Getting a million plus blog visits in a month is not that difficult after all

Getting a million plus blog visits in a month is not that difficult after all

There are many blogs online as a result we are spoilt of choices. We will discuss in this article how you can make your blog a success. Some blogs do extremely well and some are not so successful we will explain exactly why this happens. We all want that a blog is accepted by as many readers as possible and they share it with more people. Without wasting much time we will move on to the topic. Here is a guide on making a blog successful we have divided the blog into four parts and they are:

  1. Keyword Research tips
  2. Blog management tips
  3. Blog optimization tips
  4. Blog promotion tips

Part 1 – Why are we emphasising so much on keyword research for a successful blog strategy

Spend some time on keyword research and look for the keywords that the target audience is dying to read about. The keyword research can be done using a lot of tools and data. These tools will help you to look for the keywords that the people are typing in the search engine more than often. Once you know this you can start writing the blog. Especially for those who are starting to blog the list of keywords that are going to attract readers must be given highest importance. This will make the blog content easier to be discovered by the readers. Make keyword search your guide and this should be your first strategy.

Keyword volume is exactly corresponding to the subject interest that is why it is so important. When people are looking for these keywords it means that they are curious about these topics. This is exactly why when you are writing about these topics you will definitely get a good number of audiences to the writing of yours. These people will ensure that they share it on social media and the popularity of your blog only increases. So in short you are basically writing about something that people are actually interested in. There are many keyword suggestion tools you just put in the words and it will show you all the results that can be as per the popularity of the topic.

Building a content strategy with a keyword planner

You can use the AdWords Keyword Planner in order to find the Keyword topics that were broken down by the specific keywords. It can help you to look for keyword groups with PPC ads. All you have to do is just type the starter keyword topic and you will get a lot of results but concentrate only on the first tab that says “ad group ideas”. Here the keywords are grouped into related clusters.

If you click here you will get to see the related keywords and terms. You will also get to see the competition and average monthly search volume.

Use a keyword planner for competitive Blogging

Another way to hack the keyword planner all we are saying is that there is no harm in getting inspired by the competitors. So what you do is just pick a site that you admire copy the URL and paste it on the “the landing page” field of keyword planner this will give you keyword ideas based on the content buffer. After this go to the ad group ideas tab where you can find more inspiring ideas. After all this go to Google and see what is already ranking on the first page. Remember that the content you create should be always better than what is out there.

Best blogging tip – concentrate on evergreen and long tail keywords

If you are new in blogging do try a long tail keyword so that you get a good rank. These are long and more specific terms that have less search volume but are less competitive too. Evergreen keywords are those that tend to have a steady volume for weeks and months, these are topics that people will always be interested in. These can help you build a reliable traffic stream which is important if you are serious about blogging.

Tips for finding out effective evergreen and long tail keywords

Google Suggestions is a good way to find long tail and evergreen keywords. These are the keywords that will automatically come under the search box as you type. You can also use an underscore to get suggestions e are enclosing some examples.

Some creative ways of finding out long tail keywords

Finding the long tail keywords is quite important we will now explain how you can do it.

  1. Keyword referrals
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Q&A sites like Yahoo questions and eHow.

Part 2 – Blog management tips can make a lot of difference

A common question that people have is how often they should blog the answer is that at least twice a week you must blog so that your business gets a good response. You can blog as often as you want but this can be the ideal frequency.

How to develop an idea repository and editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a must have as it will tell you how and when exactly should you be publishing your blogs. We will recommend that you use the editorial calendar of HubSpot. It is simple and free to download. Trello is the backlog of blog post ideas that HubSpot keeps.
Try to follow the calendar religiously.

Blogging tip – try to switch up the content types

Content is text based and it can be time consuming to write a blog this is exactly why you must try to come up with contents that need less resources. HubSpot also puts together a group of content templates that can help the bloggers to get new content types. Six such content templates are given free.

Organizing the email inbox for productivity and inspiration

As the content volume increases the blog related emails also increase. IT is good to have a good email management system that can make your life easy and ensure that you reply to all the mails on time, In Gmail you have different coloured mail boxes so that you can ensure that each category of mail goes into each of the specific mail box. As per your time prioritise the mails and reply.

A recap of the tips on expert blog management

  1. Always ensure that you create and more importantly use an editorial calendar.
  2. Keep a backlog of the blog content so that you will never run out of things to publish.
  3. The content type you use should be varied so that the readers do not lose interest in what you are writing.
  4. The email inbox should be organized so that the productivity increases and it is easy to track the blog activities.

Part 3 – Blog Optimization

Blogging tip – Headlines should be optimized so spend some time on developing them

Content optimization is perhaps the most important thing in blogging. The first step in this is keyword prioritization. Always ensure that when you evaluate keywords chose the one that has maximum traffic volume.

How do you ensure that the blog post is keyword optimized?

An awesome headline can really make a huge difference. We will now give tips on writing a great headline.

  1. Use lists – Use a number in the headline.
  2. Create curiosity – The headline should be curious enough so that people feel like clicking it.
  3. The headline should clearly have a feel that the content is actionable – For example compare “manage your budget” with “How can you save $20 a day”. Which headline looks more possible?
  4. The reader must be addressed directly – For example use words like “you” in the headline.

The subheadings in the blog content must be optimized

It is a good idea to use subheadings. When you use keyword planner try looking at the keywords that come right at the bottom of the list these can help you come up with the idea of sub headings. This is also a good way to increase the use of related keywords and long tail keywords that can prove to Google that your article is important that can increase the ranking of the post.

Blogging tip – Internal linking must be used

Always keep in mind that the article you have written now should be such that it is linked with at least five more articles in your site this is good internal linking. The benefits are:

  1. Readers will stay longer in your site if they have more things to read that interests them.
  2. It will help you to have a better idea of what your future posts should be about.
  3. It can help in passive link building making the internal links external links.

Another useful blogging tip – The most popular posts must be followed with new content

Another very good tip about blogging is picking the most popular article of yours and try writing more posts on the same topic. After that just connect these new posts to the original one.

Post publish optimization is very essential

This is one aspect that people often ignore. Ensure that you keep checking where exactly you stand in terms of the keywords that you have been targeting. There are tools to ensure this but it can be done manually too. Your aim should be to push the keyword from second to the first page or from the last to the top of the page. If you feel the ranking is not changing try the following:

  1. Can more related keywords be included?
  2. Can the number of times the keyword appears be changed?
  3. Can the intent of the keyword be addressed in a better way?

Part 4 – Content promotion ensures that you get more readers to your blog post

The blog post should be optimized in such a way that it can be easily shared on the social media. After a blog audience is built try to mention the share counts on the publish button this will show your credibility to new readers.

How to add CTA and Subscriber sidebar in order to build a base audience

A CTA (call to action) box is very important. If a reader clicks on this it will take you to a landing page that will take you to more content. The subscriber bar is also equally important as it will give the readers an option if they want to subscribe to the blog. Both will help you grow the reader base.

Do a smart social Media Promotion

Tweets with images will generate more than 30% visits. Try to optimize the images as they are critical to social media promotion. The images should be able to catch the attention; they should be large and have the best effects.

Promoting the content with the help of email

Ensure that each time you come up with a new blog post the readers are informed with the help of emails. The promotional emails are also optimised for social sharing.

How paid promotion can work for blog content

It is now used a lot and the three best ways are:

  1. Outbrain
  2. Social amplification
  3. Content remarketing

Blog content can be promoted on your own website too

The four areas to focus your attention for internal promotion are:

  1. Homepage – should contain the call to action and the relevant blog posts.
  2. Subscriber page – this is the landing page that should have unique and original contents.
  3. Content downloads – should come at the end and encourage the readers to share the content on social media.
  4. Related product page – should educate about your products.