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Are you looking ways to secure your WordPress site? Here is the list of WordPress Security Scan Plugins which will help you in securing your WordPress site from intruders. No doubt, WordPress is the #1 blogging platform around the globe. Thousands of thousands of sites are being powered by WordPress platform. That means, there are a hell of WordPress sites out there in the internet. Now a days, thousands of websites are being hacked by the hackers, you can’t do anything if the hacker is a real genius. But now a days, most of the sites are getting hacked by amateur hackers who find a small flaw in your plugin and then deface your site. This is mostly because of having security vulnerabilities in your WordPress site.

In order to scan for those security vulnerabilities, you need a security scanner for your website which scans your WordPress site. And, thanks to WordPress plugins directory where you can find resourceful plugins for all your needs.

There are plenty of online scanners available for your website, but most of them aren’t free and they can’t scan completely because they only check for common vulnerabilities. But with these WordPress security scan plugins, they will scan from the core and find flaws in your plugins, themes etc. So, its better to have a security scan plugin than an outside scanner.

Here is the list of WordPress Security Scan Plugins:

Wordfence Security

Among WordPress Security Plugins, Wordfence Security is the most downloaded security plugin so far. This plugin is 100% free and open source. They also offer API service for their premium customers. If you don’t mind paying, then you can use their premium service or else you can just stick with their normal free service. Using this plugin it will create a WordPress firewall which will stop malicious attacks from outside. This will automatically create and update new firewall rules by using their live feed.

It also offers the following features

  • Blocking features – Using their blocking feature, it will automatically blocks known attackers, like if a site is using Wordfence and blocked an attacker, it will automatically protects you from that attacker. You can also block aggressive bots which are crawling your website and slowing it down.
  • WordPress Login Security – It enables you to have two factor login security, which is being practiced by banks. It will also forces you to strong passwords for your WordPress. It also locks an user if he is trying a brute force attack on your website.
  •  Security Scanning – This scans your entire WordPress core files and checks for vulnerabilities. It also scans all the plugins, themes for possible loopholes. It will scans for malwares, known viruses and checks all files if any of them have been modified lately.
  • Monitoring features – It will show the real time traffic statistics for your website. You can check your real traffic and check whether it is being accessed by normal visitors or bots or getting a DDOS attack.
  • Multi Site Support – If you are using a WordPress multi site, then Wordfence is fully loaded with multi site support also, as it scans all core files in your multi site too.

This is most widely used WordPress security scan plugin. Give it a try today and see what it can do for your website.

WordPress Security Scan by

This has two option. One is this WordPress Security Scan plugin downloads few pages of your website and analyze the RAW html code for possible vulnerabilities. And the second option is active scan, which enumerates the plugins and themes present in your WordPress gives you details about possible vulnerabilities in your WordPress website.

It also gives you information about your Web hosting whether it is reputed or not. It also scans your web pages for possible java script injections, Iframe injections. You can enable or disable the admin account using this plugin. But this plugin is not for free, you have to pay to use their services. Along with the plugin you will get access to their other premium tools like port scanner which will check your website for possible open ports which attacker might use to penetrate into your website.

  • Detectify


Detectify is another great security scan plugin. If you are looking for full website scan, then this is the tool you need to use. It will identify the following vulnerabilities in your website.

– SQL Injection
– Blind SQL Injection
– Remote File Inclusion
– Local File Inclusion
– Cross Site Scripting
– and many more..

Apart from discovering normal vulnerabilities, it also detects WordPress vulnerabilities like YoastSEO Data Exposure, Twenty Fifteen DOM XSS and others which are recently added to its database.

WP Scans

If you are looking for an online tool to scan your WordPress site, then WP Scan is the tool you need to use. Just enter your WordPress URL in the space provided and hit enter. It will fetch the scan details in few minutes.

It has deep scan functionality which scans all your pages, and also it has automatic scanning feature, which will automatically scans your website for possible vulnerabilities in your website at regular intervals.

WP Scan has around 6100 vulnerabilities database, which will enables the tool to deep scan your website more efficiently.


Security Ninja

Unlike the above tools, Security Ninja is another WordPress plugin which can be installed directly into your WordPress website. And once, it is installed, it can be run within your website which has access to every file your WordPress has. This tool performs around 50 security tests to your website and gives you a report on what vulnerabilities it found on your website and gives you suggestions on how to fix those issues.


SUCURI is providing all in one solution for your websites. It helps in cleaning your hacked websites and protection from potential attacks on your website. Unless your website is doing a lot of business it is not recommended because of its high price.

It provides both anti virus and firewall for your website and helps in protecting your website from attackers. The also provide monitoring service which will monitor your website 24×7.

If you are looking for free solutions, then you can try their free site scanner which scans for malware in your website.

They also provide Sucuri Security plugin for WordPress users. It provides the following features

– Security Auditing

– Malware scanning

– Monitor the blacklist

– Actions need to take if in case a malware is detected

– It also monitor file integrity

and a lot of other awesome features.

Pen Test Tools

Pen-Test tools offers WordPress vulnerability scanner. It is an advanced version for WP Scan tool. It scans for vulnerabilities in your website and offers a report in PDF format.

It also have the feature to enumerate the plugins, themes, users and then scans for vulnerability in those plugins, themes and users and gives you a report.

Exploit Scanner

Exploit scanner is a WordPress plugin which you can install in your WordPress. It scans all your WordPress core files, database and comments. If you ever feel like your site has been compromised, then this tool comes in handy as it scans all your files, database and comments. If anything suspicious or malicious code is injected in your code, it will scan and will give information about it.

But it doesn’t remove anything, just informs about malicious code injected in your code.

WP Loop

WP Loop is the basic level security plugin for your WordPress. If you have just installed your WordPress and wanted to take security precautions from the first place, then you can start with WP Loop plugin. It performs basic security checkups for your website like install.php, upgrade.php accessibility. Some hackers use install.php & upgrade.php to penetrate into one’s site.

It also enumerates the login and finds if there is any information leakage is happening in your WordPress website. It also checks for any information leakage when submitting posts through Windows Live Writer.

WP Neuron

WP Neuron is an online security scan tool which scans all your core files, plugins and enumerates weak passwords and checks against brute force attack. Using this scan tool, scan your complete website and check for any vulnerabilities that your website may have.

  • Acunetix


Acunetix is one of the best security scan tool which offers both online scan tool and also available for download to use in your computer for later use. It not only scans WordPress but also supports other CMS softwares.

It scans for vulnerabilities like Cross-site scripting (XSS) , SQL injection, SSL, DDOS, Header, SSRF, XXE. It also checks your website for weak passwords and user enumeration and wp-config.php security issues.


Quttera offers a WordPress plugin which can be installed in your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can scan your website from your WordPress admin panel, when running scan, it sends HTTP requests Quttera and fetches latest security updates from its servers.

It also downloads latest malware updates and checks your website for any potential threats. Along with malware lookups, it checks the following details

– PHP code injection detection

– If any external link is placed in your website this scanner will detect it

– It also checks your WordPress core files for any security issues.

If you are looking for a complete website protection, then you can try Wordfence which is most recommended one along with cloudfare. It is also important that you would use a reliable web hosting since all your files will reside with your hosting company.

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