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How to Make Money Using Shopify and DropShipping



You might have heard of people quitting their 9-5 jobs and making millions of dollars using Shopify with drop shipping. And if you are here means, you probably heard of those stories and wanted to make money using Shopify with Dropshipping.


So, for people who want to start their online store and sell stuff. Here is how you can do that.

What is Shopify?

I know, since you already here, that means you know what a shopify is. But for people who don’t know what a shopify is, A shopify is a webservice which enables users to create their own online store very easily. If you wanted to sell something, it takes a lot of time to create a website, hosting etc. But with shopify, everything can be done so easily. You can start your online store in few minutes.

Now a days many people are quitting their jobs and chasing their dreams with Shopify by starting their online store. There are a lot of people who had earned millions through shopify sales. Want to start your online business too? Here is how to do it.

Choosing a Niche: 

First and foremost thing you need is, what products do you want to sell? What are you passionate about? Something you are expert at it. Or if you just want to earn money no matter what the cause is, then find a problem and sell a solution them.

For example, iPhone cases, no matter how many iPhone cases you have, still when a new iPhone cases comes out, many people want to buy it. If you can get unique iPhone cases for better price than others, you can sell them and make some profit.

But, where do i get iPhone cases for cheap?

Chinese are known for making things at cheaper price. No matter what product you want, they can make it at cheaper price. So, if you are looking for iPhone cases, try to find them in Chinese websites.

Here are the top Chinese E-commerce websites



So, go ahead and search for iPhone cases in those websites and you will be amazed to see the price difference. You can buy from them and sell it here in America. You might be thinking who will handle buying from China and here clearing the customs and then packing the things and mailing it to customers? Don’t get panic, everything can be done it two ways, one is the hardest way and the other one is the smartest way.

So, once you decided to sell iPhone cases, all you can do is apply the drop shipping concept here. You don’t need to ship it your home country, when someone places an order in your website, you can simply order that product for cheaper price in Chinese websites and you keep the profits. Sounds good right?

All you need to do is, find the product which sells good and try to find that product for cheaper price in Chinese websites. Once you decided to sell the product, now time to generate more and more sales and make money from it.

If you have no clue of what products will sell well, then try the following methods.

Try to find amazon’s best selling products in different categories.

  • Best selling amazon’s kitchen products
  • Best selling amazon’s electronics


Now you will get an idea of what kind of products are selling really well in the internet right now. So by now, you will have an idea of what kind of product you want to sell.

Setting up your Shopify Website:

Setting your shopify website is really simple. All you need to do is, sign up at and setup your online store. Here is how to do that.

Open and then enter your email address to get started.

It will ask for few details like your unique store name, email and password. Once you are through that, you will be asked to verify your email address.

During registration, you have given your unique store name, that will be your store’s website address.

For example if you have given your store name as “xzystore”, then your store address will be

You can also buy a custom domain from Godaddy and redirect to shopify. Here is how to do that.

Once you have logged into your Shopify dashboard, click on Online Store on your left hand side.

and now you can see the options Domains

Shopify Custom domain

Now, you will see two options

one is to Buy a New Domain 

or you can Change your primary domain 

If you don’t want any hassle just go with buying a new domain, it will be easy for you.

Now that you have your store setup with a brand new domain. You are almost ready to sell using your online store.

How to add products to Shopify?

Once you have logged into your shopify store, on the left hand side, you can see the option Products

Add product shopify

Now, click on Add New Product which you can see in  your right hand side of your screen. Use different options provided by shopify and design your store as you like it. You can also change the way your online store looks by changing the themes.

To change your shopify theme, Go to your Dashboard > Online Store > Themes

Shopify is bit expensive for everything, they don’t offer much for free, so in order to have a good theme, you have to buy their premium themes or you can buy one from as they offer different varieties of premium shopify themes.

So, finally you got your store setup with good looking theme.

How to pick a product to sell?

If you already have a product in mind, then you are good to go and add that product and start selling. Or if you don’t have any clue of what to do, then here is how to pick a product to sell in Shopify.

There are few websites which offers you amazon product research tools , here are some

Now, using the above amazon product research tools, you can find out which product is selling well right now in Amazon website. Then you can choose the same product and try to get it for cheaper price from Chinese websites and sell it through your shopify website.

So, now you have your store ready and you also have a product to sell.

How to get sales to your Shopify store?

Many people struggle at this part. Many people setup their shopify store easily, but when it comes to getting sales to your product, you need to work hard a bit. There are some free ways to get sales to your shopify store, but that doesn’t get you much sales. So, in order to get good sales, you need to set aside some marketing budget for advertising your store online through online media.

Many successful people have used the following platforms for promoting their shopify websites.

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads

Now that you might start wondering on how to get your money into your bank account. If you are located in America, then you can easily sign up for stripe for processing your customer payments. If you are not that technical, you can simply sign up for Paypal account and link those in your shopify account, so that whenever someone purchases in your store, you will receive the funds in your bank account.

Here is how to setup your payment information in your shopify store :

Go to Settings in your dashboard which is located at the bottom of the page in left hand side. Click on it, then you will be able to see the following options.

Shopify settings

Now click on Payment Providers, you will be able to see different payment providers. If you are familiar with Paypal or Stripe, then choose that option and update your payment settings.


If you wanted to charge extra for shipping, then you can setup your shipping prices under Settings > Shipping

Shopify comes with wide variety of options, so that you can configure your store in the way you wanted.

I will write a separate blog posts on each platform on how to promote your shopify store. Until then, please go through my other blog posts and leave comments below if you need any help.


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Promoting your Shopify using Facebook Ads

Thanks for reading my blog.


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