List of Free Online Video Editors No Download Required

Online video editor

Now a days most people are turning towards free online video editors as they don’t require you to download the software and install it in your computer. If you are looking to convert your video or edit your video file quickly, then, online video editor might fit your needs. There will be no installation required, just upload your video and edit your video, convert it and download it.

Online video editor

Even though it doesn’t require any installation, online video editors comes with little features, if you are looking to add complex video effects to your videos, then online video editors doesn’t fit your needs. Only these online video editors fit for small purposes like video cutting, adding small texts etc. Anyways,

Here are the list of best online video editors available for free.

#1 YouTube Video Editor

YouTube video editor is one of the best online video editor available in the internet today. Even though YouTube is famous, most people do not use it for video editing purposes, because they don’t want to upload their video to YouTube. Its not an obligation to upload your videos to YouTube, you can just simply edit your videos and delete the video in YouTube or if you want, you can share it to your friends by uploading it in YouTube.

It comes with a lot of features like, trimming your videos, joining multiple videos to one video file, adding texts, adding audio etc. You can also zoom in and zoom out your videos.

Most of the offline video editors provide same features but they come with a price, but YouTube video editor is completely free to use.

#2 We Video


We Video is another great online video editor which comes with great features. It offers cloud storage of your videos and also allows multiple people to work on a single video project. Its mobile app allows you to record a raw video and directly uploads into Google drive for video editing. But this online video editor has its limitations like, you can only edit videos upto 5 minutes length. If your video is longer than 5 minutes, then you have to purchase their premium plan to get more limit. But over this is a great online video editor with lot of video editing features.

#3 PowToon


PowTool is not just an ordinary online video editor. This is used to create white board animated videos, explainer videos etc. With ordinary online video editors, you will get basic features like trimming your videos, adding new audio to your video, rotating, zooming etc, but with PowTool video editor, you will get access to lot of pre animated characters which can be used to make an animated video. You can use all these animations with drag and drop feature, so you no need to struggle yourself to create an amazing animated video. But the free versions comes with a limitation of 45 seconds. So, you cannot create a video longer than 45 seconds. However its a good start, if you like it, you can purchase the full version to fit your needs.

#4 Clipchamp 

Clipchamp is another cool online video editor which offers basic video editing features like cutting the video, adjusting the brightness, contrast, rotating the video etc. This video editor tool offers drag and drop functionality so that you can easily edit your videos, it also offers uploading of your finalized video to major social media platforms automatically, so you don’t need to do double work with your videos.

#5 Online Video Cutter

This is a simple and straight forward online video editor which offers very basic functionalities of a video editor. It offers the following features, trimming your video, cropping your video, convert from one format to another, rotate your video etc.

For to run this video editor, you need to have adobe flash player installed in your computer.

#6 Kizoa

Kizoa online movie maker is one of the coolest online video editor. It is different from other video editing softwares, because it comes with lot of transition effects for your videos. With numerous transition effects, you can make your video fit for all occasions like wedding, birthday etc. Certain features are limited for free version of it, however if you like their transition effects and want to experience its full features, then you can upgrade your account to premium to access all of its features.

#7 Creaza

Creaza is an educational online video editor. It is useful for mostly students, as they can create excellent school projects using this video editing software. Not only Creaza offers video editing, but you can also get audio editor, cartoonist software and Mindomo. All these tools are easy to use and supports all age groups. Unlike other complex video softwares, Creaza offers easy to access video editing tools.

#8 Video ToolBox

Video Toolbox is another online video editing software with limited features. It offers the basic video editing stuff like cropping a video, trimming a video, extracting an audio from a video file, downloading videos from online video sites, records video by using webcam.

You can also add texts and watermark to the video. If you are looking for a quick online video editing tool, then this one might help you with your needs.

#9 Magisto

Magisto is another online video editing software which automatically creates a story with your videos. Its features are very easy to access and does not require much knowledge about video editing. Magisto is famous for creating awesome video stories.