How People are Making Money With Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is one of the top rated cryptocurrency which everyone is talking about. Its value rose from $10 to $19,000 in few years. No stock or currency has this much growth in few years. And it has had made many people millionaires. So, a lot of craze has started among people for bitcoin. And now, many people wanted to make money with bitcoin and wanted to become millionaires. Yeah, who does not want money? Everyone wants money and that to quickly. There is no shortcut to making money. Even if it comes with bitcoin also, it takes time and a lot of experience.

By the time i am writing this article, the bitcoin value is at $13768 pet bitcoin. So how exactly people are making money from bitcoin and what drives bitcoin’s price higher and higher?

So first things first, for any stock or currency, if there are more buyers, then the price will increase and if there are more sellers, the price will decrease. If more people think that Bitcoin’s price will increase, then more people will buy bitcoin and eventually its value will increase. So, the early buyer who buys bitcoin at lowest price will get maximum revenue. When the price reach good value, you can sell it and get your money. So, the difference amount from buying and selling the bitcoins, you will make money from that.

So, the more money you invest in it, the more you will make. If occurs oppositely, then you will lose.

Today, i am going to show you how to trade bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be traded in two ways.

  • Using Forex Brokers
  • Using Bitcoin exchanges

Let’s talk about Forex brokers first. You need a Forex trading account in order to trade bitcoin. Many forex brokers are now offering bitcoin for trading. So, you can buy and sell bitcoin in that trading account.

For demonstration, i am considering the following broker

Register an account with them first. They provide both demo and real accounts. If you just want to know how trading works, then you can sign up for a demo account and play with it a little bit. And once, you are confident enough, you can open a real account.

But usually, most people find good success in demo and failure in Real accounts, this is because, they don’t trade the same in real and demo. When it comes to real money, their emotions will play instead of their thinking. So, my advise is to start with real account itself, so you will know how exactly it will works.

So, after you register an account with them, you will get login details for your trading platform. Usually, most of the traders use, Meta Trader for trading a currency or stock or crypto.

Download the meta trader by signing into your account. And log into your meta trader using the login details you got in your email.

Once you got logged into your metatrader, here is how it will look like.

Now, if you want to buy or sell Bitcoin, here is how to do that.

Click on File > New Chart > BTCUSD

Now, the bitcoin price chart will open up.

See, whether Bitcoin’s price will increase or decrease, decide yourself.

Now, click on New Order on your toolbar. You will be asked to select the volume. The volume will be in lots, 1 lot is equal to 100,00 USD and it may vary depending upon the type of account you open with the broker. Check with them for more details.

Select the lot and click on Buy or Sell by choosing Market execution if you want to buy or sell at current price. Or if you want to buy or sell at desired price, you can place limit orders.

After you place the trade wait and watch, when the price increases and you are in profits, close the trade and make money trading bitcoin. Trading requires extensive research and strategies, without those you are putting your money at risk. Make sure what you are doing when trading.

Another way to trade bitcoin is through cryptocurrency exchanges.

With exchanges, you buy bitcoin and store in your bitcoin wallet and send bitcoins to anyone. Here are some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


To get started with cryptocurrency exchanges, first you need to register an account with them. After that, in order to trade in cryptoexchanges, you need to deposit any crypto currency into your exchange’s crypto wallet. Most people start with depositing bitcoin into exchange’s wallet.

To buy bitcoin, you can use the following website

Here, you can buy bitcoins with your credit card, paypal or bank transfer. Just initiate a trade with seller for your local currency and in exchange you will get bitcoins. Provide, your exchange’s bitcoin wallet address to the seller in

Once you pay them your real money, they will send you bitcoins to your wallet. is safe to use, as they use escrow service, so your money is protected by them.

Once you get bitcoins in your wallet, wait for your turn, when the price increases just sell the bitcoin and make money from the margin you get by selling.

Apart from this, you can also make money by mining bitcoins which is only for tech guys. If you are newbie and had no computer hardware knowledge, its difficult to understand that or you can buy a pre configured mining rig to make some money.

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How to Earn Bitcoins

How to earn bitcoins


Every one is now obsessed with owing a bitcoin. Because its value has increased exponentially in very short span of time. The value of Bitcoin used to have around $10 and now it is around $15000. If you have bought 10 bitcoins in 2010 for $10, now you would be having around $150k.

There are huge swings in the price of Bitcoin. One day it might be at $10k and in the next week it might be sitting at $20k. There is a bigger risk and bigger reward for bitcoin. Since, everyone is talking about crypto currencies and its huge growth, a lot of people wanted to own bitcoins for its exponential growth.

Here is the price chart of the bitcoin for the past year.

It started with $10 and now it is sitting $13,000 at the time of writing this article. Some people are thinking that it will hit $50k by the end of the year 2018. Some people think that it will fall eventually. Whatever the case, every business has its upsides and downsides, right now crypto is booming. And bitcoin has made many people millionaires.

So, if you want to own few bitcoins despite of the risk associated with it, here is how to buy bitcoins or how to earn bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin Mining

Since, bitcoin has huge value, you can’t simply earn few bitcoins. The #1 way to earn bitcoins is through bitcoin mining. For many newbies, they don’t have any idea what is bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is simply authorizing bitcoin transactions between two bitcoin users. For authorizing their transactions you will get a reward in bitcoins. But, hey wait, its not that simple. You might be thinking that i can easily authorize 100 transactions and earn 100 bitcoins. You need to be authorizing million transactions in order to earn few penny bitcoins.

But how to authorize more transactions? How can you do that? The answer is, there are some special devices which can do the mining and earn bitcoins for you. But they are not cheap, you can buy bitcoin miners online and earn bitconis. Those devices are called Antminer D3 . All you need to do is buy those Antminers and enter your bitcoin wallet address and connect to the internet. They will mine the transactions and earn bitcoins for you in your wallet.

Antminer’s are not cheap, but when considering the value of the bitcoin, its worth the investment. You also need to consider your electricity charges. If you can get electricity for cheap, then you can earn more from mining.

Since, in china there are a lot of established bitcoin miners already, there will be huge competition for it. What is competition in Bitcoin mining? If the number of people who are mining the bitcoin increases, the difficulty level for solving a block of transactions also increases, there by it reduces the number of bitcoins you earn for mining. Either you need powerful mining devices or have more devices like that and with less electricity. Then you will be able to solve more transactions and earn more.

Here is how the antminer looks like:


For many people it looks expensive to buy an Antminer. Bitcoin mining is expensive and should be bought by people who have some decent money to invest in it.

If you want some other ways where you can earn bitcoins with less investment. Here is one..

  • Bitcoin Trading:

Currently bitcoin’s price is $13,000. If you think it will go even more high or if its value will decrease, then you can do Bitcoin trading where you can buy and sell bitcoins and you can earn bitcoins (money) by buying or selling bitcoins. What most people will do is buy at lower price and sell at higher price. So how to do this?

There are some trading websites where you can buy and sell bitcoins and make money. You can sign up here for trading bitcoin. If you are pretty newbie and don’t know the basics. Here is how to do that.

  • Sign up here at this website where you can buy and sell bitcoin.
  • If you want to start with small say, $200. Deposit that money into your account once you register an account with them.
  • After that, head over to Bitcoin daily chart. You can find one here 
  • If you think the price of the bitcoin is very high, then you can sell the bitcoin at that price. If the price of the bitcoin goes below that price, you will make money.
  • Similarly, if the price of the bitcoin goes beyond the current price, you can earn money.
  • So, there is no limitation of how much you can earn from it, as it all depends on the amount you are willing to risk.
  • Also, if your prediction goes wrong, you will lose your money.
  • All trading involves risks. So, invest only the amount you are willing to lose.

PS: This is not an investment advice.

If you want more information on how to buy or sell or mine bitcoin. Feel free to drop a comment below.


Free PSN Codes & Generator

If you are searching for Free PSN Codes or Free PSN Code generator, then you have came to the right people. This website will help you find Free PSN codes which you can generate online. Many websites claim that they can provide you with free psn codes, but in the end they will ask for human verification or a captcha verification or even a survey to complete, without those, you will never get a psn code.

free psn codes

But, are those websites really provide you with free psn codes? Lets find out .

About PSN (Play station Network) :

PSN is also called as Play Station Network which is owned by Sony Corporation. This PSN is created exclusively for gamers. It was launched in 2006 and is first meant for only play station consoles, later it is introduced to other devices like smartphones, Blu ray devices, and HD televisions. After the introduction of play station network, it has gained enormous popularity and now there are around 110 Million users in the play station network (PSN).

PSN (Play station network) is a subscription based services, and every month the user has to pay to keep their membership alive. The benefits you will get with PSN subscription are movie streaming, movie rentals, Huge discounts, play multiplayer online, online game saves and many more.

PSN network offers play station vue which offers live television with this service. With play station now you can access over 500 games from PS 3 and PS4. To get access to both Play Station Vue and Play Station Now, it can be possible with the subscription of PSN.

psn code

Play Station vue offers three type of packages as you can see in the above with psn. They are

Ultra – which is $74.99/month which offers Movie channels + Sports channels and other Premium channels.

Elite – which is $54.99/month offers Movie channels + Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Core Package – which is $44.99/month and offers Sports channels + Popular Live TV

Access Package – which is $39.99/month and offers only popular Live TV.

Is there really a way to generate PSN codes?

In the world of web, you can find anything you want. But many people are still skeptical about getting PSN codes using psn code generator. Do you think they really work and generate psn codes online. Let me clear that up for you people. Ofcourse there are a lot of psn code generator websites present. All these websites claim that users can easily generate psn codes in just a few clicks.

They also claim that, you don’t need to solve the captcha or complete a survey or even a prove that you are human to get psn code. They also claim that you don’t need to download and install any software in your computer or smart phones. All you have to do is, access their online tool and enter the amount you need to get as a psn code and generate one for you and use it to buy your favorite game.

Is it really that simple? If so everyone will use this method and won’t buy anything from PSN.

Does this free psn codes thing work?

The websites claiming that it can generate free psn codes online, offers the following packages.

psn cards

They offer psn codes in the following denominations

  • $10 code
  • $20 code
  • $50 code
  • and $100 code which is the maximum amount you can get.

They also claim that, you can only use these codes for the account you have generated for and these cannot be used on any other accounts at all.

How to get free psn codes?

These websites claim that all you have to do is, use their online generator and enter the details and generate your psn code online.

Here are the steps involved in it.

  • Enter your email address with the play station network
  • enter the amount you need to generate
  • After filling those above details, click next to continue, and it will generate a code for you
  • But in order to associate that code to your account, you need to activate that code
  • In order to activate the code, you need to solve the captcha, this is where the real deal begins.

This is how their online psn code generator looks like

psn code generator

It will ask for your email id and the type of device, when you enter those details and click next, here is what appears

free psn codes

Now, choose the options which you will be shown on the next screen

Enter the amount and click on Generate code

Now, the next screen may seem like it is actually connecting to the Play Station servers and hacking into it. This is how it looks like

psn codes

But it is not. Its not really hacking anything, this is just a pre made code which will be shown to every user no matter what input you give in their website.

captcha verification

This is not actually a captcha verification, but a way to earn money by the owner of that website. This captcha verification is called a CPA (Affiliate offer) when someone like you completes the verification which will lead you to complete an offer. See below.

complete survey

If someone like you completes the above offers, the owner of the website will make money. But its okay, nothing is free in this world

But, will you get the code after you complete it? Not in this world for sure.

Once, you complete these steps and complete the survey by giving your email address, your email address will spammed with lot of emails every day and you will never get a free psn code.

These website doesn’t do anything other than making you sign up for their offers. So don’t fall victims for these websites.

No website will give you free psn codes for free. You can get discount offers, but not this much for sure.

Here are similar methods to lure people

How to hack 8 ball pool 

how to clash of clans game

8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool is one of the famous sports game which is trending now a days. Players are searching for 8 Ball Pool Hack to get unlimited cash and coins for that game. Why do you need cash and coins in that game when you can play? Because, this game is designed with amazing features, where players can play 1 on 1 or enter into a tournaments and play and win tournaments. But it is not that easy to enter into tournaments, for to enter into game tournaments, you would require lots of cash, but that can be earned by playing and winning lot of games or can win that cash and coins with 8 ball pool hack.

This is where, 8 Ball Pool Hack comes in to play.

About the game: 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool game was designed by MiniClip. This game is available in different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. You can also play web versions of this game in browser using their website. But this game has become famous in mobile devices. People who have spare time, play this game at their convenience.

8 Ball Pool

Currently, it has around 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installs so far in Google play store.

Here is their official Google App link and Itunes link.

They claim this as world’s number 1 online pool game.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Game:

It offers playing 1 on 1 games with other people and also with 8 other people.

You can also challenge your friends and invite them to your table.

This game allows you to play tournaments with other people in this world.

The more games you play, the more levels you will reach, and the difficulty level will increase with the increase of the levels.

You can earn cash and coins by winning games against your opponent.

These coins and cash can be used to enter into big tournaments.

If you are just starting out with this game, chances are very few that you will have few cash and coins, but in order to enter to big tournaments, without cash or coins, you cannot enter. This is where, 8 ball pool hacks come into existence. People believe that, these hacks can help them score more cash and coins in their game. But in reality, since the game is an online game, you cannot control it, and you cannot control any of those files and your score is also recorded online. 

Unless there is a real hacker who can hack into 8 Ball Pool game website, there is no way you can hack their systems and raise coins and cash.

What about 8 Ball Pool hack websites?

Out there in the internet, there are a lot of 8 ball pool hack websites claiming that, they can hack the game and get you unlimited cash and coins. They also show you screenshots with unlimited coins and cash. Just like the one below

8 Ball Pool Unlimited Cash

In the above screenshot, the play has around 7777777 cash, which was modified with Photoshop. Still don’t believe me? Then what these websites will do ?

Here are the screenshots of few websites which are claiming that they can hack 8 ball pool game

8 ball pool hack

and this one

8 ball pool hack

In the above screenshots, they are asking you to enter your username or email address. No matter what name or email address you put in there, it just works in the same way for everything.

I am giving a try here with some pseudo name which doesn’t exist.

8 ball pool hack website

and this one

hacking 8 ball pool

They may seem like, they are actually hacking the 8 ball pool servers. But its not, no matter what you enter in their website, it will show the same screen and finally in the end, they will ask you for human verification.

Here is what you can get in the next screen asking you for human verification or captcha verification

Human verification

and finally this

Complete survey

Every website which claims, that they can hack 8 ball pool game, finally shows the above screen and ask you to verify that you are human. For this you need to complete any offer in the above.

These are actually called CPA offers, which are being promoted by affiliate marketers. The website owner here is called affiliate marketer and for making you complete the survey, the website owner will get commission.

The amount of commission will depends on the geo location of the user. If the user is from tier 1 countries like US, UK or CA, the website owner will get good commissions for each survey the user fills in. If the survey is from third world countries, the commission will be very less.

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Is there a hack for 8 ball pool game?

Anyhow, there is no real hack for 8 ball pool game. If any website claims that they can hack 8 ball pool game, then probably they are bluffing. The company who made this game MiniClip, isn’t a small company, if there is a real hack out there, they will immediately shut that website.

If you still not convinced with what i said? Then try those websites with your own risk, once you give your email address there, from next day onwards, your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of spam mails and you can never able to unsubscribe from their email list.

Legit ways to get unlimited coins and cash

Aren’t there any legit ways to get unlimited cash and coins? yes there is. Just play the game for fun and earn coins. This is what most players do.


How to get Free Instagram Followers

How to get Free Instagram followers to your account? This is the first question people ask who don’t have many followers in their Instagram account. Often many people try to buy Instagram followers online, but end up searching for “get followers on Instagram “. Some people even search for Instagram likes and Free Instagram likes.

If you don’t know how craze that Instagram has, now a days Instagram is being used by around 600 Million people worldwide according to

Instagram Statistics

This means, almost all the current millennials use Instagram. Every one wants to get free Instagram followers to their account. Because many people think that having very few or no followers to their Instagram make them feel bad about their social media presence.

how to get more followers on instagram

  • Free Instagram followers with popular posts

Popular Instagram post

There is a good chance that you can get free Instagram followers if the posts done by you became popular. But how to get your posts popular? First of all, your Instagram account should be a public account, not a private account. If you are concerned about your privacy, you will never get new followers to your Instagram account. If you want to get free Instagram followers, then set your Instagram account to public and try to post regularly and be active in Instagram no matter what.

  • Get Instagram followers by using top Instagram hashtags


If you continue to regularly post in your Instagram and use popular hashtags for your posts, then there is a big chance that your posts can be found in Instagram by others. If you are regularly updating your account and getting found by new Instagram users, there is a big chance that they might love your posts and may follow you. This is a great way to get Instagram followers to your account.

Here are some of the popular tags which are being used by Instagram users

#love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #picoftheday #igers #girl #beautiful #instadaily #summer #instagramhub #iphoneonly #follow #igdaily #bestoftheday #happy #picstitch #tagblender #jj #sky #nofilter #fashion #followme #fun #sun
If you are not sure about what are the hashtags popular right now, see this website tagblender where you can get the list of top hashtags which are currently in use.
  • Get Instagram followers by using Geotags

Upload your photos in Instagram by using Geotags.  If you upload photos using Geotags, there is a good chance that your photos can be seen by people who browse your location. This is a great way to increase viewership to your photos and videos. Once you get some viewers to your Instagram profile, then there is a good chance that people may follow you in your Instagram.

For using this feature, you need to make your account public, if you are using a private profile, no one can see your photos and videos and there is no way anyone can find out about your Instagram profile.

  • Give some space for your Instagram uploads

Do not upload your pictures and videos too soon in your Instagram. This may irritate your current followers. Because whenever you post something in Instagram, your update will be shown to all your followers. The more uploads you do in your Instagram, the more update your followers may get. And if you post too soon, their wall will be filled with your updates only and this may irritate your followers. So, try to do less and get more Instagram followers.

Do not post more than 3 posts per day. This what on average most people do.

  • Use Instagram Filters

You can make a normal picture to look amazing using Instagram filters. Many famous celebrities in Instagram are making use of these amazing filters present in Instagram. They bring lot of attractiveness to the picture. Obviously if you are posting a good picture in Instagram, you will get good reach and then more followers. This is also a great way to get free Instagram followers to your profile. There are a lot of filter apps which makes your pictures look good.

  • Instagram stories for more followers

Create a story with all of your memorable photos and upload into your Instagram. This is a great way to create a new story, if you are using an iPhone, then it will automatically creates a story with your photos. Or in the internet, you can find lot of apps which does that thing. The thing is being active and interesting will help you bring more likes and followers to your Instagram.

  • Upload during peak times to get free Instagram Followers

You have a maximum of 3 to 4 hours before your photo goes into Instagram community. If you upload your photos during the peak times when maximum people are using it, you can get random visitors to your profile and thereby more followers and likes.

Everyday, morning and after work hours are the peak timings where most people use Instagram. If you upload your pictures at this time, there is more probability that you can get more likes and more followers to your account.

And in a week, the most popular time is Wednesday between 5 pm to 6 Pm

If you are located in Central Time Zone, the 2 pm – 3 pm is the most active time for Instagram, if you are living in another time zone, then find out whats working for you, at which time, more people are active in Instagram.

  • Don’t share everything

Keep your Instagram account with attractive pictures only. Do not upload everything to your Instagram profile and make it look awful. No one likes to see rubbish, so do you. Upload images which are worth sharing and which are interesting. This way, people will get the belief that you only share quality content. So, they want to become a follower to your Instagram account. Say for example, if you happened to upload a crappy picture and you get a new visitor and when he sees your crappy picture, he don’t want to see any of your pictures and leaves. So, upload only quality content.

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  • Follow others to get more free Instagram followers

Just like in Twitter, follow some random people, so that they will follow you back too. Don’t follow too many people in short span of time. As your account maybe blocked by Instagram for spamming. Instead follow few people everyday and give them some time to follow you back.

If even after long time, they didn’t follow you back, then you can unfollow them again. People who just have created Instagram may use this method to increase their Instagram followers.

Best way to increase your followers is to stumble upon popular posts in Instagram and follow the people who are active in those posts, this way, you can get more viewers to your account and thereby more free followers

  • Update your Instagram account regularly

If you don’t regularly update your Instagram account, then all the hard work you put in getting free Instagram followers will be lost. Because no one wants to follow a dead Instagram account. Try to update it regularly with some engaging content.

If you don’t update regularly, your followers may start to unfollow you.

  • Join in micro communities to get free Instagram followers

Micro communities in Instagram are like a group or forum where people with similar interests talk about. Find some interesting micro communities in Instagram that suits your interests and join in to those groups and introduce yourself to that community. This is a good way to make new friends and get more free followers to your Instagram profile.

For example, if you love New York and its food, try finding food lovers in New York and join into those groups and make new friends. The more friends you make, the more followers you can get to your Instagram account. Once you joined into that community, all of your posts will get more likes and shares.

  • like-for-like and follow-for-follow Instagram accounts

No one will like an Instagram account with no or few followers. Everyone wants to increase their Instagram followers. You are not alone, there are some accounts who will definitely follows you back in Instagram if you follow them..

Here are some, follow those Instagram profiles and they will definitely follows you back.

– like4like




Try the above keywords in Instagram and i am sure, you can find a lot of profiles like this.

  • Use a Hashtags generator

There are some apps who can generate #hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can copy those hashtags and post it along with your picture. When people search for hashtags and your posts will be displayed for those tags. The more tags you upload, the more people sees your insta posts. This way you can get lot of likes to your Instagram posts and also more free followers.

some of the apps which are in use today are for generating hashtags


hashtag generator

  • Follow and Unfollow Celebrities

This is one of the creepiest way to get free followers to your Instagram account. Follow and unfollow Instagram celebrities regularly. What happens is, people often check celebrities Instagram followers list. If you follow them and unfollow them regularly, your name will be in top under the followers list of these celebrities, and there is a good chance that these people who are browsing celebrities might follow you.

But like i said, anything suspicious you do will ring an alarm to Instagram spam filters, so do this with caution, as this may result in account banning.

  • Buy Instagram followers and Likes

There are websites who sell Instagram followers and Instagram likes. But these followers and likes are not for free, you need to pay for their services. So services are reliable and you can increase your Instagram followers with it. But, with some service providers, your followers will only last few days and then disappear.

So, do a research before buying any Instagram followers or likes. In most cases they won’t last longer and moreover, these followers are not from real accounts, they are just created to follow accounts like this and make money. If you just want an increase in your followers, then go for it. But, if you want, daily likes and activeness from these followers, forget buying Instagram followers. They will never last, as those accounts might get removed by Instagram sooner or later. is a website, where you can tweet, like, share, follow and get points and use those points to get followers to your Instagram account. But what you can get here are both real and fake users. So, go with caution.

  • Like and Comment on Others Instagram Account to get free Instagram Followers

Its always a good way to make new friends. This is one of the proven way to increase your Instagram followers for free. Try browsing random posts and view random profiles and like their posts, comment on their posts and follow them. If you continue to do so, it will help your gain more viewers to your Instagram profile.

People may comment on your posts, like your posts, which will help you in getting more likes to your Instagram posts and also more free followers.

But don’t do overdo anything, this may alarm the spam filters set by Instagram. Set a number daily and comment and like their posts to get likes and comments to your posts aswell.

Because studies have proven that, people find comments so precious to them, and same with likes too. So, the more the comments they get, the more impressed they will be.

  • Call to action headings

When you do all the above methods to increase viewers to your Instagram account, when you do get viewers to your account, how do you keep them engaged with your content? If you don’t have any engaging content, they will just move away without follow you. For this, you need to use call to action headings to your posts, so that, when a visitor comes into your profile, they will have something to engage with, you might get a comment or a like for your content.

This is another way to increase likes and comments to your Instagram account.

A famous heading which most people use is

“Double tap if this made you laugh!”

  • Instagram Followers Hack – No Survey – No Human Verification

There is no real working Instagram Followers Hack available right now. So, please don’t fall for these spams.

Instagram Followers Hack

Instagram Hack

Look at the above screenshots, some websites asks for you to login to your Instagram account, before they increase your followers. But never ever do that, as they may steal your login information and use it for other purposes.

The sole purpose of these websites is to make you believe that they are going to increase your Instagram followers, but at last they will ask you to prove you as human, for that, they need you to fill up a survery for which they will make some money.

But, even after completing the survey, you will get nothing. So don’t fall for those scams.

Increase Instagram followers

Here is how they will ask for captcha verification

Manual Captcha

And finally, you will be shown with the following screen with full of CPA offers, for which they will make money and you get nothing

Content Locking

All the above ones are CPA offers, when you complete those offers, the website owner will make money. If you get what you’ve wanted, then it maybe fair to complete the survey for them, but you are getting nothing, they been ripping you off.

The only way to increase your Instagram followers is by buying Instagram followers or using addmefast website. But all you get is followers from fake accounts.

If you want, real people and real followers, then follow the above said methods, which will get you decent free Instagram followers.


How to View Private Instagram

Are you looking for ways on how to view private Instagram? There are many reasons why someone wants to access a private Instagram profile. The profile he or she is trying to access might be his/her cursh’s Instagram profile or maybe his or her ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend’s Instagram profile which was set to private mode. Now a days everyone is having social media presence by having social media profiles.

View Private Instagram Profiles

Some of the most famous social media networks are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Usually every college student is having these social media accounts now a days to get in touch with their friends. But with the growing popularity of these social media accounts, they are coming with restrictions like Instagram private profile, Facebook privacy settings. Because, people are uploading their real photos in their social media profiles, they don’t want to become a prey for scammers who use these photos for their illegal activities. Especially, female users don’t want to invade their privacy by scammers and stalkers.

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What is Private Instagram?

A private Instagram profile is nothing but a normal profile but comes with restrictions. Not all people can view this private Instagram profile because of its restrictions. With private Instagram profile, not everyone can see the posts and pictures of that profile. Only people who are followers of that private Instagram profile can see the posts of private Instagram profile. You might think it is easy to follow someone who has a private Instagram profile, but it is not. They must approve your request in order for you to see their Instagram posts.

Here is how a normal Instagram profile looks like

Kim K instagram

Here is how a private Instagram looks like

Instagram Private Profile

Now, how to view private instagram profiles? Is it really possible? Continue reading for possible solutions

How To View Private Instagram Profiles:

  • Method 1: Send a request directly

One of the easiest way to view private Instagram profiles is to directly ask the Instagram profile owner. Whether it is your cursh or someone you are interested in, many people like honesty and if you ask them directly with honesty, i am sure they will consider you and approve you to follow their Instagram account. After they approve your request, you can get full access to their private Instagram profile, then you can easily see their posts and pictures.

This is a great way to start a new friendship. Often most people in their college make their friends using Instagram. If you are interested in a person from your class, just send them a genuine Instagram request and see what happens, if they feel the same or just don’t mind adding you into their Instagram they will add you back.

If you don’t get any response from them even after 2 days, then send a private message explaining your feelings. In Instagram you can send anyone a private message, sometimes people caught up with other things and they will forget about your request. Its always good way to reach out to the people you are interested in and tell your feelings. After that, still if you don’t get any response from them means, then its better to find someone else instead of stalking on their Instagram profile.

Who knows, there maybe even more special one waiting for you. Happy fishing.

  • Method 2 : Using a Fake Instagram Profile

If you are so desperate and want to view the other person’s private Instagram profile, then this method might work for you. By using a fake Instagram profile you can become friends with your crush or ex or whoever it is. Just follow the guide below if you really need to the see pictures posted in that private Instagram account.

Firstly know who are her/his friends in Instagram. Find someone who is not that close to them, just a hi and bye type friend, someone who is not that close to them, but still a friend. Or find someone who has good reputation in your class with whom no one wouldn’t mind doing friendship with them.

Now, create a fake Instagram account on behalf of them, just like impersonating their account and get a few pictures of them and make that account look like real.

PS: Impersonating a person is an offence, just use it at your own risk.

And few of some people in your class to make it look like genuine. Once you got enough followers to your Instagram account, now send a follower request to the private Instagram account from which you wanted to see pictures of. If that person believe that your account is real, then she or he might add you back. Once, they adds you back, you can now access their pictures and every post of them.

If the private Instagram profile owner is a male, then you can also create a fake female Instagram account and add some pictures to it and send him a request, he might get tempted to do friendship with that fake female profile. And once, he approves your request, you can get access to their pictures from Instagram.

  • Instagram Profile Viewer Tools (Complete Scam)

Out there in the Internet, there are a lot of Instagram private profile viewer tools available. But do they really work? Absolutely not. They won’t for work for sure. Instead they will lure you by stealing your email address and bombard your email inbox with tons of spam emails.

Here is how the private Instagram profile viewer tools look like

view private instagram profiles

Here is another one

view private instagram profiles

They might seem very promising to you, but here is what happens when you enter your details there. See below

view private instagram profiles

Here is another one

view private instagram profiles

They show things like they are really hacking the private Instagram profile, but they are not, in the end up with a screen asking for Human verification needed, which is bullshit, because they want you to complete an offer in order to view the private Instagram account.

Those offers are nothing but affiliate offers which the website owners will earn some money for each email the send in to that offer. So, the more people that completes the offer, the website owner receives more money. There is no way, you will ever can get access to that private Instagram profile.

Here is how their offers will look like for human verification

Human verification

Here is another one

Human verification

When you click on those offers, either they will want you to download a toolbar or anti virus which are malwares for sure. If you enter your email address there, then you will get tons of email spam offers from the next day.

So, don’t fall for them, there is no real Instagram private profile viewer tool available. Even if it is there, Instagram developers will definitely sue that website as it invade their user’s privacy.

The first two methods might work for you if you really really want to view the private Instagram profile, if not, then it is better to move away. There are a lot of fishes in the ocean.

Happy fishing!!

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How to Hack Clash of Clans

Are you an avid game player and a big fan of clash of clans game? If you are looking for how to hack clash of clans game, then you are probably looking for ways to increase your gems, gold and elixir in your clash of clans account. You might have already tried a lot of hacks for clash of clans game. But nothing seems to worked for you because in the end, they will ask for a human verification if not they will say no human verification but need a captcha verification. But finally will they work? I will explain everything and tell you if there is a real hack for clash of clans game.

Hack Clash of Clans

What is Clash of Clans (CoC)?

Clash of Clans is a mobile game which is very famous in Android and IOS. It is labelled under strategy game in Google play store. Currently it has around 39,099,545 installs so far still increasing. The reason why this game has craze is because of its addictive feature. It is not just a normal game that you can play 10 levels and reach the boss level in the end. Its different, you will start this game as a clan to join in a group of clans or you can build your own group with your friends. And on your way in your journey, you will discover new buildings, villages and new characters. You will encounter with battles against different other clans. There will be times when you need to defend your village from the attack of other group clans. Its a whole new virtual world which you are going to live in.

Just like you need money in real world, you need gold, elixier & gems in clash of clans game to survive and live happily or to trade something. So this is the reason why too many people search for how to hack clash of clans to earn gold or gems. Just like in the real world, its not that easy to earn gold, gems or elixer by hacking clash of clans.

It is just like living in the real world, like building your own village by earning gold which you can earn by attacking other villages. Millions of players daily play this game and it is a good time killer.

To download this game

For Android devices: Click here

For IOS devices: Click here


At first, Clash of Clans (CoC) game was developed for IOS by SuperCell company later when it got too much popularity, they have decided to launch this for Android devices also.

How this game works?

Just like you have seen in movies about wars, you have to win in order to earn gold, gems & elixirs. You have to win battles against other group of clans from other villages. You need to protect  your village and clans from attacks of other villager clans. Just like in wars, training is very important in this game, you need to train your clans for possible attacks from other clans.

Win battles against other clans, if you defeat more than 50% of your opponents in other village, then you can own that village and it is yours. All the gems and gold present in that village will be yours. So, the more wins you will win, the more gold you can earn, apart from that you can earn gems and elixirs. Which you can use to get more clans, build more in your village.

How to hack clash of clans (CoC)

In the internet you will find many websites which promise you that they can actually hack clash of clans. But that’s bullshit, because here is what exactly happens. Every website which promises you that they can hack clash of clans makes the following promises. You don’t need to jailbreak your IOS for hacking clash of clans game. Some websites will show you that they are successfully hacking clash of clans game, but when they are about to show you the results, they will ask you to verify that you are human by completing a survey or verify captcha 

And finally, you will end up completing a survey for nothing.

Here is what exactly happens. Every website will take you to the following screen


hack tool for clash of clans

or this one

clash of clans hack

or this one

hacking clash of clans

You can find many clash of clans hack tools online but all these tools take you to the same screenshot which i have shared below.

Clash of clans generator

or this one

hack clash of clans

or this

Clash of clans hack

And finally, you will be encountered with the following message as shown below.

Clash of Clans Captcha

or this one

human verification

or you might see this one

Human verification

Normally, people would think that, they can get the gold or gems if they do this simple task. But that’s not true at all. Because, there is no hack for clash of clans at all. All these websites which are popping up for that keyword are websites owned by CPA (Affiliate marketers) who promote offers to make money.

For example in the above screen, there is an option to “Win an iPhone 7” which is an affiliate offer from Peerfly affiliate network which offers $1.40 for email submit. Which means, whoever clicks on that link and enters his email address in there, the website owner will get $1.40 per email address.

Here is the screenshot from Peerfly Affiliate network.

Win an Iphone Peerfly

or see this

Antivirus for Android

Which means, if someone clicks on that link for Anti virus and do what it says, the website owner will earn $14.25 per person.


These gamers who are searching for how to hack clash of clans are in desperate to get what they wanted, so they will do whatever they can to get this. But will you really get what you are hoping for? No, you wouldn’t, there is no hack tool out there for these apps and they are highly secured. You just have to play what you are playing, don’t search for instant gains, they never exist, you have to work hard to earn something whether it is in real world or in a virtual world like clash of clans.

Don’t fall prey for these websites, later your email inbox will be bombarded with lots of unwanted spam emails which you will never get rid of it. So, never give your email address or phone number into these sites.

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Still tempting?

You might get tempt with the comments present in the footer, they might look promising. But they aren’t real either. If you think they are real, try commenting there and your comment will never get published. Those are fake comments which are used to convince the user to sign up for their offers.

If you want to earn money by promoting offers in a legit way, you can try clickbank.  Here is how to promote clickbank products.

Also read

Affiliate marketing scams

If the above guys are really giving up gems and gold to your clash of clans account, i would have really endorsed them in my website, but they are not. The actual story for how to hack clash of clans is this.

If you want to earn gold, gems and elixirs then play hard and have fun.

Guide To Shipping Via The United States Postal Service USPS

If you are about to start your online store, your first investment would be Shipping. Everyone wants to reduce their shipping costs and USPS comes first in place for reliable shipping partner at cheaper price. Here is the Guide To Shipping Via The United States Postal Service USPS. In this article, i am going to show you the complete details about usps delivery times , types of usps mails, usps tracking service details and many more.

Mostly new business owners wanted to to ship their products through USPS, because FedEx and DHL will seem expensive. Since, their business is just starting, no one wants to spend much money on shipping, instead they would choose something economy. At this point, USPS plays a key role because, it offers low rates and speed delivery but not so reliable shipping partner when considered with private shipping companies.


Do you know?

Do you know how many types of USPS mails available for your use? what kind of packaging you need to use for your products in order to ship through USPS? what tag you should affix for your parcel? The difference between express mail, priority mail or first class or parcel post? can you insure your package?

I am going to explain all these details in this blog post, continue reading further.

Types of USPS mails:

  • First Class Mail

First Class Mail

For lower weight packages, there is no shipping service that can beat USPS First Class Mail service. Their rate is very cheap when compared with other shipping providers. USPS First class mail is the cheapest and fastest way to deliver your parcels.

USPS website claims that their delivery time is between 1 to 3 days of time. But i have some cases where the package is delivered after 3 days of time. But ofcourse, there are some packages which were delivered overnight and some took many days of time. It all depends on the suburb you live in. Remote areas will take a bit of time while metro cities take very less time for delivery by USPS. On overall USPS delivery time is around 1 – 3 days.

When you ship your product through USPS First Class, you will be provided with tracking details with which you can track your package online and also its delivery status. If you are using some drop shipping company, then they will send you all the tracking details and delivery information to your email otherwise you have to track all by yourself.

There are some restrictions for USPS First Class Mail. If you wanted to ship your package through USPS First Class, then you have to follow the following restrictions.

– Your package dimensions should not exceed 15 x 12 inches (width x height)

– The thickness of your package should be at least 1/4 inch.

– The minimum length and breadth of your package must be around 11 1/2 x 6 1/8 inch (length x height) .

USPS is very strict about the thickness thing, if your package does not meet the required package thickness criteria, then USPS will automatically return your shipment back to the sender or will automatically upgrade your package to Priority mail and charge the end customer. So, make sure, your packages meet the thickness criteria for your shipments.

  • Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail

If your package weight is more than 13 oz, then you must choose USPS priority mail service as described by USPS website. If your package is more than 13 OZ, then you cannot go for First Class Mail as it is only limited to packages under 13 OZ. The delivery time of priority mail is 1 to 2 days which is same as First Class mail service. However it was observed that priority mails are bit faster than first class mails. And also, this priority mail is bit reliable than First class mail service by USPS.

The benefits in using priority mail is that you can get all the shipping supplies for free.

For to order your free shipping supplies, just go to website and order your shipping supplies and they will delivered to your door step free of charge. There are lot of options available to choose from different delivery boxes.

Here are the different types of deliver boxes available with USPS.

Deliver Choices for USPS

  • Priority Regional Box 

With this box, your shipping cost is calculated basing on the weight of the package and also the distance of your shipment. This is the default way to calculate your shipping costs. Even if you use your own packing box also, this is the default way to calculate your shipping costs.

  • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box

With Priority mail small flat rate box, you will be charged a flat rate regardless of weight of the package. In order to use this facility, you need to pack your product in a special box provided by USPS. This box’s dimensions will be 8 11/16″ x 5 7/16″ x 1 3/4″ (length x breadth x height). This size of box is usually enough for packing small electronics and other herbal products.

  • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box

For a bit larger shipments you can choose USPS priority mail medium flat rate boxes. These medium flat rate boxes comes in two different sizes. one is 1/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 6″ (length x breadth x height) and the other one is 14″ x 12″ x 3 1/2″ (length x breadth x height)

  • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box

If you have even more larger packages which needs to be shipped, then you can use USPS priority mail large flat rate box. All the above boxes comes with a flat rate.


  • Express Mail

Express mail

Just like UPS and Fed Ex’s next day delivery services, USPS also offers next day delivery service in the name of USPS Express mail service. But many customers have reported that it is not that reliable when compared with UPS and Fedex. Even though USPS guarantee next day delivery, many people have reported that it will take around 1 to 2 days in order to deliver your package to the customer.

In case of any late delivery, you will have to check  their website for tracking of USPS express mail. Even though this is a guaranteed service, getting a refund from them involves lengthy process.

When it comes to pricing, USPS express mail is much more cheaper than Fedex and UPS. They also offer flat rate boxes where you can get flat rates for your shipments. This flat rate varies with size of the box.

One of the bad thing with USPS is that, for express mail, the pick up time is very early. The pick up needs to be done before 3 PM and sometimes 1 PM only which is way too early. If this is the case, you cannot offer next day deliveries to your customers who ordered your product in the after noon. Where as with Fedex and UPS, their pick up time is 6 PM, so that, you can fulfill all your order in the same day itself.

Another bad thing with USPS express mail is that, even though your post man picks up your shipments before 1 PM, it does not mean that your packages will scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Sometimes, the postman might scan your shipments tomorrow, and therefore, your shipment will be delivered day after tomorrow to your customer.

So, if you are looking for next day delivery, have them scanned directly at the office, in this way, you will know that your shipments are going out today itself.

For example, if a customer pays extra for express delivery, that means, he wants his order the next day and USPS express delivery is not that reliable, if you really adore your customers, try other providers for next day delivery.

You can also get the following perks with USPS express mail

– Insurance coverage upto $100 for your package

– USPS tracking

– Signature confirmation for your package delivery

  • Standard Post

Standard Post

USPS standard post is one of the cheapest way to send your parcels. If your customer pays for normal shipping and you don’t want to pay much for shipping, then this is the one to use, because it is the cheapest way to send your parcels. According to USPS the delivery time for standard mail takes around 2 – 8 days. But, in practice, it takes forever for delivery to the customer.

Normally, people opt for this service is because, if their package is more than 70 lbs, then they would choose this method of shipping. The only pro for this service is that is very cheap. If your package is more than 70 lbs, try other options also like Fedex and UPS who offer quicker delivery than USPS.

  • Media Mail

Media Mail

USPS media mail is just like USPS standard mail except that it should be used only to deliver printed materials, CDs and DVD’s kinda educational materials. The following materials are allowed to send using media mail.

– Printed materials, should contain atleast 8 printed pages.

– Film Catalogues – should be of 24 pages or more.

– Audio recordings – CD’s & DVD’s

– Educational materials

– Computer readable data

The trend of CD’s & DVD’s have gone long ago, no one is shipping them now a days, instead they are using services like dropbox to transfer their files.

  • Addon Services from USPS

Insurance Coverage:

USPS offers insurance coverage to your shipments upto $5000. But very few people purchase this insurance thing for their products. Unless your products too fragile, i don’t think it is really necessary to buy insurance for your shipments. And moreover, claiming an insurance is never been easy for anyone and it involves lot of pain. Its upto you, if you think you can do all those hectic procedures in claiming an insurance, go for it.

Registered mail:

Shipping your packages through registered mail offers good security for your package, since the name itself tells that registered mail means, it will deliver your product to the person who you registered your package to. This is very helpful in sending high valued products using this registered mail service. It also offers loss or damage protection upto $25000. So you no need to worry about your package.

Delivery confirmation: 

Delivery confirmation is free with every First class mail, express mail and priority mail. But you need to print your own shipping labels online if you want this service to be free.

Signature Confirmation:

For low valued packages i don’t recommend getting this service, as this is not free. But if you are shipping high valued services, you should definitely get this signature confirmation service, as this will be helpful in defending your charge backs from your payment processing company when a dispute is raised by the customer.

Certificate of Mailing:

You can use this service if you want to prove the customer that you have shipped the product on exact date and time. But this certificate doesn’t show you the delivery status. But this will be helpful in the process of claiming the insurance.

Certified mail: 

This service is only limited to letters and cannot be used for big packages. This USPS certified mail requires signature of the person during the delivery of the letter and also it helps in allowing to see whether a package is delivered or not.

Return receipt: 

You must attach a post card along with the package, when the person received your package, the post card attached along with the package will be returned to you, this helps in making sure whether the shipment is delivered to the person or not. This service is similar to certified mail except it is used for big packages.

Collect on Delivery (COD): 

This is service can also be called as Cash on delivery. The package will be delivered to the person only when he pays the money at the time of the delivery.

  • Conclusion

Finally, almost all booking of shipments can be done online with USPS. Or if you think this is too much to handle, you can handle this job to fulfillment companies who handle your orders and ship your products directly to the customer. I will write another article on fulfillment companies in a while. Until then, stay tuned.

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Affiliate Marketing Scams

If you are searching for Affiliate Marketing Scams means, probably you are about to start Affiliate marketing to make some money online. But before becoming a prey to some scam companies, it is very wise of you to come here for to know more about Affiliate Marketing Scams. Everywhere in this world, there is both good and bad. But doesn’t mean that, there are scams everywhere. There is also some good reputed companies doing decent business.

The common mistake most newbies do is becoming a prey to scam companies and then end up here searching for affiliate marketing scams. Affiliate marketing is not at all scam, but some scammers use this name and attract new people and steal their money in the name of affiliate marketing. Usually, people will hear a lot of sayings that many people are making good amount of money through Affiliate marketing. Yes that is true, but you need to put some work in there in order to make some decent money.

Affiliate Marketing

People are making $$$$ every day with affiliate marketing. By hearing these words, beginners wanted to learn how others are making that much amount of money and are willing to pay for the training. But here is what happens.

List of Affiliate marketing scams

  • Fake Affiliate Marketing Training

Many starters wanted to start affiliate marketing and make some decent amount of money, for this they will fall prey to numerous online courses which claim that they will teach A-Z about affiliate marketing and finally end up in buying the course, which is nothing but bullshit. For me, i haven’t bought any course at all before starting my affiliate marketing career. There will be online forums, blogs where you can find plenty of free information. First learn the basics which you can acquire anywhere in the internet by searching in the Google.

For real beginners, i would recommend you to create forum account at and ask for tips and suggestions on how to start your affiliate marketing journey.

If you think, you really found a great course on Affiliate marketing, try to find some reviews on that training before buying anything from them. Its always good to search for the reviews before buying anything. That will make your life easier by not making you lose any money.

  • Fake Affiliate Networks

Even, if you have managed to learn everything about affiliate marketing and started your journey with affiliate marketing, and making some money already. You have to be very cautious about your traffic you send in and the affiliate network you have joined in. If you have joined in a new affiliate network, make sure that they will pay you on time. Try searching for reviews and ratings of that affiliate networks. Because some affiliate networks keep your money for long time and will end not paying you by giving a fake reason saying that your traffic is not backing out for them. Even though, if you have sent good quality traffic, you might end up not being paid because of that fake affiliate network.

Here are some reputed affiliate networks





  • Get Rich Quick Offers

90% of the people fall for this get rich quick offers. Scam marketers advertise that there is a secret system with which you can make thousands of dollars every day. They also promise you like that all you need to work is 2 hours a day and make around $500 per day. People think that they really can make this much amount of money every day. But the scammer don’t give out this secret system for free, the user needs to pay some amount of money in order to get that secret system. So, newbies will fall for it and pay the scammer, and finally end up getting some bullshit ebook and other materials with which you can’t do anything.

Here you will get scammed, so, never pay a dime for this kind of get rich quick offers. If someone is promising you that you can make thousands of dollars every day, why can’t they just use the same method to make money? Instead why they are offering you? So, do your research before paying for anything.

Apart from that, making that much amount of money in affiliate marketing requires lot of hard work and yes you can definitely make such huge amount of money with affiliate marketing, but you need to do hard work and lot of testing different campaigns.

  • Pyramid Schemes

There will be some pyramid schemes, where they will promise you that you can make good amount of commissions for life long. But in order to get these kind of commissions, you need to first join in their program by depositing some money. Don’t ever fall for these kind of pyramid schemes. All they will say is, that you can make money by browsing ads which is real bullshit. Because, all they will do is, when you make a deposit with their company, your deposit will paid to other people’s in your tier as commission. And when you bring a new person, then the new person’s deposit will be paid to you as commission and so on.

These pyramid schemes are not legal and if the police finds out about this pyramid scheme, they will immediately shut down that company and you will lose your money and others which you might join under your tier.

So, don’t fall prey for it. They are not real and not reliable. 100% scam even if they look promising never pay a dime.

  • Never pay to join in any affiliate network

If an affiliate network asks you to pay some money to join in their network, i wouldn’t trust this company at all. Because, a real and trusted affiliate network will never ever ask their affiliates to pay money to join in their network. Even the most popular affiliate network, clickbank also offers free sign up.

However, some CPA companies will ask recommendations from other affiliate network managers and revenue proofs, then only they will activate your affiliate account. These kind of affiliate networks are trust worthy.

And make sure, when promoting an affiliate offer, follow their restrictions, some offers only certain kind of promotions. So check the restrictions and promote the offer, otherwise, even though if you generate good amount leads, they won’t pay you.

  • Domain Name Scams

This is one of the popular scam which is being practiced by many scammers and yet many people are falling prey for this scam still. Suppose if you own a domain name, these scammers get your WHOIS information and email you pretending as the domain registrar for your domain. They will send you an email saying that someone is trying to register your domain name on other company’s name, and if you want to stop the domain transfer they will ask for some amount of money.

If believe that it is true, then you will pay for them and you get nothing, because, they don’t own your domain name, but they will make you panic and steal money from you. Never ever open your emails in spam folder. Most of these scam emails goes to spam folder.

Just don’t respond to their emails, instead raise a support ticket with your domain registrar.

Finally, wherever you go, scammers exist, but you need to be careful with what you do. Keep in mind that, Google is your friend, if you ever suspect anything, find their reviews and if you couldn’t find any reviews of that company, then approach to online forums and open a thread in there with the situation you have encountered with.

Nothing comes free, even your money which you are about spend on them is your hard earned money, so do you are research and invest wisely.

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How to Sell WordPress Plugins

Are you a WordPress developer and wanted to know how to sell WordPress Plugins and make money? Today i am going to show you how to effectively sell WordPress plugins and make some money. Who knows, if you’ve got a great idea for WordPress plugin, and liked by WordPress users, you can earn huge amount of money with your plugin. But how to sell WordPress plugins, everyone is good at one thing and bad at other things, a developer might not be as good as a real internet marketer and vice versa.

But, here is how all the money making plugin developers are making money with selling their WordPress plugins.

  • Sell WordPress Plugins using Themeforest

Sell WordPress Plugins

With Envato you can easily sell your WordPress plugins and themes and make money. Here is the step by step guide on how to sell your WordPress plugins.

  • Step 1

Create a Envato account or if you already have one, please sign in with your user name and password.

Envato Login

  • Step 2

Envato Logged in

Choose the option which fits best for you and then click on next to proceed further.

  • Step 3

Where do you want to sell

Now, select the option which fits you and click on proceed further, if you are first time selling your plugin, then choose “i will sell exclusively on Envato” or if you are already selling elsewhere then choose “I will sell on Envato and elsewhere” option.

  • Step 4 – Choose your specialty

Choose your Specialty

Choose the option which suites for you, if you are good at developing plugins, then choose “Code Scripts and Plugins” or if it is other one, then choose that one.

  • Step 5: Go to Dashboard

Envato Dashboard

Now, that you have completed the initial setup, now go to the Envato dashboard to start selling your WordPress plugins. With Envato market place, you can set your own price for your items (plugins or themes).

  • Step 6: Upload your item (Plugin or theme)

Upload Plugin

  • Step 7: Choose the category

Choose your category

Before uploading your plugin, you need to choose the relevant category for your upload. As shown in the above screenshot, i have chosen WordPress as my plugin is related to WordPress.

  • Step 8: Upload your item to CodeCanyon

Codecanyon Upload

Now, give a title & description for your plugin and all other details like screenshots, plugin files, support files, preview links, video preview and all other details like pricing. Like i said in the above, you can set your own price, in which Envato or Codecanyon charges some fee from your sales.

  • How much i can earn from selling WordPress plugins

Since you can set your own price, but still, you have to pay some percentage of money to envato for listing your plugin. As a first time user, here is the fee that is being charged by envato from me. See below in the screenshot

Envato Fee

As you can see in the above, it is charging around 37.5% of fee from you from each sale. Say, if you are about to sell the plugin for $39, then you will earn $21.86999 per sale from envato.

Something is better than nothing, if you don’t have resources to make your own website and pay money for ads for marketing your website, then envato market place is the best on to go. You don’t need to spend a dime to sell your WordPress plugins here and they only charge you when a sale is happened.

  • Things to remember:

– You can’t sell your plugin right away. After uploading your plugin, their support team will review your plugin and if they think that you have a quality plugin, then they will approve your listing. Otherwise, you have to go somewhere else to sell your plugin.

– In order for your plugin to be listed in envato marketplace, it should of high quality one, otherwise they wouldn’t approve your listing.

So try to maintain high quality in your plugin coding and good luck making money with it.

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