How to make your Blog a success

Successful Blogging

If you are new into Blogging this is something that you must read. We in this particular article will tell you about the different tips that you can actually use in order to ensure that your Blogs attract more and more visitors. These tips have been suggested by those who have been doing serious Blogging for many years.

Successful Blogging
Successful Blogging

We hope that you will find this informative as well as interesting. We will categorize this article primarily into two parts and they are as follows:

  • Blogging tips for those who are new to this idea
  • Blogging tips for those users who are already into Blogging

Blogging tips for those who are new to this idea

  1. How will you make money from the Blog – Before everything else please do spend some time on thinking how you will you make money out of it. After all that is what we want from the Blog don’t we? Even before you create the content look at ways to increase the traffic. Look at the sites of your competitor’s see how they are actually attracting readers and ensuring that the readers visit again. When you study the blog of the competitors and their strategies you will be able to make faster money with your blog.
  1. Always Do something different – Now that you know what is the area your Blog is going to focus on you will have to move to the next step. What is it that will be unique about your blog that will attract readers? If you offer the same things that others are offering why would someone even read your Blog? When you stand out you are noticed more. Blogging is very competitive so come up with something new and unique that only you have to offer and no one else. We will give some examples here in order to ensure that you understand what we are trying to say.

  • If email marketing is not being used by the others then try using that and it will definitely stand out.
  • Check if the competitors are providing small posts try to make your Blogs lengthy and detailed. That will be something unique won’t it?
  • You can also have a look at the format of the Blog competitors are using. For example if most of them are only writing Blogs you add Videos. Sounds interesting right?
  1. Try to make the Blogs detailed – As you are new to Blogging lets tell you something that you might not know. Google is now giving more importance to articles that are detailed and are over two thousand words. Gone are the days when an article around five hundred words would also do well. If you want a better search ranking make the articles detailed and longer. Quantity of articles does not matter what give you the edge is the difference is the quality of information you are providing.
  1. Writing for others – You must have heard many Bloggers complain that they are not getting enough traffic. Well to be frank there are millions of Bloggers like you out there. You are no celebrity that someone will read your Blog. If you are new to Blogging then do keep this tip in mind “do not write only for yourself”. Sounds a little weird right? Let us explain why. Instead of writing only on your Blog visit other Blogs leave comments there so that readers get to know about your Blog. It is very important that you do guest Blogging so that the traffic to your Blog increases. Do this as frequently as possible in the beginning at least.

  2. Building Authority – Like any other business even in Blogging you have to create trust and credibility for yourself. No one will read Blogs of a stranger. They will read the Blogs of those they have faith in. Even if you generate traffic if you do not have authority making sales will become almost impossible. You can start building this authority from the day you post your Blog by just following the tips are we are about to share now:

  • Try to get some testimonials from people who are experts. Tell these people to say something good about your Blog so that readers make an effort to read it.
  • As we have already mentioned before try to do guest blogging. When the readers see that you are posting on top blogs they will automatically start showing more interest in your Blog.
  • Do not write about things you yourself will not buy or use. If you do so your credibility will be lost. Give right guidance to the readers and they will ensure that your Blog is a success in the long run.
  1. Try not to focus on SEO – One mistake that new Bloggers always do is that they focus all the attention to SEO as a result the content of the article suffers. SEO is a huge area that will take you are while to master. So instead of trying to concentrate on SEO ensure that your articles are interesting and engaging for the readers. Why don’t you look at it this way suppose your article is so good that people start sharing it on social media and that automatically increases the traffic for your Blog? As you spend more time on Blogging try to understand what SEO is and how you can use it. It can definitely help you later in your career as a Blogger.
  1. Associate with the influencers – Always try to connect with the successful bloggers it always helps. We will now explain how this association can be beneficial to you:

  • It will help you to influence the blog traffic that these bloggers usually get
  • If these bloggers mention you it can increase the traffic coming to your Blog.
  • This association with people who have been successfully blogging in the same industry will help you improve your skills.

These bloggers will not be interested if you only ask for help instead try to help them free of cost. You can network with them using social media and emails.

  1. Your focus should be on just – As a beginner all you want is that the Blog should be successful and get good traffic. You try hard to get traffic from all the known resources at the same time. As a result you are not able to concentrate on just one source of traffic. As you do not get the desired traffic you quit as a blogger. To avoid this always look at one particular source of traffic at one time and only work on that. Spend at least one month with one traffic source and then move to another.

  2. Ensure that the Blog monetizes from first day itself – To ensure this try to understand the target audience. If you start to monetize the Blog from the beginning you will be able to get your target audience faster. Once you know whom you are targeting focus the content of the Blog towards those you are targeting.

  3. You must have an email list even before you start – One question new bloggers always have is when exactly should they start to build the email list. The answer is much before you actually launch your Blog. Mail random people the topic of the Blog that you are coming up with. It is always an advantage to have a number of email subscribers waiting for the launch of your Blog post. Sounds nice but how do you do it? Well some tips on how to do this are listed below:

  • You can conduct some giveaways.
  • Send an email to all those you know it can include friends, family, anyone and tell them about your Blog. Do tell them to subscribe to your email updates.
  • Go on social media sites and tell people about your Blog. You can also tell them that you will offer a freebie after the Blog goes live. You can work on making a video or an eBook that you can give for free.

With this we are done with the tips for those who are new to Blogging. We now move to the tips that should be followed by those who want to expand their Blogs.

Blogging tips for those who are already into Blogging

  1. Do give it a thought before you start another Blog – Never do hurry with your second Blog.
    Some feel that when they have multiple Blogs they can make more money. This idea is absolutely wrong. Wait till your first Blog has grown big enough that it can get you sales almost automatically only then move to another Blog. Focus one Blog is the mantra for success here.
  1. Always try to build sales Funnel – Build a sales funnel for your Blog. We will mention the three simple steps on creating sales funnel.

  • Get a definition for who your ideal customer actually is. You should know everything about him.
  • Now that you know all about the customer find out ways by which you can help this person solve his problems. Only when you know the needs of your customer only then you can sale him what he wants.
  • How will the target customer know that you can help him? Create awareness about the product or service that you have to offer. This will definitely help improve your sales.
  1. Try to evaluate the strategies you are using – Now that you have been blogging for some time you will know well which source is helping you to make the maximum money. When you have these details evaluate all the monetization strategies. Most of the bloggers will depend on only one monetization strategy as a result they tend to suffer. What you can do here is see what are the monetization strategy that your competitors are using. Now start using each of these strategies one by one. This will help you understand which will get you the maximum money.
  • The website issues must be fixed – Your website should not have any issues. Sometimes just because your site is not user-friendly your Blog will fail to get the desired traffic. You can use tools like SEMrush in order to fix all the issues that the website has. There are many such tools that are available. Google will always give automatic priority to sites that are user friendly and search engine friendly.

  • Grow the email list – The email list belongs to you. No one can get this list unless you give it to them. More than increasing your followers in social media try spending more time on building your email list. This list should keep growing in order to ensure that the Blog is profitable. This should always be your top priority.


  1. Write for the readers – You must concentrate on the readers who are usually visiting your Blog. Make these readers loyal to you. How you can do it is by writing for them. Ensure that the Blog craters to the need of these readers and keep them engaged. Let these readers leave as many comments as they want and share your Blog in social media. The audience should always be the first priority.

  2. Become more visible in Social media – Social media can be very helpful for your Blog so learn to use them in an effective manner. They can get you more traffic. They can help you connect with the influencers and lastly it can help you to build your own fan page and groups. Try to move from one social media site to the other. At one time concentrate on Facebook and when you feel that you have explored it completely then move to another.
  • Interview the influencers – Interview those who are successful in your field as bloggers. It will help you network with these people and will also help you to make your Blogs more visible. Before you do the interview keep these points in mind:

  • Do not ask questions that have been asked before.
  • Try to use less than ten questions in one interview.
  • You will have follow up with these successful bloggers many times before you get an interview.
  • The emails you are sending these bloggers should be such that it attracts attention immediately.
  • Unless you have known an influential blogger for some time do not try for an interview. Visit their Blogs and leave guest posts.
  1. Build trust – We have already mentioned how important trust actually is. So build on the trust that your audience has shown to you. How do you do this:
  • Ask the readers to leave testimonials about the Blog and how useful they find it to be. This will help you get more conversions.
  • When you are visible on top blogs with your guest posts try to display them in a logo format.
  • Interact with the customers and try to solve their problems and reduce their frustrations.
  1. Email outreach must be mastered – Write captivating emails that sell. How do you master this art? Well if you can follow the enclosed tips you can:
  • Write one mail a day at least. There may not be a response but that is fine. Thank them for the contribution they are making to the blogging world.
  • The subject line should be crisp and nice so that it clicks with the receiver.
  • Keep the emails to the point and short.