How to extract your twitter followers to excel sheet for free

How to extract your twitter followers to excel sheet for free or can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint format also.

Recently many people are asking how to export their twitter followers to Excel sheet for free. So I thought I would write a blog post about how to extract your twitter followers to excel sheet for free.

export twitter followers

Twitter does not provide any official tool or option to export their twitter followers. But this would be a helpful for many tweeters. If they can export their followers, it would help them to track their followers timely. Since, twitter is not providing any official support to this feature, many private websites started offering this service by charging a fee for this feature. Most of the private websites who are offering this service don’t charge much if you have small following. But if you have large followers like more than 10,000. Then you need to pay some price in order to export your followers to excel sheet or Microsoft Power point format.

What is the use of exporting twitter followers?

Exporting your twitter followers can help you keep track of your followers, and their bio, number of followers for each user following you, their location. You can also track your followers niche, like what topics they were interested in, which topics they are actively involved in, which keywords they were actively searching for. You can also get data like their time zones, so that, you can have a clear idea from which geo your followers are from. You can also get data like Audience distribution by klout score, active topics.

With Klout Score, you can find how influential your followers are. Having highest klout score means the person is more influential. According Klout’s website, Barack Obama is the #1 influential person so far. So, exporting your twitter followers will give you much data about your followers. You can also, not which users are worthy and can write personal notes about them. And also, if wanted, you can extract people whom you want to follow in your other account.

Now, here I am going to show you how to export your followers step by step.

Step: 1 is a website designed for Social media analytics. They offer free twitter analytics too.

Go to the following link in order to export your twitter analytics

Step 2:

Enter your twitter username as show in the above field, the website will fetch your twitter account next to the field.

Now, if you see your twitter account fetched correctly, click on Continue to export your followers.

Step 3:

Since, they are offering this service for free upto 10,000 followers, they are asking us to follow their account in order to export your followers.

So, follow the step to download your followers information.

Step 4:

As their website already fetched your twitter account, it will ask you to authorize your account to follow their twitter account.

Authorize your twitter and follow their twitter account to proceed with exporting of your twitter followers.

Step 5:

Now, enter your name, email address and company name, so that they will send your report to your email address.

Step 6:

Once you have filled all these details, click on Send Me My Free Report, your twitter followers report will be mailed to you shortly

You can also download your followers report if it is a short one. Click on the above link as shown in the fig, and you can download your report.


Your report will look like the following image.

You can see the data of your follower distribution, Klout Score, Tweets you and Audience.

You can also get data about the top keywords in your Audience Profiles. This will help you tailor your audience basing on different niches.

The report will also give you a bar diagram of your audience with top keywords and their niche.

You can also see the data of your twitter followers distribution by Date of last tweet. You can see data like, how much percentage of people in your followers have tweeted in the last 24 hours, 24 hours to 1 week till one year.

In the above sample report, you can also see the number of followers your followers have.

You can also see your audience klout score distribution and the topics they were involved in. This will help you to find out who are your most influential followers among all of your followers. You can see who has the highest klout score and lest. The person with highest score is more influential, so you can see which one of your followers has highest klout score.

Like I said in the above, in this twitter followers export report, you can also see your audience distribution by time zone.

This report has also filtered your total audience by zone wise, so that you can see from which time zone you have more followers and from which time zone you have less followers. So with this analytical data on time zone, you can work on other geos where you are not getting followers from.

At last, you can see the detailed view of your twitter followers with metrics like number of followers your following people has, number of people they were following, Number of tweets each person has made so far, their klout score and the topics they were engaged on.


This twitter analytical data on your followers will help you analyze your followers and can help you gain more following. You can read more info about twitter analytics in earlier blog post.

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