How to use Microsoft Word to Publish to your WordPress Blog


Many bloggers who get guest articles and blog posts in MS word document format from their writers.  The are very good benefits for using MS word, because it offers rich graphic options when compared with wordpress WYSIWYG get editor. If your word document has some images in it along with text and you want to publish that document in your wordpress blog, you may find it difficult to upload every image to your wordpress blog. Suppose, if you receive a Guest post from your author which is very long with lot of pictures in it, it may become hassle for you to upload all those images to your wordpress blog and aligning them correctly. You might wanted an easy way to do this.

And here it is, you can directly publish your word document to your wordpress blog.

But, before we proceed there is a warning from Microsoft saying “When Word sends information to the blog service provider, it may be possible for other people to see that information. This includes your user name and password. Do you want to continue?

So make sure you are not exposing information of your Admin account and use only a user account with limited privileges or else you can change the user info after you did the job.

Anyways, its up to you to use this feature or not. Because i can’t really tell you how risky is this for you. If you think it is too risky for you, you can try using Windows Live Writer which will do your job. But if you want to use the full functionalities of word document means, then you have to choose publish from your Microsoft word

First of all in order to use this feature, you need to enable this feature in your blog. For latest version 4.2.3, this feature is on by default in all the upcoming versions. So, you don’t need to worry about on and off of this feature. It is by default turned on, unless your hosting people may turn it off due to brute force attacks or you might have disabled it long ago.

This feature is enabled from Microsoft word 2007, but 2010 version will have good functionalities.

So here we go,

Step 1: Go to File > New > Blog Post


Step 2 : Choose Blog Post


Step 3: Click on “Create”


Step 4: Now, choose your platform “wordpress” , you can also choose others like Blogger or Typed if you want to publish your post to those platforms as well.


Step 5: Click on “Next” after choosing your blog, in the above, i have chosen “WordPress”


Step 6 : Now, enter your blog url and keep “xmlrpc.php” at the end of your blog url. Also, enter your blog user details and click on “OK”. 


 Step 7: You will be shown the above message if successfully added your blog account to your Microsoft Word.


Step 8 : Now, enter your post title and copy your word article into this new blog post.



Step 9: Finally, after copy everything into your message body, Click on “Publish” if you want to publish directly into your blog or else you can “Publish as Draft”. 

This will help you post blog posts to your wordpress quickly with good alignment of your graphics in your blog post.

Have a happy blogging!