How to BackUp Your Blogger Blog


How to Back Up Your Blogger Blog

Blogger is one of the Free Blog Posting Services available online to all kinds of people who have a passion to write and want to address their writing to the world. Being free it has its limitations, one of them being the fact that there is no assurance of it being safe from removal. Yes you heard it right. As this is a Google owned service so Google has all the right to delete it whenever needed without even giving a second chance. The worst part being, there is no way of retrieving your data and the only solution left to all this is backing it up for your own safety.


In this article some of the ways are mentioned with Steps by which you can easily back up your data by directly downloading it to your PC or emailing it to yourself.

Backing Up Posts, Pages and Images:

This is a manual process of backing up your stuff and the blogger has to backup via this each time he updates his blog i.e. weekly or monthly so he doesn’t miss out on any new data.

To Back up by this method just follow the few simple instructions below:

  • Log into you account
  • Go to the settings on your desktop in the following way

  • Click on the *Others* option in the list of options on the left hand side

  • A new window will appear with the Blog Tools and Press on *Export Blog* from the given choices

  • When you will press on Export Blog a new small window appears like the one below :

    You just need to press on *Download Blog* and a file will be downloaded in an .Xml format which will have all your Posts, Images etc. You can save it in your local desktop and can use it in any popular blogging platforms like Word press etc.

    Backing Up Templates:

    We have a method to backup all of the templates as well so you may not worry about it too.

    Just follow the instructions below:

  • Log into Your account
  • Go to settings as mentioned above
  • Click on the *Templates* option in the options on the left hand side

  • Click on *Backup/Restore* and the following window will appear:

  • Now click on *Download Full Template* and your templates would be downloaded in an .XML format.

This will solve two problems:

  • If by any means your blog gets deleted you would have a full backup of your stuff as well as your theme and you can continue from where you left.
  • If you make a blunder while playing with the codes of the template you can restore it back to your original settings.

Backing up your Blog Posts and Comments :

You can back up your blog posts by emailing them to yourself in just a few simple clicks:

  • Log into Your account
  • Go to settings as mentioned above
  • Click on *Email* from the list on the left hand side

  • Add the Email Address you want to send in your Blog Posts and Comments to and save them in an .XML format for later use.

Restoring your Blog:

Then if you ever want to restore your blog you can just Import it like you exported it by clicking on the Import Blog option.