How Much Do You Get Paid on YouTube


Now a days more and more people are becoming famous with the help of YouTube. Not only they are becoming famous but also it has its perks, they are making tons of money with YouTube. Famous YouTube stars are making millions using their channel. How much do you get paid on YouTube exactly? Today i am going to show you how much money does YouTube will pay you.


There are millions of people who watch YouTube daily. Its like a Television now a days, even people are watching more YouTube than a Television. So, there are a lot of advertisers who are willing to show their ads in YouTube videos. There will be big advertisers like Mercedes Benz who pays a lot and there will be small advertisers who can afford less. If your videos are really famous and gets a ton of visitors daily, then there will be a huge demand for your videos among the advertisers. So, a lot of advertisers are willing to pay good price to show their ad in your YouTube videos. But if your videos are not that famous, then there will be less demand for your videos among the advertisers, so only low paying ads will be shown in your videos.

Currently, YouTube pays you 68% of the advertising revenue to its users. That means, here is the math.

If you have uploaded a video, and it became viral and you are getting around 20k hits daily. Then it means, your video is very popular and a lot of advertisers are in queue to show their ad in your video. Thats means, advertisers are willing to pay higher and higher for to show their ad in your video.

How Much YouTube Pays YouTubers Per View

Usually, YouTube charges its advertisers on the basis of CPM (Cost per thousand) Impressions, Say if an advertiser is willing to pay $20 CPM, then YouTube will give you 68% of that $20. That means you will get around $13.60 per thousand views.

Say if you are getting around 20k visitors daily, then you can earn around $13.60 x 20 which is equal to $272 per daily. This CPM rate also depends on the geo location of your visitors. If your 20k visitors are coming from Tier 1 countries, then you can get higher CPM rates, but if those views are coming from Tier 4 or Tier 5 countries, then no matter if you are getting 600k visitors are day, your CPM rates will be very less.

YouTube Sponsorships

If your video is viral, then you might get tons of emails asking for sponsorships in your upcoming videos, the advertisers will ask you to refer to their products in your upcoming videos and in return they will pay you money. Some advertising companies may ask you to endorse their products and it all depends on how big is your YouTube channel.

The more famous your YouTube channel is the better your chances are.

How do i earn from  YouTube?

So, if you are ready and wanted to make some money from YouTube, start an YouTube channel by signing with your Gmail account. Do you already have something in your mind of what your YouTube channel is going to be?

Some people love cooking, so they can start a YouTube channel on recipes.

Some people love dog training, so they can start an YouTube channel on how to train their dogs.

Some people love playing guitar, so they can start an YouTube channel on how to play guitar.

Some people love gadgets, may be they can start an YouTube channel on Gadget reviews.

Just find out what your passion is, and then start creating your Videos and upload regularly on your YouTube channel, and share your videos in social media, if people love your videos, they will subscribe to your YouTube channel and that gets you more visitors day by day, there by increasing your YouTube video views which will eventually make money from your videos.

Need some Inspiration? Here are the famous YouTuber’s who are making Huge Money!!

PewDiePie – YouTube

PewDiePie is the #1 YouTube star who is earning millions of dollars from YouTube, according to Forbes list his net worth is around $12 million. His YouTube channel is famous for video games. In his videos, this guy plays video games and record’s those videos and uploads in his YouTube channel. Currently he is having around 59 Million subscribers.

These two guys run this YouTube channel Smosh who are famous for comedy videos in YouTube. Currently they have around 22 Million subscirbers and their net worth seems to be around $8.5 million as reported by Forbes.

IISuperwomanII – YouTube

Lilly Singh is another famous YouTube star who is earning millions using her YouTube channel. Currently she has around 13 Million YouTube subscribers. She is famous for her stand up comedy acts in YouTube.
All these famous YouTube stars have started with single video and been persistent with their work and have attained success in what they do. So, if you are really into YouTube and wanted to become a star, start making your first video.
How do i start?
First Pick up a theme on which you want to create your videos.
Second, create your YouTube channel, and start giving description to your YouTube channel.
Now, record a video using your smartphone or a video camera and then upload your video to your YouTube channel.
Now share that video link in your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc.
Upload regularly in your channel and ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, in that way, your YouTube audience will grow.
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