Getting Rid of Uncategorized Category

uncategorized cateogry

Getting Rid of Uncategorized Category

After installing a fresh copy of WordPress, your new blog comes with one test post, one test comment and one category. Unlike post and comment which can be deleted, the test category named Uncategorized cannot be deleted. Because, it is used to show the carelessness of the editor.

When an editor forgets to select a category when publishing a post, WordPress automatically assigns that post to an uncategorized category. This is the main purpose of this category. This also helps in showing the URL structure of the blog post.

If you are running a professional blog, consider if you accidentally forgot to select a category for one your blog post, then WordPress will automatically add the blog post to a default category which is uncategorized category. Popping up of an uncategorized category in a professional blog doesn’t look good. It shows the carelessness of the editor and also it damages the reputation of the blog if the posts were published on an uncategorized category.

The posts will also appear in uncategorized category if the editor saves the blog post for later use and publishes it later. In this case, WordPress automatically assigns to uncategorized category when the editor just saves the blog post for later use. Later, when the editor completes writing of the blog post and publishes the post, the blog post still remains in the same uncategorized category. Even though if the editor selects a different category, the selection of uncategorized should be removed manually before publishing the blog post. Otherwise, the blog post will still show up in uncategorized category.

Every human makes mistakes, and so the editors. Sometimes, the first time users of WordPress were not used to WordPress much, so they forget to assign a category for the posts they publish. In order to avoid publishing of blog posts to uncategorized category, we propose a simple solution that is, renaming the default category to General or Other. In this way, even if the editor forgets to select the category for the post he is going to publish, the posts will go to default category which is general or other.

General category or other category sounds more professional than uncategorized category. This shows the reader that, the article does not belong to any specific category, so it was assigned to general or other category.

How to rename a category

To rename a category, follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Go to Posts > Categories

  3. Now select the uncategorized category and click on Quick Edit

  1. Rename the category and update the changes. Make sure, that you rename the Slug also, so that it gives a good name to the URL also.