Ashley Madison website was hacked!

Ashley Madison website was hacked!


Many of us must be aware of the famous affiliate offer Ashley Madison who used to one of the top offer in many affiliate networks. They used to pay around $70 per sale. This website is owned by Avid Life Media which is based in Toronto, Canada. Many affiliates promoted this offer aggressively in numerous advertising sources. Ashley Madison has about 40 Million users till now and it is one of the world’s largest casual dating website. Due to its heavy promotion in almost all affiliate networks, it became soo popular all over the world.

On July 15th, 2015, a group of hackers named as “The Impact Team” has hacked this website and stolen all the information it. They have stolen all the user’s email address, last four digits of their credit card numbers and all other information in that site. Before they made this data public, they have threatened the site owner Noel Biderman to shut the site down if not they will share this data to the public. Finally, all sites database was made to public through torrent link. They released these dumps two times, in the second dump, the dump contains the email address of the company’s CEO also.

Now, many of the users of Ashley Madison are worried as their relationships may go worse if they found out to be a member in Ashley Madison website.

These dumps are about 17.9 GB in size.

Many online scammers have already started websites offering searching of their email and name in that stolen database. But according to the news, these websites are found out to be scams in which your email address will be used for spam promotions later on.