Link spam – Destroying the Ranking of your Website

Link Spam

Google hates Link Spam. Many People will try this on your website for destroying the Ranking of your Website

Link Spam

Initially, when the fake process of spamdexing or link spamming started, the spammers used to enrich the content of the targeted website with such words that matched the keywords. This eventually increased the ranking of the pages and was called content spam or term spam. This was one classification of spamdexing or Black-Hat SEO.

Now, let’s talk about its other classification that is called link spamming. Enlighten yourself about what is a Link spam? Misleading the search engines to rank a not-so-good website with the top slot during searching is called link spamming. In this mischievous technique, the ranking of the link-based website is increased artificially. This is actually a major problem faced by the search engines and has economic implications over the internet community.

An insider view of Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat Seo

When you are making a website you need to stick to the fair rules of the game in order to succeed in your business. But, having an insight in to the crooked minds of your competitors becomes essential to develop your defense-mechanism.

You generally create hyperlinks to connect your pages to different links. Ranking of link-based pages is done by the link-based ranking techniques like Page Rank. When these techniques evolved, the spammers started to construct spam farms. That was basically the collection of interlinked spam pages.

The modus operandi of the link spammers is really a smart one. They don’t believe in value-based SEO but aim at increasing the traffic to their site. They may link your website to the spam sites or porn sites which will obviously reduce the traffic to your site and defame your business. Spammers buy these spam links and use deceptive techniques to fool the Page Rank Algorithm. For this reason, web community often calls link spamming as Negative SEO.

Types of link spamming

There are various methods for link spamming that can be used by the skilled spammers:

  • Link building software: These software automate the SEO process
  • Link farms: Coupled links of web pages that are mostly spam.
  • Hidden links
  • Sybil attack: Mainly used for affecting blogs ranking. The spammers generate different websites that point to each other. These websites are mostly the fake ones but result in increasing the data traffic towards a link.
  • Guest Blog Spam: In this method, guest blogs may be placed at your website that will in turn point to some other link.
  • Page hijacking: In this procedure, the snapshots of main website are linked to spam pages.
  • Through cookies stuffing, the records of the net behavior activities of the visitors can be kept.


Solution for LinkSpam

Being the owner of the site, you need to be really watchful about the tools of the search engines that can tell you the exact statistics about the links associated with your website. Such tools also help in blocking the suspicious links that may possibly be the spam.

And last but not the least, what is a link spam? , is known to you so, build a website that is credible and a rich in content.