How Many WordPress Plugins You should Use?

Wordpress plugins

How Many WordPress Plugins You should Use?

Of all the CMS platforms available online, WordPress is the most appreciated by the bloggers. The Plugins available in it make things a lot easier. In WordPress, there is a Plugin for everything. This gives rise to one simple question and that is “How Many WordPress Plugins Should One Use?”

As a rule of thumb, the lesser Plugins you use, the more efficient your Website will be in terms of performance and Load time. The plugins which make you dependent must be avoided. It is true that WordPress plugins are a good thing to use but too much plugins slow the site down due to a lot of Plugin quarries.

Step 1: Understanding the Mechanism in Depth

Using the WordPress Plugins is not but adding a code to the blog with help of the Plugin. The same can also be done by manually adding a code to the core of the blog or the WordPress theme. As a result, the page has to execute more codes every time it loads. It makes the loading process slower.

It is not the quantity but the quality of the plugins that matters. The Plugins which are well coded may not cause performance problems even if more than 30 of them are used. On the other hand the ones like and similar post Plugins and Google XML Sitemap are the ones which take much longer times to load and can considerably slow the blog down.

WordPress plugins

Step 2: Choosing the Right Plugins

We basically use the Plugins to improve the functionality and enhance the features of the blog. So before choosing a specific Plugin or set of plugins, ask yourself if you really need all those functions. Even if we need all that functionality, WordPress are not the only solution. That can be done by using manual codes instead.

The Right Ones

Below are some of the ‘good’ WordPress Plugins. These necessarily do not affect the functionality of the blog and add some highly recommended features to it.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast:  An amazing SEO plugin that optimizes the blog for search engines and social media.WordPress Plugins
  • Akismet: Best in class to fight spam comments.
  • WP Db manager: A multi-purpose plugin to optimize, backup and repair the database on regular basis.
  • Wordpress Plugins

  • SEO friendly images: Helps you ad such tags to images as make them rank higher in SEO.
  • W3 Total Cache: An awesome Plugin for Blogs with high traffic.

    Wordpress plugins

Some Plugins you should avoid

Below are some of the plugins you should avoid using. Though you can use them if there is no other way but it is better to use codes in their stead.

WordPress AdSense plugins:

Affiliate links WordPress plugin:

WordPress optimization

Optimizing for mobile users


Apart from the must have plugins listed above, all other are on your own choice. It is recommended to use codes more and more and avoid the use of plugins. If a function cannot be done without a plugin, try using the one with the least impact on the site performance.