How to Create amazing backlinks

Creating amazing backlinks

Getting quality links for your website is a challenge and there is no shortcut to it. If you want to create amazing backlinks you will have to work and we will tell you how in this post. Backlinks ensure that the content gets enough popularity and more and more people know about the site. Some sites do get a lot of backlinks within few days and some sites struggle to get even a few backlinks. The five steps to create backlinks that we can think of are:

  1. Find links
  2. Link prospecting
  3. Content link worthiness
  4. Link bait
  5. Link outreach

Step one: Find what people are linking to

We have always been talking about how important it is actually to understand the way other sites work so the first step here is to look for sites that have got very good backlinks and try to understand why and how they have built these backlinks. So look for pages that have lots of links as these pages have proved that they have contents that are worth it.

How do you know which site has a huge number of backlinks to do this take the whole blog post and see the links it has been attracting. For example take up the example of site on pets which is primarily about pets.

  1. Install the SEO for Firefox toolbar as it is free.
  2. Run a search in Google for example write “dog toys”. Select the “show options” below the left side of the search button. Now click on blogs from the categories.
  3. Now click on the 100 options and you will get the top 100 search results.
  4. Now click the “CSV” link and export the result file.
  5. The Firefox for SEO will give you many interesting information like if you want data only for “Y! Page links” the rest of the information can be deleted.
  6. After this you can sort the “Y! Page links” from largest to the smallest. This will give you the CSV results and they will look like.

So now you have the collection of blog posts that are about “toys for dogs” and have attracted the maximum links. Now we will move on to the next step on creating quality backlinks.

Step two: Find out who is linking

So we know which the links that are getting most backlinks are. Now let us look at who is creating these backlinks and how. The website owners have already qualified themselves and the links are basically demonstrating the willingness of these sites to links with a particular type of content. In this case the content happens to be toys for dogs.

Now what you will have to do is get the CSV dashboard that we have already created in the first step. From this drill down to the profiles that are getting the maximum backlinks. You can do this by using the “Yahoo Page links” button which is present in the SEO for Firefox toolbar that you have downloaded. There is also a Yahoo link command.

This step will produce a SERP list of links that are pointing to this page. There will not be any internal site links from the root domain and will look something like this.

After you have run this analysis of the links you will get two sites that will keep popping up in the link profiles of the best posts on dog toys. You will be able to understand from this, what is the willingness of these top two sites to link with the contents from the other sites on the same topic.

We will summarise the whole process so that you get an idea of what exactly you are trying to do in this step:

  1. Target the URL of the website – look for the name of the websites and the links to which these sites are connecting.
  2. Toolbar page rank – This can help you to sort the relative value.
  3. Contact name – personalise the outreach letter and this can be a great help.
  4. Personal email – Find the email address of the people you want to contact and send them personal mails. This will increase the chance of your mails being read.
  5. Social media profile – Figure out the social media handle of the people you are targeting.
  6. Notes – always try to get as much personal information that you can get it will help you to personalize the outreach letters to a great extent.

Step three: Find out why people are linking

If you want to create a content that can attract a lot of links you will have to try and understand why some contents are getting more backlinks than the others. We have been discussing on dog toys and we have spotted some five sites that are getting a lot of backlinks. Why do you think these sites are getting more backlinks than the others? Try to link if there is something common between these five sites and what is it that they are doing that attracts more links.

A little research and you will know that those articles that are about silly and funny dogs are more popular in these sites. So if you come up with something that is very different and funny people are ready to read it and share it. People keep dogs for entertainment and they are ready to do things that will add some fun and laughter to their boring lives this is exactly why anything funny on dogs are becoming more popular topics online. So the strategy of a successful link on pets is to come up with weird dog chew toys that can attract more readers and get noticed more often. With this we come to the next step in the process of creating some amazing backlinks.

Step four: Create the bait

Now we move to the fourth step. If you want to create backlinks you will have to create something similar to the top most links that you have searched in the first three steps. It does not mean you will have to copy. You can come up with something similar but ensure that you prove that it is yours and very different from what you have just found out. You have to ensure that whatever you come up with is proved to be important and useful to the market that you are targeting.

You now know from all the research done so far that whacky dog toys are what people are actually looking at. What can you do is recreating something on the same lines and how do you do it what we will explain now:

Try harder – try to create an article like “the top 10 weirdest toys that you dog will go crazy about”. It is a difficult content to create and will take time but the best part is that you know for sure that it is going to get a lot of links.

Try something easy – Try to create a link on funny toys that dogs play with. Yes it is simple and looks like a copy of all the research that you have done. It is less work and does have the potential of attracting a lot of links.

Try something that is very hard – This is the hardest way out and will take a lot of your time. In your own pet website start a contest and ask people to share the pictures of their dogs and pets. Get creative and look for funny ideas of dressing up a pet. Might not be a dog it can be any other pet like cats, rabbits, etc. You give prizes to the winners who have the cutest pets and dress them in the funniest manner. Announce the name of the owner and the pet post it on your pet website. You will for sure get a lot of backlinks to this. You can also give prizes to those who come up with the weirdest ideas of toys for the pets.

The judgement is yours which one of these ideas do you feel is going to get the maximum links to it. The simple logic is that the more time you spend on the idea and the content the more effective it will be. You have to be creative and spend time on the content and for sure you will get the backlinks that you want.

Step five: Pimp your content

The last step in the process is to pimp the content. So now all the research is done and your content is also ready. The last step is to make it popular among the readers and ensure that they share it. You cannot force the readers to share the content instead make the articles and the content so subtle that the readers themselves feel that they must share it with more people. So the mail that you come up with must be personal and directly talking about what you are looking at. Just mentioning that you are running a contest for pets is not going to help. There will be many people like you who are running such competitions. We are enclosing some examples so that you get what we are trying to say.

Dear (name of the person he or she can be a blogger or a site owner). Start the letter on a personal note always like – I have seen that you have very high interest in funny pet toys so thought of asking you to participate in my contest for “the weirdest pets on earth”. It can also start with “I saw your comment on my recent blog and I found it very interesting so decided to invite you to participate in “the weirdest pets on earth” contest. You can also mention in the end of the mail that you will be very happy if these people could share it with other animal and pet lovers from different parts of the world. So this will give you an idea of how exactly the mail should be like.

Some people will tell you that link outreach like this do not work. Well not true always if you follow the points we have mentioned the chances of this not working out will be very little. Why such outreaches sometimes don’t work is simply because of the following:

  1. The person initiating such outreach may not have created something of real value.
  2. There has to be a lot of dedication in this process as you market the content effectively.
  3. Some people will slam the idea sometimes even without trying it.

Just follow the points the way we have mentioned and it should work. Creating a great content is indeed important but it is not the be all and end all of the story. There are many blogs out there with great content you have to ensure that you get the right people to read the content and the content should hit them in such a way that backlinks start to happen. Self-promotion is the key do not shy from it. You created the content so you will have to promote it. You might need help to send so many personalized emails and how you do it is engage some interns and tell them that all the letters have to be personalized to an extent with the information that you have gathered. Do check once before sending out the mails. This can be very helpful and will save you a lot of time.

Just follow these steps and you will for sure come up with some amazing backlinks. These are some of the steps that we could think of. There might be some more steps and ideas that you can come up with as you start working on the topic. There are no hard and fast rules there are only some guidelines in this matter that you can follow.