Learn How to Make the Most Effective Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Learn to make the most effective explainer videos

In this article we will be discussing about the explainer videos. We hope we will be able to answer all the questions that you have regarding explainer videos. They are really fun to make and they can increase the conversion rates overnight. If you have not tried them yet we are sure that after reading this article you will change your mind. It is also a great idea to have explainer videos if you are into a startup business. So without wasting any more time let us directly move on to the topic.

Explainer Videos

What exactly is an explainer video?

The explainer videos are nothing but short online marketing videos that can be used to explain your company and the products or services that you are dealing with. The explainer videos will be generally placed on the landing page. They can also be placed on the home page of your site and the prominent product page. They can work very well for any sites and some sites also claim that these explainer videos can increase the conversion rate by 144% too. It cannot be denied that the explainer videos can help your site become more popular. We cannot promise that they will increase your conversion phenomenally but it can definitely give a boost to your conversion rates. What we will cover in this article are:

  1. How and why explainer videos are good for any business
  2. Which are the best explainer videos on the web and how exactly do they work
  3. What are the different types of explainer videos that you can make
  4. How can you create an explainer video for your website

The various types of explainer videos

  • Animated explainer videos –Animated Explainer VideosNo matter how old we get animation always holds a special place in our hearts. No matter whom your target customer is animation can always do the trick. No wonder this is the most popular type of explainer videos. It is a preferred format and is used by many. The animated explainer videos can be edited easily and can get very imaginative. They can also be easily adjusted and changed as per the needs.
  • Whiteboard explainer videos –

    Whiteboard Animations

    This is another very common type of explainer videos in this the animation is drawn with hands and can be erased on a whiteboard. It is definitely a cheaper option when compared to animated explainer videos. They can be edited easily and also very easy to operate. If you are looking at costs these would definitely be the cheapest explainer videos that you can come up with.

  • Kickstarter explainer videos –

    Kickstarter Explainer Videos

    As the name suggests this is used when a service or a product is launching. It is common explainer videos which can be animated or not animated. The Kickstarter explainer videos are detailed and longer so that they can give as much details about the product as possible. While browsing the kickstarter explainer videos you can actually find more about all the different types of explainer videos.

  • Live action explainer videos –

    Liveaction Explainer videos

    These are not animated explainer videos that will explain about the product or the concept. If you are selling a physical product or a product that is people oriented then live action explainer videos can be used. Restaurants or consulting groups usually use these explainer videos. When you have human beings in the explainer videos it can create a better connect with the viewers. It is natural for humans to get attracted to other humans and feel an emotional l connect. There is not much imagination involved here these are real life videos.

We will now move on to discuss about the best explainer videos that we have ever seen.

  • Dollar Shave Club –

    Tops the list is the advertisement of “Dollar Shave Club” with the caption “our blades are F***ing Great. Why we keep this on the top of the list is that it can really teach you how to make the most effective explainer videos. The Dollar Shave Club knows exactly that they are targeting men in the age group of 20 to 30 who will be ready to shop for shaving blades online. The video is funny and extremely catchy. It is a very well structured explainer video. They start with a simple overview that using them you can get razors delivered to your door step every month for just one dollar. They make the target audience realise how blades are expensive and have unnecessary features added to them. They also make it clear that people might forget to buy the blades on time so Dollar Shave Club can actually save all these problems by delivering cheap and good quality shaving blades to your door step every month.

  • PooPourri –

    The product concept of Dollar Shave Club and PooPourri is quite same. PooPourri’s explainer video however takes the help of animation too in order to explain the product a little more. The explainer video is funny and the humour is outrageous as the product itself. At the end of the video you will see a green button that is begging to be clicked as soon as you click on that button it will realise that it ends on a strong call to action. You can check the video to understand what we are trying to say.

  • Mint –

    If you want an example of a good animated explainer video then mint is the best that we can talk about. Mint proves that some business ideas can be best explained with animation alone. They illustrate through animation that how they draw financial information from different parts of the user’s life and curate it into one setup. The video very well includes the screenshots of the actual product so that the viewers can understand the explainer video better. The video ensures that it very well explains the product and familiarizes the users with the product.

  • AirBnB –

    Did you happen to see the explainer video of Air BnB if not then do have a look at it? The explainer video is indeed very well made and combines live action with animation very effectively. The video effortlessly explains the perks of using Air BnB and also explains them verbally. The host homes are shown in explainer video with the help of live action and some intricate details of the concept is explained with animation like how easy it is to contact the host.

  • Spotify – You want to see an example of an

    explainer video that uses fun animation and rocking soundtrack then you will have to check the explainer video of Spotify. The colour scheme of the video matches the design of Spotify very well. They are all about music and they do not complicate the explainer video too much. They just use few good lines of text and some amazing tunes to explain what they are all about.

    The point here is that before you work on an explainer video of your own have a look at some of the successful explainer videos and understand why you like them so much and why these explainer videos have become so popular.

How can you make an explainer video?

We will now explain the many steps that you can follow to make a successful and impressive explainer video. It is not easy job and needs a lot of things to be worked on. We hope that this article will help you to understand how you can make a very good explainer video.

Step 1 – The script – The first thing that you must have to make a good
explainer video is a great script. Most of the focus should be on the script. It is always better that you write the script yourself as you would know the needs and concerns of the target audience better than any production company that you have hired. The video should address all the concerns of the target audience that made you come up with the product or the concept. The order of the script should be like this.

  1. An overview of the product.
  2. Introduce the problem.
  3. Answer the problem with the help of the product or the service that you have come up with.
  4. Call to action (example sign up for a free trial by clicking here).
  5. Broadcast your trust signals (example some awards, well known clients, write ups).

    Points you must keep in mind as you write the script

    1. It must be short and to the point.
    2. The message should be in the first thirty seconds do not make the audience wonder a lot.
    3. The script should be in second person like “you” and “yours”.
    4. The language used should be simple and not too technical.
    5. The tone of the video should be casual.
    6. A touch of humour is always a good idea as it can make a very good impression on the readers.

Step 2 – Voiceovers – Now that you have the script ready you have to look for a voiceover. You can use some of these options as mentioned below:

  1. Craigslist Yes you have read it right you can even find Voiceovers in Craigslist.
  2. Voices.comThis is a good site and you can find a lot of professional voice actors here to choose from.
  3. Fiverr Here you can find voiceover for an explainer video for just $5. The pay might differ because some will charge by second and some will charge by words. However, no matter what you pay the price will be cheaper compared to many other places.

Step 3 – Explainer videos production – Some of the methods that you can use for making an explainer video are:

  1. Pow toon It is best for those who want to make an animated explainer video but has no experience and a limited budget.
  2. Bring out the Pros – It is a collection of some very professional video production company who can help you make some very effective explainer video. This can be expensive.
  3. Hire a Freelancer – There are many experienced freelancers who can help you make some very good explainer videos.
  4. Crowd Sourcing – In this option that you need to do is just submit an overview of the project you will get a lot of proposals from which you will have to choose the best option.
  5. DIY Explainer Video with iPhone – If you have an iPhone you can use it to make some very nice videos and you can also edit them yourself using Camtasia and iMovie. Animation toolkit of Salsify can give you all the tools that you will need to achieve this. It is cheap and can be done easily. You can learn more about this from the video posted by Wistia.

Step 4 – Music and sound effects – There are many ways by which you can add a nice soundtrack to the explainer video. Some places from where you can get a nice sound track are:

  1. Free sound
  2. MusOpen
  3. YouTube
  4. Audacity
  5. Audio Jungle

Step 5- Measure the performance of the explainer video – You must check how well the explainer video is doing so that you can make the required changes to it. This can be done by using YouTube Insight, Wistia and Google Analytics.

Step 6 – Enjoy the various advantages of having an explainer video – The many positives of having an explainer video are:

  1. Keeps the viewers on your page for longer
  2. Increases the conversions
  3. Improves the SEO ranking of the video content
  4. It can be repurposed for an investor pitch or an email signature
  5. Videos can be easily shared online in Facebook and other social media as a result the awareness of the product increases.

We hope that this article will help you design a killer explainer video. Do try to keep these points in mind as you make an explainer video and you will definitely do a great job.