How to solve duplicate content issues with Paginated WordPress Comments

paginated comments

Solution: Paginated WordPress Comments Causes Duplicate Content

The greatest advantage of using WordPress for managing a site is that it is SEO friendly. It is quite true when we compare its performance in this respect with the other CMS platform like BlogSpot. However, it is not a wise thing to think that once you have WordPress, you have a genie which is going to solve the SEO issues just like that. There are a number of things which must be learnt and implemented to make the Blog search engine friendly up to the mark. Also as the search engines evolve, we have to evolve and adopt better ways to achieve the level of SEO. When it is about the SEO of a blog, the biggest issue we face is that of post duplication. It is the phenomenon when the same post appears with a number of different URL’s in Google search results.

paginated comments

Post duplication can be caused by a number of different issues. For example if you keep your category /tag/feedsĀ as do-index, you have the same post with more than one URL’s in Google.

What’s problem with Post duplication?

The major issue is that google will be confused in ranking you page. If the same page is there with 2-3 URL’s your page may not be ranked for the direct URL and the indirect URL will be raked instead. This will cause enormous issues in your blog page ranking.

There can be a number of reasons which cause post duplication and a number of ways can be adopted to avoid them. For now we are discussing the page duplication issues related to comments in WordPress.

How to Find your WordPress Blog have Post comment duplication issue?

The simplest way to do this is to search the following link in google by replacing with the URL of your own site.

[ inurl:comment-page-1]

This will show if the same page is indexed under more than one URL:’s.

How to prevent WordPress post duplication Problem Via comments?

If you have been reading the posts of this forum, you would have read the ‘8 Essential Settings after Installing WordPress’ post. In that post I have mentioned the WordPress Break comments feature. It is under settings>discussion.

The simplest solution is to uncheck the option saying Break comments into pages. But, this works only with the WordPress themes of up to 2.7 and does not work beyond that.

Go to settings and see if the option is still checked, uncheck it. In most of the cases, this method resolves the issues of duplicate links arising from the comments.

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  • Having duplicate content is really a major issue so we need to solve that issue improve to your website ranking and for applying for adsense also.

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