How to Sell WordPress Plugins

Sell WordPress Plugins

Are you a WordPress developer and wanted to know how to sell WordPress Plugins and make money? Today i am going to show you how to effectively sell WordPress plugins and make some money. Who knows, if you’ve got a great idea for WordPress plugin, and liked by WordPress users, you can earn huge amount of money with your plugin. But how to sell WordPress plugins, everyone is good at one thing and bad at other things, a developer might not be as good as a real internet marketer and vice versa.

But, here is how all the money making plugin developers are making money with selling their WordPress plugins.

  • Sell WordPress Plugins using Themeforest

Sell WordPress Plugins

With Envato you can easily sell your WordPress plugins and themes and make money. Here is the step by step guide on how to sell your WordPress plugins.

  • Step 1

Create a Envato account or if you already have one, please sign in with your user name and password.

Envato Login

  • Step 2

Envato Logged in

Choose the option which fits best for you and then click on next to proceed further.

  • Step 3

Where do you want to sell

Now, select the option which fits you and click on proceed further, if you are first time selling your plugin, then choose “i will sell exclusively on Envato” or if you are already selling elsewhere then choose “I will sell on Envato and elsewhere” option.

  • Step 4 – Choose your specialty

Choose your Specialty

Choose the option which suites for you, if you are good at developing plugins, then choose “Code Scripts and Plugins” or if it is other one, then choose that one.

  • Step 5: Go to Dashboard

Envato Dashboard

Now, that you have completed the initial setup, now go to the Envato dashboard to start selling your WordPress plugins. With Envato market place, you can set your own price for your items (plugins or themes).

  • Step 6: Upload your item (Plugin or theme)

Upload Plugin

  • Step 7: Choose the category

Choose your category

Before uploading your plugin, you need to choose the relevant category for your upload. As shown in the above screenshot, i have chosen WordPress as my plugin is related to WordPress.

  • Step 8: Upload your item to CodeCanyon

Codecanyon Upload

Now, give a title & description for your plugin and all other details like screenshots, plugin files, support files, preview links, video preview and all other details like pricing. Like i said in the above, you can set your own price, in which Envato or Codecanyon charges some fee from your sales.

  • How much i can earn from selling WordPress plugins

Since you can set your own price, but still, you have to pay some percentage of money to envato for listing your plugin. As a first time user, here is the fee that is being charged by envato from me. See below in the screenshot

Envato Fee

As you can see in the above, it is charging around 37.5% of fee from you from each sale. Say, if you are about to sell the plugin for $39, then you will earn $21.86999 per sale from envato.

Something is better than nothing, if you don’t have resources to make your own website and pay money for ads for marketing your website, then envato market place is the best on to go. You don’t need to spend a dime to sell your WordPress plugins here and they only charge you when a sale is happened.

  • Things to remember:

– You can’t sell your plugin right away. After uploading your plugin, their support team will review your plugin and if they think that you have a quality plugin, then they will approve your listing. Otherwise, you have to go somewhere else to sell your plugin.

– In order for your plugin to be listed in envato marketplace, it should of high quality one, otherwise they wouldn’t approve your listing.

So try to maintain high quality in your plugin coding and good luck making money with it.

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