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How to Make Atleast $10 a Day

$10 a day

Everyone will have their ups and downs in their life. If you are struggling to make at least $10 a day. Here is how to earn $10 a day with this proven method.

$10 a day

To make this work, you  must have little knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you are already an affiliate, then things will be pretty easy for you. But, if you are entirely new to this affiliate industry, then you need to work a little in order to know what is what.

So, anyways, here is what you need to do in order to earn atleast $10 a day.

First of all, you need the following

  • Craiglist account
  • An affiliate account in Peerfly or any other affiliate network where they have zip submit offers.

You can also find zip submit offers through this affiliate offers explorer (Offervault) or Odigger . Browse through some zip submit offers and sign up for an account in the company that offers zip submit offers.

Once you got registered, now pull your tracking link for the zip submit offer which will pay you around $1-$2 depending upon the offer and Geo.

Now, all over the world, there will be many people who are jobless trying to find some part time works which can be done from by working at home. So, what you will do is, post a craiglist ad under job sections, saying “Data entry people needed, earn $20 per survey

Be prepared to get floods of emails to your inbox. Now, reply them with your affiliate link in it, since people are hungry to make some money, they will sign up for it and you will make money for making people to sign up for your offers.


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