How to View Private Instagram

View Private Instagram Profiles

Are you looking for ways on how to view private Instagram? There are many reasons why someone wants to access a private Instagram profile. The profile he or she is trying to access might be his/her cursh’s Instagram profile or maybe his or her ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend’s Instagram profile which was set to private mode. Now a days everyone is having social media presence by having social media profiles.

View Private Instagram Profiles

Some of the most famous social media networks are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Usually every college student is having these social media accounts now a days to get in touch with their friends. But with the growing popularity of these social media accounts, they are coming with restrictions like Instagram private profile, Facebook privacy settings. Because, people are uploading their real photos in their social media profiles, they don’t want to become a prey for scammers who use these photos for their illegal activities. Especially, female users don’t want to invade their privacy by scammers and stalkers.

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What is Private Instagram?

A private Instagram profile is nothing but a normal profile but comes with restrictions. Not all people can view this private Instagram profile because of its restrictions. With private Instagram profile, not everyone can see the posts and pictures of that profile. Only people who are followers of that private Instagram profile can see the posts of private Instagram profile. You might think it is easy to follow someone who has a private Instagram profile, but it is not. They must approve your request in order for you to see their Instagram posts.

Here is how a normal Instagram profile looks like

Kim K instagram

Here is how a private Instagram looks like

Instagram Private Profile

Now, how to view private instagram profiles? Is it really possible? Continue reading for possible solutions

How To View Private Instagram Profiles:

  • Method 1: Send a request directly

One of the easiest way to view private Instagram profiles is to directly ask the Instagram profile owner. Whether it is your cursh or someone you are interested in, many people like honesty and if you ask them directly with honesty, i am sure they will consider you and approve you to follow their Instagram account. After they approve your request, you can get full access to their private Instagram profile, then you can easily see their posts and pictures.

This is a great way to start a new friendship. Often most people in their college make their friends using Instagram. If you are interested in a person from your class, just send them a genuine Instagram request and see what happens, if they feel the same or just don’t mind adding you into their Instagram they will add you back.

If you don’t get any response from them even after 2 days, then send a private message explaining your feelings. In Instagram you can send anyone a private message, sometimes people caught up with other things and they will forget about your request. Its always good way to reach out to the people you are interested in and tell your feelings. After that, still if you don’t get any response from them means, then its better to find someone else instead of stalking on their Instagram profile.

Who knows, there maybe even more special one waiting for you. Happy fishing.

  • Method 2 : Using a Fake Instagram Profile

If you are so desperate and want to view the other person’s private Instagram profile, then this method might work for you. By using a fake Instagram profile you can become friends with your crush or ex or whoever it is. Just follow the guide below if you really need to the see pictures posted in that private Instagram account.

Firstly know who are her/his friends in Instagram. Find someone who is not that close to them, just a hi and bye type friend, someone who is not that close to them, but still a friend. Or find someone who has good reputation in your class with whom no one wouldn’t mind doing friendship with them.

Now, create a fake Instagram account on behalf of them, just like impersonating their account and get a few pictures of them and make that account look like real.

PS: Impersonating a person is an offence, just use it at your own risk.

And few of some people in your class to make it look like genuine. Once you got enough followers to your Instagram account, now send a follower request to the private Instagram account from which you wanted to see pictures of. If that person believe that your account is real, then she or he might add you back. Once, they adds you back, you can now access their pictures and every post of them.

If the private Instagram profile owner is a male, then you can also create a fake female Instagram account and add some pictures to it and send him a request, he might get tempted to do friendship with that fake female profile. And once, he approves your request, you can get access to their pictures from Instagram.

  • Instagram Profile Viewer Tools (Complete Scam)

Out there in the Internet, there are a lot of Instagram private profile viewer tools available. But do they really work? Absolutely not. They won’t for work for sure. Instead they will lure you by stealing your email address and bombard your email inbox with tons of spam emails.

Here is how the private Instagram profile viewer tools look like

view private instagram profiles

Here is another one

view private instagram profiles

They might seem very promising to you, but here is what happens when you enter your details there. See below

view private instagram profiles

Here is another one

view private instagram profiles

They show things like they are really hacking the private Instagram profile, but they are not, in the end up with a screen asking for Human verification needed, which is bullshit, because they want you to complete an offer in order to view the private Instagram account.

Those offers are nothing but affiliate offers which the website owners will earn some money for each email the send in to that offer. So, the more people that completes the offer, the website owner receives more money. There is no way, you will ever can get access to that private Instagram profile.

Here is how their offers will look like for human verification

Human verification

Here is another one

Human verification

When you click on those offers, either they will want you to download a toolbar or anti virus which are malwares for sure. If you enter your email address there, then you will get tons of email spam offers from the next day.

So, don’t fall for them, there is no real Instagram private profile viewer tool available. Even if it is there, Instagram developers will definitely sue that website as it invade their user’s privacy.

The first two methods might work for you if you really really want to view the private Instagram profile, if not, then it is better to move away. There are a lot of fishes in the ocean.

Happy fishing!!

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