How to Promote ClickBank Products?

How to Promote ClickBank Products?

When I first started with my affiliate marketing career, I wondered on how to promote clickbank products. For that, I’ve tried searching in Google and asked in many forums, but none of them helped me to understand how to promote Clickbank products and make some money. As I have tried different methods of promotion, but nothing has helped me to make a single sale. Later, I gave up on promoting clickbank products and became successful with promoting other type of products.

Once, I have mastered my marketing, I decided to jump into promoting clickbank products again. And now, I can earn decent money with clickbank.

Here is the screenshot of my latest earnings through clickbank

It’s just a small test I ran for testing clickbank products. There are people who are making around $32,000 daily by promoting clickbank products.

If you happen to see Clickbank’s top selling products, you can see in the product description that people are making $32k per day. At first I was skeptical about all these. But later, when I got into promoting clickbank products and saw my revenue, I think all this is true. And yes! People making huge money from Clickbank.

In the above screenshots, you can see, the vendors are displaying the results bought by their affiliates. So, how to promote them?

You can do it in two ways.

  1. Free Promotion
  2. Paid Promotion

You might have already heard about some of the promotions for clickbank, but I am going to show you in a detailed way with examples.

First of all, know about you and know about what topics you are knowledgeable in and find the products related to the topics you are knowledgeable in Clickbank marketplace, as clickbank has products on almost all types of topics. If you don’t find a product on your topic and still want to make money from clickbank, then pick a top converting product from that market place.

Now, you have a product which you are going to use it for promotion and make some money.

Article Syndication:

You can earn passive income by promoting clickbank products through Article Syndication. Many people will give up on article syndication at some point if they don’t get any sales and think that article syndication doesn’t work anymore. But that’s not true. It still works! But you need to do it in the right way.

Here is how to promote your products through Article Syndication

Setup a WordPress Blog

First of all, you need to setup a WordPress blog about the product you are going to promote. If you are trying to promote a product on how to get your ex back.

Then start a blog on how to get your ex back and write some useful articles on that topic. Remember to give your readers some valuable information through your articles. They need to be unique and well researched and should be more than 2000 words per article.

Publish around 20 articles in your blog and display a banner of the product you are going to promote from clickbank and also try to include your clickbank hop link in the end of each article.

This is your first step, once you have done with your blog setup, you can focus on bringing targeted visitors to your blog.

An example blog would look like this for Get Your Ex Back Niche

Many people think that, article syndication means, promoting your articles in sites like, and other article sites.

But it’s not. Promoting your articles in ezinearticles and goarticles is also one step of promotion, but there are other productive ways to promote your articles.

To get started with promoting of your articles, you need to have a top notch unique article which was not published anywhere else. Make sure it is 1500+ word article. Once you have the unique and unpublished article, submit that article to one of the article sites like ezinearticles with having a link to your blog in that submitted article.

Like in the below image

It will take a week to review your article by the ezinearticle editors. If they find it unique, they will publish that in ezinearticles website. Sites like ezinearticles, they have millions of subscribers looking for fresh content. So, if you publish a 1500+ word well researched article to ezinearticle means, the chances are very high that your article will get picked up by many other blogs looking for fresh content. Since, you already placed a link to your blog in the submitted article, your link will also get published in other sites where your article got picked.

So now that, you will get a lot of exposure by having your blog link in many sites. Websites who picked your article for publishing in their site are the sites on similar topic of yours.

An article on how to get your ex back will be picked up by the sites which are related to relationships. So, the visitors coming to the site where your article got published are targeted visitors with similar interest in your topic, so when they read your published your article which will make the visitor visit your blog and finally your blog makes the visitor click on the banner or link. And finally, the visitor will visit your clickbank link and if the landing page for the clickbank offer looks promising the visitor will buy the clickbank product from your hop link.

Didn’t get results?

If you think you have already tried this method with ezinearticles and didn’t get any results. Then probably you didn’t submitted quality articles which are enough to be picked up by other sites. This is the reason why many people give up at some point with ezinearticles promotion.

But I am not done yet, there is more to do with article syndication.

Ezinearticles only won’t help you

Publishing your articles in Ezinearticles won’t bring you expected results. You need to do guest posting too. Offering guest posts in sites with related topic of yours, once your guest post was accepted, then you will get a link back to your blog which will not only bring targeted visitors but also a backlink to your blog.

Imagine yourself, if you can get hundreds or thousands of guest posts published in other sites, then you will have hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors and backlinks to your blog. Which will increase your blog presence in Google and also people can easily find your blog through Search Engines.

So, in order to get free traffic and get sales from clickbank, you need to do article syndication through ezinearticles, other article sites and Guest postings. And in long run, when you got few hundreds or thousands of articles published in relevant blogs, you will get constant targeted traffic and there by you can earn passive income.

Marketing Clickbank products through YouTube Marketing:

You can also promote clickbank products by using YouTube. You can do this by making videos on the product keywords and uploading them in YouTube.

For example: If your product is on how to get your ex back

Then if you search in YouTube with that keyword, you can see a lot of videos popping up as shown below.

Most clickbank marketers review the product and make it as a video and upload it in YouTube. When their YouTube video gets ranked, they will get targeted visitors to their video. And in the description of the video, they will place their Clickbank hop link.

Eventually, if the viewer finds your video as useful, they will click on your hop link and eventually they will purchase your product.

But, ranking your YouTube videos depends on lot of factors, which you can read it in my other article.

Paid Promotions:

  1. Find a website where your targeted traffic would be
  2. Buy an ad in that website
  3. Wait for sales

Finding a website to advertise on:

Suppose, if you are trying to promote a product on weight loss.

Find websites which gives tips on how to lose weight and how to be in fit. You can do that by searching for weight loss related keywords in Google and approach those websites individually for advertising.

Some Advertising networks offer a list of websites they have in their network who offers advertising space in their website.

An example of that advertising network is offers advertising space in websites. Just browse through their market place and see if you can buy an ad in sites where your targeted visitors will be.

Take the following site as an example:

You can buy ad space in that website through Most of the visitors who come to that website are people who wanted to be in fit and who want to lose weight.

For this type of audience, you can promote a weight loss product or six pack abs product.

If you go through the website, you can see a couple of ads which were already bought by other advertisers who are promoting clickbank products in it.

Take a look at the following ad

The above banner leads to Fat Diminisher which is one of the top offer in Clickbank.

You can advertise on numerous websites through All you need to do is finding the right website and right product for that website and there by you can earn some money by promoting clickbank products.

Apart from buying ads in websites, you can also make a deal with the website owners to send promotional emails to their users through their list.

This is also a great way to get targeted traffic.

Promoting through 7Search:

Though you can’t make millions through 7Search advertising, but for people who are just starting with affiliate marketing, this will help you to understand how to promote products.

According to my view, 7Search traffic is low quality and it’s hard to make a sale from its traffic. Instead of trying for a sale, you can create an email list with 7Search advertising.

An example can be found below:

7Search serves ads in their search engine, and when people search for the terms, ads will be displayed based on the searched terms.

In the above, I searched for the keyword get your ex back, for US geo and basing on that, relevant ads were displayed.

In the above ads, one advertiser is building list with his ad and the other guy is trying to achieve a sale by direct link his hop link to that ad. So that the visitor will be directly taken to clickbank offer when he clicked on the ad.

Below is the sample opt in page which the above advertiser is using for collecting user’s email to promote his clickbank product using email marketing

Once you find that your campaign is profitable with the one of the advertising networks like or

You should scale your campaign by advertising in other ad networks too. Some of the popular ad networks are

List of other Advertising networks

Bing Ads –

Chitika Ads –

And many more.

I will be writing a list of advertising networks available in my next article.

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    • Yes you can, but you need a full pledged website to promote it on Google because you simply cant use CB urls in Google Adwords.

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    i buy list of consumers of amazon, red lobster and clickbank….these lists contain— phone number, first and last name, email id and address.
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