How to Deal with Blog Plagiarism

Blog Plagiarism

How to Deal with Blog Plagiarism

Blogging is based on being genuine. But, many times, we come across bloggers who blindly copy and paste others’ work and publish it in their own names. Mainly it is due to absence of moral maturity and limitless greed to make money from blogging. In the simplest words, Plagiarism means copying someone’s work illegally. It applies to everything from a written article to a video and photo.

Blog Plagiarism

For us bloggers, it is not the thing that who is copying our content. Our job is to protect our domain from such copy-paste people. The two main reasons for this are:

  • We do not want someone else to take the credit of our work
  • We do not want someone to get the traffic generated by our hard work on their blog without giving us the credit

If you get most of the traffic from google, Google is very intelligent. It can easily find such copy-paste websites and exclude them from the search results as a penalty. But sometimes the AI may be fooled leading to the exclusion of your work from the search results which were actually the original work. However very rare but it can happen. In the following paragraphs we will be discussing some of the chief aspects of blog plagiarism.

Effects of Plagiarism on Search Engine Ranking

Blog plagiarism very rarely affects your SEO. The penguin and hummingbird at Google are very intelligent. They cannot let the copied content top in the search results while the original being down below. The main drawbacks which you can face are the diversion of traffic and your credit going to someone else. If the search engine marks you as the copier by mistake, you would have to contact their authorities to set the issues right.

Finding if someone is using your content without your permission

There are a number of tools on the web to let you know if your content is being used somewhere else or not. Top of the list is CopyScape. You have to write you URL in copyscape and it will scan your entire content and tell you if some part is being used somewhere else. Plagium is also a very good tool to check for plagiarism.

How to deal with such copy-paste bloggers

The person who has copied your content is not aware of the severity of the crime he has done. You do not need to take it too seriously. The following is a standard operational procedure if you encounter anything like this

  • Find their contact info like email address on their blog and contact them and ask to remove your content or give you the credits
  • If they do not listen to you positively, you can
  1. Contact Google

    Contact Google DCMA and ask them to take action against the immoral moron.

  2. Contact the Webhost

    Along with intimating google, you should also contact the webhosting company of the coper and tell them about the illegal activities going on under their supervision. Chances are that they will ban the whole site.

  3. Contact the Advertisers

    The Advertising companies like AdSense have strict rules against plagiarism. Tell them and they will block the income source of the illegal person.