What is a Top Level Domain?

What is a Top Level Domain?


Internet is a world of knowledge and it is the knowledge which helps us to be practical. If you are familiar with the terms of the Internet, you must be pretty aware of the fact that there are different domains and each of them are separate from the other. In addition of this, most of the domains use different sites for building a webpage. When it comes to the point of establishing online or while opening a website, domains are the prior thing of concern as it can be the key to influence success. There are several domains available which are internationally accepted but only a few of them acquire the position for being top.

Top Level Domain Advantages

There are some established domains such as .com, .org or even .net which are internationally accepted and thus they can be acquired quite easily with the help of reliable registration services. Indeed, there are a handful of advantages which you would get only from these domains. People are quite familiar indeed with these primary domains and they can actually find your website without any hazards. The simply have to type down the domain name and the extension will be up with the keyboard shortcuts. It is just Shift + Enter for a .net, Ctrl + Enter for a .com and Shift+ Ctrl+ Enter for an .org extension.

Specialised Endings for Top Level Domains

Apart from the default domain extensions, there are also customisable domains found. These specific set of domains acquire specific endings just to signify the purpose. A clear set of example is definitely with the Government websites which generally uses .gov extensions which specify their purpose. Other preferred domain extensions which can be easily acquired are .info, .biz as well as .web. Domain extensions such as these can also be considered as top level. They definitely do not have any such keyboard shortcuts but they can always be quite preferable indeed.

Other Top Level Domains

Specifically, there are other top level domains which may help you up in building your website. These set of domains are however, more suitable for your website than any other default names. The benefit of this is that even you put up a general name for your domain, the extension will be enough for you to make it clear what you are providing. This is quite helpful indeed as the people gets it easily to be understood without any hazards. An example of the Local Top Level Domains would certainly be .edu which defines that the website is providing educational services. Services may be of anything, but it is helpful when the extension is reserved.

Thus, being a top level domain does not mean that it will help you in all. But the best part is that you can choose domain according to your choice of service. With the help of a top level domain you can make your business stand and let it grow bigger and better. Top level domain is what the people are aware of.

Backlinks – A Way to Increase Web Traffic

Do you want to get your blog being the Top Rated? Well, to make an impact of the blog in a good Search Engine Optimization, the importance of Backlinks is huge. Backlinks are excellent to use when building a website. Backlinking from other websites, not only improves the importance of a blog in Search Engine, but it also influences in helping the blog grow better. Still if you aren’t familiar with the knowledge of these, here is a short guide for you:


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are actually the key to get your blog on the top of a Search Engine. Backlinks are nothing but hyperlinks of some other website which are posted in your blog. Such hyperlinks from other websites are known as Backlinks which inturn are very important for a website to have. This is because more the number of backlinks there are in a website, more is the popularity of it. Google is definitely the most popular Search Engine today and it gives a higher ranking to the website with the largest backlinks adding more credibility to it. It is really important to build backlinks with the help of credible sources as it really helps to prove one point that the website carries quality content. However, it is not just enough to have a bunch of backlinks which are actually accumulated from different sources but it is of a real worth when the sources are accumulated from the similar content sources. However, there are a few restrictions to be taken care of. Having a limited backlink is okay but extending it to more than what you can think of can actually place the website to be banned.


What is Link Juice?


It is a colloquial term which is used in SEO world which actually gives the power to a site with the help of links from external as well as internal links. This is actually interpreted as a vote of recommendation to your site which helps in improving the search rankings of the website. There are actually many ways to earn links with the help of direct as well as indirect efforts. Direct effort refers to link a building strategy which is much similar to link building in the social networking as well as blog posting and commenting. However, for indirect efforts, it is just with presenting excellent contents in a blog. This is actually very helpful from a website and thus Link Juice is always essential for a website to have. The link equity which is passed out from these websites or blogs is actually considered as a link juice.


What Are NoFollow and DoFollow Links?


DoFollow: DoFollow are a special format of tagging the hyperlinks of a blog. When a backlink is tagged as a DoFollow link, it helps the website readers to get redirected to the site. This also initiates a good verdict for the website.

NoFollow: The websites do not recommend a NoFollow link to be used as a backlink. The major reason is that it initiates a negative impact on the website. These backlinks are dead and thus the user can verdict the website to not follow or track. In such cases, the website may get chances for getting banned if too many NoFollow backlinks are activated.


What are Spam Links?


Spam Links are a type of backlinks which initiates in building a dead to a website. Spam links can be created by anyone who does not want a website to get enough reputation. However, placing a spam link is creating the misuse of the website and this is the reason why most of the people do not prefer to put spam links on a blog. Much similar to a backlink, the spam link also initiates to a website page with the verdict of a spam note. Thus, with too many click on the link, the search rank of a site may decrease.


What are Internal Links?

Internal Links

Internal links are also a typical format of backlinks which redirects users. The only difference is that the redirection is done with the internal page of the same website. Internal links are hyperlinked on the blogs and articles of a website with the help of a specific keyword. Firstly, when a user clicks on this specific hyperlink, he is easily redirected to the extension of the link. The link redirects to somewhere else in the same page or in the same website leading to any product or any information. The help of internal links actually helps the websites to recycle traffic to their own domain and with the help of this, a huge traffic is generated. Thus, having internal Backlinks is also necessary for your website if you need to put an eye on the monthly traffic.


What Is Anchor Text?

anchor text

The clickable link which is used in a hyperlink is termed as an Anchor Text. There are many ways by which a website tricks to gain traffics. With the help of Anchor Text, a website can easily redirect users to their selected destination with the help of just one click. Usually, the blue underlined text is actually the Anchor Text in the article and it is most common as a web standard. These are specifically the keywords which are used as an Anchor text and it develops in such a way that the website gins the traffic as required.  Anchor text can also be caused as a backlink and it helps to improve the site ranking. Anchor texts can be of two types both natural as well as unnatural.

Natural Anchor Text: This is the anchor text which is used by the blogger to create external links to different blogs in the website. These links may be internal as well as external as well. The help of using Natural Anchor text will increase the ranking of the site.

Unnatural Anchor Text: The Unnatural Anchor Text is actually a spam or a barred text which is used for redirecting users to spam sites. This will bring the value of the blog down and also deteriorates the rank in the Search Engine.


Installing WordPress on your computer using wamp

Installing WordPress on your computer using wamp

This is the second part of installing WordPress on your computer using wamp. Earlier I wrote a blog post about how to setup wamp server where you can install WordPress. Now, after you have installed your wamp server, you can install WordPress in that wamp server, so that you can have your WordPress in your localhost. People use WordPress in their localhost for testing purposes to test their new plugin or new theme. If you are newbie and wanted to start blogging, then this is the heads up for you to start your blog. Start your WordPress blog by installing it locally and once you think you have learned how to setup everything, you can get a domain name and hosting to go live and start your blogging career.

Follow this guide to install WordPress locally in your computer using wamp.

Since, I have already explained how to setup wamp, I am assuming you have installed the wamp and all the services are running in it.

Step 1:

Go to http://localhost to access your default page.

Step 2:

As shown in the earlier article, I am assuming you have already extracted your WordPress folder to www directory present in your wamp’s installation folder.

So, to start the installation of your WordPress, access the WordPress folder through your web browser. Since, I have extracted my WordPress folder at www folder, I am access it through the following url



Step 3:

You will then be redirected to the first step of WordPress installation where you will be asked to choose your desired language.

Step 4:

After selecting your desired language, click on Continue to proceed with installation.

Step 5:

Now, in the next step it will ask you to create configuration file which is needed for the installation. To create a configuration file, you need to have a database, database username & password.

Step 6:

In order to go further with your WordPress installation, you need to create a database, database username and password which needs to be provided during the installation.

Since, wamp comes with mysql & phpmyadmin, you can easily create your database credentials.

Open your http://localhost in another browser window.

At the bottom, you can see phpmyadmin which will help you to create a database and database user. Click on phpmyadmin to create a database.

You will be shown in the above screen.

Step 7:

Click on Users to create your database and database user.

Step 8:

If scroll down a bit, you can see Add User link which will help you to create a database user. Click on it to create the database user.

Step 9:

Now, it will ask you to enter your database user details. Enter your desired database name, database user name, database password and for Host, use localhost.

You can also use the Generate button to generate strong password for you.

As shown in the above, I have entered some dummy values to help you understand. And when you have filled all the fields, click on Go to create your database and its user name and password.

Before clicking on Go, make sure you have saved all the details like your database name, password, username for the use in your WordPress installation.

Step 10:

Once you have clicked on Go, you will see a confirmation message.

And under Users overview, you can see the new database created.

Step 11:

Now, coming back to the WordPress installation, which is in other window.

Click on Let’s Go to proceed creating your configuration file.

Then, you will be asked you to enter database details.

Step 12:

Enter your saved database details in the above fields and remove the default data in that. Below you can see the details entered.

You can leave Table Prefix as it is or you can use your own text as table prefix.

Step 13:

Once you have entered all your database details. Click on Submit. If you have entered the details correctly, you will see a Run Install confirmation message.

Like as shown below

If you have entered wrong database details, you will get an error message saying

“Error in Database Connection”

In that case, you need to check your database details and make sure you have entered correct details.

Step 14:

Once you see the Run the Install page, click on Run the install button to start the installation.

Step 15:

Now, you will be asked to enter your WordPress Blog details. Enter your blog name, your administrator user name & password and email address.

Check the Privacy field if you want your blog to be indexed in Google or else uncheck it.

Step 16:

Once you have entered all the details, click on Install WordPress

It will install the WordPress blog in your localhost and after it got installed you can see a success page.

Step 17:

Now, your WordPress blog was installed successfully, you can log into your WordPress blog using your administrator details which you have entered earlier while installing wordpress.

In my case,

My admin login is: yourname
Password: [email protected]^7DO21E)BOVD5

And I can access my blog’s admin panel at


Once, you have logged into your admin panel, you can manage everything in your admin dashboard, like adding posts, installing themes, plugins and many more.

And your regular blog address is


If you have a static ip means, you can set your localhost WordPress blog to live which can be accessed worldwide or you can get a domain name and hosting to go worldwide.

How to install Wamp Server for WordPress

Today, I am going to show you how to install wamp server for WordPress where you can run your WordPress locally.

You can install WordPress even though if you don’t have a domain name and hosting. This can be done by installing a local webserver in your pc or laptop and can install WordPress in it. A local webserver is also called as localhost and can be accessed in your browser as http://localhost/ or

Many WordPress theme and plugin developers use local webserver for their testing purposes. If you want to try WordPress or its features then localhost is the best bet for you.

But with localhost, other people cannot access your wordpress site installed in localhost. The only people who can see your site is you. Since, it is a localhost, it only resides in your computer and can be accessed by you. To set up a localost, you need to install webserver softwares like wamp, xampp and many more.

Wamp and xampp applications comes with the following installations

  • Apache
  • Php
  • Mysql
  • And some other applications like phpmyadmin, ftp, perl etc.

For WordPress to run, it requires Apache, Php and mysql which the above xampp and wamp applications have.

Normally, you can install all these above mentioned applications separately to launch your localhost. You can directly download apache server, php and mysql and install separately in your computer and integrate them together to work properly.

Apache is a web server which serves webpages only html pages, and in order for apache to serve php pages, it needs to be integrated with php library.

And a mysql server is a database server which enables you to create databases.

All these can be installed separately, but wamp makes it easy by combining all these in a single application. For newbies, a wamp server is recommended as it is easy to install and use it.

Follow the below guide to install wamp server for installing your wordpress

Step 1:

Type wamp in Google search as shown in the below

And you can see the search results with wampserver.com

Step 2: Click on the Google result with wampserver.com and you will be taken to their wamp’s official site.

Step 3: Click on Download link at the top of the webpage.

Step 4: Now, you will be taken to the download page where you will be asked to choose which type of processer is yours.

Follow the steps:

Click on Start
Right Click
on My Computer and Click on Properties

If you can see x64 under system, your computer can run 64Bit applications and you can download 64 Bit WampServer. If you see x86, then your computer is capable of running 32 Bit only, in that case, you need to download Wampserver 32Bit.

Since, the computer I am showing you this demo is 64 Bit I am downloading 64 Bit version.

Step 5: Download your suitable version of wamp

Step 6: Now click on download directly link as shown in the above screenshot.

Step 7:

You will be taken to an external trusted site sourceforge.net when you clicked on download directly link. It will automatically downloads the wamp software to your computer, if not , click on the direct link as shown in the above.

Step 8: After you have downloaded, you can see the downloaded file with the following name, though the version numbers might change as they keep on releasing new updates frequently.

Step 9:

Now open the downloaded file and install it. Follow the below steps to install it.

Click on Next to continue the installation

Accept the License agreement for WampServer

Choose the path where you want to install your wamp server.

If you want to have Quick Launch icon and Desktop icon, check them and click on Next.

Now Click on Install to install it.

Step 10:

After it has installed, it will ask you for the path of web browser. You need to show the path for your internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

In this demo, I am showing the path for Google Chrome

Normally, Google Chrome is located in the following location:
Local Disk (C) > Program Files > Google > Chome > Application

Step 11:

If you have a Windows Firewall, it will ask you to grant access to newly installed Wamp Server.

Step 12:

In the next step, it will ask you to setup mail parameters, which you don’t need right now, so use the default values to keep going.

Step 13:

Now, click on Finish as you are you about to finish the installation of wamp server.

Step 14:

Now, you can see a new icon appearing under your tray icons in your desktop.

Step 15:

Click on the icon which is wamp server’s icon to access its menu.

Step 16:

Click on Localhost to access your localhost site.

You should be able to see the above screen if everything is installed properly.


But, sometimes, if you are running Skype , you will get problems installing a wamp server. Even though if you think you have installed everything properly, you will still see a blank page like the below.

That means your wamp’s default port which is 80 is being used by another application. You either disable that application from being running or change your port.

For me, my skype is using the port 80, so, I am changing the default port for webserver which is 80 to 801.

Follow the guide below to change your port if you are experiencing the same problem.

Go to your wamp’s installation directory. In my case, it is

Local Disk (C) > Wamp

Now, you need to go to apache’s conf director in order to change the port.

So, this is the directory which I need to go

Local Disk (C) > Wamp > bin > apache > apache2.4.9 > conf

Edit the file httpd.conf file as shown in the above with wordpad .

Now, you can see the httpd.conf file.

Search for the string “listen” using Ctrl+F in your keyboard.

And you can see the above line of code.

Now change the above lines to the following one




And click on Save to save the configuration file.

Now, Restart your web server as shown in the below.

After, you clicked on Restart All Services, your web server will restarts its services.

Now finally, if you refresh the same old localhost webpage. You can able to see its default page.

You can also access your localhost at the following address

Replace 801 with your post which was set in your configuration file.

You can set any port number in your configuration file, since I set, 801 as my port address, I am using it now.

Step 17:

Now, you have successfully installed your webserver. Now, I am going to show you how to install wordpress in it.

Go to http://wordpress.org to download a copy of wordpress files.

Step 18:

Click on Download WordPress to download your wordpress files.

Step 19:

Now, you will be taken to its download page where you will be again asked to click on Download WordPress

Click on it to download the files.

Step 20:

You can see a zip folder being downloaded which contains WordPress installation files.

Step 21:

Now, after you have downloaded the file, open it with winrar or winzip. You will be able to see a folder with name wordpress in that zip file.

Step 22:

Now extract the folder wordpress to wamp directory to install it.

Step 23:

Extract the folder to the following path


If you have installed wamp in some other directory it should be extracted to the following path

Your wamp directory/www

Click ok to extract to the desired location.

Step 23:

After you have extracted the folder to www directory, click refresh on your localhost default page.

You can able to see the new folder wordpress will be appearing in that page.

In the next blog post, I will be writing a detailed guide on how to finish installing wordpress in your localhost.

Get access to the Effective ways to write a Guest Post

Get access to the Effective ways to write a Guest Post

guest post

Every company is working to have increased traffic on their website and this is the reason why various marketing strategies are opted. Web marketing companies do promote the websites of various businesses and organizations by adopting various policies, which work with the common aim of attracting the targeted traffic towards the website. One of the most effective and renowned way of attracting the targeted traffic is by posting the guest post. Guest post could bring more customers and clients towards your website if done appropriately; it is basically designed to use the popularity of websites with the similar niche.

Guest post could be called as a guest appearance on the various websites that are rich in traffics. The guest post should be capable enough of attracting the targeted customers towards the website to be promoted. The success depends largely on how you compose a guest post, is the content good enough to bring traffic to the websites through the post, and other such related factors. Below mentioned are some of the tactics that would act as the guideline to building a substantially effective guest post.

How to strategize?

Have a look at some of the effective ways to write a guest post.

  • Post to bring traffic to the upshot page

The guest post should include links and hyperlinks that direct the traffic towards the outcome. The post should be result oriented and it should be capable enough to reflect the outcome while taking the traffic from one website to the other. The point to be considered is, that the traffic should not be lead to a basic home page or any other well designed page of the website to be promoted. Instead, it should directly hit the target by directing the traffic towards the page in which the related information is displayed that is meant for the customers or clients.

Create a landing page including all the necessary details that would act as a center point to let the prospected customers stay glued to the company. The page should be designed including all the relevant information that portrays company’s products and services resourcefully.

  • Use big names to highlight your Company

One of the most workable and simple ways to gather the attention of the targeted customers is to use the names of renowned brands and websites in the guest post. The guest post would catch more eyes if it would have something popular to display. Take the benefit of other’s popularity and introduce your website and its products and services in the same.

While you follow this strategy, you get associated with experts and this adds value to your guest post. A valuable post would definitely gather the attention of the targeted customers which would eventually increase the traffic on the website.

  • Keep the follow up posts ready after your guest posts

Keep the follow up post ready so that you could keep your targeted customers updated about the various changes that you have made in the products and services that you offer. Your customers feel good to be in touch with the company they are been following. Make sure you update your customers so that they feel important.

  • Aim for long term results

Do not expect instant results while you upload a guest post. The post should aim for 10 years result and not 10 hours. A guest post should be a long term strategy. The policies considered while designing a guest post should induce long term results, strategize for the outcome 10 years later to when you are posting the material. It should be constructed to get enduring results that remain alive for long term.

  • Design the guest post considering the anchor text

Anchor text is the text in the hyperlink that could be clicked to reach to the website page that has been hyperlinked. Anchor text is basically relevant to the page that you are linking to as this brings larger traffic to the website. Anchor text contributes largely in the search engine optimization rankings for your website; hence it is very important to keep a relevant anchor text in the guest post.

Prior to writing a guest post, do make sure to carry on a keyword research so that you could include the best keywords in your post and the anchor text. Keywords play a prominent role in making your website gain the required traffic.

  • Answer each and every query

While you publish your guest post, there are sure shot chances that you get various comments that may contain queries related to your post. Make sure you answer each and every query posted on to your post. This is an important step while you want to make your targeted customers engaged in your company and the various posts rendered by it. To let the customers or clients remain engaged with your website, it is very important to hold an open platform for two way communication.

Always ask for suggestions and feedbacks through comment, this could prove to be really helpful if you want to keep upgrading your posts using new innovative ideas.

  • Target newbie while writing a guest post

Guest posts should always be written targeting the beginners. There are larger chances the beginners would visit the website. The guest post should be designed specifically targeting the beginners; the content included should simple enough to be understood by a beginner.

Thus, these are the various strategies that would help you in designing the most effective guest post. Make the most out of your guest post so that you could enjoy the benefits rendered by various other branded names. A guest post is the most popular way of getting large number of traffic towards the website. It is like extracting the resourceful from the websites that have excellent page ranking.  Keep a check on the effective ways of writing a guest post so that you could update your knowledge and design some of the most efficient guest posts.



What is a Suppression List?

If you are into affiliate marketing, you might have heard about Suppression List already. But many newbies still wonder about what a suppression List is?  For those people, i am going to give a short brief on it.

Suppression List : 
A Suppression file is a file containing list of email address who do not want to receive your broadcasts. Often many affiliate networks provide suppression file for each offer. Usually, this list was created when people unsubscribed for the promotional emails of that offer sent to people, the list of email addresses who were unsubscribed will be added to to a file . For people who want to promote that offer through email marketing, then need to use this suppression file when sending their broadcast. So that, people who already opted out for this offer’s promotional emails will not receive anymore emails for that offer.

You can see an example of an affiliate network offering suppression list


And when you download the suppression list, you can see the list in a zip folder


Here in the above, i am showing the suppression list for Alibaba’s Affiliate offer.

How to use Suppression List?

Now you got the idea about what a Suppression list is, but are you still not sure about how to use suppression list?

For example:

If are building your list and have a decent amount of subscribers in your list. And if you want to promote Alibaba’s offer to that list of yours. Then you need to use this suppression list provided by the affiliate network when sending your email broadcast. Because, there might be some people in your list who already unsubscribed for the offer your are going to promote to your list. So in order to comply with CAN-SPAM Act 2003 of (United States of America) you should use a suppression list when promoting using email marketing.

Many email marketing companies like Aweber, Getresponse offers the use suppression list when you create an email marketing campaign .

Here i am going to show you how to upload a suppression file in your Aweber.

Steps for uploading a suppression file in Aweber

Step 1) In your Aweber Account, go to “Manage Subscribers” page.

Step 2) At the bottom of that page, you can able to see “Additional Tools” , in that section, choose “Suppress Subscribers” in order to use the list you have.

Step 3) In “Suppress Subscribers” section, you will have the option to paste domains and email address which needs to be suppressed while sending your email campaign. As you can see in the above screenshot, the affiliate network will provide both domains and email addresses which needs to be suppressed. So, paste those domains list and email addresses list in the suppress subscribers box .

Step 4) When you are done adding the list, click on Suppress  Address/Domains  which will be suppressed when your campaign go live.

You can find the similar kind of procedure for other email marketing companies too. If you want to comply with CAN SPAM Act, you better use this suppression list when sending your email marketing campaign.

What Makes a Backlink A High Quality Backlink?

What Makes a Backlink A High Quality Backlink?


Ever thought of why a backlink can be important for your content? Yes, there can be many reasons of why there is a backlink in your content and what value will it add to your content. But, before you add a backlink randomly, you should understand why a backlink is important. A backlink is actually important as it links from the business websites to the contents of the personal blogs. Apart from this, it targets on specific keywords, which are brought up on the blogs. Backlinks are mostly embedded in the contents to increase the traffic to the commercial websites. This helps in many ways as the backlinks are developed in such a way that it helps in every ways. But, before you acquire a backlink to your personal blog, you should know how to make your selected backlink to be a high quality one. To make a backlink successful and highly qualified, you must be doing one thing perfectly and it is to follow this important fact.

From a relevant source

The main trick applied by search engines is that they are desired to provide relevant search to the sources. Thus, when backlinks are evaluated by the search engines, it is first considered that there should be a perfect link to the relevant source. The more appropriate you can make it up for the content, the more it can be familiar for getting the backlink to be highly qualified. The Search Engines mainly count on the relevance of the linking site.

From a trusted source

This is quite logical indeed that a high quality backlink would definitely come from a trusted source. If the source is trusted enough, it gets a green signal from the Search Engines. First of all, to measure if a website is trustworthy; you need to check for spam issues in the website. However, in most of the cases it is not. However, it is to be always kept in mind that the higher the quality of trust for a website is, the higher would be the quality of the backlink. This will give a fair chance for your content to be encoded with a high quality backlink as the source will outcome as a good result for the backlink.

Sends traffic

One of the most important finds for every website is traffic, so if the traffic is redirected to the commercial website from your blog, then it must be considered as high quality content. Thus, to make the backlink to be high quality some facts may always be considered. The more you can generate traffic to the commercial website, the more you can actually turn increasing the quality of the backlink. This is quite a straightforward quotient, which interrelates with the level of traffic to the website.

Exact/phrase/synonym match anchor link text used

The first thing that you can take up in your mind is that whenever any keyword is searched on the internet, search engine redirects to the blogs. The one thing that you need to take control of is the exact keyword and the phrase. If the backlink is targeted on such a keyword, which is most, searched, the backlink would be automatically considered to be highly qualified. Exact phrases of the backlinks when searched by the people, automatically generates to these backlinks and then to the commercial websites.


The next important thing would certainly be the context of your content. The more your content is viewed, the more your backlinks are. Thus, there is a specific reason why content is quite beneficial as well. What you need to do is quite simple indeed. You have to make your content the best or in other words, you need to make it viewed many times as well. The more views you can bring up for your content, the more are automatic views for the backlinks as well.

On a page with Page Rank

Page Rank is also a very important aspect to look out for. Similar to the Trust Issue of websites, the preference goes to the websites who are ranked with a better Page Rank. Thus, before you start with the backlink, you are about to develop, you must consider the web page to be ranked a little higher. Still, it is not the only fact to look out for; you must place exact backlinks in your content to increase the quality of it. This will help in other terms to make your content to be higher quality indexed as well.

Next to backlinks to authority websites

The best part is when you get a commercial website on your backlink; you need to keep it up to the authority of the website. The backlinks should be developed in such a way that it redirects to the website only without any other route to a third party website. The more this is maintained accurately, the more it is beneficial for the backlink as well.

Not reciprocal

Websites do not like negative approach to the content. You just need to plug in a positive effect of the backlink which will redirect to the website as well. The search engine verdicts to be the website as banned if a negative approach from the backlinks are uploaded to the content. So you have to make it positive as well.

Few other backlinks on the page

Remember one thing that search engines do not prefer all backlinks to be redirected to a single commercial website. In other words, there is a limit to add backlinks to a website be it low or be it high. When a website sis stuffed with too many backlinks, there are too many automated third party redirection towards the site. This actually creates a negative impact on the website and thus the quality of the backlink has a verdict to be bad. Thus, the lower the limit of the backlink presented, the higher is the quality of the backlink. So try to make out of the better options in the source of the backlinks which you are forwarding in the content.

How to extract your twitter followers to excel sheet for free

How to extract your twitter followers to excel sheet for free or can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint format also.

Recently many people are asking how to export their twitter followers to Excel sheet for free. So I thought I would write a blog post about how to extract your twitter followers to excel sheet for free.

export twitter followers

Twitter does not provide any official tool or option to export their twitter followers. But this would be a helpful for many tweeters. If they can export their followers, it would help them to track their followers timely. Since, twitter is not providing any official support to this feature, many private websites started offering this service by charging a fee for this feature. Most of the private websites who are offering this service don’t charge much if you have small following. But if you have large followers like more than 10,000. Then you need to pay some price in order to export your followers to excel sheet or Microsoft Power point format.

What is the use of exporting twitter followers?

Exporting your twitter followers can help you keep track of your followers, and their bio, number of followers for each user following you, their location. You can also track your followers niche, like what topics they were interested in, which topics they are actively involved in, which keywords they were actively searching for. You can also get data like their time zones, so that, you can have a clear idea from which geo your followers are from. You can also get data like Audience distribution by klout score, active topics.

With Klout Score, you can find how influential your followers are. Having highest klout score means the person is more influential. According Klout’s website, Barack Obama is the #1 influential person so far. So, exporting your twitter followers will give you much data about your followers. You can also, not which users are worthy and can write personal notes about them. And also, if wanted, you can extract people whom you want to follow in your other account.

Now, here I am going to show you how to export your followers step by step.

Step: 1

Simplymeasured.com is a website designed for Social media analytics. They offer free twitter analytics too.

Go to the following link in order to export your twitter analytics


Step 2:

Enter your twitter username as show in the above field, the website will fetch your twitter account next to the field.

Now, if you see your twitter account fetched correctly, click on Continue to export your followers.

Step 3:

Since, they are offering this service for free upto 10,000 followers, they are asking us to follow their account in order to export your followers.

So, follow the step to download your followers information.

Step 4:

As their website already fetched your twitter account, it will ask you to authorize your account to follow their twitter account.

Authorize your twitter and follow their twitter account to proceed with exporting of your twitter followers.

Step 5:

Now, enter your name, email address and company name, so that they will send your report to your email address.

Step 6:

Once you have filled all these details, click on Send Me My Free Report, your twitter followers report will be mailed to you shortly

You can also download your followers report if it is a short one. Click on the above link as shown in the fig, and you can download your report.


Your report will look like the following image.

You can see the data of your follower distribution, Klout Score, Tweets you and Audience.

You can also get data about the top keywords in your Audience Profiles. This will help you tailor your audience basing on different niches.

The report will also give you a bar diagram of your audience with top keywords and their niche.

You can also see the data of your twitter followers distribution by Date of last tweet. You can see data like, how much percentage of people in your followers have tweeted in the last 24 hours, 24 hours to 1 week till one year.

In the above sample report, you can also see the number of followers your followers have.

You can also see your audience klout score distribution and the topics they were involved in. This will help you to find out who are your most influential followers among all of your followers. You can see who has the highest klout score and lest. The person with highest score is more influential, so you can see which one of your followers has highest klout score.

Like I said in the above, in this twitter followers export report, you can also see your audience distribution by time zone.

This report has also filtered your total audience by zone wise, so that you can see from which time zone you have more followers and from which time zone you have less followers. So with this analytical data on time zone, you can work on other geos where you are not getting followers from.

At last, you can see the detailed view of your twitter followers with metrics like number of followers your following people has, number of people they were following, Number of tweets each person has made so far, their klout score and the topics they were engaged on.


This twitter analytical data on your followers will help you analyze your followers and can help you gain more following. You can read more info about twitter analytics in earlier blog post.

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Fix Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual editor & White Text

Fix Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual editor & White Text

Recently, I have observed that, many people were facing the problem of missing buttons in their WordPress visual editors and also, when they were writing a blog post in their editor, they can’t see what they were writing in it. They were not even able to switch from visual editor to their html editor. It becomes frustrating when those buttons don’t show up and won’t let you write your blog post peacefully. A blog post will look nice and will attract visitors only if it was richly formatted and has good alignment with pictures. When you don’t have the buttons in your visual editor, you may face difficulty formatting your blog post without buttons in your visual editors. And when you were writing your blog posts, if your text appears white, there is no point in writing because you can’t see what you were writing. People also have reported that, they can’t even switch from their visual editor to html editor. With all these errors in your blog, you will lose interest in writing a blog post.

Here I am going to show you how to fix all these errors.

Below you can see how it will look like if your buttons are missing.



Some people use TinyMCE Advanced Plugin for their editor as it will helpsin adding more buttons to your editor and thus giving even more feasibility to format your blog post. Here is how your editor will look like if you install TinyMCE editor plugin.

In the above picture, you can see lot of buttons were added to your editor which will help you in formatting your article even better.

There are some hidden buttons available in default WordPress visual editor. Most people will notice them normally, but if you are really new to WordPress, here is how you can show the hidden buttons in your editor.

Your default WordPress editor will be like this


If you click on the Toggle Toolbar button as shown in the above, you can see the hidden buttons for your visual editor.


In the above picture, you can see the new buttons showing in your editor.

Now, coming to main point, Missing buttons in your visual editor.

Method 1:

Try clearing your browser’s cache, sometimes your buttons in visual editor won’t show if there is some caching problem with your browser. So, try clearing your cache of your browser or use a different browser. The buttons should show up, if the problem occurred due to caching issue. If not, go for Method 2.

Method 2:

Is this problem arising after you have updated your WordPress?
Maybe during your update process, something may went wrong and it resulted in missing your buttons in visual editor. WordPress will have TinyMCE scripts by default in the folder wp-includes/js/tinymce

Try replacing this entire folder which is responsible for showing buttons in your visual editor. If something wrong with this folder means, after you have replaced your tinymce your buttons should show up.

As some users of WordPress have reported that, after updating their WordPress, they were missing wp-inclides/js/tinymce/wp-tinymce.js.gz in their WordPress installation directory. Try copying the file from your WordPress installation directory to your website directory which should fix the problem.

Method 3:

If the above two methods are not working means, then there might be some issue with your JavaScript when trying to load your visual editor. To resolve this, you can simply disable this by adding some code to your wp-config file. Normally for loading faster, all JavaScript files were loaded in a single url, but since you were getting problem with it. You can disable this feature by adding the following line to your wp-config.php file.

define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

The above trick has fixed many of the users who reported the error earlier. Hope it will help you fix your problem too.


If this problem occurred after you have upgraded your blog, try method 2 , as many users have reported that the file wp-tinymce.js.gz was missing.

Sometimes, plugins like simple Ad Manager and other plugins, may not integrate well with your themes, so they may lead to missing icons in your visual editor. If you have installed new plugin and lost icons in your WordPress editor, then try to disable them and see if you can see the buttons again.

How to check a Google Penalty & tools used to check a Google Penalty

How to check a Google Penalty & tools used to check a Google Penalty

What is Google Penalty?

Google Penalty is actually a negative impact on a particular website. It is based on the updates of a website according to the Google’s Search Engines. Or you can say it is may be because of an algorithm update or of a delicate intention.

Well, if you are obtaining a website and you are aware of any such penalties charged by Google, you can follow up this guide to know more. Checking a Google penalty only requires three basic steps to come across which includes:

  1. Monitoring Your Data
  2. Identifying the Different Types of Google Penalties
  3. Finding a Google Penalty

Step 1: Monitoring Your Data

Monitoring your website traffic and looking up for who is viewing your website is always essential if you want to take the website to the top. Here are some tools that might help you in monitoring your data in different ways.

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a key for tracking your views. It actually provides an in-depth glance to check your site in various ways including the track changes. This specific tool interact your website with many other SEO tools, which help in developing your website.

  • Moz Rank Tracker: The main trick for using this tool is to track your website activities including the visitors. This tool links internally with the Google Analytics Tool to track the data and offers a premiere version for a live tracking.

  • SearchMetrics: The SearchMetrics offers a snapshot of your website which is visible for a suspended amount of time. This allows a real time tracking report where you can pin point problems at that instant. Thus, with many valuable tools provided with SearchMetrics, you have no more reasons to worry.


  • Seositecheckup.com: Seositecheckup.com is also an awesome tool to start up with. This tool gives you updates every moment. With the help of this tool, you can also get rid of undesired tagging of your website. There are also a variety of factors which are found on page.


Step 2: Identifying the Different Types of Google Penalties

The next most things after you have a daily track to website data is to identify the Different Types of Google Penalties. Indeed, there are lots of Google Penalties which may be acting on your website. Thus before going further, you must know why Google Penalties are affecting your website.

However, primarily, there are four types of Google penalties mostly seen on the websites, which include:

  • Algorithmic Penalty
  • Manual Review Penalty
  • Site-wide Penalty
  • Partial Manual Penalty
  • Algorithmic Penalty: This may happen every time there is an Algorithmic Update on Google. This particular update takes place randomly and if you are hit by it, it will definitely affect you in google page ranking. Google may even ban your website if you are not abiding the rules and regulations. Here are some major Google Algorithm Updates and what they targeted:
    • Panda (2011): This automatic update targeted low quality content. Here the content firms were hit the hardest along with ones booming with plagiarized contents.

    • Penguin (2012): This year, it targeted with the poor Quality Links. Sites were banned for providing automated links and then selling them.

    • Hummingbird (2013): Sites with long Tail Search Queries were hit the most this year. The goal was to eliminate the sites that were having such queries.
  • Manual Review Penalty: Manual Review Penalties can occur any time in a day. It occurs mainly due to the effect of manual complaining to google. Basically, when one manually complains Google about contents in your website, google blacklists it. The next step occurs when google verifies the issues. If you are caught, you may be straightaway terminated from using the website anymore.

  • Site-wide Penalty: The Site-wide Penalty is definitely a penalty that you will never like to see. This is actually the meaning of which that the site has been viewed by Google and is reviewed as a spam. This penalty drops down the search engine rankings and thus the website can be terminated. Most of the time, if this happens with your website, you may face the rule of getting banned from Google. Thus, definitely one can say that the Site-wide Penalty is a penalty that you would never like to come across with.
  • Partial Manual Penalty: The Partial Manual Penalty actual means that there is a manual reviewer of your site who has reviewed it to be a spam. It does not at all mean that there is problem in all of your pages, but there may be a single thing which has an issue. The main problem is that may it be a backlink or any other thing, which has a problem while the Partial Manual Penalty has been activated.

Step 3: Finding a Google Penalty

Here comes the real part where we need to find the Google penalty that has affected your website. This part can also be figured out with major three steps which include Check Indexing, Check Keywords as well as Check Your Visitors. So if you are having issues with Google Penalty, check this out:

  • Check Indexing: If you are concerned to receive a site wide penalty, you can opt for indexing your website. Just type in your website URL to google.com and hit on Enter. The limit of search thus becomes shortened and you can check as your website coming up. You can now see your website and if you do not then your website is caught! You can thus take the help of Google Indexing, as this will give a clear status to you of what your website is currently facing and how it is facing.
  • Check Keywords: Keywords are another important thing to focus on. If you are holding a good value of your website, then with the help of keyword search, people should be redirected to your website. You can track on google keyword search to find the results. If you find your website coming up, then it is good and if not, then there is a certain drop in your rankings. You can get to know if you are penalised or not.
  • Check PageRank: With the help of Google Page Rank, you can automatically get to know the ranking of your page. There may be a promotion of any other page but if there is a demotion in yours, then you are definitely caught under Google Penalties. This might be quite sensual indeed as a matter of fact but you may face problems with it. One of the best things that you can check with Google Page Rank is that you can track a real time update for this.


  • Check Your Visitors: One of the best things is to check manual visitors. Log on to the control panel of your website where you can view a real time update of your website. You can monetize it any time. However, what is to be focused on is a sudden drop of visitors. If this happens, then surely there are some problems with the website. You can find it out as a Google penalty.

Finding out whether your website is caught with Google Penalty or not is quite important indeed. Thus, if you do not know how to find out Google penalty for your website, these 5 Tools may help you out.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools: One of the most important tools to be updated even before getting penalised is definitely Google Webmaster Tools. With the help of Google Webmaster Tools, you can get notifications of about everything, which will affect your website in Page Rank. Thus, you can automatically detect the problem.


  1. Screaming Frog Web Crawler: The tool Screaming Frog Web Crawler is actually specialized on certain aspects of your website. It allows you in detecting the duplicate contents, dead ends as well as internal redirects.
  1. Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History: This is one of the most important tools if Google Penalties are concerned. You can track all algorithm updates, which has affected your website whenever it has occurred. The main aim is certainly to forecast these issues and then rectify all. So if you are using Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History then you can track all changes.
  1. Majestic SEO: When facing Google Penalties, there must be one site to guide you and certainly, this is the one. It has all to do with badlinks. The tool detects all sorts of back links, which helps to clean up the website later on. Majestic SEO actually helps to denote all certain changes that you need to make for your website. It is definitely a good Alternative.
  1. Fetch as Google: The tool “Fetch as Google” has many positive features, which enables users to find how google sneaks in a pulls out an URL in your site. This is actually a great tool to detect basic errors in your website, which are being redirected or blocked by robots. It also helps to check the response time for your server.