How to Check If Your Website Is Accessible From Rest of the World

Website down

How to Check If Your Website Is Accessible From Rest of the World

Websites are made available world over by the web hosting providers. It is their job to make sure that the website is up and working and is accessible from any connected device in the world. Sometimes, a website may be down due to some issue in the webhosting service.

Website down

What May Be the Cause?

Generally the cause is an overload on the webhosting server or a problem in your IP. The website may become unavailable in some parts of a country or the entire country or some countries. The problem can also be due to some issue in the main ISP of your country and it can also result in the unavailability of the website in certain parts of the world.

What is the Loss?

If your website is down, you can lose a number of visitors and a loss of traffic is the loss of money for bloggers.

How to Know if the Website is Down?

It is very important to know that your website is accessible all over the world or not. There is a web service which can let us know if the website is available in the world or not. It checks the availability in different cities and reports the webmaster if the link is down in certain city. The service is called APM Cloud Monitor. Suppose that the data packet of the website is lost in a certain part of the world, this service will clearly tell you how much percentage of data packets are lost in a certain region. Once you know this, you can contact you web hosting provider and ask them to check the reason of the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Step 1

Go to the link given above a screen like this will appear enter the desired site’s url in the provided space at the bottom of the page and click on the start button.

Ping service

Step 2

See the results as the service pings the url from a number of addresses all over the wrld. The results appear like this.

Ping service

Ping service

How does it Work?

The service runs a ping command on to your site from different locations in the world and finally hives you the results on a single sheet of paper. As many of the weblogs and twitter are banned in China, so it is possible that your site may also be banned in China. This is the best service to check this thing out because they have one of the check points situated in Shanghai.

Analyzing the Results

In the above image you can see a number of check points available in different parts of the world. It shows that is not available in France. After knowing this, you can call you webhosting service provider and ask them to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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