How to Build Your Email List

Building Email list


A good email is something that is a need for anyone who is into online marketing. Some feel that you need it only in the promotional stage but that is not true. You will need it in all the stages of the business. We will now explain why and how you can go about building a strong email list. The emails have the ability to reach the people directly. They hit the inbox of the target audience and tell them about the product that you are offering. They can give links as well as all the other information that is needed. As a result the chance for you sell a product will only increase. This also ensures that the customer gets back to you instead of you following them to buy your stuff.

Many feel that if you are on social media you do not need to build a strong email list. Well this is not correct. Even if you are active on social media building an email list is important. In social media you are basically competing with content from others around the web. In twitter the feed can be lost very easily. On Facebook it is a possibility that the post will not even reach the primary page. The problem remains the same with LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. So a strong email list is definitely the need for all whether you are new or have been in the business for some time does not actually matter.

When you use an email you are directly reaching the inbox of the customer something that they will be checking on a daily basis. There will be no other distraction as they are checking the mails of the day. It has been proved that people generally tend to ignore posts of social media but when it comes to emails they will try to spend more time and read things that they find interesting. Many people feel that the common tendency is to delete a mail that one feels is not relevant it may be true but at least the person will see the mail and try to figure out what is it about as it was sent to him or her on a personal basis. When it comes to a social media post how often will someone see a video that he or she was tagged in by a friend? There are a lot of things happening on social media as a result the chances to ignore things is much higher.

How do you go about building the email list?

If you go online you will get a lot of tutorials on how to build an email list. You do not have to worry too much about it if you have never really built an email list. These tutorials will ensure that building an email list looks more complicated than it actually is. Many people are also providing professional help to build an email list. Our constant endeavour is to ensure that we provide the best guidance and tips to the readers. This is why we will suggest that do not fall prey to these sites and try to build an email list on your own. You know your customers better than anyone else. You know whom you should target so you can definitely build a strong email list. It is no rocket science and not at all a complicated thing to do. The point is simple you have to get the names of the people you are targeting. Then you have to look for the email ids and send them the mails. We will let you know the simple steps that you need to follow in order to build the email list of yours in an effective manner:

  1. Try to create a strong call to action on your site – This is the first tip on creating an email list. The website is very important and it is the biggest asset that you can have in order to create an email list. Many people tend to ignore this part. If you do not have a strong website it will not be possible to build a good email list and this is a fact that you have to accept as early as you can. Why should someone subscribe to your newsletter? What is it that you are providing that the customer will not get anywhere else? You must mention the list in the footer or the sidebar. You must have the option to subscribe to your newsletter. A pop up can be created that will appear to ask the user to sign in. A CTA (call to action) button can be put at the end of the blog. Tell them that if they subscribe they will never miss important information or update ever. It may seem a small thing but people signing up will definitely help you to build the email list better.
  2. The traffic can be driven using social media – We will now move on to the second tip about building an email list. You can use social media as a marketing tool and as well as a tool for the traffic. If you have links on social media people will tend to click them and they will be taken to the site. From here you can advertise about your email list. This will help you to create a combined strategy. What happens is that you are basically increasing your social followers by promoting your profile in the emails. It is very easy thing to do so try to be active in almost all the social media sites at the same time.
  3. You must create a good landing page – The next tip on building an email list is the landing page.
    A good landing page is very important. It is a great idea to get email signatures. These landing pages are very attractive and they can create a direct link between the user and the person blogging. The conversion rate of a good landing page can be about 5.31% which is indeed a very high figure. This is the result of a research that was done by the Search Engine Land. You must try to create one good landing page so that the mailing list of yours can be built well.
  4. Try to use registration for perks – Let’s move on to the last but not the least tip on building an email list. You must have a content that is very easily accessible to the members and this is a great way to promote the mailing list. The content must be special like an eBook, videos, posts, etc. These should have more information than the other stuff that you have posted in your site. These along with all the information must also give your email address so that you can gain access. Apart from that you can also give some discounts and perks for the same. This will encourage more people to come to your site and ask you for more information on the subject.
  5. You can host a webinar – Another new thing that is becoming very popular is webinar. These can be paid as well as free. It will offer you a chance to expand the content that you are providing. It will also give you a chance to build your email list. There is a possibility to provide material for the webinar. This material can also include resource list that will be very useful to those who are watching. With this you will get the permission to send emails on a regular basis. Try to make the mails more creative and interesting and ensure that they do not look like the newsletters.

Try to use QR codes

Suppose you are dealing with a tangible product then you can think of creating a scannable code that can also be used through smartphones in order to subscribe to your email list. It will immediately sign up people to your email list. Many people are using code scanners now and they are offered on both Android as well as iOS platforms absolutely free. You can use this to expand into the real world. This will help you to target the bigger audience. In this world of digital marketing people are forgetting the importance of business cards. Do try to print a few business cards and distribute in the neighbourhood so that more and more people are attracted to your business in the local area of yours. Even the local area that you live in and your neighbourhood can have people who are actually interested in what you are doing. These people tend to know you personally so they may like to subscribe to your email list faster. Once you have a decent email list you can expect even people who have never interacted with to join in as they have a feeling that what you are doing is worthwhile and that is why so many people are already in your email list.

We will now discuss some of the tools you can use to build an email list. These tools are commonly used by many. Some tools that you can use to create an email list are.

  1. Campaign monitor – The first tool that we will recommend is the Campaign monitor. It is a very strong tool and is commonly used. The service is definitely cheaper when compared to the other two options that we have discussed. They give you two options to work with either a basic or an unlimited account. What you will have to do is set the number of subscribers. You can also send the emails and send them to the subscribers. The cost starts with $9 for a month and slowly the cost per campaign increases.
  2. Mail Chimp – A commonly used tool to build the email list is the Mail Chimp. This is again cheaper and very user friendly. It will help you to tailor the needs of yours. The price will depend on the plan that you have selected. The best part is that as per your budget Mail Chimp will ensure that the plan is customized.
  3. – The last tool that you can use is It may be a more expensive option to use but it is definitely worth it. It gives you the option of four different accounts. The prices of these accounts starts from $50 per month for 5000 profiles and if you want to use it for more profiles you will have to pay more according to the number of profiles that you are selecting. is commonly used as it has many advantages. It will send free 10,000 mails for you. If you increase the usage then naturally the bill will also increase accordingly. The higher the account is the more profiles and contents will be allowed in it.

These are the three best tools that we could think of. There are many more such tools available online that you can choose from. We hope that we have been able to explain well the importance of having a strong email list. It is definitely a time taking job. However, when you have a strong email list you will not have to look back. Try to start building an email list from today itself. Just follow the points and tips that we have mentioned in this article and it will definitely help you to come up with a much better email list. Always remember that there is no end to building an email list. It will keep growing and the more it grows the better it is for your business. Many people who have been in the online marketing business for some time will tell you that how important it is to actually have a strong email list as it will continue to get you more business over a long time. It can also be compared to the goodwill that you actually have in the business.