How to Import .docx document to WordPress


How to Import .docx document to WordPress


It is quite natural for people to prefer writing in Microsoft word as they are so used to it and it is so much more convenient. This is exactly why many people prefer to import the .docx files to the WordPress instead of typing the whole article in WordPress. It is always easier to import rather than copying and pasting the articles as things may go wrong easily. The formatting becomes an issue and the post starts to look like a mess. The whole thing may seem simple but it is actually a challenge to import the documents in WordPress properly. In this article we will discuss in details how exactly you can import the .docx document in WordPress. We will try to cover all the aspects and we hope that you will find the article informative.

When and why do you actually need to import the .docx file in WordPress?

First let us try to understand why you need to import the .docx files into WordPress. Many WordPress users actually prefer to write the articles in Microsoft Word as there are many features in Microsoft word that can help in writing an article. For example you have a Spell check, there are templates that can be used. You can also refer to the various styles and formatting that in Microsoft Word. If you look at WordPress you will notice that it does not come with these amazing features. It just has a default visual editor.

Another reason why you may need to import the .docx files to WordPress as you might be getting a lot of guest writers to write for your site and you might not be comfortable giving the access of the site to these authors. You might ask the guest writers to write their articles in Microsoft Word and you will just be uploading them on your site. These writers can submit the writings in html format too.

Many WordPress site owners have the habit of writing whenever they get the time. As a result they will have a lot of word documents sometimes even multiple documents. It can be a problem to rewrite all these in WordPress as it is a time consuming job.

We will now explain in this article how you can import these .docx files in WordPress in order to ensure that you save a lot of time by ensuring that you do not have to edit and format these files. Now that you know why you will have to import the .docx files into WordPress we will move to the next section of the topic to explain how you can actually import these docx files following a step by step method.

Importing the .docx documents into WordPress

To do this the first thing that you will need is to install and activate the plugin that is called the Mammoth.docx converter in WordPress. If you are not sure about how the Mammoth.docx converter can be installed and activated you can refer to our previous article that will give you a detailed guide on how the Mammoth.docx converter plugin can be installed and activated. Once you are done with the activation of the Mammoth.docx converter you can move in to the next step. Once you have activated the Mammoth.docx converter you will need to create a new post or you can also edit a post that already exists. On the edit screen of the post you will be able to see the Mammoth.docx converter metabox below the post editor. We are enclosing a screenshot to explain how this Mammoth.docx converter metabox actually looks like.

After you reach this step you will simply have to the file button and select the .docx file that you can find in your computer that you have already created and saved. As soon as the .docx file is selected you will notice that the plugin will show the three views for the document.

If you click on the visual tab you will be able to see how the document will look in WordPress. We are enclosing a screenshot to give the users as idea about how the three views will look like.


As you can see you it will ignore the styles that are already applied to the .docx documents which include the padding, margins, background color and text color. It will use the stylesheet of the theme to control the display of these things.

There is also an option to check the html that is generated by the converter. This can be done by clicking on the Raw HTML button. Here we must mention that you can also click on the messages button and see if there are any warnings or errors noted in the conversion. Do not be in a hurry to publish the document first be assured that you are happy with the way the document is looking and only then post it on WordPress. After you are satisfied with the look of the document in the visual tab you can go ahead and click on the “insert into editor” button as soon as you do that the plugin will insert the HTML into the WordPress post editor.

We hope that you are clear with the steps so far. You can continue to work on the post from time to time and keep adding or removing stuff.

So you have understood how the Mammoth.docx converter plugin actually works. We will now explain how the Mammoth.docx converter plugin can also convert a .docx file into a clean HTML format that is compatible with the WordPress site. The Mammoth.docx converter plugin also supports many other features that we will be discussing now:

  1. Lists
  2. The tables can be imported without formatting the cell colors and the like border.
  3. Links
  4. Headings like the heading 1 and heading 3 are converted into h1 and h3.
  5. The textboxes are converted into plain paragraphs.
  6. The images that are embedded in the document are imported into WordPress.
  7. Plain HTML formatting like subscript, superscript, bold and italic.

The Mammoth.docx plugin will not make any changes to the original .docx document it will also not store the document in the WordPress site.

Many WordPress users actually find it a challenge to import the .docx file into WordPress. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to import the .docx files in a more professional manner.