Leading Social Networks Reach Worldwide as of January 2016

Social Media Infographic

Leading Social Networks Reach Worldwide as of January 2016

As there were ages like Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, we can regard the current age as the age of social media. In the past decade, the thing which has gained an increasing popularity and is even being more and more popular is the social media. Back in our childhood nothing like social media existed but now it has become as important as air and food for humans. We can live no day without tweets, statuses, snapchats and Instagram photos. Social media is slowly taking over our lives.

Social Media Infographic
Infographic about Social Media Reach

In this article, we will have a statistical analysis of all the major social media networks. The networks are ranked as the number of active accounts as of January 2016. Top if the list is obviously Facebook. It has crossed 1 Billion mark and has currently 1.55 Billion active users per month. Top photo sharing application Instagram has some 400 Million users active every month. In the Blogging network, Tumblr has more than 555 million active blog users on their site in the month of last January.

Why are the Social Media so highly used?

Most of the top social media are available to the users in a number of different languages. They let the users connect and share thoughts, pictures, videos, messages and much more with friends and family across the political, social, and economic and all other boundaries. All over the globe approximately 2 billion people have access to the World Wide Web and use the social media networks. Experts think that these figures will increase further because; mobile device usage is on an increase. Moreover, internet is becoming available to more and more people which means that the usage will increase.

Facebook – 1.55 Billion users
WhatsApp – 900 Million users
QQ – 860 Million users
Facebook Messenger – 800 Million users
QZone – 653 Million users
WeChat – 650 Million users
Tumblr – 555 Million users
Instagram – 400 Million users
Twitter – 320 Million users
Baidu Tieba – 300 Million users
Skype – 300 Million users
Viber – 249 Million users
SnapChat – 200 Million users
Linkedin – 100 Million users

The most popular social media networks have a very large number of monthly active users. This is mainly due to strong user engagement tactics used by the social media’s artificial intelligence. As an example, Facebook has recently crossed 1 Billion monthly active users and the recently launched social media network Pinterest is the first independently launched to reach 10 million registered monthly users in the shortest record time. It is observed that the social media networks of immense popularity like Facebook which have more than 100 million monthly users, were formed in the United States of America. The Chinese social media network Ozone and the European VK have also got immense popularity in their respective areas due to the local content and the engagement of local population.

Social media is used for a number of different purposes. It may be connecting with friends, family and coworkers as on Facebook and Google+. These also allow the sharing of photos, videos and audio and the playing of player versus player games. On the other hand the networks like twitter and Tumblr are meant for rapid communication of thoughts with a number of people in distant places. The amazing thing about all these networks is that they do not have any content of their own but work on user generated content

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