Best easy ways to make money quickly

Best easy ways to make money quickly

There will be some times where we need some quick cash to get things done. If you are in that kind of situation and wanted some quick cash and looking for easy ways to make money quickly. Here are some good methods to earn money quickly and easily.

These methods are useful for people like students and housewives who have some spare time and wanted to put that time for good use. Continue reading this article to find the ways to make money quickly and easily.

The following methods include both online and offline methods. Choose the one right for you.

Method 1:

Make easy money with matched betting. This matched betting involves zero risk if done carefully. Here is the full guide on how to do matched betting and make some guaranteed money.

This is the best working method to make easy money very quickly. Literally in hours, you can earn some guaranteed money. Genuinely many people who are students or people who don’t have jobs have made £100’s with this method. This method is completely free and is 100% risk free and tax free. You don’t need to worry if betting is legal in your country. The type of the method I am going to reveal is called matched betting. According to William Hill this type of betting is completely legal and is 100% tax free. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Here is how to do that.

Many betting sites offer you free bets for their users. But in order to qualify for those free bets, they want you to spend some money first. Let’s say betting site A offers £25 free bet, but they require you to deposit the same amount first. So, what you will do is, deposit £25 and try to bet on a match.

Say for example there is a match going on between London and Liverpool.

Suppose if you bet that Liverpool will lose, then it is called Lay bet. You will win the bet when Liverpool loses.

And, suppose if you bet that Liverpool will win, then is called a Back bet, you will win the bet when Liverpool wins the game.

Now, that you have understood the betting terminology. Here is how to do the thing.

First, choose two betting sites. Let’s say

  • is offering $100 deposit bonus. is offering 20 GBP free bet.

Now choose a game to put your bet on. Say for example there is game happening between London and Liverpool.

Put a “Lay bet” on Liverpool in one site ( and put a “Back bet” on other site ( So, even you lose the bet on one website, you will win the bet on the other website for sure. So, you will lose little money as a transaction fee.

Now, after the game has finished, you will either lose a little money, or win the game and make more money, let’s assume that you lost the bet and lost little money. But you have qualified for the free bet, now, do the same thing, place a bet on one website with your free bet and place another bet on other website with your money.

Now, matter whether you win the bet or lose the bet, you already knew that you will make profit. Repeat the same thing with other websites and you can easily make around 30 GBP per hour which is not bad at all.

This method is 100% risk free.

Here are some famous betting websites incase if you need it

This type of betting is called matched betting and according to William Hill it is 100% legal and there is no risks involved in it. All you have to do is taking advantage of free bets offered by the brokers from time to time.

Method 2: Make Easy Money Using Online Surveys

If you didn’t like the above mentioned method to make easy money, here is another method which is even easier. This method involves filling online surveys. Some companies pay good amount of money for filling online surveys. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop.

Many stay at home moms and students are making some decent money using online surveys. Research companies are always looking for new people to fill their surveys and test new products and for this, these companies pay for people’s opinion.

Filling a survey will take around few minutes and each survey pays you around $5. If you can fill a couple of surveys daily, you can make some good cash.

Here are the list of online survey companies which pays you good.

I heard that Swagbucks is good one among them and many users have reviewed that it has paid their customers on time always.

Method 3: Make Easy Money by Surfing the Internet

With you can easily earn money by surfing the internet. All you need to do is just install their browser add-on, after you have installed it, some sponsored ads will be display alongside of your browser and will pays you for displaying their ads in your browser.

It’s pretty easy and you don’t need to do anything. All you need to do is just install their browser add-on and do whatever you are doing and after some time you check your balance with

The good thing about is that there is no minimum payout, so you can cash out whatever you have earned with them.

Method 4: Online Market Trading

This method is not for everyone as it comes with a bit of a risk. You need to invest some money first in order to make money. You don’t need to born with a golden spoon, but still, don’t invest your last ever savings in this method.

Only invest if you have some spare money to spend. Trading has made people billionaires like warren buffet. But they are very good at market research. You don’t need to do all those stuff. You can make some easy money with the following method. and are the famous trading platforms now a days. They both offer free trading accounts for your practice. Once you get familiarized with trading, you can start trading with real trading accounts. offers 25 GBP sign up bonus without any deposit.

But to make easy money, I would suggest you to opt for as it offers an amazing feature called CopyTrader. With this feature, you can copy the trades done by big players, if they make money, you will also make money. So it all depends on choosing the right trader to copy from.

In, you can browse all trader profiles with their earning statistics. So, all you have to do is choosing the right trader and copy their trades automatically.

But make sure, trading is a volatile market, if someone is making money means, the other person is losing the money. Never use your life savings in trading.

Method 5: Start Blogging

Blogging is another good way to earn passive income. You can’t make money overnight with this method. But, if you are consistent in this for at least 6 months, then you can earn good amount of money with this method.

Starting a website with Siteground is pretty easy. Here is the guide on how to install WordPress. Once you finished installing WordPress, your website is ready. You can get plenty of themes for WordPress to suit your tastes and with those themes you beautify your website the way you wanted.

Once you are finished with the setup of WordPress, just writing your blog posts. It could be anything you are passionate of. For me, internet marketing is passionate, so I started this blog. If you are interested in Cars or body building. You can write on that topic and when you are done writing your blog posts, share those blog posts in your social media to get visitors to your blog. Repeat the process to get more and more visitors daily.

Once you think that you are getting enough visitors, monetize your website with Ad networks.

Here is the list of best ad networks for your blog.

The best way for new users is to try with Google AdSense which is pretty easy and gives you better rates when compared with other ad networks.

Method 6: Review Websites and Apps for Cash

This is another simple method where you can earn some decent money by reviewing websites and Apps. Website owners and app owners need rave reviews about their websites and apps, because in the beginning of their business they will not have any reviews, so in order to get good reviews they are using this review services to get good reviews. provides review services for website owners and app owners. It pays people for reviewing websites listed in It pays upto $10 for a website review. Each review will take around 20 mins.

This is a good way to earn some quick cash if you have nothing else to do in the Internet.

Method 7: Make money with Disney Vault Secret

We all know how kids go crazy over Disney movies. To keep the craze longer, Disney studios keep the home releases in the “vault” for 8-10 years and release them for short period. Get those movies in the window for retail price and sell them at higher price when the sale goes off.

Any movie which is not available in the stores are considered to be in vault. Here are the list of movies available in Disney stores right now.

Buy them and keep it with you, when the sale goes off, the demand for these movies increases and you can sell at higher prices.

Method 8: Make money from Get Paid to Site (GPT)

Just like online surveys, you can make money using get paid to sites. Get paid to sites are nothing websites with various offers, all you need to do is, choose an offer from the list and complete the offer for which you will make some money. This is a good way to make few bucks if you have nothing else to do.

Here are the list of GPT sites.

Method 9: Make money by becoming a delivery boy

If the above methods don’t fit you, here is another way to make some quick money by becoming a delivery boy or driver. If you have a bicycle or motorbike or car. Try becoming a delivery boy for delivering food to hungry customers. All you need is a means of transport and a smartphone.

If you have a car, you can sign up as an Uber driver and offer rides for money or you can use Uber eats to supply food to hungry customers.

Method 10: Make money with Amazon Kindle Publishing

If you are student or good researcher you can easily make good money with Amazon kindle. Now a day’s almost all smartphones and tablets are having kindle app. Even people are buying kindles just to read. That means, people are always looking to read something in their spare time.

If you are good researcher, you can research for good stuff in the internet and bundle all that stuff into one eBook and sell it in Amazon kindle for few dollars. Amazon gives you 70% margin on the sales generated by it. Try selling the book for small dollars in the first and when you get some good reviews for your book, then you can raise the price.

You need to get good reviews to your book to appear high in the amazon search results. The key to good number of sales is to have an eye catchy title with outstanding cover.

Just identify a problem which is small or big and offer them a solution with your eBook. It is a good way to earn constant income, as once your book gets famous, you can earn constant income through sales generated by it.

Method 11: Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good way to make money. The person who promote affiliate offers is called an affiliate. Many affiliates are making thousands of dollars daily. But if you are very new to this. Learn the ropes slowly at first and once you understand the game, you can go for bigger things.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but, promoting other company products for commissions. Suppose, if McDonald launched a new kind of burger and is paying people who bring sales to that new burger. Say for example if the price of the burger is $10, McDonald will pay around $4 for the person who bought the sale.

All these kind of offers will be listed with Affiliate networks. Here are some famous affiliate networks where you can find numerous offers.

Just sign up with the above mentioned networks and pick some offers and get your tracking links for those offers and share them in your social media. If someone signs up for you offer, you will earn your commission.

Once you reach the minimum threshold with the affiliate network, you will get paid through Paypal, ACH or wire transfer.

Method 12: Make money with Tinder App

You can earn some easy money with tinder. But this method involves some black hat technique. If you are not aware of what tinder is. Tinder is a dating app which is mainly used for instant hookups. People who use this app are looking for one night stands.

But anywhere in the world, there will be more men than women in any website and same in tinder app too.

Like I said in the above affiliate marketing method, sign up with any affiliate network like Peerfly. In Peerfly affiliate network you can browse many dating websites which pays around $5 for sign up. If you bring any new customer to their website, they will pay you $5 per user.

Now here is the method to earn few bucks daily.

Create a female tinder profile even though you are male with some sexy pics which you can get from porn sites. And start swiping acting like you are a genuine female looking to hookup. Once you get a match with a male, tell them that you are desperate and wanted to hookup right now. Once the other person is interested in you, ask them to verify their identity in this dating website so that you can come over to his place.

And send your affiliate link from peerfly to that person, so that he will create a verified profile, and there you will earn $5 for his sign up. Swipe as many you can and earn more dollars.

Like I said it is a bit blackhat method, but if you are desperate for money, it won’t hurt anyone but will earn few bucks for you.

Method 13: Make money by recycling your old phone

If you are having some old phones sitting in your home and doing nothing. Then you can sell them to recycling companies and earn some money and also save the environment. Something is better than nothing right. So, if you are in need of some quick cash, sell them to mobile recycling companies.

Here are some websites where you can sell your mobile phone

Out there are countless websites for this service, so, its better to use a comparison website, so that you can use the site which offers the best price for your phone. offers comparison of recycling websites for your phone. Just enter your phone name in the search bar and they will show you rates from different providers.

Method 14: Make money by doing data entry work

Many big companies hire people online to do their data entry works and they pay through PayPal for the work they’ve done. Websites like offer data entry works like form filling, typing etc. They need the job to be done quickly, so if you have some spare time, register an account with them and browse the jobs and choose the one you can do. Most of the jobs will be of like typing or form filling which anyone can do.

And for the work you’ve done, they will pay you through PayPal. If you are residing in U.S you can use the following website.

If you are from India, check out the following article.

Method 15: Claim Tax back

If you are a student and working part time or working as an intern in a company or on placement then you can claim your tax refund. Because, only few students reach the personal tax free limit set by the income tax, but your employer may be paying the tax for your earned income which you shouldn’t. So if you think your employer has paid your taxes and which you think you shouldn’t you can apply for a tax refund.

Method 16: Make some money when doing shopping

You can also make money by doing shopping. Different products will be sold at different prices at different websites. Some new shopping websites offer cash backs for the purchases you’ve made. You can also get cash backs during shopping seasons. This is the best way to make some money. If you wanted to buy something, just looking for the websites which offer cash backs.

Here are some websites which offer cash back service.

Method 17: Make some money by doing part time jobs

Obviously if you are reading this article means, you are looking ways to make money or some part time jobs. Out there are plenty of part time jobs available. If you hop on sites like or, you can find plenty of part time jobs.

Pick the one which interests you and do the job and get paid. It’s pretty simple or you can even search for classified ads in your area for part time jobs.

If you are located in UK, you can use the following website

Method 18: Make money using is a one of the biggest marketplace where you can sell small services for $5. You can sell anything on for $5. The services can range from creating a testimonial, giving a review, writing, translating, and voice over, painting, logo creating etc.

People are making $1000’s of daily with $5 may seem very small to you, but when get in large number, these will sum up and bring you good money.

If you are still skeptical, check out and see for yourself.

If you are smart enough you can even more money using Freelance websites like, where people pay $100’s of dollar for logo designing, video production. But the same can be done through fiverr with few dollars. So, look for jobs in upwork and and bid on those jobs and give the same job by buying gigs in fiverr.

Literally you don’t need to do anything except getting the job done by fiverr people and submit the same to buyer in upwork and freelancer websites.

Method 19: Make money by reviewing music

There are many websites who pays money for listening to music. Yup, this may sound crazy, but it is true, some artists require reviews for their music, so they post their music in websites which pays money for reviewing their music.

Here are the list of websites which pays money for reviewing music.

Give them a try, these websites pay anywhere from few cents to few dollars per review. But you need to listen to their music for at least 60 seconds before you can give a review.

Method 20: Make money by selling your notes

If you are student and make good notes of your classes, then if you don’t mind selling your notes, then it is a great way to make some money out of it. There are few websites which offers you the facility to sell your notes and make money.

These sites require you to upload your notes in PDF format, and once if someone downloads your notes, you will get paid by taking the website’s commission. You can get more money, if the notes is typed otherwise handwritten notes also will get a good rate.

Here are the sites, where you can sell your notes for money.

Method 21: Make money by selling your old text books

If you are still in college and looking ways to make money, here is another tip to make some quick money. Sell your old text books for money to fresher’s, or even you can buy text books from old students for low price and sell them just before the starting of college to fresher’s.

Just advertise in the college notice board, so that you can get more attention, sell the books which you have bought from old students and sell them for good price to freshers.

Method 22: Make money by tutoring a language

If you are language lover and you know a couple of languages, then there is a good way to make money by tutoring online. Even if you don’t know any other languages and only your mother tongue, you can still make some money.

All over the world, there will be people who likes to learn a new language. If you are English, then Russian people love to learn English and vice versa.

Here are the websites, where you can learn and sell your language skills, they pay around $30 per a half an hour session.

Method 23: Make money by becoming a mystery shopper

You can also make money by doing mystery shopping. There are some companies who wants you to visit a store and do shopping and then give a feedback about the shop to that company.

This mystery shopping involves various tasks like buying groceries, tasting a food in the restaurant or going to a spa and many more. All you have to do is, register an account with mystery shopping websites and do the tasks they ask for. They will pay anywhere from $2-$5 per task.

Here are the list of mystery shopping websites:

Method 24: Make money by becoming an extra character in the movie

Have you ever thought that in a movie scene, how come no one cares when the movie is being shot in outside? This is because, all those people behind the main characters are extra, they will be paid for becoming a train passengers or people who walk on the road and don’t care anything.

If you are interested, you can become an extra character in the movie, they will pay around $60 – $80 per day which is not bad at all.

All you have to do is joining in an agency and then they will hire you for upcoming movies.

Here are some of the websites where you can sign up for those agencies.

Method 25: Sell your old stuff for money

If you really want some quick bucks, then sell your old game cd’s and music cd’s. Before you sell those stuff, make sure you get a soft copy of it in your laptop, so that you won’t be missing them forever. You can earn around $20 – $30 per item which is not bad at all.

If you have good amount of those old classic’s collection, then you can earn even more. Here are some sites where you can sell your old stuff.


Method 26: Make money with tutoring

If you are good at academics or if you know anything that other people’s don’t’ know. Then you can sell your education by doing online tutoring. In olden days, tutoring was limited to face-to-face only, but now with advance of internet you can tutor online. is one of the famous website for tutoring, you can create lessons on any topic and when a user views your tutoring, they will get paid. You can get life time commissions from Udemy as long people watch your tutoring.

Here are some websites where you can do online tutoring and make some money with your skills.

You don’t need to have high grades in order to tutor, but the more the better your chances will be. Give it a try today.

Method 27: Make money by selling your photos

You can make some money by selling photos to stock photo websites. If you think you can take good photos, then give a try by uploading your photos to stock websites.

Here are some websites where you can upload your photos for free.

Method 28: Make money by renting your car parking space

If you have a free parking space at your place, then you can rent your parking space for some money. Many people who work at city places don’t get parking, so they will try to rent parking space. If you have one, you can rent it for some money.

Some student accommodations comes with free parking space, you can rent that too for some money. You can advertise this in your college notice board and there are some websites where you can advertise one.

Here is the list of websites where you can advertise

Method 29: Make money by lending your money for interest

If you have some money with you, you can use that money for lending and get interest from it. This is one of the risk free business, as you are just giving the money for lending and when the timeframe is completed, the lender gives back your money. In the meantime, you will get interest for the money that you have lent.

Here are the sites where you can lend money for interest

Method 30: Make money by becoming a charity collector

You can earn some commissions by becoming a charity collector. But if you are willing to do this job, you need to able to handle many rejections. You need to persistent in order to collect more charities. If you are willing to do whatever it takes, then it is also one of the way to make some quick money.

Here are some websites where you can become a charity collector

Method 31: Make money by baby sitting

If you have no skills at all, you can make money by doing babysitting. It is the simplest job in the world, you will get paid for watching TV and nothing else. Some people want you to have a good criminal record in order for them to hire you as their babysitter. If you are not having a good criminal record, then look for other ways to make money.

Here are some websites where you can advertise for babysitting job.

You will get paid around $8- $10 per hour which is not bad isn’t.

Method 32: Make money by taking a dog for walk

If you can’t do babysitting or not interested in babysitting, maybe you might like dog walking. People are so busy and they can’t make time for their pets, so they hire people for taking their dog for a walk. This is a great way to make easy money.

If you are student or you have free time, then you can do this dog walking thing and make some easy money.

Here are some websites where you can find some dog owners who are looking for dog walkers, post an ad and get hired.

Or simply you can post an ad in your local classifieds website.

Method 33: Make money by renting your home for filming

You can rent out your home for filming to directors and producers. These film directors are always looking for new homes to film their movies or short films. Don’t worry whether your place is big or small, it all depends on the director whether he is going to film in a big house or want a small house.

Just list your home and once the director interested in your home, you can earn some decent money for your home as a rent.

Here are some websites where you can list your home

Method 34: Make money by renting your body

If you are so desperate for money and don’t mind sitting in front of stranger in nude, then this is a great way to make some money. Especially many students do this life modelling thing to make some money, all they have to do is to sit in front of artists in nude, and so they can practice their drawing skills and draw your curves.

Try the following website if you want to do life modelling and make some money. Many students do this if they ever need some urgent cash.

You can also go for clinical drug trails like Botox trails for money. But these drug tests come with some side effects. If you are ready to face those side effects, you can try drug tests for money.

Method 35: Make money by freelancing

If you have a lot of spare time, you can sell your skills online to make some money. If you are good at copy writing, ghost writing or article writing then you can use these skills to make some money. Or if you are good at maintaining a facebook page or if you know twitter marketing or if you know how to build backlinks or whatever. Just list your skills in freelancing websites and get hired and make some money.

You can also work with your local contractors and if they like your work, they will hire you on long term basis and in this way you can earn even more.

Here are some of the websites where you can list your skills and do freelancing.

Method 36: Make money by selling clothes in EBay

If you are very good at dressing and do good fashion. You can make some money with your fashion skills. Buy good fashioned clothes in bulk and sell them in eBay for good price. If you think you can predict trends in fashion, buy the upcoming trending fashion clothes in bulk and sell them when the trend hits in eBay. This is a good way to make some quick bucks.

Method 37: Make money by selling your stories and videos

If you are very good at writing stories like fictional stories or child stories or anything. You can try selling your stories and make some money.

You can also try video contests like You’ve Been Framed and upload your videos there, if it is selected, you can win the cash prize.

Method 38: Make money with YouTube videos

Now a day’s more and more people are watching YouTube videos every day. YouTube offers revenue share program which encourages more and more people to upload their videos in YouTube. If you are good enough to make some interesting videos and upload them in YouTube. It pays you for every thousand views your YouTube video receives.

How much you will earn for your videos depends on how many views you are getting and from which countries your viewers are viewing your videos.

Interestingly more and more people are making YouTube as their career.

Here is how to rank a YouTube video.

Method 39: Make money with Multi-Level marketing

Multi-Level marketing is another way to make some money. This is not a get rich quick scheme or Pyramid scheme. There are some reputed companies who want you to sell their products for commission. You can make money in two ways with this type of marketing.

First one is through by earning commissions for selling the products and the second one is through by joining members who are going to sell the products under your tier. In this way, you can get commissions from the products sold by the members you’ve made them join under your tier.

In some places, multi-level marketing is not legal, so check your legalities before proceeding further.

Method 40: Make money as Real estate broker

You can make money as real estate broker. All you have to do is, find suitable properties for wealthy investors for low price and sell them for good price and you keep the margin. In order to make this work, you need to do a lot of hard work.

Make flyers and paste it all over your local with your phone number on it. You will be approached with both buyers and sellers. Try to make a deal with buyer and seller and when you are able to successfully sell a property to a buyer, you will make commission from both buyer and seller.

At first, you may not able to make much money, but when you have lots of properties in your hand, you will earn good money.

If you think I missed any other ways to make easy money, comment below and share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Free High PR Directories Submission Sites List 2017

Free High PR Directories Submission Sites List 2017

If you are just starting out with your website, you might be looking for directory submission sites to submit your website. I don’t recommend you to submit to hundreds of directories. As Google recently announced that it will devaluing the directory sites, but still some sites are useful.

here is the list i have complied

Free High PR Directories submission sites list in 2017.

Directory NameAlexa RankNumber of BacklinksPenalized?,846103kNo,642353kNo,200 56.2kNo,092758No,107 18kNo,102688kNo,918 9.83kNo,700 101kNo,664 4.41kNo,782 3.3kNo,733 8.13kNo,195 44.6kNo,402 9.15kNo,934 830No,020 6.15kYes,364 4.56MNo,576 438No,944 102kNo,767 26.2kNo,584 1.25MNo,729 6.24kNo,84246.kNo,120 3.67kNo,215 2.8MNo,883 3.9kYes,130 242kNo,176 4.47kYes,426 124kNo,860 7.29kYes,989 171kNo,657 591kNo,361 356kNo,537 6.54kYes
http://www.247webdirectory.com198,414113kNo,260 622Yes,484 3.5kNo,842 54kNo,207 4.98kNo,146141kYes,879 N/ANo,47112.6kNo,242 N/ANo,983 10.8kNo,701 N/ANo,153 N/ANo,973 N/ANo,446N/ANo,613 N/ANo,965 N/ANo,541 N/ANo,555 N/ANo,083 N/ANo,516 N/ANo,372 N/ANo,263 N/ANo,717 N/ANo,782 N/ANo,153 N/ANo,437 N/ANo,145N/ANo,419,866 N/ANo,910 N/ANo,276 N/ANo,410 N/ANo,414 N/ANo,697 N/ANo,700 N/ANo,085 N/ANo,145 N/ANo,012 N/ANo,445 N/ANo,957 N/ANo,723 N/ANo,929 N/ANo,579 N/ANo,432N/ANo,167 N/ANo,486 N/ANo,176 N/ANo,161N/ANo,140 N/ANo,012 N/ANo,988 N/ANo,377 N/ANo,611 N/ANo,952 N/ANo,957 N/ANo,715N/ANo,377 N/ANo,773 N/ANo,410 N/ANo,810 N/ANo,333 N/ANo,104 N/ANo,807 N/ANo,040 N/ANo,315 N/ANo,611 N/ANo,585 N/ANo,430 N/ANo,275 N/ANo,493 N/ANo,789 N/ANo
https://www.onemilliondirectory.com206,504 N/ANo,193 N/ANo,928 N/ANo,525,873 N/ANo,695 N/ANo,037 N/ANo,618 N/ANo,535N/ANo,833N/ANo,563 N/ANo,414N/ANo,022N/ANo,140 N/ANo,156 N/ANo,988 N/ANo,592N/ANo,611 N/ANo

How to Take a Screenshot in your MacOS

How to Take a Screenshot in your MacOS

If you are new to Mac OS and wanted to take a screenshot of your screen and are struggling to take one, here are the different ways to take a screenshot in your macOS

Number 1:

First, make sure that your screen displays what you want to display in your screen. If you are trying to take a screenshot of a Google window then make sure your screen displays it.

For example here in my screen I have opened Google.

Now, Press Command + Shift + 3 keys in your keyboard. If your speakers are on, then you will hear a shutter sound when you pressed those keys. That means, a screenshot has been captured of your screen.

Once you have done the above steps, you can notice a new file on your desktop by the name starting with Screenshot followed by date and time. If your OS version is a bit older one, then the name of the file will be labelled as Picture #, where # represents the number.

Number 2:

If you want to crop and take a screenshot of your screen, then here is how to do that.

First of all, Press Command + Shift + 4 on your Mac keyboard.

Now, your cursor will turn into a reticle. With this reticle you can map the area which you want to take a screenshot of it. Just click and drag your cursor to map the area of which you wanted to take a screenshot. If you misplaced the area you are trying to take screenshot, then press Esc and try again the same steps to map the area.

Once you marked the area, just let go of the mouse and you will hear a shutter sound if your speakers are on. That sound indicates that the screenshot has been taken. That screenshot will be saved on your desktop with name Screenshot followed by date and time or Picture # (if you are using earlier versions of Mac). The default file format of the picture will png, but you can change the format if you wanted to. I will show you how to do that later in this article.

Number 3:

Taking a Screenshot of an Open Window

Press Command + Shift + 4 and then press a space bar. When you press command + shift + 4, your cursor will turn into a reticle, and once you press space bar after that, your reticle will turn into a small camera.

Now move your cursor over the window to take a screenshot of the window. Once you move over your cursor over the window, the window will turn into blue color which indicates that you have selected the window for taking the screenshot.

Now, click on it to take the screenshot of the window.

If you wanted to switch between different windows, then you can use the following command.

Command + Tab

After you click on the window, your screenshot will be saved on the screen. You can use this screenshot for sending as an attachment in emails or use it in your word documents.

Number 4:

Saving a screenshot to the clipboard in Mac

First of all, press Command + Control + Shift + 3

This method is very similar to the one mentioned in the above, except that it doesn’t immediately create a file in your desktop, but saves remembers it in the temporary memory.

You can also take a screenshot of a portion of your screen using Command + Control + Shift + 4 by dragging your reticle over the area you wanted to take a screenshot.

Now, use Command + V or click on Edit > Paste your image in appropriate application like word editor or image editor or email applications like Gmail or yahoo.

Number 5:

Taking a screenshot in your Mac OS using “Grab” utility tool in your Mac

First of all, go to Applications > Utilities > Grab in your Mac OS

Now, your Grab application will open up in your screen.

Click on Capture in your Grab application and you will be shown with four different options.

Selection – If you wanted to take a portion of your screen, then use the option “Selection” to the select the area of which you wanted to take a screenshot.

Window – If you wanted to take a screenshot of a specific window, then this option is for you.

Screen – If you wanted to take a screenshot of your entire screen, then this option is for you. Or you can simply use Apple Key + Z

Once you took the screenshot, click on File and click on Save to the save screenshot you just took.

When the new window opens up, you can also use Save As option to save under a different name. But you can only save the file in .tiff file format.

If you wanted to change the default file format which the screenshots are being saved then read below:

By default, Mac OS X saves all the screenshots in PNG file format automatically. And if you want a different format of your screenshots which are being saved in your computer, then here is how to do that.

This can be done by using the command prompt in your Mac OS X.

Open your Terminal in your Mac OS X

Now, type the following command in your terminal.

defaults write type [format]

Replace the [format] with your desired file format. If you are unsure about the file formats, here are some of the most commonly used file formats.








Here I wanted to change the default file format to JPEG, so I have used the following command.

defaults write type jpg

I hope this article has helped you a little, please leave a comment if you have any questions regarding this.

Learn How to Make the Most Effective Explainer Videos

Learn to make the most effective explainer videos

In this article we will be discussing about the explainer videos. We hope we will be able to answer all the questions that you have regarding explainer videos. They are really fun to make and they can increase the conversion rates overnight. If you have not tried them yet we are sure that after reading this article you will change your mind. It is also a great idea to have explainer videos if you are into a startup business. So without wasting any more time let us directly move on to the topic.

Explainer Videos

What exactly is an explainer video?

The explainer videos are nothing but short online marketing videos that can be used to explain your company and the products or services that you are dealing with. The explainer videos will be generally placed on the landing page. They can also be placed on the home page of your site and the prominent product page. They can work very well for any sites and some sites also claim that these explainer videos can increase the conversion rate by 144% too. It cannot be denied that the explainer videos can help your site become more popular. We cannot promise that they will increase your conversion phenomenally but it can definitely give a boost to your conversion rates. What we will cover in this article are:

  1. How and why explainer videos are good for any business
  2. Which are the best explainer videos on the web and how exactly do they work
  3. What are the different types of explainer videos that you can make
  4. How can you create an explainer video for your website

The various types of explainer videos

  • Animated explainer videos –Animated Explainer VideosNo matter how old we get animation always holds a special place in our hearts. No matter whom your target customer is animation can always do the trick. No wonder this is the most popular type of explainer videos. It is a preferred format and is used by many. The animated explainer videos can be edited easily and can get very imaginative. They can also be easily adjusted and changed as per the needs.
  • Whiteboard explainer videos –

    Whiteboard Animations

    This is another very common type of explainer videos in this the animation is drawn with hands and can be erased on a whiteboard. It is definitely a cheaper option when compared to animated explainer videos. They can be edited easily and also very easy to operate. If you are looking at costs these would definitely be the cheapest explainer videos that you can come up with.

  • Kickstarter explainer videos –

    Kickstarter Explainer Videos

    As the name suggests this is used when a service or a product is launching. It is common explainer videos which can be animated or not animated. The Kickstarter explainer videos are detailed and longer so that they can give as much details about the product as possible. While browsing the kickstarter explainer videos you can actually find more about all the different types of explainer videos.

  • Live action explainer videos –

    Liveaction Explainer videos

    These are not animated explainer videos that will explain about the product or the concept. If you are selling a physical product or a product that is people oriented then live action explainer videos can be used. Restaurants or consulting groups usually use these explainer videos. When you have human beings in the explainer videos it can create a better connect with the viewers. It is natural for humans to get attracted to other humans and feel an emotional l connect. There is not much imagination involved here these are real life videos.

We will now move on to discuss about the best explainer videos that we have ever seen.

  • Dollar Shave Club –

    Tops the list is the advertisement of “Dollar Shave Club” with the caption “our blades are F***ing Great. Why we keep this on the top of the list is that it can really teach you how to make the most effective explainer videos. The Dollar Shave Club knows exactly that they are targeting men in the age group of 20 to 30 who will be ready to shop for shaving blades online. The video is funny and extremely catchy. It is a very well structured explainer video. They start with a simple overview that using them you can get razors delivered to your door step every month for just one dollar. They make the target audience realise how blades are expensive and have unnecessary features added to them. They also make it clear that people might forget to buy the blades on time so Dollar Shave Club can actually save all these problems by delivering cheap and good quality shaving blades to your door step every month.

  • PooPourri –

    The product concept of Dollar Shave Club and PooPourri is quite same. PooPourri’s explainer video however takes the help of animation too in order to explain the product a little more. The explainer video is funny and the humour is outrageous as the product itself. At the end of the video you will see a green button that is begging to be clicked as soon as you click on that button it will realise that it ends on a strong call to action. You can check the video to understand what we are trying to say.

  • Mint –

    If you want an example of a good animated explainer video then mint is the best that we can talk about. Mint proves that some business ideas can be best explained with animation alone. They illustrate through animation that how they draw financial information from different parts of the user’s life and curate it into one setup. The video very well includes the screenshots of the actual product so that the viewers can understand the explainer video better. The video ensures that it very well explains the product and familiarizes the users with the product.

  • AirBnB –

    Did you happen to see the explainer video of Air BnB if not then do have a look at it? The explainer video is indeed very well made and combines live action with animation very effectively. The video effortlessly explains the perks of using Air BnB and also explains them verbally. The host homes are shown in explainer video with the help of live action and some intricate details of the concept is explained with animation like how easy it is to contact the host.

  • Spotify – You want to see an example of an

    explainer video that uses fun animation and rocking soundtrack then you will have to check the explainer video of Spotify. The colour scheme of the video matches the design of Spotify very well. They are all about music and they do not complicate the explainer video too much. They just use few good lines of text and some amazing tunes to explain what they are all about.

    The point here is that before you work on an explainer video of your own have a look at some of the successful explainer videos and understand why you like them so much and why these explainer videos have become so popular.

How can you make an explainer video?

We will now explain the many steps that you can follow to make a successful and impressive explainer video. It is not easy job and needs a lot of things to be worked on. We hope that this article will help you to understand how you can make a very good explainer video.

Step 1 – The script – The first thing that you must have to make a good
explainer video is a great script. Most of the focus should be on the script. It is always better that you write the script yourself as you would know the needs and concerns of the target audience better than any production company that you have hired. The video should address all the concerns of the target audience that made you come up with the product or the concept. The order of the script should be like this.

  1. An overview of the product.
  2. Introduce the problem.
  3. Answer the problem with the help of the product or the service that you have come up with.
  4. Call to action (example sign up for a free trial by clicking here).
  5. Broadcast your trust signals (example some awards, well known clients, write ups).

    Points you must keep in mind as you write the script

    1. It must be short and to the point.
    2. The message should be in the first thirty seconds do not make the audience wonder a lot.
    3. The script should be in second person like “you” and “yours”.
    4. The language used should be simple and not too technical.
    5. The tone of the video should be casual.
    6. A touch of humour is always a good idea as it can make a very good impression on the readers.

Step 2 – Voiceovers – Now that you have the script ready you have to look for a voiceover. You can use some of these options as mentioned below:

  1. Craigslist Yes you have read it right you can even find Voiceovers in Craigslist.
  2. Voices.comThis is a good site and you can find a lot of professional voice actors here to choose from.
  3. Fiverr Here you can find voiceover for an explainer video for just $5. The pay might differ because some will charge by second and some will charge by words. However, no matter what you pay the price will be cheaper compared to many other places.

Step 3 – Explainer videos production – Some of the methods that you can use for making an explainer video are:

  1. Pow toon It is best for those who want to make an animated explainer video but has no experience and a limited budget.
  2. Bring out the Pros – It is a collection of some very professional video production company who can help you make some very effective explainer video. This can be expensive.
  3. Hire a Freelancer – There are many experienced freelancers who can help you make some very good explainer videos.
  4. Crowd Sourcing – In this option that you need to do is just submit an overview of the project you will get a lot of proposals from which you will have to choose the best option.
  5. DIY Explainer Video with iPhone – If you have an iPhone you can use it to make some very nice videos and you can also edit them yourself using Camtasia and iMovie. Animation toolkit of Salsify can give you all the tools that you will need to achieve this. It is cheap and can be done easily. You can learn more about this from the video posted by Wistia.

Step 4 – Music and sound effects – There are many ways by which you can add a nice soundtrack to the explainer video. Some places from where you can get a nice sound track are:

  1. Free sound
  2. MusOpen
  3. YouTube
  4. Audacity
  5. Audio Jungle

Step 5- Measure the performance of the explainer video – You must check how well the explainer video is doing so that you can make the required changes to it. This can be done by using YouTube Insight, Wistia and Google Analytics.

Step 6 – Enjoy the various advantages of having an explainer video – The many positives of having an explainer video are:

  1. Keeps the viewers on your page for longer
  2. Increases the conversions
  3. Improves the SEO ranking of the video content
  4. It can be repurposed for an investor pitch or an email signature
  5. Videos can be easily shared online in Facebook and other social media as a result the awareness of the product increases.

We hope that this article will help you design a killer explainer video. Do try to keep these points in mind as you make an explainer video and you will definitely do a great job.

Different Ways to Make Money Using 7Search

Different Ways to Make Money Using 7Search

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start? Most people will ask around internet marketing forums like warriorforum on where to start, and many experienced affiliate marketers will suggest you to start with 7Search PPC advertising. The reason why many people suggest 7Search is because it is newbie friendly and also it is very easy to start advertising with them. You can launch your first campaign with them in few mins.

7Search Pay Per Click Search Network

Apart from that, 7Search has very low restrictions when it comes to ad approvals and landing page approvals. Unlike AdWords who is against to direct linking of affiliate offers, you can direct link your offers in 7Search.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider advertising with 7Search

  • You can get targeted traffic for lowest possible CPC’s of around $0.01.
  • They offer lowest minimum deposit of $50 to test your offers with their traffic.
  • Low restrictions for ad approvals and landing page policies.
  • Easy to start your campaign with 7Search and is highly recommended for newbies by experienced marketers.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Unlike AdWords where your performance is limited by Quality score, with 7Search, the more you bid, the better your positions will be in their search.

Here are the different ways to make money using 7Search

#1 Make money by promoting dating offers through 7Search:

Dating Sites

Dating offers are the affiliate offers with low risk. As with their low payout, you can test those offers with your traffic source by spending less amount of money. You don’t need to pour hundreds of dollars for finding profitable campaign for your needs. So, with 7Search, you can easily promote dating offers and get profitable.

Here is how…

Step 1: Create your first campaign with 7Search by clicking on Create Campaign in your dashboard.

7Search My Campaigns

Step 2:

Now, enter your campaign details. See below for example.

7Search Settings

In the above, you can target both Desktop and Mobile users or separately. But it is recommended to create different campaigns for Desktop and Mobile, so that you can easily measure your ROI.

And under Campaign details, since, I am going to promote a dating offer, in the above example you can see I created an ad for Russian dating. For display URL, use the brand URL and for the destination URL, you can use your affiliate tracking link which will eventually redirect to the brand URL. But in your ad, the brand URL will be visible, so that you can get more clicks to brand URL’s than ads with unbranded tracking links.

You can set your daily budget if you don’t want to spend too much for testing. And for the geographic locations, it is recommended to create separate campaigns for each GEO, so that you can know which geo’s are bringing you good ROI.

Once, you have entered all the above details, click on Create Campaign.

Step 3:

7Search offers a great keyword tool, where you can get the estimates on the volume of searches available for a particular keyword.

7Search Bidding

In the above example, since I am trying to promote a Russian dating offer, people who search for Russian women will be my target audience.

The keyword Russian women has good amount of monthly searches and the top bid is around $0.63. So, here I am getting targeted traffic for 60 cents. Since, I am going to show my ad to the people who are searching for Russian women, there are more chances that my ad can be clicked. And also, the conversion rates will very good, as here I am targeting the right audience.

In order to increase the amount of traffic we get, we can bid higher to move to a better ad positions to attract more audience.

Once, you choose your keywords, click on the + button to add those keywords to your campaign, so that whenever 7Search users search for those keywords, your ad will be triggered based on your campaign settings.

And finally, here is how the ad will look like in 7Search.

7Search Search

You can also try different dating offers like Asian Dating, Christian Dating offers, Senior Dating offers etc. All you need to do is choosing the right keywords. Once, you go live with your campaign, you will start receiving targeted traffic to your ad. There are wide variety of dating offers available in prominent affiliate networks like, and These are some of the recommended affiliate networks where you can find plenty of dating offers.

If you spy on other advertisers, you can see many people who are direct linking their dating offer. But it is also advised to test both direct linking and with landing page. If you split test both, you can eventually find the one which is giving you better ROI.

In the above screenshot, the advertiser is using offer from Maxbounty affiliate network.

Find Bride

If you already have an account in those affiliate networks, grab some top converting offers and start a campaign with 7Search right away.

#2 Promote Gaming offers in 7Search to make some bucks

Game offers

Other recommended affiliate offer for newbies is game offers. Since with their low payout, it don’t take much of your money for testing. By spending few bucks, you will be able to find out whether certain game offer is bringing your ROI or not.

Gaming offers work pretty well in 7Search if you target right keywords. As you can see 7Search has decent volume on gaming keywords. If you can able to target right offers to those gaming keywords, you can bag some money.

See the below screenshot for to get an overview.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

As you can see in the above, there are thousands of searches going on in 7Search network for gaming keywords.

Here are some of the ads which are being run by gaming affiliates.

7Search Ads

Make sure to split test with and without landing pages. So, that you can get some insights on which one is working and which is not.

For the game Elvenar in the above ad, the affiliate is using a landing page, seems like this is working for him.

Gaming Landing Page

When you click on Continue, you will be redirected to actual game offer. This is a great way to convince your users and get them converted for your offer.

#3 Bag some Money with Pay per Sale Offers

As you may have already heard about Clickbank. Affiliate marketers are making thousands of dollars every day. They have some decent collection of products which converts great. If you already have a Clickbank account, take a glance at the top converting offers in Clickbank.

Clickbank offers

As you can see in the Clickbank dashbard, from many months, Fat Diminisher and The Venus Factor are the top offers in Clickbank. There are plenty of methods to promote Clickbank products. But do you know that you can promote these Clickbank direct sale offers through 7Search also?

Here is how…

Clickbank product owners spends thousands of dollars for landing page design, so that their landing page gets higher conversion rates. If the conversion rate for their sales page is good, more and more affiliates will try to promote their product which in turn generate more sales to the product owner. So, many marketers wanted to direct link their Clickbank offer in their traffic source. But many advertising networks like Adwords & Facebook who are against to direct linking of Clickbank offers will reject your ad copies. But with 7Search, you can direct link your Clickbank offers with no problem.

If you check the existing marketers who are already running campaigns in 7Search, they are successfully promoting Clickbank products through 7Search advertising.

7Search Ads

In the above, you can see some examples of Ads which are being run by affiliates from so long in 7Search. 7Search has some good volume of keyword searches on weight loss. See the below image for an overview.

7Search Keyword Suggestion Tool

Since, there is a good amount of search volume available for weight loss keywords, you can easily market weight loss products in 7Search. Not only with weight loss keywords, but also there is a quite good amount of search volume available for many top keywords. Check out their keyword tool to get volume information for your targeted keywords.

What are you waiting for? Start your campaign with 7Search today.

Setting Up Remarketing With Bing Ads

Remarketing With Bing Ads

What is Remarketing?

A lot of visitors don’t usually convert in the very first time when they arrive at your website. Instead, they will visit your website and then leave and compare your products with your competitor’s websites. Some people might be interested in your product but they will just get distracted by some other things. Like this around 96% of your visitors end up leaving your website without converting in the first place. The bounce rate for a first time visitor will be around 60% and 70% for shopping websites, where people will abandon the shopping cart. This is where remarketing comes into play. If you have ever abandoned ebay’s shopping cart? If so, you might be bombarded with their remarketing ads whenever you visit a third party website. You will see exactly the products you have added in your shopping cart in those ads. These ads will haunt you till you buy from them or will stop showing to you in some x number of days set by the advertiser.

Almost all ad networks now support remarketing feature. But what matters is their reach. Obviously Google has the highest reach, since most of the website publishers use Google AdSense. After that, there are many other ad networks which has good reach too. Today, I am going to show you how to setup remarketing using Bing ads.

Image Source: wpcurve

Remarketing in Bing Search:

Many people think that, remarketing is only for display ads. But it is not, recently, almost all ad networks are supporting remarketing feature making it available in all kind of advertisings. Coming from Display ads to search and also native ads.

So, with Bing Ads, you can display ads to the users who had visited your website and didn’t make any sale or lead.

Suppose, you have the following landing page.

Which eventually leads to

If most of your users are leaving your website in the final step which is final_step.php, you can add all those users who left in the final step to your remarketing list, then you can display ads to those people using remarketing campaign which will haunt them till they convert.

You can set your remarketing goal to anything you want, suppose, if you want to show your remarketing ads to the people who just left during registration process, you can do that by simply adding those people to your remarketing list and then create ads to those audience specifically. Identify the pages from which you want to add your users to your remarketing list and then add them to your remarketing list and setup a remarketing campaign to those specific audience.

How it Works?

Every ad network follows same method for setting up remarketing campaign. First of all, identify your goal page, I mean, identify from which page you want to add people to your remarketing audience list. Suppose, if your sales funnel has 4 steps, you can create different remarketing lists for each step as shown below.

For example, add the users who left in the first step of your sales funnel to one remarketing list. The people who left in first step itself are the ones who has no awareness or interest in your product. Save these audiences in one remarketing list and to try to bring awareness and interest on your products with your remarketing campaign to these specific audience.

People who has left during the checkout page are the ones which are very important to you, these people are the people who has shown interest in your product and are most likely to buy your products. In remarketing campaigns, your bids needs to be higher in order to beat all other advertisers from different ad networks. For people who left in the final step, you need to bid higher and show your remarketing ads with discounts to get them converted for your offers.

Between the first step and last step, the audiences who left in the middle, are the people who has awareness about your product, but still not wanting to buy your products. So, collect emails from these people by using a giveaway. When these users subscribe to your list, you can gain their trust by giving away valuable information for free using your newsletter and eventually when you have their trust, they will buy from you. This is how big advertisers like Sun Microsystems and IBM promote their products, by giving a valuable eBook for free in exchange of their email.

How to Setup Remarketing:

Step 1:

Like I said, almost all ad networks practices same method for setting up remarketing campaign. First of all, identify your goal page, where you want the users to be added in your remarketing list.

Step 2:

Generate, remarketing tags from your ad network and place it in your goal page. This is the page, from where most of your visitors are bouncing away from your website. Using this tag added in your goal page, you can add users who are bouncing from your website to your remarketing list.

Step 3:

Now, create a remarketing campaign or an ad campaign and target your ads to your newly created remarketing list.

Step 4:

Bid higher in order to overcome all the first party ads from different ad networks. But, in Bing ads, there will be no competition from other ad networks, but of course you will be competing against other advertisers in Bing.

Step 5:

Optimize your remarketing campaign by creating different remarketing lists like a funnel. Create multiple remarketing lists for different pages in your website. In this way, you can laser target the people who are very likely to buy your products.

Step 6:

Remove the people from your remarketing list or exclude the people who has finally converted for your remarketing campaign. So, that, you won’t waste your money on the people who had already converted to your ad campaign.

Steps to setup retargeting in Bing Ads:

Step 1: Creating UET (Universal Event Tracking) Tags

UET Tags are useful for tracking conversions and also for building retargeting audiences. Go to Campaigns in your Bing Ads Dashboard.

In the left hand sidebar of your Bing ads dashboard, you can see Conversion tracking option.
Click on it for creating your UET tag.

After clicking on it, you will be shown with two options.

  1. UET Tags
  2. Conversion Goals

Now, Click on Create UET tag to create your UET tag to build your remarketing audience list.

Now, Give a name and description for your new UET tag, after that click on save to get your tags.

Now, this is how your tag will look like.

Step 2: Copy the code and place it in your webpage from where you want to add your visitors to your remarketing list.

Now, place the UET tag in your webpage where you think most of your visitors are leaving your website. For example, let’s say, most people are leaving your website during the checkout process.

So, place this code in your checkout page. Place the code in your <body> tag.

Here is an example:

Step 3: Verify your tag

Once, you have added the UET tag to your webpage, it takes around 24 hours for Bing to identify your tag installation in your webpage. Once, Bing founds your tag, people whoever visits your shopping cart will be automatically added to your remarketing list by Bing.

If Bing didn’t find your tags means, it will show your tags as Unverified.

Only verified tags will start building the remarketing audience list.

Step 3: Associate your retargeting audience to your campaign.

To associate your retargeting audience to your campaign, Go to Campaigns > Ad Groups

In that, click on Edit and then click on Associate with remarketing lists option to associate your remarketing audience to that ad group.

See below

After that, you can see your verified remarketing lists. Select the ones you want to target your ad group to those remarketing audience list.

Remember: If your remarketing list is not verified means, it won’t show up in Remarketing lists when you try to associate your remarketing list to your ad group.

Step 4: Bidding higher

In remarketing campaign, your reach is limited to people who are only in your remarketing list. In order to haunt them with your ads, you need to bid higher to outbid other advertisers. And you don’t need to worry about spending too much, since those audiences are super targeted, you will get very high CTR’s for your remarketing ads.

Once you have associated your remarketing list to your ad group, select the type of targeting you want and click on save to save your campaign.

Points to Remember:

  • You can build multiple remarketing lists for different pages, so that you can display different ads to different group of audiences.
  • No matter, what traffic source they come from, people will be added to your remarketing list when they visit your page which was setup with your UET tag.
  • The more audience you have in your remarketing list, they high it spends. At first, if your remarketing list is only a few hundred, it won’t spend much of your budget. But in long run, it will be very useful when your remarketing list grows.

How to setup a campaign in Bing Ads

Bing Ads Overview:

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing and wondering about where to start, you might get suggestions to start with Bing ads. Usually, newbies were often suggested to start with Bing ads or 7 Search in their affiliate marketing career, as these are easy to start with and does not involve high competition and also very affiliate friendly. Affiliate friendly means, they don’t put much restrictions when approving ad copies and landing pages. Suppose if you consider using Google AdWords to start with, it’s hard to get your ads or landing pages approved by Google, as they have a lot of restrictions when it comes to landing page approvals.

So, if you want to start your affiliate marketing journey, Bing ads is the way to go.

How to Start Advertising with Bing Ads:

Step 1:

If you already don’t have a Bing Ads account, then here is how to do that. Get yourself an Outlook
account. And then open the following page

If you already got an Outlook account, then you can simply login with your outlook account by click on Sign in button at the top right hand side of your Bing ads website.

Step 2:

In this step, you will be shown with the following screen where it will ask you to sign in with your Bing ads user name (if you have one) or else you can log in with your Microsoft account.

Step 3:

After entering your login details, click on Sign in, it will take you to the next page, where it will ask you, if you already don’t have an advertising account, it will ask you to create an account right away.

You will be asked with the above options to choose from, if you don’t have a Bing advertising account already. Check the third option which is Sign up for a new Bing Ads account to start advertising with Bing.

Step 4:

In the next step, it will ask you to import your AdWords campaign if you have one or else you can simply create a new campaign with Bing or you can skip this option for now and create a new campaign later after you setup your Bing advertising account.

Where Bing ads will show up?

This is for newbies who have no idea where Bing ads will show up. Bing ads is a PPC advertising network which will display ads on Yahoo and Bing! Search sites and its partnered sites.

For example: Your ads will show up on the following sites.

If you are targeting the keyword “How to lose weight fast“, anyone who is searching for that keyword on Yahoo and Bing sites or its partnered sites, your ad will show up to them.

Here is the screenshot of the current advertisers targeting that keyword on

I have marked the advertiser’s ads who are competing for the keyword How to lose weight fast
for US geo.

And here is the screenshot from Yahoo.

So, anyone who is searching for the keyword you targeted from your targeted location, your ad will be shown to them. If they find your ad relevant, then they will click on your ad and if they see your landing page as convincing, they will get converted with your offer. But, you only will be charged when someone clicks on your ad. It’s a pure PPC (pay per click) ad network. Whereas with CPM ad networks, they will charge you for displaying your ad, even though no one clicks on your ad, they don’t care about it. You have to pay for number of impressions, but here in PPC, you pay only per click.

Choosing your niche:

Since, has an Alexa rank of 15, there is a huge traffic available for you to choose from. You just need to find the right offer for the right keywords.

There is a keyword research tool available in Bing to get an overview on how much traffic available for your targeted keywords and how many clicks can you get daily or monthly for your keywords.

Step 1:

Open your Bing ads dashboard and Click on Tools
at the top right hand side of your dashboard
and click on Research Keywords to see the search volume available for your keywords as shown in the above.

Step 2:

In the above, I wanted to search for the available volume for the keyword Weight loss for US geo.

Here I can get the estimations for mobile volume also. But here in the above, I have chosen only Desktop and Laptop users who are from United States.

Step 3:

And here is what I got after I searched for that keyword.

From the above, you can get an overview of what keywords were being searched on Bing. So, that, you can select the most popular targeted keywords for your campaign.

Weight loss seems a broad term, so you need to target your keywords more narrowly. So, I am going to choose the following keywords.

Lose weight fast
quick weight loss
weight loss diet
weight loss diets

the above keywords will be your targeted keywords, because people search for the keyword lose weight fast because, they want to lose weight quickly, so they have searched for that keyword. But for the keyword weight loss, people may also search for this keyword for their research study or for informational purposes, it is a broad keyword. But the keyword I mentioned in the above are targeted, because the users were searching for those keywords to get some help.

Now, there are very good chances, if you display an ad saying Lose weight fast by targeting the user’s query (lose weight fast), so, there are very high chances that the user may click on your ad as they user is being shown with a relevant ad to his query. And if you can offer solution to his problem, he will definitely convert to your offer which is a sale or lead.

Another example:

If you want another example, here it is.

Suppose, if you wanted to promote a dating offer, let’s say Russian Dating in Peerfly.

Now, research your keywords for that offer. Here is what I got.

From the above, you can choose the following keywords

Russian women personals
Russian dating sites
Russian women dating etc.

People are searching for these keywords because they are looking for Russian dating site. If you can create an ad and lead them to Russian dating, there is very high chance that the user who searched for that keyword may end up registering through your Peerfly link and you will earn money for that lead.

Now, you got the volume of clicks available for your keywords. Next step is creating your ad with these keywords.

Setting Up your Campaign in Bing Ads:

Step 1:

Click on Campaigns link available in the top of your Bing ads dashboard.

Step 2:

Now, click on Create Campaign to create your first campaign in Bing ads.

Step 3:

Now, enter the details of your campaign like campaign name, daily budget etc. You can see below from the screenshot.

You will be asked to enter your Campaign Name, Campaign Budget, and Location and also you can target cities also with their Advanced Search feature.

Bid Adjustment: With bid adjustment option, you can increase your bid by certain percentage for your keywords, this will be helpful when you are targeting different Geo’s in a same campaign. Because, you will need a high bid when you were targeting countries like US, UK, CA and other top countries. And you a low bid can get you good volume when you target countries like India, Philippines etc.

Step 4:

Creating your First Ad in Bing:

In this step you will be asked to create your first ad in Bing ads. Create your ad copy and enter your landing page URL and tracking URL.

Below is an example showing my ad

In above, under Display URL, you can enter your landing page URL which will be shown in the ad copy and in the destination URL you can use your tracking URL for tracking purposes where it will lead to your exact page, but with display URL, you can simply use your domain name.

If you are using CPV Lab for your tracking purposes, you can simply select Bing ads from the pre-defined traffic sources list in CPV Lab. For more info on how to setup your campaign in CPV Lab, see here

For additional tracking, you can use the following tracking parameters for tracking other parameters like match type, campaign id, ad id, device etc.

From the above, if you want to track the keyword that triggered your ad, you should use {QueryString} parameter in your tracking link to return the value of searched query which triggered your ad.

In CPV Lab, you can use something like &query={QueryString} at the end of your tracking link which will be generated automatically when you add extra token in your CPV lab.

So, finally your tracking link would look like the below{AdId}&query={QueryString}

You can also track other parameters by adding the other parameters in your CPV lab while setting up your campaign in CPV lab. Similarly, you can create the same in voluum tracking software also and do the same, read this guide on how to setup a campaign in voluum tracking software.

Step 5:

Choosing your Keywords:

So, now that you have your ad copy created with tracking enabled. In the next step, you need to choose your targeted keywords, so that your ad will show up only when the user searches for your keywords. Since, in the example we are using a weight loss niche and we have also created the ad on weight loss.

So, let’s target on weight loss keywords.

As shown in the above, add
your targeted keywords by selecting the keywords you want and click on Add to add your keywords to target your ad. Then, for the keywords you added in your campaign are your targeted keywords, and only when the user searches for your keywords will be displayed with your ad.

And also, you can see in the below there are some options checked by default, if you don’t know what they meant, they are called match types.

Here I am going to show you what exactly they mean to your campaign and how they will affect your campaign.

Broad – when you select broad match means, your ad will show up on related search terms also. For example if your keyword is red candle, your ad will pop up for its related searches also like buy candle, crimson candle keywords etc. It will broadly matches your keyword. Usually when you select broad it will generate too many unwanted searches. So make sure you use negative match type when using a Broad match.

Usage: keyword

Broad Match modifier: You can also use Broad match modifier by using +keyword this will help you limiting your ad triggering to only for relevant searches.

For example: if your keyword is red flower, and you use this keyword as a broad match modifier, like

Red flower+, then your ad will show up only when the user searches for keywords like red rose, red lily but not to yellow rose or white rose.

Phrase – This match type is useful in getting your ad triggered on your targeted keywords only. For example, if your keyword is red flowers, then your ad will be triggered only when all of the keywords in the same order were searched for. Unlike, it won’t trigger your ad when a part of the keyword was searched for. Ex: buy red flowers, coupons for red flowers etc.

Usage: keyword

Exact – This match type is useful in triggering your keyword only when your targeted keyword is matched exactly. That means, for example, if your keyword is: red flower, your ad will show up only when red flower is searched for. Unlike phrase match, it won’t show up your ad even though if the user searches for buy red flower. It needs to be matched exactly in order to trigger your ad.

Step 6:

Once you have decided on which match types you need to use, then select the keywords you want to add to your campaign to trigger ads for and then click on save to save your ad.

In the above, I have used only Phrase,
Exact and Content match types to tightly target my audience.

Step 7:

Once your ads were reviewed by Bing ads team, if they find your ads are in compliance to their ad policies, they will approve your ads and then your ads will go live and start receiving traffic.

Things to remember:

  • Always split test different ad copies and aim to get atleast CTR > 0.1%
  • Always split test different landing pages and try to get good landing page CTR.
  • Always test different offers and use the one which gives your good CR ( Conversion rate)

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below.

How to Promote ClickBank Products?

How to Promote ClickBank Products?

When I first started with my affiliate marketing career, I wondered on how to promote clickbank products. For that, I’ve tried searching in Google and asked in many forums, but none of them helped me to understand how to promote Clickbank products and make some money. As I have tried different methods of promotion, but nothing has helped me to make a single sale. Later, I gave up on promoting clickbank products and became successful with promoting other type of products.

Once, I have mastered my marketing, I decided to jump into promoting clickbank products again. And now, I can earn decent money with clickbank.

Here is the screenshot of my latest earnings through clickbank

It’s just a small test I ran for testing clickbank products. There are people who are making around $32,000 daily by promoting clickbank products.

If you happen to see Clickbank’s top selling products, you can see in the product description that people are making $32k per day. At first I was skeptical about all these. But later, when I got into promoting clickbank products and saw my revenue, I think all this is true. And yes! People making huge money from Clickbank.

In the above screenshots, you can see, the vendors are displaying the results bought by their affiliates. So, how to promote them?

You can do it in two ways.

  1. Free Promotion
  2. Paid Promotion

You might have already heard about some of the promotions for clickbank, but I am going to show you in a detailed way with examples.

First of all, know about you and know about what topics you are knowledgeable in and find the products related to the topics you are knowledgeable in Clickbank marketplace, as clickbank has products on almost all types of topics. If you don’t find a product on your topic and still want to make money from clickbank, then pick a top converting product from that market place.

Now, you have a product which you are going to use it for promotion and make some money.

Article Syndication:

You can earn passive income by promoting clickbank products through Article Syndication. Many people will give up on article syndication at some point if they don’t get any sales and think that article syndication doesn’t work anymore. But that’s not true. It still works! But you need to do it in the right way.

Here is how to promote your products through Article Syndication

Setup a WordPress Blog

First of all, you need to setup a WordPress blog about the product you are going to promote. If you are trying to promote a product on how to get your ex back.

Then start a blog on how to get your ex back and write some useful articles on that topic. Remember to give your readers some valuable information through your articles. They need to be unique and well researched and should be more than 2000 words per article.

Publish around 20 articles in your blog and display a banner of the product you are going to promote from clickbank and also try to include your clickbank hop link in the end of each article.

This is your first step, once you have done with your blog setup, you can focus on bringing targeted visitors to your blog.

An example blog would look like this for Get Your Ex Back Niche

Many people think that, article syndication means, promoting your articles in sites like, and other article sites.

But it’s not. Promoting your articles in ezinearticles and goarticles is also one step of promotion, but there are other productive ways to promote your articles.

To get started with promoting of your articles, you need to have a top notch unique article which was not published anywhere else. Make sure it is 1500+ word article. Once you have the unique and unpublished article, submit that article to one of the article sites like ezinearticles with having a link to your blog in that submitted article.

Like in the below image

It will take a week to review your article by the ezinearticle editors. If they find it unique, they will publish that in ezinearticles website. Sites like ezinearticles, they have millions of subscribers looking for fresh content. So, if you publish a 1500+ word well researched article to ezinearticle means, the chances are very high that your article will get picked up by many other blogs looking for fresh content. Since, you already placed a link to your blog in the submitted article, your link will also get published in other sites where your article got picked.

So now that, you will get a lot of exposure by having your blog link in many sites. Websites who picked your article for publishing in their site are the sites on similar topic of yours.

An article on how to get your ex back will be picked up by the sites which are related to relationships. So, the visitors coming to the site where your article got published are targeted visitors with similar interest in your topic, so when they read your published your article which will make the visitor visit your blog and finally your blog makes the visitor click on the banner or link. And finally, the visitor will visit your clickbank link and if the landing page for the clickbank offer looks promising the visitor will buy the clickbank product from your hop link.

Didn’t get results?

If you think you have already tried this method with ezinearticles and didn’t get any results. Then probably you didn’t submitted quality articles which are enough to be picked up by other sites. This is the reason why many people give up at some point with ezinearticles promotion.

But I am not done yet, there is more to do with article syndication.

Ezinearticles only won’t help you

Publishing your articles in Ezinearticles won’t bring you expected results. You need to do guest posting too. Offering guest posts in sites with related topic of yours, once your guest post was accepted, then you will get a link back to your blog which will not only bring targeted visitors but also a backlink to your blog.

Imagine yourself, if you can get hundreds or thousands of guest posts published in other sites, then you will have hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors and backlinks to your blog. Which will increase your blog presence in Google and also people can easily find your blog through Search Engines.

So, in order to get free traffic and get sales from clickbank, you need to do article syndication through ezinearticles, other article sites and Guest postings. And in long run, when you got few hundreds or thousands of articles published in relevant blogs, you will get constant targeted traffic and there by you can earn passive income.

Marketing Clickbank products through YouTube Marketing:

You can also promote clickbank products by using YouTube. You can do this by making videos on the product keywords and uploading them in YouTube.

For example: If your product is on how to get your ex back

Then if you search in YouTube with that keyword, you can see a lot of videos popping up as shown below.

Most clickbank marketers review the product and make it as a video and upload it in YouTube. When their YouTube video gets ranked, they will get targeted visitors to their video. And in the description of the video, they will place their Clickbank hop link.

Eventually, if the viewer finds your video as useful, they will click on your hop link and eventually they will purchase your product.

But, ranking your YouTube videos depends on lot of factors, which you can read it in my other article.

Paid Promotions:

  1. Find a website where your targeted traffic would be
  2. Buy an ad in that website
  3. Wait for sales

Finding a website to advertise on:

Suppose, if you are trying to promote a product on weight loss.

Find websites which gives tips on how to lose weight and how to be in fit. You can do that by searching for weight loss related keywords in Google and approach those websites individually for advertising.

Some Advertising networks offer a list of websites they have in their network who offers advertising space in their website.

An example of that advertising network is offers advertising space in websites. Just browse through their market place and see if you can buy an ad in sites where your targeted visitors will be.

Take the following site as an example:

You can buy ad space in that website through Most of the visitors who come to that website are people who wanted to be in fit and who want to lose weight.

For this type of audience, you can promote a weight loss product or six pack abs product.

If you go through the website, you can see a couple of ads which were already bought by other advertisers who are promoting clickbank products in it.

Take a look at the following ad

The above banner leads to Fat Diminisher which is one of the top offer in Clickbank.

You can advertise on numerous websites through All you need to do is finding the right website and right product for that website and there by you can earn some money by promoting clickbank products.

Apart from buying ads in websites, you can also make a deal with the website owners to send promotional emails to their users through their list.

This is also a great way to get targeted traffic.

Promoting through 7Search:

Though you can’t make millions through 7Search advertising, but for people who are just starting with affiliate marketing, this will help you to understand how to promote products.

According to my view, 7Search traffic is low quality and it’s hard to make a sale from its traffic. Instead of trying for a sale, you can create an email list with 7Search advertising.

An example can be found below:

7Search serves ads in their search engine, and when people search for the terms, ads will be displayed based on the searched terms.

In the above, I searched for the keyword get your ex back, for US geo and basing on that, relevant ads were displayed.

In the above ads, one advertiser is building list with his ad and the other guy is trying to achieve a sale by direct link his hop link to that ad. So that the visitor will be directly taken to clickbank offer when he clicked on the ad.

Below is the sample opt in page which the above advertiser is using for collecting user’s email to promote his clickbank product using email marketing

Once you find that your campaign is profitable with the one of the advertising networks like or

You should scale your campaign by advertising in other ad networks too. Some of the popular ad networks are

List of other Advertising networks

Bing Ads –

Chitika Ads –

And many more.

I will be writing a list of advertising networks available in my next article.

Installing WordPress on your computer using wamp

Installing WordPress on your computer using wamp

This is the second part of installing WordPress on your computer using wamp. Earlier I wrote a blog post about how to setup wamp server where you can install WordPress. Now, after you have installed your wamp server, you can install WordPress in that wamp server, so that you can have your WordPress in your localhost. People use WordPress in their localhost for testing purposes to test their new plugin or new theme. If you are newbie and wanted to start blogging, then this is the heads up for you to start your blog. Start your WordPress blog by installing it locally and once you think you have learned how to setup everything, you can get a domain name and hosting to go live and start your blogging career.

Follow this guide to install WordPress locally in your computer using wamp.

Since, I have already explained how to setup wamp, I am assuming you have installed the wamp and all the services are running in it.

Step 1:

Go to http://localhost to access your default page.

Step 2:

As shown in the earlier article, I am assuming you have already extracted your WordPress folder to www directory present in your wamp’s installation folder.

So, to start the installation of your WordPress, access the WordPress folder through your web browser. Since, I have extracted my WordPress folder at www folder, I am access it through the following url



Step 3:

You will then be redirected to the first step of WordPress installation where you will be asked to choose your desired language.

Step 4:

After selecting your desired language, click on Continue to proceed with installation.

Step 5:

Now, in the next step it will ask you to create configuration file which is needed for the installation. To create a configuration file, you need to have a database, database username & password.

Step 6:

In order to go further with your WordPress installation, you need to create a database, database username and password which needs to be provided during the installation.

Since, wamp comes with mysql & phpmyadmin, you can easily create your database credentials.

Open your http://localhost in another browser window.

At the bottom, you can see phpmyadmin which will help you to create a database and database user. Click on phpmyadmin to create a database.

You will be shown in the above screen.

Step 7:

Click on Users to create your database and database user.

Step 8:

If scroll down a bit, you can see Add User link which will help you to create a database user. Click on it to create the database user.

Step 9:

Now, it will ask you to enter your database user details. Enter your desired database name, database user name, database password and for Host, use localhost.

You can also use the Generate button to generate strong password for you.

As shown in the above, I have entered some dummy values to help you understand. And when you have filled all the fields, click on Go to create your database and its user name and password.

Before clicking on Go, make sure you have saved all the details like your database name, password, username for the use in your WordPress installation.

Step 10:

Once you have clicked on Go, you will see a confirmation message.

And under Users overview, you can see the new database created.

Step 11:

Now, coming back to the WordPress installation, which is in other window.

Click on Let’s Go to proceed creating your configuration file.

Then, you will be asked you to enter database details.

Step 12:

Enter your saved database details in the above fields and remove the default data in that. Below you can see the details entered.

You can leave Table Prefix as it is or you can use your own text as table prefix.

Step 13:

Once you have entered all your database details. Click on Submit. If you have entered the details correctly, you will see a Run Install confirmation message.

Like as shown below

If you have entered wrong database details, you will get an error message saying

“Error in Database Connection”

In that case, you need to check your database details and make sure you have entered correct details.

Step 14:

Once you see the Run the Install page, click on Run the install button to start the installation.

Step 15:

Now, you will be asked to enter your WordPress Blog details. Enter your blog name, your administrator user name & password and email address.

Check the Privacy field if you want your blog to be indexed in Google or else uncheck it.

Step 16:

Once you have entered all the details, click on Install WordPress

It will install the WordPress blog in your localhost and after it got installed you can see a success page.

Step 17:

Now, your WordPress blog was installed successfully, you can log into your WordPress blog using your administrator details which you have entered earlier while installing wordpress.

In my case,

My admin login is: yourname
Password: [email protected]^7DO21E)BOVD5

And I can access my blog’s admin panel at


Once, you have logged into your admin panel, you can manage everything in your admin dashboard, like adding posts, installing themes, plugins and many more.

And your regular blog address is


If you have a static ip means, you can set your localhost WordPress blog to live which can be accessed worldwide or you can get a domain name and hosting to go worldwide.

How to install Wamp Server for WordPress

Today, I am going to show you how to install wamp server for WordPress where you can run your WordPress locally.

You can install WordPress even though if you don’t have a domain name and hosting. This can be done by installing a local webserver in your pc or laptop and can install WordPress in it. A local webserver is also called as localhost and can be accessed in your browser as http://localhost/ or

Many WordPress theme and plugin developers use local webserver for their testing purposes. If you want to try WordPress or its features then localhost is the best bet for you.

But with localhost, other people cannot access your wordpress site installed in localhost. The only people who can see your site is you. Since, it is a localhost, it only resides in your computer and can be accessed by you. To set up a localost, you need to install webserver softwares like wamp, xampp and many more.

Wamp and xampp applications comes with the following installations

  • Apache
  • Php
  • Mysql
  • And some other applications like phpmyadmin, ftp, perl etc.

For WordPress to run, it requires Apache, Php and mysql which the above xampp and wamp applications have.

Normally, you can install all these above mentioned applications separately to launch your localhost. You can directly download apache server, php and mysql and install separately in your computer and integrate them together to work properly.

Apache is a web server which serves webpages only html pages, and in order for apache to serve php pages, it needs to be integrated with php library.

And a mysql server is a database server which enables you to create databases.

All these can be installed separately, but wamp makes it easy by combining all these in a single application. For newbies, a wamp server is recommended as it is easy to install and use it.

Follow the below guide to install wamp server for installing your wordpress

Step 1:

Type wamp in Google search as shown in the below

And you can see the search results with

Step 2: Click on the Google result with and you will be taken to their wamp’s official site.

Step 3: Click on Download link at the top of the webpage.

Step 4: Now, you will be taken to the download page where you will be asked to choose which type of processer is yours.

Follow the steps:

Click on Start
Right Click
on My Computer and Click on Properties

If you can see x64 under system, your computer can run 64Bit applications and you can download 64 Bit WampServer. If you see x86, then your computer is capable of running 32 Bit only, in that case, you need to download Wampserver 32Bit.

Since, the computer I am showing you this demo is 64 Bit I am downloading 64 Bit version.

Step 5: Download your suitable version of wamp

Step 6: Now click on download directly link as shown in the above screenshot.

Step 7:

You will be taken to an external trusted site when you clicked on download directly link. It will automatically downloads the wamp software to your computer, if not , click on the direct link as shown in the above.

Step 8: After you have downloaded, you can see the downloaded file with the following name, though the version numbers might change as they keep on releasing new updates frequently.

Step 9:

Now open the downloaded file and install it. Follow the below steps to install it.

Click on Next to continue the installation

Accept the License agreement for WampServer

Choose the path where you want to install your wamp server.

If you want to have Quick Launch icon and Desktop icon, check them and click on Next.

Now Click on Install to install it.

Step 10:

After it has installed, it will ask you for the path of web browser. You need to show the path for your internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

In this demo, I am showing the path for Google Chrome

Normally, Google Chrome is located in the following location:
Local Disk (C) > Program Files > Google > Chome > Application

Step 11:

If you have a Windows Firewall, it will ask you to grant access to newly installed Wamp Server.

Step 12:

In the next step, it will ask you to setup mail parameters, which you don’t need right now, so use the default values to keep going.

Step 13:

Now, click on Finish as you are you about to finish the installation of wamp server.

Step 14:

Now, you can see a new icon appearing under your tray icons in your desktop.

Step 15:

Click on the icon which is wamp server’s icon to access its menu.

Step 16:

Click on Localhost to access your localhost site.

You should be able to see the above screen if everything is installed properly.


But, sometimes, if you are running Skype , you will get problems installing a wamp server. Even though if you think you have installed everything properly, you will still see a blank page like the below.

That means your wamp’s default port which is 80 is being used by another application. You either disable that application from being running or change your port.

For me, my skype is using the port 80, so, I am changing the default port for webserver which is 80 to 801.

Follow the guide below to change your port if you are experiencing the same problem.

Go to your wamp’s installation directory. In my case, it is

Local Disk (C) > Wamp

Now, you need to go to apache’s conf director in order to change the port.

So, this is the directory which I need to go

Local Disk (C) > Wamp > bin > apache > apache2.4.9 > conf

Edit the file httpd.conf file as shown in the above with wordpad .

Now, you can see the httpd.conf file.

Search for the string “listen” using Ctrl+F in your keyboard.

And you can see the above line of code.

Now change the above lines to the following one




And click on Save to save the configuration file.

Now, Restart your web server as shown in the below.

After, you clicked on Restart All Services, your web server will restarts its services.

Now finally, if you refresh the same old localhost webpage. You can able to see its default page.

You can also access your localhost at the following address

Replace 801 with your post which was set in your configuration file.

You can set any port number in your configuration file, since I set, 801 as my port address, I am using it now.

Step 17:

Now, you have successfully installed your webserver. Now, I am going to show you how to install wordpress in it.

Go to to download a copy of wordpress files.

Step 18:

Click on Download WordPress to download your wordpress files.

Step 19:

Now, you will be taken to its download page where you will be again asked to click on Download WordPress

Click on it to download the files.

Step 20:

You can see a zip folder being downloaded which contains WordPress installation files.

Step 21:

Now, after you have downloaded the file, open it with winrar or winzip. You will be able to see a folder with name wordpress in that zip file.

Step 22:

Now extract the folder wordpress to wamp directory to install it.

Step 23:

Extract the folder to the following path


If you have installed wamp in some other directory it should be extracted to the following path

Your wamp directory/www

Click ok to extract to the desired location.

Step 23:

After you have extracted the folder to www directory, click refresh on your localhost default page.

You can able to see the new folder wordpress will be appearing in that page.

In the next blog post, I will be writing a detailed guide on how to finish installing wordpress in your localhost.