How to Get Google AdSense Approval Quickly

Google Adsense

Google AdSense Background:

One of the most common heard term among bloggers is Google AdSense. Since it is one of the big advertising network catering all bloggers. Anyone who is new to blogging, will start with setting up WordPress blog and then apply for Google AdSense program. Because any blogger who wants to earn money online with their blogging will start with Google AdSense only. Many successful bloggers who already established their blogs are earning thousands of dollars daily with Google AdSense program. The reason why every blogger prefer Google AdSense is because it is newbie friendly and moreover, Google AdSense pays higher CPM and CPC rates than any advertising network. That’s why everyone prefer to join in Google AdSense than any other ad networks.

Google Adsense
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But getting approved by Google AdSense is not an easy thing, as they don’t randomly accept everyone into their Publisher network. The reason why Google AdSense offers high payouts than other networks is because, they maintain quality in accepting publishers into their network. Since, you got quality publishers in Google Ad network, Advertisers are willing to spend more money to get quality traffic. So, in order to get approved into Google AdSense program, you need to show them that your site is of high quality.

Google AdSense is 90% better than many ad networks, that’s why everyone wants to get their hands in AdSense. People hear crazy stories from many experienced bloggers saying that they were earning $1000 a day with Google AdSense. So, by seeing all these stories, people really want to get this Google AdSense account. But, unfortunately, statistics show that Google only accepts approx. 3 applicants out of 1000 Google AdSense applications submitted.

Follow the steps below in order to get approved with your Google AdSense application. Though this guide may not guarantee you that your application will get approved. But, if you follow the below guidelines, there are very high chances that you can get your Google AdSense approved.

Important Things you need to Follow Before you apply for Google AdSense:

So, before you start submitting your Google AdSense application, make sure you follow all these guidelines prior to submitting your application. Don’t compromise on any of the guidelines listed below as it will reduce your chances of getting approved into Google AdSense program.

  • 1. Number of Posts in your Blog

Content is King

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Like everyone said “Content is the King”. Google loves more content. If you are using WordPress in your domain, make sure you have at least 40 – 50 articles published in your blog before submitting your application. Your published articles must be 100% unique and hand written. These articles should be of high quality with relevant images posted in each article. Try to include longer articles of around 2000 words if possible in your blog. The longer your articles are, the better your chances will be in getting accepted into Google AdSense program. Make sure you have relevant images posted in each article, as this will prove that you are putting real efforts in writing your blog posts. Blog posts without any images will tend to look like content farms in the eyes of Google, which it doesn’t like.

If you are using any non CMS (content management systems) in your domain means, then try to get at least 50 pages in your website in the form of articles or pages. If you miss following this guideline means, your application might get rejected with the reason saying “insufficient content or Unacceptable content”.

  • 2. Prohibited Content

Google only accepts certain content based sites in their Google AdSense network program. Your chances of approval will be higher if your blog/website is based on Technology, Lifestyle, Internet Marketing, Education, Health etc. type niches. Google don’t allow certain content based sites in their publisher network. To see the list of content they don’t accept in their network, follow this link.

Prohibited content

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Google also don’t like websites which are based on single theme. For example: Phen375

A website on Phen375 topic is very narrow, and Google will not allow such kind of content farms in their network. A website or blog needs to fully established with lot of content will increase the chances of getting approved in Google AdSense program. People who create blog on simple topics like Phen375, and they try to rank that keyword since the above keyword is high paying one in Google, they will rank the keyword and generate clicks to that keyword in order to earn money which actually doesn’t bring any value from its blog. So, try to avoid blogs on very narrow topics.

  • 3. Third Party Ads

Third Party Ad networks

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Before applying for Google AdSense program, make sure you don’t place any third party ads like from Infolinks, Chitika, Buysellads or from As when reviewing your website by Google AdSense approval team, they hate to see any other ads in your website. As they might think that your website is built for ads and chances will be more in rejecting your application.

Keep your site clean and fresh with some basic WordPress widgets and unique content. Don’t even bother placing amazon affiliate links or Clickbank affiliate banners. Like I said, they don’t like seeing other ad network ads in your website while they review your website. But, this doesn’t apply to high traffic websites. If your website is pretty new, don’t use any third party ad banners in your website until you get approved with Google AdSense.

  • 4. Website Look and Feel

User Experience

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Google always wants to give its users the best user experience. So, they are very picky in choosing publishers they want to allow in their AdSense program. If you maintain good look and user experience to your website, then chances are high that you will get approved with your AdSense application. As you know no one will want to advertise on poorly designed website. Advertisers will pay for websites with rich content and good user experience. If your website has both good content and user experience, advertisers will be willing to place their ads in your website and so Google will allow you into their network.

If you are using WordPress, then I recommend you to use a professionally designed premium template for your blog to give the best user experience to your users and also to Google AdSense approval team.

  • 5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

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Your chances of getting approved by Google for AdSense approval will be more if you place Google Analytics code in your website or blog. This shows that you actually care your blog traffic so much and you are tracking your visitors daily with Google analytics. If you haven’t already setup Google Analytics for your blog, click here to login to Google analytics dashboard and add your site in it and generate their tracking code and place it in your website.

Read the above guides if want to setup Google Analytics in your blog or if you own an Ecommerce website, learn how to setup Google Analytics in your Ecommerce website.

  • 6. Google Webmasters verification

Google Webmasters Central

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Just like we did for Google Analytics. You also need to verify your website or blog in Google webmasters central.
This shows that you are very serious about your blog’s search engine visibility. You can verify your blog with webmaster central by adding a Meta tag or by uploading an html verification file to your website. This will help your chances of getting approved with Google AdSense.

I recommend you to add your website to Bing Webmaster tools too. By doing so, it will not only help in getting approved by AdSense, but also helps your site’s visibility in Bing search engine.

  • 7. XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps

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Having an XML sitemap will help search engines like Google to understand your website’s structure. It is considered as one of the best practice that every webmaster must follow. If your site is fair new, it will take some time by Google to understand your site’s structure. With the help of XML sitemaps, Google will be able to understand the structure of your site and index your webpages more quickly.

If you are using WordPress in your domain, then you can install WordPress plugin SEO by Yoast which will help with your SEO efforts and also helps in generating XML sitemap.

If you are not using WordPress blog, then you can generate XML sitemaps using XML sitemap generator tool.

  • 8. Robots.txt

Robots txt

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Adding Robots.txt file to your website will helps in preventing indexing of unwanted pages in Google. With Robots.txt file, you can tell Google that what it can index and what it cannot. This will help in improving your SEO efforts. All of the above factors which will help Google AdSense Approval team asses your site’s quality. If you follow best practices then you will have no problem in getting approved by AdSense.

  • 9. Standard Pages like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions & Contact Us.

Privacy policy

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Google is very keen about accepting websites in their publisher network. So before they approve your AdSense application, they want to know who you are, what is your website for, your privacy policy and terms and conditions for your website.

Before applying for AdSense, make sure you have the following pages.

  • Contact Us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • About Us

Google wants its users should be able to establish communication with your website easily, so make sure, you have provided contact details in your website before submitting your application.

  • 10. Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank

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There is some speculation around Internet that Google does not consider Alexa rank as one of their AdSense approval factor. But, in my point of view, though they may consider or do not consider Alexa rank. The point is, you need to have good Alexa rank of less than 300k rank for you to get approved with AdSense. Some people have got approved with AdSense even with more Alexa rank also. But having good Alexa rank will help your chances.

As Alexa rank is just rank, it shows about the traffic you are getting for your blog. The better your traffic is the better your Alexa rank will be. Google just don’t need a blog with zero visitors. Try to get some daily visitors to your blog, which will automatically improves your Alexa rank.

  • 10. Custom Domain and Email

Custom Domain Name

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Most people just register an account with or free and apply for AdSense and will get rejected by Google easily. The reason is that, Google takes custom domain websites more seriously than free hosted blog platforms. Not only with free blog platforms, but also with free webhosting services like Google don’t really like free hosted platform applications, as they think people are not really serious with their web businesses if they come from a free blog domain name. And also, no advertiser would like to buy an ad on free hosted websites. They love quality and valuable content sites. So avoid applications from free hosted blogging platforms and websites.

If you want to move on with free blogger platforms, I advise you to buy a custom domain name for your free blogger sites. Then apply for Google AdSense from your custom domain email address which will have more credibility than free email services like Gmail, yahoo or

Try to apply AdSense from [email protected] email which will help in increasing your chances for your approval.

  • 11. Domain Age

Domain Age

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For some certain countries, Google made some minimum requirements which needs to meet before they apply for AdSense program. This includes, the domain age should be of minimum 6 months old. This is because, they want to see if the site owner can bring any decent traffic during these 6 months. If the owner really put some efforts, he will have no problem in bringing some decent traffic to his website in 6 month time.

Some users has reported that, they got approved with AdSense even though their domain age was not 6 months old. Maybe there are some other factors which valued more than their domain age. But, if you follow all the above factors, there are very good chances that your application will get approved by Google team.



  • Indeed a great post about Google Adsense approval.

    Google Adsense is the best advertising network and people love to place adsense ads on their websites. I don’t find any other alternative which can replace Google Adsense.

    But It is also hard to get an approved Adsense account. and I don’t think that there would any exact method by following which we can get adsense approval.

    You wouldn’t believe that I got 2 Adsense account approval with a blog:

    1. Which is few days old.
    2. Having only 8-10 posts.
    3. 0 traffic on that blog.
    4. Not having any single important page like About, Contact or any other.

    Before these 2 approvals, I tried so many times with a blog having all the things like important pages, traffic etc etc But I never get approved with that blog.

    That’s why I believe that there is no any exact method by which we can get approved Adsense account.

    BTW I appreciate your efforts and Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article with us. 😀

  • Dhiraj sir, thanks for your informative guide of adsense approval. Really adsense is very important to run a starting blog.

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