How to Stop Self Pings From Own Domain?

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Hoe to Stop Self Pings From Own Domain?

Most of the online web services can be divided in to website or blog. Talking of a blog, the biggest benefit of a blog is that it has a pinging feature. The pinging services basically tell the other servers about the new content that is added to your blog. The blog pings all the services you have entered in the settings. WordPress is a CMS particularly good at it. Of the many amazing features of WordPress one is that it can trackback when someone links to one of your posts in theirs’. Similarly when you link to someone’s post, WordPress sends trackback to them.

Often we link our blog posts to a reliable blog and to the most authentic and relevant news available online. WordPress has a feature which is neither too bad nor too good and it is that it pings your own domain when you link it to an old post on your own domain. Showing your own old posts again and again is not a good practice and it has a bad impression on the reader. The search engines may also consider it as spamming. The blogger has to manually remove these trackbacks and increases the work load.

The Solution

Like you do with many other functions of the WordPress blog, you can also solve this issue using plugins. The plugin used for this purpose is one of the must haves for all WP bloggers and is called the NO SELF PING plugin.


no self pings

As evident from the very name of the plugin, the plugin stops you from pinging your won blog back. There are no setting options in this Plugin and after you install it, it immediately stops sending trackbacks to your own blog. It would have been better if there were an admin options panel to exclude other websites as well from the pinging process but currently that functionality is not provided.

How to Use it

In order to use this plugin to stop self-pinging, you will have to

  • Download the Plugin
  • Install and Activate it

    No Self Pings

Once activated, the plugin will stop the self-pinging right away there is no need to set it up of configure it.

If you want disable self pings and trackbacks, you can read this guide

How to disable self Pingbacks and Trackbacks in WordPress

The Advantages of Restricting Self-Ping

By restricting the self ping of your blog, you only show the latest posts to the users. If a reference to an old post is made, it does not appear in the news feed anywhere. Even though if the user wants to access it, they can do it by simply opening the link to the post you have provided in the newer post. The old posts are not much liked by the users and showing them among the recent ones in the feed does not make much sense.


As some concluding words, it can be added that pinging is a good option but not when it is related to the old posts of your own blog. No Self Ping is an awesome plugin to stop this phenomenon from happening.