How to Configure FeedBurner Free Email Subscription Feature

Feedburner Email Subscription

How to Configure FeedBurner Free Email Subscription Feature

Even though we have Facebook, Twitter and feeds but the importance of email updates remains in its place. It is a good practice for every blog owner to offer the email subscription for updates about the blog. Email updates are still the best way to keep the readers updated about the blog and make them visit it over and over again. This tutorial will teach you how to setup FeedBurner free email subscription for blog readers.

Feedburner Email Subscription

Before you proceed, it is recommended that you learn a few things about the FeedBurner itself from the article about FeedBurner we have recently added. In case you missed it here is the link.

How to redirect WordPress default RSS feed to Feedburner?

What is RSS feed?

FeedBurner is an amazing tool for making the feeds more productive, attractive, informative and socially active. Feeds are an important part of your blog and they deserve a handsome amount of effort and time. If they are sent to people in email, they can prove to be even more beneficial. FeedBurner has the following properties

  • Make your feed burner Feed browser Friendly
  • Makes your Feeds any Feed reader capable
  • Makes your Feed Burner feeds Social
  • Adds more Flares to Feeds

I believe you have read the recent article emphasizing on the importance of email subscription for your blog. In case you couldn’t catch up with that. Here is the link. Email subscription can be given to the users by using a number of paid tools like Aweber, icontact and so on but why pay for something which you can get for free.

The paid tools like Aweber and iContact are essential when you are making money from the subscriptions and want to have a two way communication with the subscribers. If you have a simple blog and just want to share the new knowledge added on the blog with the users, it is advised to use something that is effective as well as free.

FeedBurner can be used to enable Email subscription option for your readers. This can be done by following the following steps.


Go to your feed settings of the FeedBurner

Feed burner > Publicize > Email subscription.

Activate the option and grab the provided HTML codes.

Grab the code and Embed it into text widget of your WordPress blog.

If you need a direct link you can use this one.

Just replace the xyz with your blog’s address.

I think this tutorial will be useful for all bloggers and especially the newbies of the field to enable email subscription of news feed. If you know a better method for this, do share it in the comments. Do not forget to subscribe to the email updates if you do not want to miss new and updated blogging tips and tricks on every day basis.