Lead impact PPV Traffic Source Review

Lead Impact Review

Lead impact is one of the most widely used PPV Traffic source among affiliate marketers.


What is PPV Traffic Source?

Unlike CPC and CPM advertising networks who charges you on per click and per impression basis. PPV Ad networks will charge you for per view basis. This is similar to pop up advertising, but in traditional pop up advertising, you can’t target keywords or URL’s. But in PPV ad networks, you can target your pop ups to the keywords you want and the URL’s you want. So that, only your pop up will be shown when your keyword or URL was triggered by the user which you can call it is as targeted traffic.

How exactly PPV works?

Every PPV ad networks will have their own adware or toolbars, which they will promote to end users to install it in their computers. Once, the user install’s the company’s adware or toolbar, basing on his searches, he will be shown with pop ups. Whenever an advertiser’s keyword or URL was searched by the user, he will be triggered with a pop up.

For example:

If the user is searching for Apple IPhone. And if there is an advertiser who is bidding for “Apple IPhone” keyword, his landing page will be shown in the form of pop up to the user. The same applies to URL targeting also. Like, if the user is browsing www.apple.com, and there is an advertiser who is bidding on apple.com domain, the user will be shown the advertiser’s landing page in the form of popup.

There are many PPV ad networks available in the internet today. But one of the famous PPV ad network is lead impact. Earlier it used to have a minimum budget of $500 to start advertising with it. But, now, you can even start advertising with Lead Impact with $20.

Landing Pages for Lead Impact PPV Traffic Source:

I have seen many newbie affiliates asking about what niches will work best with lead impact traffic. In my experience, the niches that worked for me are Dating, Gaming and other Zip submit offers. Since, PPV is a distortion traffic, people are not willing to take their credit card and buy something for a popup ad. So, it’s better to promote email or zip submit offers in order to get maximum from Lead Impact’s Traffic. However I have also successfully promoted few trail offers which requires credit card submission and it worked well too. Finally, it’s all about testing, because we never know which traffic will work for which offer. You need to be testing all the time for to get better ROI.

Here are some of the landing pages I have used for Lead Impact Traffic Source.

Sample Gaming Landing Page #1

landing page

In this lander, the user will be asked with few simple questions to excite the user and then, after asking few questions, a call to action button will be displayed which will take the end user to the offer page.

The final page will look like this

game landing page

When the user clicks on “Continue” button, he will be taken to the game offer.

Dating Landing Page for PPV Traffic:

You can use the same landing page by altering the text to your dating needs. Earlier I have used the same landing page but changed the text in it to fit my dating audience. And the final call-to-action will lead to your dating offer.

Sample Landing Pages for Travel Niche:

For me, to promote travel niche, direct linking worked really well. You can just direct link your offer for travel niches. But it all depends on the affiliate network you promote from. Some affiliate networks don’t allow you to direct link your offers. And you need to use a pre – lander in order to promote travel offers.

So, if you require a pre lander in order to use it for your Lead Impact campaign, you can use something similar like the below

PPV popup

This kind of landing pages will give you high click thru rates if targeted to the right audience, try to test different variants and you will find the one which is giving maximum results.

Now, I am going to show you how to setup your first campaign with Lead Impact.

Lead Impact Campaign Setup:

Step 1:

I am assuming you already have an account with Lead Impact. So log into your account using your login credentials.

leadimpact login

Step 2:

This is how your Lead Impact dashboard will look like

leadimpact dashboard

Click on Create a New Campaign to create your first campaign.

And you will see the following screen

Step 3:

Give a name for your new campaign and set the maximum budget you want to spend for this new campaign and click on Next Step to proceed further.

leadimpact campaign

In the next step, you will be asked to submit the following details.

Name Your Landing Page

Landing Page URL

Product Category

Product Sub Category

If you want to track the keywords or URL’s, then you can check Keyword Pass-Through option which will automatically appends ?keyword=KEYWORD to your landing page URL which will pass the keyword information to your tracking software.

You can add this by your own to the end of your landing page, in that case, you don’t need to check the Keyword Pass-Through box.

Step 4:

In the next step, you need to add your desired keywords or URL’s to target and drive traffic to your landing page.

See below for screenshot

leadimpact keywords

Now, Click on Add Keywords to add your desired keywords for targeting. You can add one by one in each line in the Add Keywords section. You can add both keywords and URLS in the same box.

See below for example

leadimpact keywords

Lead Impact also offers keyword suggestion tool, you can use that feature too for your needs.

Here is how it will look like

leadimpact targets

You can search for ideas by typing a sample keyword of your niche and the keyword suggestion tool will fetch different keyword ideas which you can use it for your targeting.

Step 5:

Now, finally, submit your campaign for approval, once Lead Impact will approves your campaign, you will start getting traffic.

Track your traffic and optimize it for profits.

Where my ads will be shown?

Well, this is the most often asked question by many newbies. Lead Impact will use an adware which will be distributed in the internet, people who installed their adware already will be shown with pop up ads displayed by Lead Impact.

When your targeting keyword was searched by the user who have already installed Lead Impact’s adware, he will be displayed with your pop up ad.

Here are the list of Lead Impact Toolbar (Adware’s):




You can install it in your computer and see some of the sample ads from other advertisers.

It takes 24 hours after installation in your computer to display PPV ads in your computer.

Please Note: Make sure you install this toolbar or adware in a test computer, because since it’s an adware, it may monitor your browsing activity and displays ads based on your activity.

Lead Impact Pop Window size:

This is how Lead Impact will display your ad which is a popup.

leadimpact window

Since, I have installed one of their toolbar or adware, I am able to see Lead Impact’s popups in my computer.

Lead Impact’s popup size is 775×400 (true viewable)

So, design your landing pages accordingly by keeping the window size in your mind.


Finally, there is some speculation going on in forums about Lead Impact’s quality recently. For me, some niches didn’t worked well with Lead Impact’s traffic, but some niches worked really well. It’s all about testing and testing.

So, Filtering out the keywords or URLS which are not brining any ROI will eventually keep your campaign in profits.

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  • Sotiriow

    Man, I tried to make li work but the quality was very low. My lp and targeting was good because the less ctr i had was 10%. I tried gaming, weight loss rebill, iphone sweepstake nothing converts. Are you still using li sucessfully? Is 50onred better ?

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