How to setup postback url or server 2 server (s2s) in CPV lab

I’ve been using CPV lab as tracking platform from many years. Though there are many tracking softwares available, CPV Lab is my favorite because it is self-hosted and I have my data with me and moreover it’s a onetime investment, you no need to pay monthly for your tracking. I am using this for tracking of my Media buys, PPV campaigns and email campaigns. Recently, I was setting up a media buy campaign and the affiliate network I was working with only supports Postback url or S2S tracking. So I can’t use image pixel there. And in CPV Lab, there was no mentioning of getting postback url, so after researching for a while, I found the solution and thought of sharing this in my blog.

With Image Pixel or Tracking Pixel you place pixel code in the landing page I,e in your affiliate panel which then will get loaded by the end user and when conversion was happened, it will fire an image pixel, but with Postback url or s2s (Server2Server) url, the affiliate network itself will communicate with your CPV lab directly and it will tell your CPV Lab when a conversion is happened.

Since, CPV Lab, did not mentioned about Postback url in its interface, I will explain how to get your Postback url.

First of all, you will need the image pixel from CPV Lab. For that, go to any of your campaign and click on edit and if you scroll down a bit, you can see different pixels available in it.

Copy the image pixel, It will be like the following

<img src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ />

Now, copy only the url in it, not the entire code.

Now, to get your postback url, you need to add ” ?subid= ” at the end of the url.

It will look like the following

But, you are not yet finished, its not the postback url. Different tracking platforms have different tokens which needs to passed in the subid. For example, Neverblue, Convert2media, GrabadsMedia use Cake Platform. Whereas Affiliaxe use Hasoffers tracking platform.

Here I am mentioning few of them for your convenience.

Cake Platform : #s1# , but you need to use #s2# for CPV Lab, as it passes unique values.

HasOffers: {aff_sub}

LinkTrust: [=SID=]

HitPath: xxc1xx

Now, finally, your postback url will look like the following for Cake Platform

For HasOffers{aff_sub}

just change the token value to suit your tracking software. If you are not sure about what is the token for your affiliate network, hit your affiliate manager and they will be able to help you with this.

And finally, place your postback url in your affiliate network and start tracking your conversions.

Some networks, only accept https postback urls. In that case, you need to get a ssl certificate and add “s” at the end of “http”. Everything will be same whether it is secure http or normal http.

  • Steven

    First I would like to thank you for this write up, it is informative. I personally do come across this problem, I do not know how to resolve the problem, to make matter worst, there isn’t any guide to guide you thru’. But I chances upon this site, So it is like a blessing to me, as usual, I follow whatever is written here. but to my surprise, I do have three set of different datas. One is from my traffic source, 500nRed. followed by my affiliate network,. AAO. and lastly CPV Lab.

    I do have a conversion printed on my affiliate network page, but was neither reflected on my CPV lab nor my traffic network. Do you know what’s the problem? My traffic network had the most number of clicks or impressions, but all the impressions are different across three platforms.Do you know what seems to be the problem? I am desperate now. Please help me with the setting up of tracking and the postback pixel… Thanks in advance.

    • Ajith K

      Thank for coming by. Which affiliate network are you using? If it is a cake platform, you can ask your Affiliate Manager to place your global postback url in their end. Then you can able to track conversions without any loss. And also, keep in mind that, if you are using Postback url from cpv lab in your affiliate network, you need to use Postback url from 50onred too. Conversions won’t track if you use image pixel from your traffic source and postback url in your affiliate network. And also, if you are using https postback url from 50onred, you need to place https in your affiliate network too and the same applies to non-https.

      Regarding click loss, if you are using shared server, its obvious to loose clicks. If you are on a dedicated or cloud server, your data will be accurate.

      Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  • dinesh jakhar

    sir i not understand using img tav

  • dinesh jakhar

    i not understand using img tag

  • dinesh jakhar

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