How to create Alexa rank widget for your Blog

Alexa Rank Widget

How to create Alexa rank widget for your Blog

Google page rank, Moz rank and Alexa rank are the most important factors for many bloggers. In deciding whether your website is popular or not, people will look for your Alexa rank. Having good Alexa rank for a website is considered as Authoritative website and also it will attract good advertisers to your website.

Many experienced bloggers recommend placing Alexa rank widget in their blog which will help in increasing their Alexa rank.

Read what factors are helpful in increasing your Alexa rank.

In the above article which I wrote earlier, adding Alexa rank widget is also one of the factors helpful in increasing your Alexa rank. If you have not already added your Alexa rank widget to your blog. It is the time to add the Alexa rank widget to your blog to increase your Alexa rank.

Recently, Alexa created a new interface for site owners, where they can claim their website and add detailed information about their website, which will be helpful in adding more information to their website’s Alexa profile. With this, site owners can also claim their website and generate widget code for their website to place Alexa rank widget in their website. If your website receives good amount of traffic, you can claim your website with Alexa, so that Alexa can collect your visitor’s data and this data will be used in calculating your Alexa rank.

How to Get Alexa Rank Widget?

WordPress offers plugins for almost any kind of functionality. For to get Alexa widget on your blog, you can use Alexa Rank Widget plugin to display Alexa rank widget in your WordPress blog. Install this plugin in your WordPress blog, then you can be able to display the widget on whichever location you want on your blog.

Follow the steps on how to setup Alexa Rank Widget in your WordPress blog.

Step 1:

Login in to your WordPress Admin dashboard. And now, in your Admin dashboard, Click on Plugins > Add New

See below for screenshot:

Step 2:

Now type Alexa Widget in your plugin search bar located at the top right hand side of your dashboard. And press Enter after you have typed the keyword.

Step 3:

Now you will get results for your searched query. The first result will be Alexa Rank Widget. You can see in the screenshot below.

Click on Install Now to install the plugin to your WordPress blog.

Step 4:

Now click on Activate Plugin to activate your installed plugin. See below for screenshot.

Step 5:

Now, you can see your newly installed plugin Alexa Rank Widget under installed plugins. Now, click on Configure Widget to configure your Alexa widget.

See below to know how to do that:

Step 6:

After clicking on Configure Widget you will be taken to Widgets dashboard. Under the available widgets, you can see Alexa Rank Widget. Click on Alexa Rank Widget, and you will be shown with different options depending up your WordPress theme.

For my website, I choose to add to my sidebar. You can choose a different place to add your widget.

See below for my screenshot.

Step 7:

After adding the widget in your desired location, you need to enter your blog URL to display your Alexa rank correctly. See below

After entering the URL, click on Save.

Step 7:

Now, visit your website to see your new Alexa Rank Widget.