How to Fix WordPress Slowness Problem by Uninstalling WordPress Plugins

Uninstall Wordpress plugin

Uninstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slowness Problem

Out of the many CMS platforms out there, WordPress stands apart due to the options, functionality and flexibility it offers to the users. One of the best features of WordPress is the Plugins available in it. Plugins make many things easy and introduce some very interesting functions in the blog. However, sometimes, the Plugins may cause the blog to slow down. Many times when a blog has slowed down, the webmaster may think that it is due to the web hosting company. Some bloggers may also change the web hosting company to fix this problem. But if the problem is with WordPress it will not be solved by changing the host.

Uninstall WordPress plugin

In a recent article, we discussed why it is important to use only a small number of Plugins and uninstall the rest. Though database and hosting issues may also play a role in slowing the blog down but it is mainly caused by the abundance of Plugins.

Choosing the Right Host

As far as webhosting is concerned, you can choose a good company to avoid the problems related to webhost. One of the top companies in this respect is Dreamhost which is highly recommended.

The Logic of Plugins

When you use a number of plugins, WordPress starts consuming a great amount of memory. WordPress provides a number of options and settings in the admin panel which can be used to keep the database simple and fast. Most of the WordPress blogs are hosted using a shared hosting. Shared hosting has a drawback that memory and processing power allotted to the blog is limited. When a blogger gets an error regarding to memory or processing power, they usually consider changing the webhost buy this may not be a solution in all the cases. The reason why this may not work is that even if you change the webhost, the database and plugins are still the same and they require a large amount of memory and processing power to work. The proper solution is to make the WordPress more efficient.

Detecting the cause

If you are using a large number of plugins, it is recommended that you try to run P3 profiler plugin. It will help you analyze all the installed plugins and see which one is slowing the blog down.

Executing: Uninstalling Unneeded Ones

There are thousands of plugins in WordPress. Each of them adds a function to the WordPress. Every Plugin you use adds some new feature in your blog but if you use a number of plugins it takes the toll on your functionality by overloading the database and causing internal server down error. The best practice to optimize your blog is to minimize the plugins. To uninstall a plugin,

  • Go to the Plugins Menu
  • Move Cursor over the Plugin
  • You will be prompted to uninstall or deactivate a plugin
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Uninstall Plugin

Do remember to use the clear options plugin to remove the tables created by an uninstalled plugin.


As a rule of thumb, the lesser plugins you use, the faster and smoother your blog will be. Try to do the work by editing the css code instead of using plugin. If using a plugin is inevitable, use the one with the lowest impact. This can be found by reading the user reviews.