Getting started with Bing Ads

Getting started with Bing Ads

Are you planning to capture your targeted customers online, and thus you have decided to take the Bing ads route? If yes, then come let’s learn some essential details about getting started with Bing Ads. Now, the foremost question that comes to our mind is naturally about what are Bing Ads, so let’s initially discuss about it. Bing Ads are the advertising platform on which you make yourself visible for your targeted customers through Yahoo and Bing search engine. So, it is basically a search engine optimization tool that allows you to hold a prominent place in the search results of search engines namely Yahoo and Bing.

Why Bing Ads?

Bing and yahoo search engine holds 30 % share in the online market, which increases the probability of your sales to 30 %. Bing Ads allow you to set such features through which you could choose the customers to whom your ad would be showcased, which means you only target related customers and do not waste your ads on uninterested customers. On the other hand you get the facility to pay per click, which means you would pay only if the targeted customer has clicked on your website and visited your page. This allows you to use your advertisement budget to the optimum level, where the chances of popularity multiply.

Pay per click Advantage

The utmost advantage of using Bing Ads is the fact that is charges you only for what it delivers; the pay per click advantage lets you use your advertising budget to the optimum level. With the pay per click feature you easily get to ascertain the progress through Bing Ads. So now, don’t spend money blindly, pay for only what you receive.

How to begin with?

Getting started with Bing Ads is a simple process, and by just following a few convenient steps you would be good to go. As here we are discussing every important detail about Bing Ads, so let’s move further and study about the various steps to get started.

  • A $50 Free Coupon

    While you start with Bing Ads, you get a $50 coupon free so that you could start up with your advertisement for free and see the difference that it brings to your company. Make sure you take the advantage of this opportunity.

  • Create your Bing Ads Account

    To start up with your Bing Ad you would need to Sign Up in your Bing Ads Account on the Bing Ads Page. If you don’t already have an existing account, you would have to create your Microsoft account to start with the process.

  • Import or create your Bing Ad

    You could import your Google Adwords if you are already promoting yourself in the Google search engine. The Imported Adwords could be placed in the Bing Ads in the same way. Conversely if you do not import your Google Adword, or you don’t have any then you could expediently create you Bing Ad by filling a form that would be offered to you where you would have to fill up all the related information to advertise.

  • Choose keywords wisely

    While choosing the keywords for your ad you do have to be extra sure that you include such keywords which are mostly preferred by your targeted customers.

    The keywords should include key names of the products or services that you are offering to the customers; this way it would become easy for your customers to locate your company and its services.

    The best way is to keep the names and the keywords a little simple so that your website becomes easily reachable by all sorts of customers.

    On the same page where you would create your ad, you can get ideas about the keywords that you should include to make your ad more attractive and easy to reach for your customers.

  • Now it’s time to choose your match type

    After creating your ad including all the related keywords in your ad, the next step that you need to follow is setting up your advertisement match type. Match type is basically setting the conditions in which your customers could reach your advertisement or your website. The match type includes four basic categories including Broad, Phrase, Exact, and Content.

    Broad match type allows the customers to connect which your website when they enter or search your specified keyword or any other term which the Bing Ad believes is related to your advertisement.

    While you choose the Phrase match type, your ad would be shown when your targeted customers type the term including your keyword as it is. For example your keyword is “Agent America”, and then the phrase should include the term “Agent America”.

    The Exact match type follows the customers to your Ad, when the customer types the exact keyword as it is in the Bing and Yahoo Search Engines.

    The Content match type selection would let your advertisement be shown on the partner sites of the Bing Ads including Facebook, Monster, Amazon, WebMD, CNBC, and Viacom.

    You could choose a single match type, or a combination of more than one match type depending on your preferences and ad type. Choose keeping in mind your targeted customers always.

  • Set your Bids depending on your match type

    The combination of the match type that you chose for your advertisement decides on the chances which follow your customer to your website. Thus, bid according to the type of match type chosen, and depending upon the surety the bid is done accordingly. Bidding is very important to decide the rate with which you would have to pay for every click that is made on your website by your targeted customer.

  • Make the final choice for your Campaign Name, Ad Budget, and location

    Your Campaign name is the next big step that you need to work own while once you are done with bidding. Depending on your business, you should choose the campaign name accordingly and highlight it on the search engine. You are known with the campaign name that you set up for your business.

Next is to finalize the Ad budget per day, now what matters is your business size and of course your potential customers. Depending on the size of your business you should finalize the budget which you would wish to spend per day.

Following the budget, choose the location from which you want to pick your customers towards your website. Location matters a lot, and you could be easily sure about the location that you pick by analysing the location and people whom you serve.

  • Make the final Campaign Settings

    Finalize your campaign settings so that you could move further and turn on your Campaign. While you are up to finalize your Campaign Settings, you will have to set the Default Bid and Ad Distributor.

    The default Bid would be applicable when you have not set up the bids on your keywords. In this case Bing Ads would consider the Default Bid and proceed accordingly.

    While selecting the Ad distributor, you would have to choose between the two options which would ask about whether you want you want your Ad to run on the Search Network, or the Content network. Depending on your choice select the option.

Apart from these two options, you could click on the other settings menu to select some additional settings which allow you to select the time on which you want your ad to run, gender settings, and the compatibility of the Ad to run of various devices, i.e. device support settings.

  • Turn on the Campaign by entering your Credit Card Information

    You are almost done, and the campaign would be turned on instantly as you enter your credit card information. You would be further taken to the page where you could track the performance of the Campaign.

You are now successfully done with your Bing Ads, enjoy the benefits and let your business reach your targeted customers through this platform. Focus on the targeted customers and move in a goal oriented approach, so that you work only towards success and nothing less.