Improve Website Authority Using Ever Green Content

Using Evergreen content to improve authority

You must have noticed that most of the blog that you come across you tend to read it only once and then forget about it. This is the trend mostly. What we are trying to get at is can we come up with a blog that will never go out of demand and readers will keep coming back to read it. Well by the end of this article we hope that you will get a better idea on how to develop an evergreen content.

Why should we be looking for an evergreen content?

What’s wrong with blog topics that will be in demand only for a few days and can be considered to be disposable? They get readers for a while and then they are of no value. They have a shelf life of their own like many other products. Many sites prefer to post new topics as per the SEO requirements. Any new content with two to three per cent keyword density will have the ability to get a better rating in Google’s SERP (search engine results page). This is true but can we neglect the authoritative posts. If you do not have an article that is informative enough it will automatically discourage the readers and the future of the site may suffer.

Any old article in your site is called the legacy content. If a third party tries to link to an article that has out-dated information it will be a shoddy legacy for the host site. The host will try to remove the old content so that room for new content can be made. This is the point when you have an evergreen content you have created an authority. It will get readers again and again over a long period of time. It will pave the way to a lot of new articles that can be ultimately connected to this evergreen article. These articles will always remain useful not only to the site but also to the audience.

So you now have a fair idea of why and how evergreen content is essential. We will now move on to discuss how you can probably develop an evergreen post.

Try to consider the relevance

The first thing that you have to get is the niche you are working on. Once you have the niche you will get the topics that must be written. For example you are discussing the SEO trends that will work in 2015. Do you think this is an evergreen topic obviously it is not. It is a topic that will be of value only in 2015 and after that it will have no importance.

Google does pay a lot of importance to quality and in the future someone might want to refer to this article in order to understand more about SEO trends and how they have been changing over the years. Let us now talk about another topic that has more potential to become an evergreen topic and that it “How can search engine be used to optimize the marketing strategy”. Here we have a topic that will not be out of demand after a year. We have used the same SEO as keyword but here SEO has a niche. It has many underlying topics that can be written about. The underlying factors that are in hand with this post are:

  1. We can optimize the content according to the search engine of Google.
  2. There are some tools available that can help us to do this.
  3. We can create content with this as a marketing tool.
  4. We can adapt the strategy as per the changes suggested by Google.

So an evergreen content will basically have these features

  • Any content that is evergreen will not limit itself to the current trends.
  • The evergreen topic will usually contain at least one keyword that will add to the niche of the site.
  • Any evergreen content is about learning so it will be of more importance to the new users and not the experts.

Create a power to stay

Sometimes it may happen that you think that this topic is definitely an evergreen topic but you will slowly realise that it is not on the other hand you might write a blog feeling that it will go out of demand in sometime but it will continue to be in demand. After your blog is published it will take you a while to know if it is an evergreen one or not. If a blog is evergreen it will continue to get likes, comments, shares and backlinks even after months have gone by. Some people will ask is six months a good time to understand this? Well that is not enough all the time you might have to wait a little longer at times.

Look at the backlinks they are the best way to judge if an article is evergreen or not. Any article that ranks highest in Google search engine it is mainly because of the backlinks. You will see that these links that are high up on the page will easily have huge backlinks. Just go to Moz and enter the URL you will get to see the backlinks within seconds.

Why do you think that a particular article is getting more likes? We will explain that now.

  1. It offers a directive insight or rather gives an authoritative definition.
  2. It is very well written in terms of grammar and language. The explanation is easy and readers can connect to it.
  3. If the article is promoted extensively on the social media it will definitely get more readers. Suppose the article was shared over five thousand times don’t you think it will get more visibility and will land up getting ore backlinks?
  4. The article is well connected to the other articles in the site and as a result the chances of getting backlinks increase for all these articles.
  5. The article handles the topic head on. The article asks questions and then answers these questions in a very convincing manner.

    These are the points that will make an article popular and ensure that it lands up getting more backlinks.

Prioritize the value

Value is nothing but a service. Value means that you have created a post where the readers can come back if they want to refer something again. In other words you have created a content that is so amazing that the readers would like to keep coming back to it again and again. Not only that they would also like to share it again and again. We will now explain how you can actually create this value and ensure that the readers keep coming back.

The how to post

How to make a pineapple cake, what comes after how to is not as important as the word “how to” itself is. Many people from across the world will search with “how to”. We are sure even you must have searched with these words many a times. The article “How to make a pineapple cake” is good and it gives different ways of making a pineapple cake. The information is detailed as a result you can expect that this article will not go out of fashion easily.

The tricks and tips post

Another type of post that can never grow out of demand are the ones on tips and tricks. For example “photo tips for mobile phones”, “tips and tricks of making pineapple cakes” and there can be many more like these. The reason is that people will always look for articles like these. However, you must keep in mind that these articles must be visually rich and less comprehensive. They should be more suggestive and open in a serial format. The tips should be individual and unique something that you have learnt from own experience. The tips should focus on subject matter and must be such that can be used by beginners as well as professionals. You can also add suggestions and tools so that more value can be added to the article.

The history posts

Any content to do with the history of something will be a good choice for an evergreen topic. Ensure that word history is included in the title. Wikipedia is your biggest competition when it comes to history so please add a point that makes your article unique like “the real story” or “will make you change the way you think”. Another problem with wiki is they do not use a lot of images so try to make the article visually appealing.

The list post

Any list that can give resources is a good idea for an evergreen article or content. For example try “15 resources to start your own business”. The point you have to keep in mind is that as you are using links for resources ensure that from time to time you check that these resources are active and keep updating the article with new links.

The FAQ post

Another great idea on evergreen topic is FAQ. If you look around you will find a lot of FAQs which can help you come up with a nice topic. So what you will have to do it listed below:

  • Pay attention to the FAQ that you are getting on your site.
  • Take the top questions that you get and make them into a blog.
  • Try to look for topics that are trending at present and are a part of your niche.

These tend to do very well as they answer the questions of the readers directly and can get to the heart of an evergreen content.

The definition post

Any blog to do with definitions can do very well actually we will now explain how. A post that is defining SERP will open up to a discussion on evolution of search engine. The only challenge with definition post is that there will already be quite a few of these and you will have competition. So how do you deal with this competition? Well you can and we will now suggest some points that can help.

  1. Biographies – Try to write the biography of any industry leader. Especially of someone who just passed away recently.
  2. Personal posts – Suppose you have a good experience and you feel that some people will be interested in knowing how you achieved the success then it is a great idea.
  3. Interviews – you can take interviews of the people who are doing well and it can really help to give a boost and recognition to your blog.
  4. Case studies – Try to build a strong case study that people would like to refer to again and again. It will help them when they are doing some research.
  5. Motivational – It is a good idea but it should be related to your niche. If written well this can be quite timeless.
  6. Humorous – Humour is a great way to deal with anything and it is a great idea to attract readers again and again when they want to have a good laugh.
  7. Myth- buster – It is not easy to find out myths. If you have got one that pertains to your field then do try to make the most of it and it can give you one of those killer contents for an evergreen topic.
  8. Strategic – You must stay grounded with this and try to look for an area you have real good knowledge about.

Evergreen sticks

An evergreen post is like one that will never get out of demand and will keep attracting readers again and again. Ensure that when you have an evergreen content keep writing new contents that can be linked back to the evergreen content that you wrote and this will help your blog to grow.

We hope that this article will help you to understand how exactly you can actually develop an evergreen content that will ensure that your authority improves and your blogs become more popular.