How to Improve Your Social Media ROI with Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions

In the social media ROI with Facebook reactions

Facebook with 1.55 billion users is the largest social media platform. We all know how powerful Facebook is and there is no need to discuss more about it. The new thing on Facebook is “Facebook reactions”. The product manager of Facebook said that there were a lot of Facebook users who wanted some different way of expressing themselves on the different posts and updates that keep coming on Facebook that is why they came up with the new concept that has been very well accepted by everyone. Many people still prefer the like button but the idea is changing soon. People like the idea of expressing themselves more on all the posts. More and more people are actually taking to Facebook reactions as they find it an interesting way of expressing themselves. Social networking is a good idea but you have to keep coming up with new ideas so that you can keep the audience engaged and that is why the new concept of Facebook reactions is being liked by people so much. This is giving them an option to do something new compared to hitting the “like” button something that they have been doing for a long time.

It is not the first time that Facebook has come up with this idea. They already had the concept of stickers since 2013 but that really did not pick up well with the users there were many reasons for that and some of it is listed below:

  1. Measurement in terms of the reactions was a huge problem. The metrics only counted the number of likes and comments but there was no way to measure the reactions if they were good or bad. This was one of the reasons that paved the way to the development of the Facebook reactions.
  1. The stickers were available with the comments itself as a result they would not count as reaction but as comments. Again the problem was to differentiate between a good and a bad comment or reaction.

To cope up with these two concerns Facebook came up with the idea of Facebook reactions. The concept had to be something that would be ready hit and could also be easily used on mobile phones. So what Facebook did was actually very smart and innovative they just modified the already existing like button and added these reactions to the button. So as soon as you like something you can react to it and you will not have to think too much the reactions are almost immediate. So it was a very simple idea that was well appreciated by all the users. Just roll over the like button and select the reaction that you feel is most appropriate.

Facebook reactions on the web

The enclosed image will show how Facebook reactions are working in the web.

So in the above image you can see how many people have actually loved the post and how many do not feel that it is worth it. You can actually see all the reactions so clearly on the web without spending much time.

Facebook reactions on the mobile

About 1.4 billion Facebook users use the mobile to access the platform. The image enclosed shows how the Facebook reactions can be tracked in a mobile device.

The Facebook reactions have been designed in such a way that they look good on smartphones too as shown in this picture. They can be easily used on mobile devices too.

The Facebook reactions also included an “angry” reaction. Many social media marketers were not happy with this and they thought that the angry reaction will score them down in social media. Well this is not exactly true Facebook does not consider the “angry” reaction as a negative one and we can explain this better with the image enclosed below. With this we have explained more or less about what the Facebook reactions are all about and how it has helped people to build a brand image.

If you want to build a brand image then you just cannot ignore the Facebook reactions. We will now quote some examples to show how Facebook reactions are important and should not be neglected by anyone.

To build public opinion

The most important function of Facebook reactions is to get the opinion of the public on different issues. An angry reaction means that people do not like what happened and it agitates them. These Facebook features can be used to launch online petitions too. These are very powerful tools. For example you have a channel like or These are basically taking signatures of people on social media through the Facebook reactions to check how much support the cause is actually getting. This can really show the power of social media and how we can use it to bring about a social change. The Facebook reactions have really made Facebook a great platform to express about things that are happening around the world. If you want to change something about the society then Facebook reactions is definitely the way to go.

Like in this post about the death of two tigers you can see the reactions of people and can be easily used as a public poll conducted for taking the matter further with the other animal activists.

To develop fun apps or games

The Facebook reactions can help immensely in building a fun app or a game. People who are into fun apps and games can use the Facebook reactions to not only promote their brand but also get more ideas from the Facebook users and followers about how they should change the game and the app so that they can get more likes and better reactions in the future. Facebook reaction pack plugin is also a great way to express emotions. Facebook know the age group they are targeting very well so they have used the characters from games of thrones to replace Facebook reactions. So instead to choosing the smiley with angry face you can chose the picture of “Cerest” from games of thrones in order to express that you are angry. This new idea from Facebook has really taken the social media by storm and many young people who are the fan of games of thrones are using these to Facebook reactions to express themselves on social media. We must appreciate Facebook for this great idea and it can be used by others on social media as a learning on how creatively they can use the Facebook reactions in order to build their brand names and images.

To test the quality of the content

For example you have content or a video you can share it on Facebook and with the help of the Facebook reactions you will get to know how people like this campaign of yours. It will help you understand the mood of your audience and how you can change the content in order to ensure that more and more people react to the content and share it on social media. The more likes and reactions your content get the higher will be your chance to get traffic to your post. It can be a very effective tool to check if the content of yours is going in the right direction and touching the right cord. Many brands are using this to ensure that they come up with the right content and do not waste too much time on building something that will perhaps not even touch the hearts of many people. You will get to know how people just love the content and how many feel it could have been better. You will also get to know if the content is actually making some people angry and how they are reacting to it. It is not possible to read all the comments that you are getting on Facebook but with the reactions you know exactly how many happy and how many angry reactions have you got without spending much time on going through the reactions.

In this case we have a photograph taken the reactions prove how much people are actually liking the work and if they would like to see some more of the similar type of photography. This will help the photographer understand what actually he should be doing.

To ensure that the right feelings are evoked

The Facebook reactions are about feelings and emotions. They are designed to ensure that the people can clearly express their feelings on the posts without wasting much time. Initially not many people were aware of the Facebook reactions but slowly many people have started to use the Facebook reactions only to express themselves. You have to build the right platform using the Facebook reactions to ensure that the right message is sent to the people. You have to educate the audience with the right message. It is a job of huge responsibility. You have to make the people aware that they can use the Facebook reactions to express themselves better. Like was used for a long time and it and still be used but it cannot talk about emotions and trigger a change. For example you are an animal activist and you are fighting for horses that are kept in very poor conditions and are used for entertaining tourists. People may like to support your campaign but just liking is not good enough if they react to the campaign of yours it will help you more as you will know that you have evoked the right emotions among the people and there are so many of them who are supporting the cause of yours. It can help you to get more sponsors and help for the cause.

Like in this case, a message is being sent about a dog who was found on the streets and is now looking for a home.

To snoop around

We have always been talking about how you must keep a track on how others in the same field are doing. For example, you have a blog or a post and you are getting certain number of reactions. Instead of being satisfied with what you are getting it is always a good idea to see the reactions that other campaigns of the similar nature are getting. Once you have a look at the other posts then you will have the data to understand where exactly you are standing in this matter. With this comparative analysis, you will know how you can change the things with your post so that you can get more reactions to your post. It is always good to be more aware of things that are happening around you when it comes to social media because things are changing so fast. Even if you have more reactions compared to the others you must keep a track so that you can notice any changes that the others are doing to their posts in order to get more reactions. You can learn something from everyone and that is the most important point in social media marketing. There is no end to learning and trying something different which was never tried by anyone.

In this case if you are a social media marketer you can look at similar posts from other bloggers to check how different is their content and why they are getting more or less likes from you. It will help you to get the right inspirations and work on making your posts better.

These are the different uses of Facebook reactions that we could think of. There could be more uses of these Facebook reactions and we hope that in the future these Facebook reactions will be modified and taken to a different level all together. If you are into social media marketing then do try to use the concept of Facebook reactions to improve the traffic coming to your sites. The Facebook reactions are a very strong way of expression and must be taken seriously by anyone who is on social media with a purpose.