Pof Ads Case Study and Dating Ad Examples

Pof Ads

Pof Ads Case Study and Dating Ad Examples


No doubt, Pof (Plenty of Fish) is the #1 source for promoting dating ads. Currently Pof.com is ranked 647 globally and 267 in United States according to Alexa Internet. Since Pof (Plenty of Fish) is also a dating site which is free for the most part, most of the singles come to this site to browse other single’s profiles. So, it is well targeted traffic for promoting dating offers and other dating related offers. Pof offers dating profiles not only for younger people but also for people who got divorced or separated and even for older people who are around 50+ age.


According to Alexa Internet, the majority of the visitors come from United States followed by Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Here is the screenshot of it. So, if are trying to promote a dating offer in Tier 1 (US, CA, AU, UK) countries, its better to choose Pof Ads to promote your dating offers for tier 1 countries.

Apart from Pof main site, It also has few sister sites in the following countries.


Which are not that popular as Pof in USA but it is still be useful for promoting your offers in the above countries. No doubt Facebook is one of the biggest traffic source than any other. But recently Facebook has become very strict in accepting dating affiliates. So after Facebook, the next biggest traffic source for promoting dating offers is obviously POF Ads.

About POF Advertising:

You can start advertising in Pof.com by signing up for an account at POF ads (https://ads.pof.com/).

This is how their main page looks like.

Right now, due to overwhelming demand for Pof advertising, they have temporarily closed accepting new registrations for Pof advertising. But, however people who already have advertising accounts with Pof can still advertise in Pof.com normally. Here, considering you already have an account, I am moving on to managing ads in Pof.

Pof Ad sizes:

Pof advertising offers 3 types of Ads.

  1. Small Ads (110×80 & 310×110 Ad Sizes)
  2. IAB (Interactive Ad Bureau) Standard (300×250, 728×90, 160×600 & 960×110 Ad Sizes)
  3. Profile Page Ads (300×250 Ad size)

According to Pof Ads, Small Ads has audience reach of around 3.6 billion impressions available monthly whereas IAB Standard has a reach of around 2.1 billion impressions available monthly and Profile Page Ads has an audience reach of around 700 monthly impressions available which is very huge.

In my experience, you can get higher CTR’s for IAB Standard ads and Profile Page Ads than normal Small Ads. But in order to get decent inventory from IAB Standard ads and Profile Page ads, you need to bid around $0.60 to $1, whereas with Small Ads you can start getting traffic for even at $0.16 also. Pof works on simple principle, the higher you bid, the more impressions you will get. If your creatives are good enough, then with higher bid, you will get maximum traffic and more clicks. Without a decent creative, it’s just waste to bid higher when your CTR is below 0.10% because, if your CTR is low means, that indicates, the number of clicks you get will be very low. You should atleast aim for 0.10% CTR. So, you will be spending high amount for each click when your CTR is low. Suppose, if you get CTR around 0.60% then, it’s no big deal to bid higher because, you will be getting more clicks, even though, if you bid higher, and so the cost per click will become lower if you get higher CTR.

Pof Targeting:

Due to the availability of different targeting options in Pof advertising, you can laser target your audience. Below is the preview of Pof targeting settings available in it.

With these many targeting options you can target the right audience for any kind of dating campaign.

How to create your first dating campaign in Pof:

Step 1:

Click on Create Campaign in your Pof dashboard.

Step 2:

Select the type of ads you want to run in Pof.

Step 3:

Now, enter the details of your campaign, like, name of your campaign, bid, start and end dates of your campaign, frequency cap, maximum daily spend you want to spend for your campaign, targeting options and finally your ad copy.

Here in the above, I have created a test campaign for Asian dating offer targeting males who are interested in Asian girls.

In the above, I have also narrowly targeted the audience by adding height, saying Asian girls like Tall Asian guys. This would only target guys who are taller which will bring good CTR’s and there by good conversion rates, as in the above I have targeted the right audience for my ad copy.

Step 4:

Now, I will target the above ad to relevant pre landing page to excite the visitor. Here in this example I am sending the visitor to the below pre landing page.

In the above landing page, the title says that this site only accepts Asian Guys who are taller, so the user will think that he is the perfect match for this dating offer, so the chances of the user signing up for this dating offer is very high, since we targeted the guy who is Asian and who is Taller we will get the user who is taller and Asian come to the landing page where we say that we only accept guys who are Asians and Taller. And also we can say like, registrations are open only for Asian guys who are taller. In this way, the visitor will think that he is the perfect match for the offer and all the girls in that dating site only likes Asian guys who are taller, so he signs up for the offer.

You can try similar landing page with different angle by altering images and text to suit other examples like Jewish Men, Catholics, Smokers, Hispanics and Drinkers etc.

You just need to find a different angle and create a landing page and offer and set the right audience for your angel and the boom! Start running your campaign.

The main important thing to remember is, the visitor came to your landing page because he liked the ad and the girl in the ad, so make sure you use the same girl in your pre landing page and if the user goes from pre landing page to your offer page and didn’t converted means, he didn’t find what he wanted.

So always make sure that, send the visitor to the page what you have told about in your landing page and in your ad. Suppose, in the above example, I convinced the visitor that he is going to find lots of Asian girls and what if I send him to Hispanic or Russian site? He will not sign up for it.

Ad -> Landing Page -> Offer

In order to get good conversion rates for your offers, make sure your ad copy, landing page and offer need to say the same thing. This is where most newbies make the mistake and end up losing money.


Sometimes your offer may not convert for you, even though if you think you are doing everything correctly. In that case, you need to split test few different offers and see which one is bringing you better ROI. If that doesn’t help, then, try raising your bids in order to get good quality traffic. In pof, the higher the bid you have, the better traffic you will get. Higher bidder’s ad will be shown to new users in the first place, whereas the person who is bidding very low, his ad will be shown after all the ads were shown to the user. At this time, the user have already seen too many ads, so he might not be interested in signup for your offer.

So, on overall, you need to test different bids, test different landing pages, test different ad copies, test different offers. Once you found a working one, blast it!

Sometimes, a particular ad copy will bring you very high conversion rate than others, so it’s always wise idea to track everything, so that, you can optimize your campaign more wisely.

Pof Ad Examples:

For beginners, they don’t have any clue from where to start. So, here are some examples to start with Pof advertising.

Having too many targeting options, you can create too many angles and laser target different kind of audience and achieve higher ROI’s.

Improving CTR with Crazy CTR:

One of the common problem in Pof is that your banners will get easily saturated. Means, your banners CTR will be dropped very quickly because, the users will get fed up with your ads by seeing them constantly. In order to boost your CTR, there is a software called Crazy CTR which will help in altering your ad image a bit by adding crazy borders to your ad image which are eye catchy.

Below is an example for what a Crazy CTR can do to your ad images.

By adding crazy borders to your ad images, it attracts the user’s attention and thereby it increases the click thru rates. This tool is recommended by many top affiliates and is being used by them for their campaigns.

Pof Pro:

Once when you think that you have gotten enough experience with Pof ads and you wanted to scale your campaigns by running too many campaigns with different angles? Then Pof pro will be useful for you to automate your campaigns. This is used by big affiliates who are running many campaigns with different angles.

With Pof pro, you can set rules and automate everything. With basic Pof ads, you will get confused when start running many campaigns at once, as you cannot always foresee CTR’s and conversions for all your campaigns and ad copies. Whereas with Pof pro, you can automate everything, if CTR for a certain ad was dropped, its bid can be reduced or raised automatically or can be paused automatically. You can set different rules for every campaign. This is a handy tool, when you wanted to play big game with Pof.


CPV Lab has a predefined traffic sourced added to it. So, you can simply create a campaign and select Pof from the traffic source and choose the tokens you want to track. When you got enough data, you can then optimize your campaign for better profits.


Finally, in order to get successful with plenty of fish advertising, you need to constantly test different ad images, different landing pages and different offers. Don’t stick with single landing page, single offer and single ad copy. You will never make any profits if you do so. Sometimes your ads maybe rejected for no reason, in that case, try submitting the same ad multiple times, as sometimes due to overwhelming submissions of ads, the review team will get hassle and denies all your ads.

Don’t forget to set a daily budget and frequency cap, otherwise, you will end up exhausting your funds in your account. Targeting females will bring good ROI than targeting males, as there is very high competition for males than for females.

Create a Pof account as a USA user and try spying on your competitor’s ads, which will help you to give an overview on what is working for others.

Try to target different age groups like the following

18 – 20 (One ad copy), 20 – 30 (Another Ad copy), (30 – 40) another ad copy.

Create different campaigns for different countries which will be helpful for optimizing your campaign.

That’s all it for today, when I get more time, I will write another topic on another interesting topic. Please share your thoughts here or if you need any help, comment below and I’d love to help you.