How to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

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Everyone wants to improve their Alexa rank. It is one of the important factors for bloggers which helps in judging a website. Every website owner wants to improve their Alexa rank, because the better the rank is, the more valuable your site will be. Having a better Alexa rank will attract good advertisers, investors and also good authority. A good Alexa ranked website is considered as an authoritative website. Having good Alexa rank will also increases the chances of approval in reputed ad networks like TribalFusion ad network. Every blogger wants to increase their Moz rank, Page rank and Alexa Rank. Because these are the important metrics which every blogger crave for.

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Before I explain the factors which will help in increasing the Alexa rank. I would like to write a little bit background info about Alexa ranking. Alexa Internet is a web Analytics Company founded individually at first and later it was acquired by At first Alexa used to offer domain information services like on which name the domain was registered and related sites suggestions. It used to suggest users like which site he needs to visit next. After that, it started Alexa web search engine partnered with Google and later with Bing and finally stopped its web search engine. Apart from these services, as the company grew in size, it started archiving websites. This helped in creating the internet archive. Alexa Internet continues to supply the internet archives to way back machine where people will be able to see how a website used to look like in earlier years.

In the recent years, Alexa has changed its look and feel of the website. This is how Alexa ranking website looks like when I am writing this blog post.

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For more information on how Alexa rankings works, read the following blog post.

Many people say Alexa rank is not accurate, as it collects data about each website from people who use Alexa Toolbar. If no user is accessing your website with Alexa toolbar installed in their browser, then your Alexa rank will be null, means no Alexa rank. But even then, with its tiny data which was collected from its toolbar users, it estimates each website’s traffic and assigns a Global rank and local rank for your website in your most visited country. Even many people find this information as somewhat accurate, because their rank will go up and down when there is a fluctuation in their traffic coming to their website.

According to Alexa website, consider the following graph which was taken for Rank and visitors.

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According to the above graph, Alexa ranking will look like a long tail graph, which means, the sky blue colored shaded area represents huge traffic websites, whereas the green colored shaded area represents low traffic websites. As you can see in the graph, there is a sharp rise in the graph in the blue shaded area, which means, it is difficult to move few positions of rank after achieving lower rank. For example, if your Alexa rank is under 1000, then it is very difficult to move few positions below than 1000, as your site will be competing with very high traffic websites. Whereas in the green shaded area, your website will be competing against low traffic websites, so it will be easy to change your rankings quickly. For example if your website’s current rank is 2 million, you can easily come to 1 million if you get few visitors. Because, your website will be competing against low traffic websites.

So, the closer your reach to the head of the graph, it will be difficult to get to head of the graph. Because, consider, the head of the graph is which receives huge amount of traffic every second. So, you will be competing with Google here with your website. The amount of traffic your website receives is very low when compared with the amount of traffic Google will receive.

How is Alexa Rank Calculated?

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Alexa will rank websites basing on the following data, placing Google, Facebook at top ranks your website will be assessed with other 30 million websites along with Google and Facebook. It calculates your rank by assessing the number of visitors your website is receiving, thereby it calculates your global rank. Alexa toolbar will assess all website’s traffic, among all websites, Google and Facebook will remain at top position in receiving traffic, so they will get Alexa rank of 1 or 2. So, your website will be compared with other 30 million websites and will get a ranked accordingly by Alexa.

Here are the ways to get better Alexa Rank

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  • 1. Write Quality and Engaging Content

The first and foremost thing to increase your Alexa rank is by writing amazing quality content which drives the engagement from the users. Google always loves quality and unique content. If you write great content, the chances are very high that your content will get ranked in Google and thereby you will get lot of organic (Search) traffic to your website, which eventually will increase your Alexa rank.

Alexa will also measures your search traffic. So, the more search traffic your website gets, the better your Alexa rank will be. See below for a screenshot of Alexa ranking page for my website.

In the above, I am getting around 13.30% of search traffic, and also Alexa tracks the keyword from which your website is getting traffic from. See in the above screenshot for to see the keywords from which I am getting traffic from. So, increase your website visibility in search engines to increase your Alexa rank.

When writing your amazing content, try to follow these on page SEO factors which will help in ranking your website.

  • 2. Build Back Links

Building backlinks to your website will increase your website ranking in Google and thereby it increases your Alexa rank. Try guest posting in sites related to your website niche. This will generates backlinks to your website and thereby increase your website visibility in Google. Try also commenting in blogs related to your website, which will also bring good related backlinks to your website.

As you can see in the above screenshot of my website’s Alexa rank page. Alexa also logs sites linking to your website. So, increase the number of websites which links to your website by writing guest posts and by blog commenting in related blogs which will increase the number of sites linking to your website. Thereby it helps in increasing your Alexa rank.

Try to comment on blogs, because every blog owner will tend to have Alexa toolbar installed in his browser, so if you often comment on their blogs, there are very good chances that they may visit your website with their browser where Alexa toolbar is installed. So you will get visitors visiting your website with Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

  • 3. Produce Content More Often

Your Alexa rank won’t improve if you don’t write content more often. I see a huge raise in my rankings after I started writing blog posts more often. As you know no one will like your website if you don’t produce content more often. People will fed up seeing the same blog posts all the time. By writing content more often, you will get more keywords from your blog posts which will be ranked in Google and thereby you can get a boost in your Alexa rankings too. Write regularly for your blog if you want to increase your website’s Alexa rank.

  • 4. Place Alexa Rank Widget on your Website

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Placing Alexa Rank widget on your website will help in increasing your Alexa rank of your website. All you have to do is register at website and fetch the widget code from their website and place it in your website’s source code. This will display your current Alexa rank of your website in your website as shown in the above picture. You can notice in my website, I have placed the Alexa rank widget which displays my website’s current Alexa rank in the sidebar.

To know how to place Alexa rank widget on your blog, read the following post.

How to create Alexa Rank Widget for your WordPress blog

  • 5. Increase your Alexa Rank with Alexa Toolbar

Alexa collects every website’s data through its toolbar: Alexa toolbar. From the data collected by the Alexa toolbar, Alexa assigns ranks for each website. Normally every website owner visits his website many times in a day. So, if you install Alexa toolbar in your own browser, you will be visiting your website from the browser with Alexa toolbar installed. Since, there will be not many users who will be visiting your blog from browsers with Alexa toolbar. Chances are there that Alexa will collect your browsing data, so there will be chances that your browsing activity may increase your Alexa rank.

You can download the Alexa toolbar from here. It is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • 6. Get Social Traffic

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You can increase your Alexa rank by getting social traffic like from Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. This will increase the number of visitors coming to your website. The more traffic you get to your website, the better your Alexa rank going to be. You can even try advertising in Facebook and twitter to get more social traffic, which will increase your Alexa rank overtime.

And also, try to get engaging content, so that your content will be shared across different social sharing platforms which will bring new visitors every day to your website, which in turn will increase your Alexa rank.

  • 7. Claim Your Website with Alexa

Claim your website with by signing up an account with Alexa. This will help Alexa understand your website traffic. If you get low traffic means, it will have a negative impact on your Alexa rank. So, you need to focus on increasing your website’s traffic. Claiming will help Alexa understand your website traffic. The more traffic you get to your website, the better your Alexa ranking will be.

  • 8. Optimizing Your Images

Google image search can bring you a lot of traffic to your website. All you need to do is by adding Alt text to your images hosted in your blog. This will help in getting ranked in Google image search. When your keywords were searched in Google image search, chances are more that your images might pop up by getting ranked for those keywords when you add Alt text to your images. There by you will get traffic from Google image search too, which might increase your Alexa rank.

  • 9. Submit Sitemap

Create a sitemap for your site and submit to Google. If your site is fair new, Google will have hard time understanding your site’s structure. An xml sitemap will help Google understanding your site’s structure and also helps in indexing all of your webpages to Google more quickly and in timely manner. So, if you write content more often, Google will be able to index your content more quickly with the help of sitemaps. Therefore your keywords will get ranked more quickly with the help of sitemaps. And finally, it might help in increasing your Alexa rank.

Points to Remember:

  • Don’t join in any Alexa rank boosting programs, as they send hits from browsers installed with Alexa toolbar, which may increase your Alexa rank, but it won’t add any value to your website.
  • Using Alexa rank boosting programs, your rank will raise, but in long run, your rank will come down again.
  • Try focusing on bringing targeted traffic to your website which will help in increasing your Alexa ranking and will sustain longer.
  • You can’t increase your Alexa rank immediately, it calculates your rank basing on your historical performance. So, it will take some time to see some improvements in your actual Alexa rank.
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  • Thanks for the tips. we are working very hard to create a social networking site, hope the tips will help us to increase the alexa ranking fast.

  • Wow Dheeraj Awesome tips 😀 Will surly follow them on my new blog.

  • Andrew Miller

    Nice article.
    Talking about Alexa Rank: there is a lot of concern about its consistency.

    Still, it has 100% of data coverage. Almost any website in the web is covered and measured! Amazing!
    I saw an article, which reads that the Alexa correlations with real traffic are 0.702. Based on these 2 parameters (coverage and correlation), I would say Alexa Rank is number 2 by usefulness (right after SimilarWeb!)

    Combining with long Alexa history, it becomes a very useful for trends prediction and history research!


    And here: is given a way to make a traffic estimation based on the alexa rank. Basically, the author has offered an exponential function, not linear or polynomial.
    There is also a web service which aggregated alexa ranks + real data and made the calculations:
    I checked it, and for 80% of the websites the results are very satisfying. Still, there is 20% of (possibly, manipulated by webmasters) incorrect data (the estimated traffic is much higher than in reality)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this post, We are having Regular posting in our blogs, but still we are facing to increase alexa ranking, any other short cut ways to increase alexa ranking


  • I follow all the rules and guideline to improve Alexa rank for my website, some day ago Alexa rank of my website is under 10k but suddenly day- by-day my Alexa rank is performing so bad, I don’t know why? can any one guide me what is the actual problem with my site, and how can I improve Alexa ranking?

  • Mine is new blog.1.5 months old.Last week my alexa rank was in 18M .Then it moved to 13M , then 7 M , 5M .Today it’s at 2M .In one week nearly 15M decrease
    What is did ?
    Installed alexa tool bar .started commenting on Good sites

    • Hi,

      If your Alexa rank is decreasing means, your website is progressing.

      Keep doing what you are doing, try adding more content and get more links, you can come down under 1 Lakh.

  • awesome info my site rank just improved by 50000 now its 99lakhs visit my blog

  • For beginners alexa ranking should not matter. What matters should be the content and the traffic for the website.

  • Hi dheeraj,
    Great info it is most effective way to increase Alexa ranking to every blogger. Alexa toolbar and Alexa widget also help to grow Alexa ranking. I also use it to my blog.

  • Nice information. This was very useful. I really liked it. Keep it up. Good job. My website alexa rank was 9,197,058 and right now 1,463,306 for more check here:

  • My experience has been that, as our Alexa ranking improved, so did our sales. This makes great sense, as we practice a very passive sales approach. We provide a ton of free content and even free products. That brings people to our site and keeps them coming back hence the constantly improving Alexa ranking.

  • I think we can also invite our visitors to download and use the Alexa toolbar. When our loyal visitors have the toolbar installed and they visit more often, it might give good effect on the rank.
    However I am not sure if we put the Alexa button (that display our rank) could increase the merits. If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that says Alexa calculate the rank by tracking users who use the toolbar, but not sure about the button (widget?) What do you think?