visitors you get, the more comments will get. Some maybe good and some may bad. But no matter what they are, try to communicate with your fans and listen to their request. Some people might ask for some video requests like, please do video on something. This is a great way to get more engaging with your audience. If you listen to their requests and do videos on their interests, then you will get more and more subscribers by keeping your fan base.

Some people might be too mean in their comments, but its pretty natural that you cant please everyone you meet. Even the most famous celebrities have haters. So, don’t feel bad and do what you love to do. Thats all matters in the end.

  • Giveaways and Challanges

Interact with your audience and throw away giveaways and create contests with your video. This will help audience to get motivated and stick to your channel longer time. Everyone loves free gifts, so if you are offering one to your subscribers, then there is a good chance to improve your subscribers number.

Say for example, if you say subscriber to my channel and 5 random subscribers will win get an Apple I Pad. People love free gifts and for to win these free gifts atleast, a person who has never subscribed to any channel might subscribe to your channel.

So, keep posting challenges and giveaways and boost your subscribers.

  • Be active in other social media platforms

In this world of social media, you need to be present in more than one social media platforms, because this is where all the users are hanging out right now. You need to be active in atleast Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be active in all these social media platforms and promote all your social media profiles in other platforms. Who might know that some people use more instagram than Facebook, and some use snapchat.

So, being active in more than one place is always beneficial and is a good place to acquire a new subscriber.

Finally, try to get your first 1000 subscirbers and then you can move from there. The first 1000 are the hardest and from there on, you will know how to get more and more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Good luck with your video promotion, comment below if you have any questions or suggestions..