How to Setup Custom Domain in Voluum Tracking Software

Custom domain name setup

How to Setup Custom Domain in Voluum Tracking Software

In my earlier article, I wrote about how to setup your first campaign in voluum. Now, the next step would be how to setup custom domain name in voluum tracking software. The reason, why everyone wants to use their own domain name in their tracking links, instead of using voluum’s tracking links is because, many traffic sources like Facebook and Google AdWords, don’t allow third party tracking links as landing page URLS.

So, in order to avoid those kind of problems, it’s better to setup your own domain name in your voluum tracking software. Here is how to do that.

Here I am going to use the following domain name as my custom domain name in voluum tracking software.


Step 1:

Log into your domain control panel to edit your DNS records, here in my case, my host is Godaddy and I didn’t pointed my domain to any hosting.

So, this is where I log into my domain control panel for Godaddy.

After you have logged in, click on Manage my Domains to edit your DNS records for your new domain.

Now, select your domain name which you want to use it as your custom domain in your voluum tracking software.

In my case it is SECUREPAGEIS.COM

Now click on Manage DNS to edit your DNS records for your new domain.

Here, I am not hosting my domain anywhere else, I just parked the domain at Godaddy. If you are hosting your domain name elsewhere, then you need to change your DNS records in your CPanel.

Step 2:

Now, click on Add Record in your DNS editor.

Now, select CNAME to add a CNAME record to your DNS zone file.

Step 3:

Now, log into your voluum dashboard. Click on Settings at the top right hand side of your voluum’s dashboard.

And then click on Domains as shown below.

Step 4:

Now, you need to create a CNAME record with the voluum’s domain values.

In the above screenshot, I am assuming you have gotten three voluum domain names.

Here are mine..

Voluum domain 1:

Voluum domain 2:

Voluum domain 3:

Enter the name of your custom domain name in the field given in your voluum Domain setup.

In my case, I have entered

I have used subdomain track for my convenience, so that I might use the main domain for other purposes.

Step 5:

Copy one of the value from voluum domains and use that value in creation of your CNAME record as explained in step 2

Here I have copied my voluum domain 1’s value which is

Now, I am using the above value for creating a CNAME record in my domain control panel.

Since, I have used in my custom domain in voluum, I need to use track as host value.

If you are using a different sub domain, use that value instead.

And, POINTS TO should be your voluum domain’s value, enter your value in it and click on FINISH and save your DNS zone file.

Once the DNS zone file was saved.

Step 6:

Head back to your voluum dashboard > Settings > Domains

Now, click on Verify DNS Settings under Custom Domain 1 field. If you did everything correctly, it will display a message saying Domain Setup is OK

See below

Now, your new campaign URLS will be generated with your custom domain. And also, your other voluum domains will also continue to work along with your custom domain. If something goes wrong with your custom domain, these voluum domains will still continue to work as a backup.

Changing DNS records in CPanel:

If you have domain which is hosted somewhere else and you would like to use that domain as custom domain in your voluum. Then, you cannot change the DNS records in your domain name registrar (Godaddy) since it was not hosted by Godaddy. So, in order to change the host records of your domain which was hosted elsewhere, you can do that from your Cpanel.

Step 1:


Log into your Cpanel and under Domains tab, click on Simple DNS Zone Editor as shown in the above.

Step 2:

Select your Domain name, if you have more than one hosted in your hosting account.


Step 3:

Now, after selecting your domain, you will be able to add CNAME records to your domain. See below


Click on Add CNAME Record

And verify your DNS settings in your voluum > Setup > Domains, If you get Domain Setup is Ok message, then everything is working.

Let me know if you have any comments on this.