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How to Promote Your Shopify Store Using Facebook

FB Ads

Different ways on How to Promote Your Shopify Store Using Facebook:

No doubt, Facebook is the number one traffic source for many businesses. Because, now a days, almost every one in the world has a Facebook account and they hang out on Facebook regularly. Isn’t it the best way to reach your customers as they spend most of their time in Facebook?

So, everyone is taking advantage of Facebook and making huge profits with Facebook advertising. But hey wait, there are also a lot of people who spent good amount of money in Facebook advertising and didn’t made a single sale. So, you need to do it in the right way, otherwise, you will end up loosing money in Facebook advertising.

FB Ads

Here is how to setup your Shopify store for FB ads:-

First and fore most thing to do is, create your Facebook ads account. Many people use the option Create Ads in the profile page.

Facebook Ads

But i recommend signing up for a business account with Facebook, you can do so by visiting the following link Facebook business manager

This will offer higher leverage than normal Facebook ads account.

Facebook Business Manager

Now, create your first ad campaign with Facebook using Facebook power editor.

Campaign in Facebook

Enter your campaign name, if you are trying to promote Shoes, then enter something like your store name shoes.

Next, under Campaign Objective, if your main goal is “Sales“, then choose “Conversions

Give a name to Ad set and create a New Ad.

You need to be creative when creating your Ad, because this ad is responsible for driving sales to your website.

Facebook page

In the above, there is Obama’s Facebook page, create something like with your brand and start posting some posts in that post. Since you wanted to sell your products, you can add products to your Facebook page.

Here is an example post from’s Facebook page

Facebook Page Post

Here in the above post, they posted a post and it contained multiple products below the post. This is a great way to promote multiple products with a single ad. If you are selling multiple products in your shopify store, then you can also use this functionality to get the maximum out of Facebook ads.

When posting a post in your Facebook page, you need to tag products of your store in that post, so that when the post was published, those tagged products will be shown below the post. Here is how to do that.

Tag a Product in Facebook Post:

tag a product

But if you have not added your product feed in your Facebook, then no product will shown in the options when trying to tag a product.

So, first add your shopify product feed to your Facebook ads account, then you can pull the products to tag it in the post.

Adding product feed (Catalog)  to your Facebook Ads:

You can add your product catalog using the following App Facebook product feed which is easily available in your Shopify App store for free. Install this app by going to your dashboard > Apps and search for “Facebook Product Feed” 

Once you have installed, you will get a screen like this

Facebook product feed

You will get a link to your Facebook product feed.

Now, log into your Facebook business account and go to your Facebook business settings as shown in the screenshot below.


Now, go to Catalogs and provide the URL of your product feed.

Or simply you can connect your Shopify to your Facebook ads account. Here is how to do that.

Login to your Shopify dashboard, and then go the section Sales Channel

After the text Sales Channel you can see as shown below.

Now, you will be shown with an option Connect with Facebook, Go ahead and click on it and enter your FB login details to get connected with your Facebook ads account. Now, Facebook will pull all the products which you have added in your Shopify store. All these products will be sent for review by Facebook, once they are approved, you can directly promote them in Facebook without any hassle.

Once your ads got approved, you can start running your ads in Facebook. Its not that simple to get sales in the first place, let the ads run for few days with limited budget. Facebook will understand your ads and site and tries to find the best audience for your ads.

Make sure, in your Facebook ads account, you are able to track visitors using FB pixel. You can find that by going to your Facebook Ads Settings as shown below.


You should be able to track events using your FB pixel. Check your pixel in your FB account, to see if you are able to track events. See below

In the above, my pixel is tracking every

View Content
Add To Cart
Initiate Checkout
Add Payment Info

If you can able to track these events, then you can optimize your ads using those events, then Facebook will be able to deliver more conversions with less ad spend.

Things to remember:

Test for atleast 100 clicks to your website. And for that 100 clicks if you don’t get any sales means, something is wrong with the product, or maybe your product’s price is too high or maybe the product is not that good. So, work on these issues first and fix them.

In the above, my store has gotten too many website clicks (ViewContent), but very few people have added the product to their cart and very few people purchased the product.

The spike in website clicks here is, i sent external traffic and it didn’t performed well at all. But if you are only sending FB traffic means, you have to see the flow of the visitors and optimize it accordingly.

Try different ads, different audiences etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here in the comments below.




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