How to Hack Clash of Clans

Hack Clash of Clans

Are you an avid game player and a big fan of clash of clans game? If you are looking for how to hack clash of clans game, then you are probably looking for ways to increase your gems, gold and elixir in your clash of clans account. You might have already tried a lot of hacks for clash of clans game. But nothing seems to worked for you because in the end, they will ask for a human verification if not they will say no human verification but need a captcha verification. But finally will they work? I will explain everything and tell you if there is a real hack for clash of clans game.

Hack Clash of Clans

What is Clash of Clans (CoC)?

Clash of Clans is a mobile game which is very famous in Android and IOS. It is labelled under strategy game in Google play store. Currently it has around 39,099,545 installs so far still increasing. The reason why this game has craze is because of its addictive feature. It is not just a normal game that you can play 10 levels and reach the boss level in the end. Its different, you will start this game as a clan to join in a group of clans or you can build your own group with your friends. And on your way in your journey, you will discover new buildings, villages and new characters. You will encounter with battles against different other clans. There will be times when you need to defend your village from the attack of other group clans. Its a whole new virtual world which you are going to live in.

Just like you need money in real world, you need gold, elixier & gems in clash of clans game to survive and live happily or to trade something. So this is the reason why too many people search for how to hack clash of clans to earn gold or gems. Just like in the real world, its not that easy to earn gold, gems or elixer by hacking clash of clans.

It is just like living in the real world, like building your own village by earning gold which you can earn by attacking other villages. Millions of players daily play this game and it is a good time killer.

To download this game

For Android devices: Click here

For IOS devices: Click here


At first, Clash of Clans (CoC) game was developed for IOS by SuperCell company later when it got too much popularity, they have decided to launch this for Android devices also.

How this game works?

Just like you have seen in movies about wars, you have to win in order to earn gold, gems & elixirs. You have to win battles against other group of clans from other villages. You need to protect  your village and clans from attacks of other villager clans. Just like in wars, training is very important in this game, you need to train your clans for possible attacks from other clans.

Win battles against other clans, if you defeat more than 50% of your opponents in other village, then you can own that village and it is yours. All the gems and gold present in that village will be yours. So, the more wins you will win, the more gold you can earn, apart from that you can earn gems and elixirs. Which you can use to get more clans, build more in your village.

How to hack clash of clans (CoC)

In the internet you will find many websites which promise you that they can actually hack clash of clans. But that’s bullshit, because here is what exactly happens. Every website which promises you that they can hack clash of clans makes the following promises. You don’t need to jailbreak your IOS for hacking clash of clans game. Some websites will show you that they are successfully hacking clash of clans game, but when they are about to show you the results, they will ask you to verify that you are human by completing a survey or verify captcha 

And finally, you will end up completing a survey for nothing.

Here is what exactly happens. Every website will take you to the following screen


hack tool for clash of clans

or this one

clash of clans hack

or this one

hacking clash of clans

You can find many clash of clans hack tools online but all these tools take you to the same screenshot which i have shared below.

Clash of clans generator

or this one

hack clash of clans

or this

Clash of clans hack

And finally, you will be encountered with the following message as shown below.

Clash of Clans Captcha

or this one

human verification

or you might see this one

Human verification

Normally, people would think that, they can get the gold or gems if they do this simple task. But that’s not true at all. Because, there is no hack for clash of clans at all. All these websites which are popping up for that keyword are websites owned by CPA (Affiliate marketers) who promote offers to make money.

For example in the above screen, there is an option to “Win an iPhone 7” which is an affiliate offer from Peerfly affiliate network which offers $1.40 for email submit. Which means, whoever clicks on that link and enters his email address in there, the website owner will get $1.40 per email address.

Here is the screenshot from Peerfly Affiliate network.

Win an Iphone Peerfly

or see this

Antivirus for Android

Which means, if someone clicks on that link for Anti virus and do what it says, the website owner will earn $14.25 per person.


These gamers who are searching for how to hack clash of clans are in desperate to get what they wanted, so they will do whatever they can to get this. But will you really get what you are hoping for? No, you wouldn’t, there is no hack tool out there for these apps and they are highly secured. You just have to play what you are playing, don’t search for instant gains, they never exist, you have to work hard to earn something whether it is in real world or in a virtual world like clash of clans.

Don’t fall prey for these websites, later your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of unwanted spam emails which you will never get rid of it. So, never give your email address or phone number into these sites.

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Still tempting?

You might get tempt with the comments present in the footer, they might look promising. But they aren’t real either. If you think they are real, try commenting there and your comment will never get published. Those are fake comments which are used to convince the user to sign up for their offers.

If you want to earn money by promoting offers in a legit way, you can try clickbank.  Here is how to promote clickbank products.

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If the above guys are really giving up gems and gold to your clash of clans account, i would have really endorsed them in my website, but they are not. The actual story for how to hack clash of clans is this.

If you want to earn gold, gems and elixirs then play hard and have fun.