How to Target Keywords with Blog Posts

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Targeting Keywords with Blog Posts

A web marketer knows well that he or she will have to target a particular keyword in order to ensure that they have enough readers. A well-researched keyword can really help the blog but most bloggers actually skip this step completely because they feel that it is not required. This is exactly why we decided to come up with this post and explain the readers how a keyword optimized blog can actually help the blog forever.

What happens is that when you have a blog post the main aim is to allow you to target a trending topic that is hot and in demand. It is possible that this blog will not cover the whole content of the site as it might not be sufficient to develop a whole site on just one topic. This is why you should look for keyword phrases that are popular and seems that everyone wants to know more about these topics. Once the trend is over and people do not have any more craze to read about this topic you can comfortably place the blog in the archives and forget about it for the time being as the purpose has been achieved already.

We are not saying that all blog posts are destined to be archived there can be some topics that will be in demand forever. For example any blog post that explains “how to” do something have a very little chance of going out of demand. These articles can rank well and can help you attract traffic for months as well as years.

To make the point clearer we will now explain some of the keyword targeted blog posts. These are just a few examples that we could think of in order to explain to you what exactly we are trying to get at. There can be many more such keyword topics that you can come up with.

  1. Recipes – Food blogs are very common now a day. You will have to do a little research on how you should title and publish your posts. It is very common for people to look for recipes online that is why these blogs are so popular. The title is important as it will help your blog get a good ranking in the search engine. If you enter the word “chicken in white garlic sauce” a number of recipes will open and the one that tops the list is the recipe from What we are trying to say is that if you target some keywords on recipes then you might find a blog that will ensure that you keep getting good traffic for years to come.
  2. Evergreen how-to – We did mention in the beginning of the article that any blog that has “to do” in it might have the potential of becoming a blog that will be in demand for years to come. Any person who has been blogging for a while will tell you that these topics do have a demand that just refuses to reduce. For example “how to find anyone’s personal email id”. If you just type the word “how to” in the Google search engine you will see the various topics starting with it. The topics can be anything like how to lose weight, how to sleep better, how to clean silver and the list is endless. If you look into this area you might come up with some keywords that can help you build a content that will never go out of demand.
  3. Timely hot topic – Some topics are hot for a few days and weeks. You can capitalize on these and try to come up with a blog that will give you instant traffic for a few days for sure. For example Messi announced his retirement and it was a topic that everyone was interested to know more about. If you come up with a Blog that about Messi it would definitely attract a lot of readers and make your blog popular. This is a topic that would be in demand for some time and then lose the attention it was getting at that point of time.

We will now explain the three simple steps that you can follow for targeting keywords with blog content:

  1. Identify the keyword opportunities – The first step would be to identify the keyword opportunity. It is not so difficult to do this as it sounds to be. This will need a little research which is based on the goal of the post that you are writing. If you are looking at a timely hot topic the best way out would be to look for it in the Google search engine. It can suggest you all the topics that are hot and in demand at the present moment. There are some traditional keyword tools that can be used too and these are free keyword tool and Shameless plug they will pull in fresh data and ensure that you can research on the current events.

    If you are looking at a topic that will keep getting traffic again and again to your blog then you can definitely try analysing your own audience who have been reading your blogs it will help you understand what are the topics that your readers are actually interested in. When you have the data then start looking for specific keywords. These keywords will ensure that the traffic is driven to your content. For example you have a food blog and people are who are searching with the word “tofu” are landing on your page more so what you can do is write some more recipes on tofu. This will ensure that your rank in these searches goes higher and you also get a better click through.

The point is simple you have to look for the keyword that can do a magic to your blog and get more traffic to it. It is not a tough job but you will have to invest a considerable amount of time in the process that’s all. The keyword should be relevant to your site and those who regularly visit your site.

  1. Narrow down the topic – The second step in the process would be to narrow down the topic. In the first step you got an idea and that is “tofu” can be a good word for you to write on. However, tofu is still a very broad topic and many things can go into it so you will have to look for a more specific keyword or a phrase. This can be done by the using keyword grouping software. The software that you can use is WordStream for SEO (shameless plug). With the help of these tools you can easily find a variation that is specific as well as relevant. The keyword tools can easily help you to determine the suitable phrase that you are looking for. You must use your judgement before you chose the topic and not select whatever is being suggested.

All those who have a flip camera can also make videos that can be a great help to the audience and your blog can get more views. It is always a good idea to add a video because people like to see the food being cooked to get a better idea and with videos they can trust the recipe more. The title tag must contain the keyword that you are writing about. However, the video must have a title and the titles that you can come up with can be “video on how you can make the most of tofu”, “Video of simple and quick recipes using tofu”, and many more such topics can be searched. These keywords will definitely get more traffic to the blog because they are exactly what the readers are looking for and you found it out by doing a detailed analysis so you cannot just go wrong with these. We cannot promise that the traffic will increase by so and so numbers but we can assure that there will be a definite increase in the numbers.

  1. Write and optimize the post – We now move to the last step in which you are basically writing the blog. The toughest part is to find the correct topic to write the blog on. Once you have the topic with you this last step is damn simple. However, many may feel that writing a blog is more challenging. We will now explain how exactly you can go about writing an effective blog that makes a good impression on the readers and ensures that more and more traffic keeps getting attracted to the blog.

    Writing a blog is not tough and each one of us has a different style of writing which is good. However, there are some points and tips that must be kept in mind before you start writing the blog especially a blog that is a keyword targeted post:

The title tag itself must contain the keyword. It is a key that is used in the search engines and as a result gets more traffic. So this is the first thing that you must remember and it can really change the traffic flow coming to your site.

IT does not matter what type of post you are working on even a video post must have a text on the page. As you write the recipe ensure that you use the keyword as well as the variations of the keyword. The same keyword should not be used too many times in the post how you can ensure this is by using WordStream SEO for Firefox plug-in. These tools help to track the keywords effectively and can be of big help.

The keyword must be used in the appropriate meta tags. These include meta description and the file name. It can also be included in the alt text of the images. Ensure that it is included in the title description of the videos too.

Internal linking is another nice idea that you can use to make the blogs more effective in the search engine. Suppose you are writing a recipe on making some starter with tofu and you want to suggest a particular sauce to be made with it then you can use the idea of internal linking to connect the tofu recipe with the sauce recipe. You can also add a link to both the videos too. This can be done with optimized anchor text.

The last and the most important point is that you have to promote the blog that you have written. It must be mentioned in Facebook, twitter and all the other social media sites that you can think of. The more often you mention about the content the better are chances of it being read. This will promote the post and ensure that external linking is done on the post. External linking works very well. With external linking we mean that your readers will share it and the post will become more visible to more people across the world.

These are the simple three steps that you can follow as you are coming up with a keyword targeted blog post. Just keep these simple points in mind and you will make the most of the blog.

We know many people are of the opinion that keyword targeting is not required at all. What we are trying to say is that you can use keyword targeting as a tool. It is a great idea for bloggers to work on popular keywords in order to get a good traffic flowing to their site. We hope that after reading this article you will have a good idea of how exactly keyword targeting can be done and how it can benefit you. Keyword research can help you to come up with new topics for the blog. You will not have to worry if the content will fit the site architecture and it is easier to target keywords with blogs and not with web pages.

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  • We have to find more search volume keywords. Then most trending and new useful topics, content should be fulfilled. More than this optimizing the keyword is very important. Use your relevant & high search volume keyword and optimized in right place. Don’t stuff same keywords more than times, find different semantic words for your keywords and use it in your blog. Blog should be very informative to your readers.