8 local link building strategies

8 local link building strategies

Locality is a good way to attract attention. It is a good opportunity that can be capitalized on even in this age of networking and virtual chats. What we mean is that you can use the local area of yours to build a link, press mentions and target the customers. As an internet marketer it may be a little difficult to engage with the local culture as a means to provide with better opportunities in order to build a relationship. Citation and links is a great tool that you can use from the internet yellow pages also known as IYP. The fact is that if you build local links you might get more traffic.

Why are we so particular about the local area?

Local link building is important. When you are building a link online it might not be very relevant and strong. However, any link that you build locally will be more relevant. We will be discussing about the four functions of local link building along with the eight strategies that that you need to execute the local link building. We will also discuss some solid methods of sourcing relevant links that can achieve by doing good things for the community.

The four functions of local link building

We will now discuss the four functions of local link building in detail.

  1. Driving Relevant and targeted traffic – For example you are dealing with a restaurant then it is always better to spread the word about the new restaurant locally in order to ensure that more people get to know about it and actually visit the restaurant.
  2. Building strong links from the authoritative domains – Local newspapers are a great idea because they would like to link with you. Do not forget that the newspapers have a long history of creating good content for years. It is rarely thought of but if you look deep into it they have huge potential.
  3. Building a strong relationship with the authoritative local sources – It is always a good idea to be written about in authoritative local sources as it will really help to build your link on a local platform.
  4. Stimulating a Hyperlocal economy – Small business is the backbone of any economy. It is always a good idea that you let the small business compete with the giants. You never know many people might opt for these small ventures than the giants. This can be done by dominating the SERPs. This will not only get more customers as well as more investments. Some people may feel that it is easier said than done. These can be made possible just that you should have a plan and a strategy in place. We will now discuss what these strategies are. The primary focus in all these strategies is to build relationships. You just have to talk to people and ensure that they just change the way they do business. These will take time that’s one thing for sure but the results will be good.

8 Local link building strategies

We will now discuss the local link building strategies in details. As a preface we will discuss the Citation Labs Links Prospector tool this offers a lot of functionality that can be used for scaling the link prospecting activities. Instead of doing all this manually you can create a custom report that can be used to build search queries on the basis of prospecting tips that we are going to discuss below. This will also help you to export the result in a .csv file format. This format is useful if you want to analyse the data in details.

  1. Try to build the link with some amazing photography –

Pictures of the locality are a great idea. Either you yourself take a picture or you use pictures that already exist. You will have a lot of events happening locally. Just ask the organisers for a few pictures so that you can post them on the site. This will be a good idea as you do not have to worry about the anchor text the generic business URL itself will work well as anchor text.

Another bonus point is that you will just have to submit the pictures on sites like Pinterest and you will be able to build a second tier link. This will by default boost the value of the link. Some of you may feel that you are basically terrible at photography so don’t lose hope just login to Flickr and you will get amazing pictures taken by others who are willing to sell these pictures. You can also hire a photographer. Do keep looking for local events and photographs of these events on Google.

  • Try to build a link by doing something amazing for your community – You can create a content that is a burning issue in the community you are a part of. Post the content on your site and promote it with the help of the local press. Look for something that the community or your locality is famous for and use this point to build the content. Emotions are important and try to use topics that are close to the heart of the people. Another way to deal with is humour or making fun of the things people in your community do. This can be done only if you have a good sense of humour always remember that making people laugh is a difficult job.

  1. You can feature other people in your community as a part of the link – Another great idea is to look for people who are doing something great in your community and in your locality. Do write about them and publish it on your sites. Inform the local press about the content you have come up with. You do not have to think much developing these contents and the best part is the people about whom you are writing will themselves promote these articles.

    Try to write a blog about people who are helping the society and the community. Write about journalists who are doing good reporting. These writings have the potential of getting more links as well as they can get more write ups as everyone in the community might have something to say about these people.

  2. Try to build links with travel guides – These articles and bogs will be of interest to those who like to travel. You can discuss about the different things to do in your locality. Talk about hotels and places to visit. You can get information from Wiki travels. You can also put interviews of people who have actually visited these places. You can create link backs to the original websites.

  1. Building links with the neighbourhood sites- Try to build content on the locality of yours. There will be many people who would like you to write about local events and new things that are coming up in the locality. This can be a good idea as you will always have enough contents. People would like to read about the events that are happening in the locality and how it is having an impact on their lives. You will also get a lot of comments and suggestions that can help the local business or event that you are discussing about.

  1. You can also build the links with the “local scene” sites – The point with this concept is that there will be a lot of competition. For example a local restaurant or a school. As soon as you type that you are looking for a restaurant you will get a list of restaurants from various sites like Zomato and Foodpanda. What you can do different is talk about some speciality items that these restaurants are offering especially on this week so that more and more people get attracted to the post and the restaurant too gets a good number of customers. Review the restaurant and the speciality dishes that are offered by them.

  1. Trying to build links with daily deals sites – Groupon is a good site to look when you are searching for a good deal. However, even you can build contents around local deals that are available. There are many people who are dealing with local deals and making good money. Work with the local newspaper as they will have all the details about the local deals. Working with the newspaper will also ensure that you are building good contacts. Do not stop at just informing about the deal as a second step do discuss about how successful the deal actually was and when next such a deal can be expected.

  1. Try building the sites with IYP sites and Patch.com – Very few people actually know that Patch.com offers links that come from a very strong domain and these sites usually have a very high traffic. They are ready to accept articles from anyone. If you want you can send a few articles of yours to them and you will for sure get a good citation and a followed link. You can also develop some content for the local Patch.com. Becoming a neighbourhood editor is also a great idea. There are many internet yellow pages sites that you can use like Hotfrog. If you want to look for an IYP then do try local citation finder by Whitespeak.

    4 tools for tracking the success of the initiatives

Here are some tools that you can use to see how successful your link building strategies actually are:

  1. Topsy AlertsIt is a tool that shows social media analytics. It will automatically give an alert as soon as someone shares a link to your site using the social media. It will also give an alert if an article is written about you on social media. Ensure that you set up two alerts one for the URL and the other one for the content.
  2. Linkstant It is an amazing tool that will instantly tell you that someone has clicked a link that directs to your site. It is very easy to set it can send both email as well as text messages when you get a new link. You will just have to provide the snippet of codes to your page in order to set it up. It is real time so you can move quickly as soon as a link is established.
  3. Google AlertsThey are similar to the Topsy Alerts. If you would want to set an alert for the title of the content you can use Google Alerts. If anyone mentions about your business you will be immediately sent an email alert.
    Very easy to use and is being used by many people across the world without any complaints. In this case you will have to keep a close eye on your referrers in the Traffic Sources Pane.
  4. Link monitoring tools – If you want our suggestion we will say that instead of using only one link monitoring tool try to use a combination of a few. For example use ah refs so that you can view Yahoo site Explorer-esque reports on the recent links to your site. The open site explorer moves a little slowly. What you have to do is check up with them when they update the index. There is one more called the Pro tip – SEOmoz that runs a calendar in order to show all the planned index updates. You can add these to your personal calendar and you will know when to look for. So basically try to use a combination of Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics and ahrefs.

We hope that this article will actually help you to build some amazing links that will help your business to grow better. These are some of the link building tools that we recommend. If you go to search online you will get many more such local link building resources. Do try to look for the strategy that is working the best for you in order to make the most of it.

How to Get Rid of Google Penalty

Getting out of Google penalty hell

One of the things that you may have to deal with as an internet marketer is “Google Penalty”. We will now explain in this article how exactly you can deal with this problem. We will tell you how a penalty is applied and why. We will also explain the ways you can ensure that you deal with the penalty and come out as a winner.


How can you identify Google Penalty?

Most of the time people do not even realise that they are being penalised by Google. We will now explain how you can get to know about Google penalty. All that you have to do is use the Google Webmaster tool. On the left hand side you will have to click on “search traffic” and then at the end you will have to click on the “manual actions”. When you click on that you will have to see if you have got any message saying that “you have a manual penalty”. The concept people have is that if you are not getting a good traffic for a long time your penalty increases. This is not true you are pushed down because bigger and newer brands are just pushing you down. So what is it that you actually need to do?

  1. Just check the messages in your Google Webmaster tools. Check if there was any message about penalty.
  2. In case you cannot see any message, then look for the date when the traffic dropped and see if you had got a Google update on that day.

What happens when Google applies a penalty?

Well when you see that Google has applied a penalty on you then after a while you will realise that the traffic has also reduced considerably. The traffic will not go down gradually there will be a drastic fall. Sometimes a penalty is applied known as “partial match”. In this case what happens is that a part of the site is affected by the penalty of Google as result traffic to the other parts of the site remains the same. This is a very rare case scenario. The drop can be anything between 30% to 95%.

How can you use Google Analytics to look for penalties?

Sometimes you may not get the message in Google Webmaster and you will have to use Google Analytics. Choose the organic traffic when you are searching in Google. Compare the organic traffic of Google with the organic traffic of Bing. If you see that Bing traffic is stable but the traffic in Google has dropped then it definitely means that a penalty was put on your site.

What are the different types of Google updates?

There are basically two updates from Google and they are:

  1. The penguin update – This is all about the bad links.
  2. The panda update – This is used to address the content issues. If the content is very little without much depth and is a duplication Google penalty will be applied for sure.

Analysing the links

A common message that you may see inside the Google webmaster tools is about “unnatural links to your site”. This basically means that you have to check the backlinks so that you can identify the good and the bad links. In order to do this you will have to export the backlinks and download them. It will appear like a sample of some sort but it is not a sample instead it is the whole thing. Some of these backlinks might be old versions so you will have to remove them. Majestic is also a good tool that you can use to get to the backlinks. Try to collect as many backlinks as you can.

After getting the backlinks what next?

Now you know the bad and the good backlinks that you have got. You also know which one is working for you and which is not. You have also removed the bad backlinks now what should be your next step? You can use the tools namely Disavow Analysis and Penguin in order to do the following:

  1. First separate the live from the dead links. Keep in mind that almost fifty per cent of the links that you will get from webmaster tools will have to be removed.
  2. Try to find the patterns with the help of directory links, link-trade pages, Spammy blog reviews.

You will have to remove all the bad backlinks. You have to inform webmaster that these links have to be removed. Even if you mail three times that is fine for Google.

Reconsideration request

So now you have mailed Webmaster about the bad links so you can move to the next step. In this step you will have to send a letter to Google and this letter is called “reconsideration request”. You will have to clearly mention that you did do things in the past which was bad and you were sorry about it. Also say that you got a bunch of directory links. You paid for the bunch of blog reviews and you got content syndication. After you admit your guilt say that you have learnt from the mistake and you will work towards creating a better brand in the future as well as work on the content. This will ensure that Google will get back to you. Remember that admitting your guilt is very important. If you do not admit the guilt Google will perhaps take longer to get back.

Does Google penalize only for mistakes done?

A common question that people as is “do Google penalise only for mistakes or you can be penalised for no mistake at all?” The point is you can be penalised if your backlinks are not good. It is not a bad idea to clean the junk in your site now and then. Each month keep a few days to just keep a check on the backlinks. Try to remove the ones that are especially shady. This will ensure that you do not attract any penalty. If you are not keeping a track of the backlinks to your site it is definitely a mistake and you will have to pay for it.

In which cases you do a disavow

Suppose you were hit by Penguin and on that day your traffic suffered terribly then you were going to do a disavow. On the other hand you got an unnatural manual penalty and you got a disavow because you had not removed the bad links. All you have to do is identify and remove the bad links and then submit the disavow document with the reconsideration request to Google.

Is it a good idea to hire a professional?

There are many professionals who are providing services to those sites that have been penalised by Google. It is definitely a good idea no doubt. Well! let us tell you why we are not in support of taking the help from a professional. For example some days back I saw a professional claiming that they will do a 100% recovery. This is not possible until and unless all the backlinks are combined and send to Google telling them to disavow them all. If you do this then you might have to start building a site from scratch again and that might not be a great idea.

You are the best person to do the analysis for the backlinks to your site. It does not take much time if you do it regularly on a monthly basis. You have to ensure that the good links are kept and this can be done only when you check each link one by one. This can be time consuming but this will help you to maintain a healthy balance. Always remember that it takes time to warn a good link so ensure that you do not remove a good link just like that. If you remove a good link Google may release your penalty but a good link is like a gold that will take you some time to get it back. Even after the penalty is taken back but just because it was at the cost of a good link getting traffic will still be a challenge.

After the backlinks are removed there is no guarantee that the traffic will improve. There are many other things that can affect the traffic. Try to understand the case well and then plan a strategy to remove backlinks. Ensure that the content is good and it is of interest to the users. If the content is not good and people are not interested in it you will not get the traffic and the response that you are expecting. If you create a site for the user Google will take care of it. Do not try to go behind unnatural and short-tail links as they will not get you anywhere.

The best strategy that you can use and that we will also recommend is the one of “slow and steady”. Look to build good resources that will get you good links that are natural and will stay longer. Do not try to create a huge backlink that will be only for a while and then most of it will become bad and you will have to remove them. The days of exact-match anchor text are also over. You must have a trusted author who understands the need of the readers. Try to build the site slowly and win over some loyal customers. Try to build a good digital asset that will comprise of how-tos, widgets and tools). This may take long to build the traffic and there will be a gradual increase in traffic however you can be rest assured that there will be no looking back and the traffic will only increase and not decrease.

How should we disavow?

Some people feel if the disavow is going to harm anyone or the site. The answer is no. If you have been hit by a penalty you will have to follow the steps that we have mentioned and there is no other way so you will have to disavow. You will have to spend some time clean up the links and submit the reconsideration request. You have to do the “real things” that will help you get out of the penalty. Only after the penalty is released can you do something so the first thing you have to deal is with the penalty the other things actually do not matter. If the penalty is not removed you will keep suffering from a low traffic and things will just not show any improvement. Concentrate on this and you will definitely do a good job. So now that you know your priority we will do a quick recap of the whole article.

  1. Go to Google webmaster tools and see if there are any penalty messages there.
  2. Sometimes you may not find anything there so you will have to look at your search referrals. Here you will have to check if the drop in traffic coincides with any of the Penguin updates.
  3. If any of the above two things have happened immediately analyse the backlinks of yours and separate the good and the bad.
  4. With manual penalty, you will have to email all those people and try to ensure that the bad backlinks are removed. Then you will have to disavow the rest as well as submit the reconsideration request.
  5. With the help of Penguin try to create a disavow document that will remove all the unnatural links and keep only the good links.

Penalties are common and many sites have faced this problem. If you give up there is nothing much that can be done but if you want to fight back the points and ideas that we have discussed in this article will definitely help you and ensure that you come out as a winner. The steps are simple but maybe a little time taking.

Ensure that the first impression in search result is a winner

Ensure that the first impression in search result is a winner

We all use Google to look for some info or the other. You know what about seven of ten people would like to search about you on Google before they decide to buy a service or product from you. If they search by your or the name of your product and the first review that pops up on Google page is a negative review about you. What do you think the person will do, the answer is obvious he or she will not buy from you and chose your competitor. This is exactly why it is very important that you ensure that the first impression of a search made on Google about you is a positive one. If you neglect this aspect the business will only suffer. Another important thing that you must know here is that most of the people will search your website by the name and not by the URL.

What causes first bad impression?

  1. The auto-suggest is not providing a flattering option – This is a problem that was actually faced even by big organisations. For example you have a client who was not satisfied with the service that you provided him or her. The reason could be any there is also a possibility that it was the fault of the client himself. However, due to this experience the client decides to start trash talk you on the web. There is a possibility that whatever the client is saying about your product and service will be shown right at the top of the search page.

    Now suppose a person comes looking for you they will automatically see these review like “[your name] sucks” and etc. They will decide not to go ahead with you and look for some other option. Google can also see these negative feedbacks and what Google does next is it will start suggesting some other options that are better than yours. If Google starts giving alternatives for your business, it will only make things worse for you. Do not feel that it cannot happen to you. Well it is a very common problem that is faced by many doing online business.

  1. The image result looks weird – Another thing to look out for is when you put your name in Google what are the images that come up. This is very important because if the images are weird and embarrassing they will discourage the users from clicking the link. Of course you should avoid these controversial images for both professional and personal reasons. These one box search results are basically attracts attention. As per a latest study if a page as image and text the human tendency is to naturally get attracted to the image and not the text. Human brain is naturally programmed to see images. Thus the images that come with the search results of your name will draw immediate attention and will influence the behaviour of the people.

    You will often notice that the images that are coming along with your name search are not in line with the brand that you represent. These images can be very embarrassing so you will definitely have to remove them and replace them with proper images as you cannot let the name of your brand suffer.

  1. The business reviews that you are getting are not favourable – Getting negative reviews can be a huge area of concern that you must work with if you want to change the results on the search page. Any customer will lose the interest in your product if he or she comes across a negative review. The worst part is that Google will highlight these reviews with stars so that anyone who is looking for your product just cannot miss out on these. For example if there are three stars means that the product is not that great and these ratings are picked up by Google from all the reviews that you are getting.

    You definitely do not want to get into this. The intention of Google is to ensure that the user is made absolutely aware of the choice that he or she is making so that they cannot blame Google for anything that went wrong. You must ensure that you are absolutely aware of any negative review that you are getting they can be real spoiler for your business and the revenue that you are generating. Any person who is buying a product will compare the reviews and naturally go for a product that is getting a better review.

How can you fix these problems?

Now that you know what are the problems that you can face with Google search we will tell you how you can also solve each of these problems. Some of the recommendations we have will take time but they are actually very simple. We have tried to provide solution in the same pattern as we discussed the problems before in the article.

  1. The auto-suggest is not providing a flattering option –

    The Google auto search results are fast to appear and they do take a lot of time to go. This is a fact and you will have deal with it. Another problem with Google auto search is that it is basically powered by what the people are typing on it this why it can:

  • Show you phrases that you need to be ranking for.
  • Manifest a real problem that you will need to fix.
  • It will easily signal a competitor’s negative campaign.
  • It could be the entire above put together.

The steps that you can take to address the above issues are:

  1. Try to use a Mechanical Turk to push the other suggestions into the box (you must keep in mind that this should be the last option for you to try).
  2. Try to fix the problems that the customers are complaining about by searching for each of the problem in Google.
  3. You must create and optimise the landing page so that you can rank the suggested queries (this is true for both the PPC and the organic).

You must look for the competitors and keep an eye on their site. Before it becomes a suggestion try to handle it. You must always ensure that your product is better than all available so keep monitoring the other sites. There are some comparison sites that you can use like SiteGeek, Similarweb and G2Crowd. If you can establish your presence in these sites the problem with search results can be handled easily.

  1. The image result looks weird – We now come to the second problem that people generally face with Google search. It is not possible for you to choose the image that will appear on the Google image result one-box. However, you can provide a lot of images that are different from each other. The Meta data should be matched to your name and this will help Google to almost immediately recognise it while searching.

    Ensure that various images are published in various platforms. The more images Google can search with your name the better it will be for you. Google will always look for a varied number of images. It is the nature of Google that if it cannot find varied images for your brand name it will start to pick random images which may not have any connection to the brand or product that you are promoting.

Variety is one of the most important factors for searching in Google. You can do the following so that you can get more control over the image search result:

  1. Try to use more visual sharing platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Flickr, Instagram, etc. Try to upload different pictures of yours. Try to diversify as much as possible the visual marketing channels.
  2. Try to use folders, tags and album. You can also use solid and original descriptions. This will give Google more contexts and it will ensure that your photos are surrounded with absolutely original text about you.
  3. If you are invited for an expert interview to someone else’s blog then try to look for a unique picture of yours that can go with the interview.
  4. All the multiple visual channels that you set must be monitored with Cyfe.

When you provide more visual context for yourself and your product it will be a great help to you. Google will have a lot of options to choose from and as a result it will not pick any random images. So the solution is actually simple compared to the problems.

  1. The business reviews that you are getting are not favourable – This is the last problem that you can face with the Google search page. Another common problem is negative reviews. Suppose you have people posting about your products and services on your site as well as other sites like Yelp. Suppose these people are saying that the product of yours is not good and it is not helping people. Ensure that if there is a feedback you respond to it and try to solve the problem. Your prospective customers will chose the product or service of yours based on the feedback that you are getting.

    Try to catch up with these people who are not rating your product well and try to ask for suggestions on how you can improve the product. You can ask them to work with you and help you build the brand image. Try to bring in all the changes that are being suggested and take these feedbacks positively. It is quite possible that when you work on the product and the service then in the future you might get a positive feedback from the same customer who had given you a negative comment sometime back. Any reasonable person who wants to make it big online must do these steps so that the image of the brand does not suffer. There can also be a situation where there is a problem that would require a legal action.

    The fact is you cannot stop people from writing what they want. Sometimes the reaction might be absolutely unexpected and silly but still you will have to handle it with patience and ensure that the customer feels that you have taken them seriously. You must have patience. Try to ensure that you also have a lot of good things written about you across the web and your product gets some good ratings too so that the average rating of the product comes up. You can ask some of your loyal customers to now and then write something good about you too. You can also use social media for this purpose. Tell your friends and customers to comment in Facebook about the service and the product of yours. You should have a few five star reviews to show the customers.

    One tip that you can use is try to use schema.org on your site it will help you to optimize your site effective snippets (starred ratings used in Google search). We will explain in details how these help:

    1. Using review schema.org you can generate codes that you can add to your product page and it can work for any products like eBooks, services, courses, etc.
    2. You can also install the org plugin to your blog this will help you to use rich makeup for the blog review. You can easily install and use these.

We have tried to explain all that you can actually do in order to ensure that your first impression in the Google search is always a good and a positive one. SERP (search engine result page) it is an important one and you must give it a lot of importance. It should be a positive one always. If it is not always remember that your business will suffer a lot. We hope that this article will help you and ensure that you do not suffer on SERP.

How to Create amazing backlinks

Creating amazing backlinks

Getting quality links for your website is a challenge and there is no shortcut to it. If you want to create amazing backlinks you will have to work and we will tell you how in this post. Backlinks ensure that the content gets enough popularity and more and more people know about the site. Some sites do get a lot of backlinks within few days and some sites struggle to get even a few backlinks. The five steps to create backlinks that we can think of are:

  1. Find links
  2. Link prospecting
  3. Content link worthiness
  4. Link bait
  5. Link outreach

Step one: Find what people are linking to

We have always been talking about how important it is actually to understand the way other sites work so the first step here is to look for sites that have got very good backlinks and try to understand why and how they have built these backlinks. So look for pages that have lots of links as these pages have proved that they have contents that are worth it.

How do you know which site has a huge number of backlinks to do this take the whole blog post and see the links it has been attracting. For example take up the example of site on pets which is primarily about pets.

  1. Install the SEO for Firefox toolbar as it is free.
  2. Run a search in Google for example write “dog toys”. Select the “show options” below the left side of the search button. Now click on blogs from the categories.
  3. Now click on the 100 options and you will get the top 100 search results.
  4. Now click the “CSV” link and export the result file.
  5. The Firefox for SEO will give you many interesting information like if you want data only for “Y! Page links” the rest of the information can be deleted.
  6. After this you can sort the “Y! Page links” from largest to the smallest. This will give you the CSV results and they will look like.

So now you have the collection of blog posts that are about “toys for dogs” and have attracted the maximum links. Now we will move on to the next step on creating quality backlinks.

Step two: Find out who is linking

So we know which the links that are getting most backlinks are. Now let us look at who is creating these backlinks and how. The website owners have already qualified themselves and the links are basically demonstrating the willingness of these sites to links with a particular type of content. In this case the content happens to be toys for dogs.

Now what you will have to do is get the CSV dashboard that we have already created in the first step. From this drill down to the profiles that are getting the maximum backlinks. You can do this by using the “Yahoo Page links” button which is present in the SEO for Firefox toolbar that you have downloaded. There is also a Yahoo link command.

This step will produce a SERP list of links that are pointing to this page. There will not be any internal site links from the root domain and will look something like this.

After you have run this analysis of the links you will get two sites that will keep popping up in the link profiles of the best posts on dog toys. You will be able to understand from this, what is the willingness of these top two sites to link with the contents from the other sites on the same topic.

We will summarise the whole process so that you get an idea of what exactly you are trying to do in this step:

  1. Target the URL of the website – look for the name of the websites and the links to which these sites are connecting.
  2. Toolbar page rank – This can help you to sort the relative value.
  3. Contact name – personalise the outreach letter and this can be a great help.
  4. Personal email – Find the email address of the people you want to contact and send them personal mails. This will increase the chance of your mails being read.
  5. Social media profile – Figure out the social media handle of the people you are targeting.
  6. Notes – always try to get as much personal information that you can get it will help you to personalize the outreach letters to a great extent.

Step three: Find out why people are linking

If you want to create a content that can attract a lot of links you will have to try and understand why some contents are getting more backlinks than the others. We have been discussing on dog toys and we have spotted some five sites that are getting a lot of backlinks. Why do you think these sites are getting more backlinks than the others? Try to link if there is something common between these five sites and what is it that they are doing that attracts more links.

A little research and you will know that those articles that are about silly and funny dogs are more popular in these sites. So if you come up with something that is very different and funny people are ready to read it and share it. People keep dogs for entertainment and they are ready to do things that will add some fun and laughter to their boring lives this is exactly why anything funny on dogs are becoming more popular topics online. So the strategy of a successful link on pets is to come up with weird dog chew toys that can attract more readers and get noticed more often. With this we come to the next step in the process of creating some amazing backlinks.

Step four: Create the bait

Now we move to the fourth step. If you want to create backlinks you will have to create something similar to the top most links that you have searched in the first three steps. It does not mean you will have to copy. You can come up with something similar but ensure that you prove that it is yours and very different from what you have just found out. You have to ensure that whatever you come up with is proved to be important and useful to the market that you are targeting.

You now know from all the research done so far that whacky dog toys are what people are actually looking at. What can you do is recreating something on the same lines and how do you do it what we will explain now:

Try harder – try to create an article like “the top 10 weirdest toys that you dog will go crazy about”. It is a difficult content to create and will take time but the best part is that you know for sure that it is going to get a lot of links.

Try something easy – Try to create a link on funny toys that dogs play with. Yes it is simple and looks like a copy of all the research that you have done. It is less work and does have the potential of attracting a lot of links.

Try something that is very hard – This is the hardest way out and will take a lot of your time. In your own pet website start a contest and ask people to share the pictures of their dogs and pets. Get creative and look for funny ideas of dressing up a pet. Might not be a dog it can be any other pet like cats, rabbits, etc. You give prizes to the winners who have the cutest pets and dress them in the funniest manner. Announce the name of the owner and the pet post it on your pet website. You will for sure get a lot of backlinks to this. You can also give prizes to those who come up with the weirdest ideas of toys for the pets.

The judgement is yours which one of these ideas do you feel is going to get the maximum links to it. The simple logic is that the more time you spend on the idea and the content the more effective it will be. You have to be creative and spend time on the content and for sure you will get the backlinks that you want.

Step five: Pimp your content

The last step in the process is to pimp the content. So now all the research is done and your content is also ready. The last step is to make it popular among the readers and ensure that they share it. You cannot force the readers to share the content instead make the articles and the content so subtle that the readers themselves feel that they must share it with more people. So the mail that you come up with must be personal and directly talking about what you are looking at. Just mentioning that you are running a contest for pets is not going to help. There will be many people like you who are running such competitions. We are enclosing some examples so that you get what we are trying to say.

Dear (name of the person he or she can be a blogger or a site owner). Start the letter on a personal note always like – I have seen that you have very high interest in funny pet toys so thought of asking you to participate in my contest for “the weirdest pets on earth”. It can also start with “I saw your comment on my recent blog and I found it very interesting so decided to invite you to participate in “the weirdest pets on earth” contest. You can also mention in the end of the mail that you will be very happy if these people could share it with other animal and pet lovers from different parts of the world. So this will give you an idea of how exactly the mail should be like.

Some people will tell you that link outreach like this do not work. Well not true always if you follow the points we have mentioned the chances of this not working out will be very little. Why such outreaches sometimes don’t work is simply because of the following:

  1. The person initiating such outreach may not have created something of real value.
  2. There has to be a lot of dedication in this process as you market the content effectively.
  3. Some people will slam the idea sometimes even without trying it.

Just follow the points the way we have mentioned and it should work. Creating a great content is indeed important but it is not the be all and end all of the story. There are many blogs out there with great content you have to ensure that you get the right people to read the content and the content should hit them in such a way that backlinks start to happen. Self-promotion is the key do not shy from it. You created the content so you will have to promote it. You might need help to send so many personalized emails and how you do it is engage some interns and tell them that all the letters have to be personalized to an extent with the information that you have gathered. Do check once before sending out the mails. This can be very helpful and will save you a lot of time.

Just follow these steps and you will for sure come up with some amazing backlinks. These are some of the steps that we could think of. There might be some more steps and ideas that you can come up with as you start working on the topic. There are no hard and fast rules there are only some guidelines in this matter that you can follow.

Top SEO techniques that can double your search traffic

Anyone who has a blog would get excited by the idea of doubling the traffic coming to their blogs. A high traffic can definitely increase conversions too. All that you have to do is understand the needs of your target audience and ensure that what they want is provided to them. All you want is to ensure that as many people as possible are looking out for your site.

As per the statistics of Google every month ten million users search for something online. As the web page you have ranks higher in Google you will be able to get more and more people looking for your site. If your link is highest in the search result you can definitely expect to get about twenty percent more clicks compared to the other results. This can also increase your revenue. We will now enclose a graph that will show how many people are actually using Google to search on a monthly basis.

SEO (search engine optimization) is definitely important because about eighty percent of all website traffic starts with search query. We will now disclose some of the ways SEO techniques you can implement in order to get more traffic to your site. We will in this article discuss some of the SEO techniques that you can easily use for better traffic.

  1. Audit the site framework – Auditing basically means checking why your site is not getting the traffic that is desired or expected. In SEO auditing is more like a growth hack technique that will help you understand how you can get more visitors to your page.

When hotmail was sold to Microsoft it had about twelve million users and at that time only seventy million internet users existed. This consumer base was created by Hotmail in just one and a half year. This is the best example that we can quote of how auditing the site framework can help.

What you need to do is first understand the performance of your site. After that you must implement the new goals that can increase your profit. For example if you do a close study you will find that only about twenty five percent of people prefer to do online shopping and there is a huge potential for this business to grow here. This data was derived after doing an extensive site audit. Unless you do an audit you will not have the data needed to improve the performance of your site. We will take you through some steps now to explain how you can do this audit.

Go to the site of QuickSprout and plugin the URL of your site. When you click the “log in with Google” button you will get a screen like this.

You will get a screen with the analysis of your site performance as shown below.

As you move to the result page you will get a more detailed analysis of the SEO. This page will clearly specify which the areas you need to improve on are.

If you follow the suggestions mentioned you can definitely see that there is an increase in traffic coming to your site. Like in this case the heading tags are highlighted and must be changed. A little optimization of the heading tags can definitely increase the traffic. This will make more readers attracted towards your site. Apart from heading tags some more concerns might be highlighted that you can change accordingly.

  1. Creating more optimized landing pages – The landing pages must be designed well so that the lead generation and sales improve. Try to create as many landing pages as you can so that more gateways open up for the traffic flowing. Most of the sites do not understand the importance of a landing page. Some B2B companies even consider the home page as landing page. Homepage gives information about you but landing page can initiate a relationship. There are many professionals like Copyblogger Media who can help you create an effective landing page for the users.

    Using ahrefs.com you can check if your landing page has a SEO value and if people are actually sharing these on social media.

Landing pages can actually ensure that you get more readers and also ensure that good revenue is generated. This aspect must not be neglected at all. We are enclosing a screenshot to make the idea clearer to the readers.

Most of the marketers are coming up with optimized standalone pages with every new marketing campaign. You can also try the services of clickable.com. It can help marketers to manage search and the social marketing in a much better way.

Dell will be a good example to quote here. They did a detailed study of how landing pages can give better results compared to website pages and they got three hundred percent better results. We will now explain how exactly you can optimize the landing pages:

Step 1 – First you will have to pick up a long tail keyword that you can use to create a landing page.

Step 2 – In case you are using some more landing pages then you must ensure that keywords, title tags and meta descriptions are also added. The keywords used here must be natural.

Step 3 – whenever you add content to the landing page ensure that it is over 200 words and this will get you a better rank in Google search.

Step 4 – the content you write in the landing page must be meaningful and informative.

Anatomy of a successful landing page consists of:

  • A good Headline
  • Secondary headline
  • Subtitle
  • Bullet points
  • Images
  • Graphs
  • Testimonials
  • Internal links

The enclosed screenshot explains some points that a good landing page must have.

It is done to ensure that the readers like the page and keep coming back. The design of the page is important. If the content is good but the design is bad it will fail to get enough readers. “Design is King” is a professional service provider who can help you design the landing pages better.

There are many articles online that discuss about copywriting. You can read these and create landing pages that compelling and have good SEO value.

  1. Data research that adds to end user value – The content that you are creating is for the target audience. So the content must always be created keeping the target audience in mind. What you have to do is think what is it that the target audience wants to read about. You can use quora.com. On the homepage itself you will find a number of topics that can be of interest to people. You can easily look at keywords here. Spend at least a good half an hour and you will definitely get the keyword you should write your blog on.

Sometime you don’t even have to go so far. Just see the questions that the users are posting on your blog you might get the keyword in these questions too. This will ensure that the readers remain loyal as you are answering the questions they are coming up with. Even Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups that you are a part of can give you the ideas you can work on.

You can also use UberSuggest for getting long tail keyword ideas. This data is directly taken from what people are searching for in Google so you can completely trust this. It is important to choose a good keyword that can generate good readership. All you need to do is login to Ubersuggest.org and enter the keyword. You will get a CAPTCHA box fill that and click on the suggest button. You will get a long list of long tail keywords and you can chose the one you like the most.

Once you have a data that people are searching for half of the job is done. Your job is giving your opinion on this topic and it is up to the readers to like and share it.

  1. Double the infographic power –
    Infographics is very important in content creation. We will now explain how you can use this in order to get more readerships for your blog. Info and graphics are both equally important and one should not be given importance to the other. The following graph will help you understand how this can actually help and why the trend is only expected to grow in the near future.

A research proves that about ninety percent of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual no wonder with the help of Infographics you can get more readers for your blog. You can use dribble.com to find professional infographic designer.

You can pick any designer and read the profile. Now write a fresh content based on the infographic that you have selected. A fresh topic along with infographic can get you more traffic. If you do not have the time you can hire professionals like Fiverr.com to do the job for you.

  1. The site should be made mobile friendly and responsive – mobile search queries are increasing rapidly so you have to ensure that the site targets mobile users in order to get more traffic. Mobile users are more into online shopping as they can do it from anywhere. Another reason why you should concentrate on this area is that soon Google will start to penalise those sites that are not user friendly. The graph below will point how the mobile commerce is growing rapidly. There are many articles online that you can read about making your site mobile friendly.

  1. The live keywords of the competitors must be targeted – we have always emphasised that the competitors must be followed carefully. Your competitors have actually done all the hard work so all that you need to do is perhaps just reap the benefit.

    Just sign up for the newsletter of the competitors and that can give you the keywords that you are looking for. With this you can make your build your competition based on data and not on just assumptions.

    Live keywords are those that are ranking in top Google results. Finding the live keywords of your competitors is actually a simple job. All that you need to do is login to SEMrush and then type the URL of the competitor. Set the country you are located at. After that you need to click on the search button. The result will be something like the screenshot attached.

This will clearly specify the live keywords that the competitors are using and getting a ranking for. To make assurance doubly sure you can search for these keywords in Google and see if they are actually having a good rank. Once you do this search you know that you can use these long tail keywords to create more profitable contents. Needless to say this will get you a good ranking in Google too.

Now that you have created a content based on the live keyword of your competitor you must contact the sites and blogs who have linked with your competitor’s site and tell them about your article. This will give an automatic boost to the traffic that is coming to your site. The obvious question is “how do I find these linking sites? The answer is simple all that you need to do is use the website called backlinkwatch.com. In this site you will have to type the URL of the competitor then fill the CAPTCHA code and then click the “check backlinks” button. As you click on each of the sites you will have to go to the contact tab and find the contact details of the site owner.

The more the rank of your article in the better revenue it will generate. As soon as you know what the target audience is looking for you have got your topic. If you can develop the content in an interesting manner it will definitely reach all the readers out there and make you popular. SEO can play a critical role in this. So what are we waiting for let’s get started!

  1. Deep linking must be used for the internal pages – What exactly is the meaning of “deep linking”. As the name itself suggests it is basically a practice of using an anchor text to link all the other pages inside your blog. When you do so Google will understand how deep your site actually is and this can increase your ranking in Google search. Many bloggers actually do not understand the importance of linking the pages. All they want is traffic coming to the home page as a result the other internal pages suffer. The enclosed diagram will explain what exactly we mean.

When you write a new blog you should never forget the older blogs. They are still popular and are already getting traffic for you. You must link these old articles to the new article so that more and more readers get attracted to your new articles. The internal pages must be linked more frequently.

Another important thing that you must know here is that when you more are linking the internal pages you are adding more SEO value not only to the new article but also to the older articles. As you improve the SEO value of these internal pages the search ranking of your site will automatically increase even or the tough keywords.

Before you start linking these internal pages you must have a good idea of how many internal links can be used. To do this you will have to first go to OpenSiteExplorer.com. You will have to key in the URL of your site and then click the search button.

After this you will get the following screen.

As shown in the picture click on the “top pages” button. You will get a screen like the one shown below with the ratio of the inbound links.

This particular URL as you can see was getting more inbound links than compared to blog posts and contact pages. If you get more hits on your home page your bounce rate will be quite high. So in order to reduce the bounce rate a good solution is to start deep linking. We will now let you know why you must give so much of importance to deep linking:

  • This can make your internal pages Indexable– when you use internal linking extensively you will ensure that search engine spiders can easily index the landing pages of yours. When you write a new article you should not wait for search engines to index them what you should do is internally link them and see how fast they get indexed.
  • This can improve the authority of the page – when you keep adding fresh content regularly it can increase the authority of the page. You can get the same results when you internally link the pages. As the content gets older the ranking automatically reduces in Google search to avoid this, a great way is to internally link the articles.
  1. The archive pages must be refreshed –
    anyone who has been blogging for sometime will have a lot of archives. These archives are nothing but gold mines. Anyone who has been blogging for a while will realise that some of their articles generate more traffic and get more comments. What you need to do is improve these articles over and over again so that these get you a better ranking. These archive pages are important for the growth of your blog and must not be ignored. If you build on these the search traffic can increase tremendously.

    We will now explain how you can work on these archive pages:

    Step 1 – Google Analytics can be a great tool here. Just login to it and click on “behaviour”. As shown in the image below:

    Step 2 – Now you will have to click on the “site content” you will get all the posts that have been performing really well in the last few months.

    Now that you have the data we will tell you how exactly can you refresh these archive pages and ensure that you get more traffic.

    The headlines that you write must be sharable – the headline should be such that people would find it interesting and share it. The headline should make the readers curious. Study proves that people like to share articles that have numbers in the headlines so you can ensure that the headline contains a number. Here is a pictorial representation of what we are trying to say.

    The facts in your headlines must be supported with data and facts – your content will automatically reflect the experience you have gained as a blogger right. You must ensure that the content you have written is backed by facts and data from others. This will add value to your blog and attract more readers to it. For example if there is a testimonial on your blog from someone saying how much they benefited from your blog it will only increase the worth of your blog.

  2. Authoritative social platform must be leveraged –
    when your article is new you cannot expect to get good rankings from day one itself. It will take you time to get recognised and that is absolutely normal. What you can do is leverage bigger social platforms. This does not include Facebook and twitter. The simple reason being association with these do not lead to increase in ranks but only increase in engagement. However, there are sites like Slideshare, Blogger, Quora and Docstoc. The advantage is that these sites will help you get better ranking in a short span of time.

Some people may question if leveraging authority social platform can actually increase the search traffic? The answer is “yes” it can and many people have used this method.

You can use Slideshare to improve traffic coming to your site too. The following steps will explain how you can do this:

Step 1: by just selecting a keyword and creating a slideshow cannot get you the buzz you are looking for. What you need to do is look for discussion topics and look at what exactly people are talking about. You can do this by visiting social media forums as well as sites like Growthhackers.com. Here you can find a lot of topics. Pick any topic that is related to the topics you write about and start developing your blog after a detailed study.

It is not important that your slideshow must have fifty or hundred pages. Ensure that your presentation is good and around thirty five pages. It should give good value to the viewers and that is all we need to look at.

Step 2: Before you start with the presentation you must have an outline ready for it. Each outline that you think of will become a slide in the presentation that you are preparing. Sometime you may like to use the outline of someone else’s design in this case ensure that you take permission of the concerned person and also give credit to the person.

Step 3: Images are critical as we have already explained how images make better memory. Try to use as many images as you can in order to make the presentation attractive. “Free stock photos” is a good option where you can find a lot of pictures that you can use.

You can also use Gratisography without worrying about copyright issues. Before you use the pictures remember the following:

  1. Do not use pictures that are not relevant to you
  2. The picture quality should be good and clear
  3. Pictures used must not have copyright restrictions
  4. The images should not come over the text you have written

Step 4: You must study presentations that have been successful only then you will be able to create a good presentation online. Slideshare itself will feature some of the successful slideshows that you can study. When you see these presentations you will get a better idea of how exactly your presentation should look like.

Step 5: Now that you have all the details about making a beautiful presentation what exactly are you waiting for? Start making your own presentation. You must include a landing page in the presentation and where ever possible link pages to the slide show. Once the presentation is ready ensure that you share it on animoto, scribd and docstoc this will ensure that you get a good viewership to your presentation.

  1. LSI should be implemented – LSI is latent semantic indexing. It is nothing but a retrieval technique that will use a mathematical formula to identify the patterns in a given paragraph or in a text.

You can also say that LSI is basically synonyms for the keywords that you are writing about. If LSI is used instead of keywords it can increase the ranking of your article in Google. Instead of repeatedly using keywords LSI must be used in order to get more traffic.

The LSI will tell the Google spider how to index the content of your article based on the intent of it. The present mantra is that keyword stuffing must be avoided at all cost and that is possible by using LSI. There are many topics that can be absolutely irrelevant to each other although they are using the same keyword. One such example would be “apple”. The topic “apple” can be used as a fruit as well as it can be about iphone, ipads and Steve jobs. The LSI that you use in the article will help Google understand which “apple” you are actually referring to and accordingly the search engine will work. So the LSI in the content gives the much required intent to the article. With LSI the Google spider can actually figure out how to index the article. There are so many things written every day online if LSI is not used effectively it can be very confusing and even lead to a low search rank for a well written article.

You can run a Google search looking for words that mean the same and can be good LSI keywords. They can be different words with same meaning or sometimes with a different structure. LSI is important but you must use them only when they are needed. The natural flow the content is more important than inserting LSI into it. The LSI keyword should not override the main keywords. These words are just used to add more meaning and value to the article so that Google understands the topic you are writing about better.

We hope that you will find these methods of use. It is not possible to use all these methods at the same time. You can start with one method at one time. Blog is a great way to improve the brand marketing. It has been proved that about eighty percent consumers like to read from the brands. If you want a brand image you have to work on the SEO. The blog must contain all the information that the people are looking for. It is true that the methods we have given might take you some time to understand and implement but once you master them there is absolutely no looking back for you. Do implement these and let us know how it impacted your blog.

Content marketing tips in 2016

The main aim of a content marketer is to ensure that conversions happen. The content of the article should look interesting enough to attract more and more readers. There are many who spend hours online to come up with interesting and compelling articles that can actually lead to some conversion. The content marketing field is a competitive one and it is going to only grow in the near future.

It is basically a content evolution that we are seeing around us. We will now discuss some top ten things that you can do in order to ensure that your content is interesting enough.

  1. Don’t underestimate the “C” –
    “C” here stands for connect. The “C” stands for those who come between the age of eighteen to thirty four and are spending hours on the internet. These people have ensured that the spending on internet is increased significantly. In another few years these people will represent the workforce. To connect with these people you should know what they are doing. We will now list some of the things these people do:
  • They are always connected to everyone.
  • These people will trust and believe what their friends are recommending.
  • These people are well informed and have a mind of their own so you cannot just push them into anything.
  • These people are looking for reasons to share and read.
  • You cannot use the traditional ways of business to reach this group of people.
  1. The brand should be a genuine one – Always remember that the group you are dealing with is well informed and they just want the best. They cannot be fooled so try to keep the brand as honest as possible. You must clearly tell them what the brand is about and who is there behind the brand. They must be told what they can expect from the brand.
  1. People should understand your content – the articles you are writing must be simple and easy to understand. They should clearly explain the point. No one will be interested in reading things that have been dragged too much. The reader should be able to understand what you are talking about. Apart from that also ensure that the writing is visible and clear to the readers. These days many people use the mobile phone to read articles so whatever you write must be optimized for the mobile phones.
  • Try to add a cause to your product – the customer today is not that concerned about the price. They are more concerned about what the brand they are endorsing actually stands for. Ensure that you associate with a strong and valid cause.
  1. Honour the customer – think of ways by which you can honour the customer. You can introduce a concept like “customer of the month” this will ensure that the customers feel more interest in your site and keep visiting.
  2. Ensure that the customers are participating – Connecting is important and that can only happen with continuous association. Ensure that you engage the customer in all that you are doing. Keep arranging for quizzes and other competitions that will keep the customers engaged. You can start some voting options too. A twitter chat with the brand name can be a great idea. The more you participate in different activities with the customers the more will become your visibility.
  3. Generation of the content ideas must be planned –
    you must have a good and strong plan about what your content will be about. Try to keep a list of contents that you are dealing with. Now prepare a set of questions that the customer might ask. This will help you to come up with a good plan your contents.
  1. The visuals must be given due importance –
    The content you are writing is indeed important. What is more important is how you will make the content look on screen. The content should look bright and attractive only then readers will spend more time on it. You can add relevant pictures and videos to the content in order to ensure that it looks good enough. The visuals used must be striking.
  2. Email base is important the email base is very important. Ensure that you connect to the customers and give them enough chance to connect with you. They should be given enough occasions to send you their details. The emails that you are sending out must be interesting and creative so that the customers open them and read them. All these mails must also have a share button for better results.
  1. . Sales psychology –
    Most of the purchase that happens online is impulsive and emotional only a part of it is logical. This has been proved after a lot of research was done in this field. You can read more about it online and ensure that you incorporate this in the content marketing strategy that you are using. This can help you develop the content accordingly and increase the sales.

Many people feel that content marketing is actually not as important as it is made to be. The fact is content marketing is extremely important and it can make a significant change in the way you are doing business. The quality of content marketing you are using can have a major affect on the results that you are going to get from the business. You can use the enclosed digital marketing trends in order to ensure that you improve the content marketing.

  1. Budgets are growing –
    in 2015 the content marketing budget increased by a whopping fifty five percent. It was indeed one of the biggest years for content marketing. You can see that the content created is increasing. You will see that this is making the audience tire. The trend is such that :
  • Everyone has a blog.
  • Almost everyone will want you to be a part of their marketing email list.
  • Almost everyone has a video that you can watch.
  • The internet is filled with case studies that anyone can download.

The problem is that everyone is doing the same thing. With so much content being there on the net it is actually very confusing and chaotic for the normal customers to understand what is actually happening. As there is so much you have to come up with something that is unique and interesting in order to attract the customers. Creating high quality content may not be easy all the time. 2015 was the year of investing in content marketing. 2016 will be the year to analyse and understand what was spent and how much should be ideally spent on this. The contents must be analysed well before they are put on the sites. Unless the writing is good quality stuff there is no point having it on the site. So far a content marathon was going on now the point is to look for something that is more effective and can give good results. After all as we already mentioned in the beginning a good content must lead to conversion.

  1. Stress in now on long formed content – the demand is now increasing for contents that are detailed and can actually answer all the questions that the readers have. Even Google is giving to articles that are at least over two thousand words. You will notice that in 2016 most of the writers are coming up with longer articles so that they can get better visibility and consumer base. Gone are those days when small articles were preferred more. Even the blogs today will have at least a thousand words. Most of the short posts today are not able to get a ranking. We all want readers and takers for what we are writing and a sure way of getting that is by writing long and well descriptive articles.

    If the question you are dealing with needs a well descriptive answer then a long article is a must so that it gets more readers. Sometimes when you write a three thousand plus word article you may wonder if anyone is going to read it? Well the answer is yes people will if the article answers the question thoroughly. Do not do a lot of beating around the bush just to make the article longer. The content must be genuine and to the point.

  1. Try to blog less – the budget for content marketing in 2016 will remain same as it was in 2015 but you will have to come up with longer article. Does this mean you spend more time and make less money? Well may not be so all the time. Well what you need to do is Blog less. With Blog less we do not mean that you use few words rather you reduce the frequency of the blogs. What you do now is write three five hundred or seven hundred words articles a week what you need to do now is write one article a week that is good in quality and above fifteen hundred words at least.

    I know this is not the way you have been blogging and it might take you some time to get used to this. If you look closely you will find that the three articles you are writing in a week are more or less pertaining to the same topic and you can easily incorporate all the three articles in one long article. So the fact is that you are ultimately spending the same amount of time to come up with one blog rather than too many blogs.

    Don’t worry about who is going to read such a long Blog all that you concentrate on is the quality of what you are writing.

  2. Time to say Good bye to the SEO consultants – SEO (search engine optimization) is something that we all have been bothered about when it comes to content marketing. SEO consultants charge a huge sum of money to come up with short articles that can get noticed easily. With the new trends of long formed articles do you actually need a SEO? The answer is simply a no. If your article is only for a certain group of people you will need a SEO but when your target audience is a much bigger group you actually do not need a SEO. If you yourself do a little research in Google you will get to know all that you need to know about SEO. Then why should you spend money on hiring an expensive consultant?
  1. The content should be creative – the content that you are creating must be creative and innovative. The more dynamic the content is the better will be its impact on the readers. Instead of using the old boring methods like clipart try to learn some new tricks and create a content that is high on quality as well as attractive to the eyes. We will now discuss some of the tools apart from WordPress that you can use in order to increase the visual experience for your readers:

Vismethis is a very popular and simple to use tool which you can use in order to create a rich visual experience. It can be used for presentations and reports too.

Tableau Publicthis is free software that one can easily use. It can help you to come up with good visualisation effect especially with maps.

Infogr.amThese are nothing but templates that are already built. These can be used in the blog to make them more effective visually.

We hope that this article will be able to understand how you can improve the content marketing you are doing and come up with a better content that will do well for you and be more engaging to the readers. All you need to do is act a little smarter and divide your time well between the content you are writing and the type of content you are creating.

Best ways to increase Domain Authority

If you have not been paying much importance to Domain Authority then this article is a must read for you. You will notice that many sites will have more queries and a better rank all though they have less information and were written much later. This is possible only with the help of Domain Authority. Domain Authority ensures that whatever you write is considered important as a result the site will start to attract more traffic. We will explain now how exactly you can improve the domain authority of your site.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

We will first need to understand what exactly the Domain Authority is. It is like a logarithmic score that can be anything from 0 to 100. It was created by Moz. This decides what will be the rank of this web page in the search engine results. This is based on many factors some of them are mentioned below.

  • Moz rank
  • Social signals
  • Linking root domains
  • Moz trust
  • Profile
  • User experience
  • The total backlink profile
  • Traffic
  • Site loading time

Any popular site will automatically have a DA of 100. This includes sites like Facebook, Google, etc. This does not mean that sites that do have a DA of 100 are any lesser. One point to keep in mind is that it is easy to increase the DA score from 20 to 30 but increasing it to 90 from 80 can be a challenging job. DA is basically a comparative value.

What is the difference between domain authority and page authority?

Many people consider the Page authority and the Domain authority to be the same. This is not true actually. These two are entirely different concepts. Domain authority will give the ranking of the site but page authority is only about the particular page in concern. The domain authority will remain the same throughout the site but the page authority will keep changing from page to page.

Factors to be considered for Domain Authority

There are many factors that actually affect the domain authority. We will explain a few of these factors now.

  1. Moz Ranks – the Moz rank of particular website will depend on the link profile that can range from one to hundred links. A few links from a good quality site is always better than having too many links from a number of poor sites.
  1. Linking the root domains – The number of links that are linking to your site determine your Domain authority.
    Getting hundred links from one site is equal to getting fifty links from different domains. What it actually checks is that number of sites that are linking to your site as a result helping to increase the value of the site.
  1. Moz trust – this basically checks your connections with other trusted websites. If the links that are coming to your page come from authoritative sites you are at a better position. It can work even if your article is indirectly linked to a trusted site. For example someone likes your article and comments on it. This person is liked by another strong site then too you are going to gain from it.
  1. Social signals – the number of likes and shares an article get in a social platform are equally important and does affect the Domain Authority.
  1. Quality content – if the content of your article is good and informative it will automatically increase the rank of the article. More people will start to visit the article as a result the Domain authority will increase automatically.
  1. Friendliness to the search engines – In case you are using the right SEO the site will appear in SERP as search queries are posted. Slowly this will increase the DA.

All these factors that we have explained are equally important in deciding the Domain Authority.

How can you increase the Domain Authority?

With the help of Domain authority you can maintain the ranking of the search engine. If you have a very low DA you must try to increase it at any cost. We will now explain some simple things that you can actually do in order to increase the DA of your site.

  1. Start marketing your contentif the content of your article is marketed well it can attract more readers. It is the new mantra in the blogging world. It can extensively increase the visibility of the article in social media and in other related platforms. There are many article and sources that are available online about marketing your content.
  • You need a clean link profile along with diversification – Yes it is a good idea that you get linked with as many websites as you can. Nevertheless, you must remember that the quality of the sites you are associating with is important. These sites should not be spams. Moreover, there are many sites that Google considers as improper so try to avoid association with these sites. How you can do this is regularly check the Google webmaster tool. This will help you understand who is connecting to you.


  • Earning linksSome people are of the opinion that earning links is a bad idea. However, the fact is that this can really help in increasing the Domain Authority. Try to link with as many sites as you can. Make the writing so detailed and good that the readers like it instantly. If the readers like it they will share it and automatically the Domain Authority will increase. There are many resources available online that you can refer for learning more about the same.
  • The internal link structure must be well planned – As the name itself suggests interlinking happens when one link the article takes you to another related article in the same site. With the help of this you can increase the on page SEO and the Domain Authority. Before you start interlinking do keep the following points in mind:
  • The number of links that you are setting must be optimum.
  • Try to use a varied type of anchor text. If you use too many anchor texts then the site may suffer.
  • Do not use too many internal links try not to interlink too many articles. If there are too many links in a page the page becomes so long that Google will automatically shorten the page as a result the whole page will not get indexed.
  • There should be a balance between the internal and the external links used.

If you want to increase your knowledge on inter linking you can again refer to many materials that are available online.

  1. An unbeatable Epic content – we have been telling this again and again the content of the article that you are posting must be unique, informative and interesting. It should be something that no one else has to offer. The article should be able to solve the problem of the reader. It should not be so that after reading the article they still have questions and they go off to some other place in order to find the answers. Never duplicate something that is already there. For example if you have come up with a post that is quite similar to a post that is already there you can use the rel=”canonical” feature in order to guide the reader to the original source.

    If you want to find out about topics that are in demand you can use the “Google trends” and “Buzzsumo”. If you feel that there are some posts that are not informative enough and you can write more about the topics you always write on them.

    A proper off page SEO – A good off page SEO strategy should include the following:

  • Blog Commenting – when you comment on popular blogs the chances of getting link backs to your site increases a lot. If your comments are informative and interesting you can also steal the readers from the blog you are commenting on to your blog.
  • Social bookmarking sites – with the help of this strategy you can reach audience that goes beyond your own readership. This will ensure that the readers share the epic content of your article thereby increase your Domain Authority.
  • Guest Posting – when you guest post on someone else’s article you can attract a lot more viewership for your article. With this you can also prove the authority you have in the niche.
  1. The friendliness of the site must be enhanced – all that we have said so far in this article will hold no sense if there are no readers to read your work. So basically speaking readers are the most important. If your site is not user friendly you will not be able to get the kind of response that you are looking for. If your site takes too long to open no one will have the patience to read it no matter how good your content is.

    If there are too many ads that are popping as the reader reads the article that too will affect the readership. Try to remove clutter as much as you can. When the site is user friendly it will by default attract more readers who will also stay loyal.

  2. Social media optimization – search engines are important but they are not everything that you can do to improve the DA. Why don’t you look at social media optimization too? With the help of the social media you can reach more audience and you can also market the content better. As more and more people are affected by the articles you have written the more popularity you will get.

    These readers will read your article they will like it and share it. This can get you many more dedicated readers. As the fans and followers for your work increases automatically the Domain Authority will also see a major improvement.

  1. Having patience – Patience is the keyword in anything that you do. As we all grow with time the same is with the Domain Authority too. Work on it slowly and do not expect that a miracle will happen. As the domains age will affect the domain authority slowly and steadily. There is a tool that is designed by Webconfs. It is called the “domain age checker“. Using this you can check the age of the domain.

How do you check the Domain Authority?

Checking the domain authority is much simpler than what you think. All that you need to do is go to the visiting the official toolbar of Moz or by going to “opensiteexplorer“. Type the name of your site and see the results. There are many tools like this that are available online. The DA is calculated once in every two weeks so you will have to keep checking it regularly. The screenshot below shows the Domain Authority of the URL mentioned in the search box.

A good Domain Authority score

How do you consider the Domain Authority score as a good or bad? It is nothing but a number that you can always work towards increasing. If the DA is above fifty you can consider it as a good score. Any domain that has been active for around a decade can enjoy a DA of eighty or even hundred.

Numbers are good but they are not the only things you should chase. Try to write good contents and provide the readers with a good experience. As and when you put new updates on your site, aim at increasing the domain authority slowly and gradually.


Domain Authority is nothing but the number that is associated with the quality of your blog. The better the quality of the blog is the better will be the DA score of it. All the points that we have mentioned above are important. None of the points are standalone you need to work on all of them simultaneously in order to achieve the numbers you are desiring.

How to Find the Right Long Tail Keywords for Your SEO

There are many ways to get a good rank for the site or an article. Many will suggest on page and off page optimisation. Of all the methods that you know have you heard about “the long tail key words” method? These can really help to improve the ranking of a site or a Blog. For example suppose you are using keyword like “blogging” it will not help you get a good ranking as it is a small keyword. Try something lengthier like “what are the best ways to Blog” if you use this keyword the ranking will become comparatively easier. So what is the difference between the two you are making the phrase more specific and descriptive so that the target audience get the exact idea of what is it that you are selling?

Google ensures that it provides the customers exactly what they are looking for and not just a spam. They do this by using penalties like Penguin and Google Panda. You must be wondering what penalties has to do with keywords well let us tell you how interconnected they actually are. If you can find the best keywords for your article you will be automatically saved from penalties.

Choosing a long tail keyword

It is not a rocket science to find the long tail key words that are best suitable for your Blog. It basically depends on the competition. If no one is targeting the keyword you are using then you will automatically get a rank. If that keyword is a common one then you will have to create a content that is good and unique. You can use various keyword research tools for this purpose. Even spying on the competitors is a good idea.

Using Google search to find long tail keywords

We take a situation where you have a Blog and you thus know what keyword is it that you are looking for. Suppose your Blog is about cheap hotels.

What you get from this search are generic keywords. However, spend some time and think in detail. As you go deep you will find some great ideas. For example cheap hotels in which country, city, area, etc and the list can go on.

This method is actually simple you already have a few keywords in mind that are as per the content of your Blog and you are just making them more specific. By searching generic keywords you can actually get long tail key words we will explain that now.

As you use the generic keyword “best hotels” you will see that Google is getting you hotels from all parts of the country or world so you can make it more specific by mentioning the city from where you want the best hotels. If you mention the country or the city you will notice that Google will be able to search those articles easily. So what you have got here is the long tail keyword for your next article.

Finding the long tail keywords by using the Google Keyword tool

To get a profitable keyword the best way would be to use a keyword research tool. You will come across a lot of such tools. Some of them are paid and few of them are absolutely free. To name a few “Long tail Pro” and “Market Samurai” these are paid ones. Google Keyword planer is a free tool that you can use. We must tell you that it is also one of the best ones.

As soon as you type the query you are searching the Google Keyword planer will show different search queries that are similar to the one that you have entered. The result will run into pages. DO not limit yourself to the first page. Go through all the pages one by one till you find the most profitable keyword according to you.

If you look closely at the result you will see that it not only gives you the long tail keywords that you are looking for but also the monthly search volume and other such information that can help you in finding a profitable keyword. So the keywords that have low competition are easier to rank as they will not be advertised much.

Using Long tail pro

As we have already mentioned long tail pro is a paid tool used for keyword research. We suggest this is because it will save you a lot of time. Once you login to the tool and you have got the keyword. Your next step should be to analyse how profitable this keyword will actually be for you. For this you will have to click on the competitor analysis button.

As soon as you click the button you will get a page that will show the top ten pages that are ranking at present for that particular keyword. It will also tell you DA (domain authority) and the PA (page authority) of these sites. As you get all this information in one page you can easily take a decision on whether you will carry on with this key word or you will keep searching for more options.

The long tail pro also comes with a rank checker tool that can help you to check what the rank of your web page will be like.

Spying on competitors in order to get long tail keywords

Some may find it difficult to think of the generic Keywords. It is not a concern at all. What you need to do is spy on the competitors. Spy on the competitors who are doing very well as well as on those who are less popular.

Make an excel file with the URL of all the websites that are competitors for you. Now that your list is done you are all set for spying on these. Pick the best blogs in the niche. It should be a competitor who gets a lot of traffic. You can now go to the SEMrush and type the URL of the blog. In this you can sign up for a time of thirty days to see how this works for you. Suppose we pick The Broadmoorblog.com as they are a very successful in blogs about hotels.

As soon as you hit the search button you will come across the rankings for all the keywords. Go to the left hand sidebar and click on Organic Research under that you will see positions as soon as you click on that a list of keywords that the site is ranking for will appear. As shown in the following image.

Here you will see the various keywords along with the volume and ranking of the keywords. You will also get the CPC and the trend of the keyword. One word of caution here is that do not look for the popular blogs as they will ultimately give you generic keywords only. Look for blogs that are slowly becoming popular and get maximum of their traffic from the search engines. Even the blogs that are not very successful can give you some really innovative ideas.

You can also try visiting www.google.com/trends. Here type the long tail keyword that you have selected and see how many people are actually searching for this keyword.

If the graph is consistent and is moving upward then you have got the right keyword. Else as you can see in the graph attached above, you have to keep looking as “cheapest hotels in India” is not a great long tail keyword as per Google trends. So you will have to keep looking for a better long tail keyword.

LSI Keywords

LSI is the abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing. If you look at it from a layman’s point of view it basically means synonyms for the long tail keyword that you have come up with. Let’s look at one example here:

Suppose you search for best films in 2015 you will see the following result.

As you notice the second and the third options are coming up with “feature film” and “20 best films”. So when you search for a particular word you will automatically get all the options that are related to these words. The Google’s search algorithm is a smart one and it can basically find all the related terms. These related results are also equally important we will explain how.

Advantages of using the LSI keywords

  • When you use LSI you basically ensure that keyword density is in check and at the same time you are optimising the article for different search engines.
  • The keyword density must be at least three percent of the total words that you are using in the article. Instead of adding more key words to the post add LSI for better results.

The automatic question would be how to find the LSI. Well we will explain that now. Suppose your blog is about cooking classes.

As you search for this you can see words like course and training that means same as classes. These are nothing but the LSI keywords that we are talking about. Now let’s add “North Indian” to the words searched. We will see the following results.

The first URL that was not even having the word “North Indian” but Google searched for the word in the article and then added it to the search result. As you look for different keywords the description will automatically change. Google now looks for the searched word in the article and then throws the results. So instead of using the same words again and again try to use LSI keywords in order to ensure that the site gets more traffic.

Finding LSI Keywords

The process of finding the LSI keywords are similar to that of long tail keywords. The related search queries that you find at the end of the search page are nothing but the LSI.

Searches related to north Indian online cooking classes

free online cooking courses with certificate

indian cooking classes online free

indian cooking lessons for beginners

cooking classes indian food

indian cooking class chicago

indian cooking classes near me

basic indian cooking recipes

cooking classes in india

With the help of this tool called UberSuggest you can find many synonyms for the term that you are looking for. The result will look something like this.

Implementing Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI )Keywords

Now that you know the LSI keywords you will have to implement them in the article and this is actually very easy. Write the post that you want concentrate on the matter and not on the density of the keyword. After the article is complete you will notice that you have automatically added the LSI to the article.

Some may find this method not systematic enough or time consuming. Well we have one more suggestion for you. Just write the article with the keyword that you want to use. After the article is done replace these keywords with the LSI keywords that you have already shortlisted by using the methods explained above. This will be a mechanical approach and can hamper the flow of your article.

There are some plugins that you can use. You will have to pay for it but the cost is worth it. These are called Easy WP SEO and SEOPressor.

These plugins will produce the LSI keywords in your visual editor area. You can pick the keywords that you want in your article. This is a great idea in case you are writing very long articles. This will optimise the post and ensure that you get a good search engine ranking. If the same keywords are used a number of times in the article it does get penalised by Google.

This is more or less all the things that we could think of regarding long tail keywords and LSI. We hope it will help you to build your articles in an effective manner. The concept is actually easy just that you will have to spend some time on understanding it.

How to Find LSI Keywords

Today I am going to write about an important concept in SEO which is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. I am going to explain how to use LSI keywords in your content marketing strategy which can help in increasing your organic traffic drastically.

I am going to explain the following topics in this article

  • What are LSI keywords
  • What is the difference between LSI keywords and Long tail keywords
  • Effects of using LSI keywords
  • How can you find LSI keywords
  • How to use LSI keywords to improve your content marketing strategy.

Now a days popular search engines like Google are putting more effort on what the user is really searching for. They are now preferring pages which are well written and not the pages which are optimized for single keyword.

Optimizing a page for multiple related keywords but not a single keyword is called LSI (Latent semantic Indexing) technique.

What are LSI keywords?

LSI keywords are nothing but, keywords which are related to your main keyword. These can be synonyms or related keywords or keywords which bring the same meaning.

And also, at the same time, keywords which bring same meaning either logically or sentimentally.

For example, if you have a post on Apple, your post should also contain keywords like “IPhone”, “ITunes”, “Mac” and “Steve Jobs”.

These keywords are called LSI keywords which differentiate your post from other non-related keywords like “buy apples online“, “apple recipes“.

In the above screenshot, you can see what are the possible LSI keywords for your targeted keyword. In the above, for apple, Iphone 6, Iphone 5s are the possible LSI keywords.

You can also get LSI keywords from the footer of Google search results page. Here is what I have got.

What is the difference between LSI keywords and Long tail keywords?

There is a lot of misunderstanding between LSI keywords and Long tail keywords. Many people think that they both are same. But they are not.

There is a difference between LSI keywords and Long tail keywords. LSI keywords increases the search visibility but whereas with Long tail keywords, it narrows down the search visibility.

LSI keywords tends to help in ranking for multiple keywords, but with Long tail keywords, it helps in ranking a single keywords.

LSI keywords helps search engines to understand how deeply you wrote the article. Because, it helps in ranking for the keywords which you didn’t even targeted of.

Effects of using LSI keywords:

LSI keywords can bring positive effects in your SEO. Here are the benefits you can get from using LSI keywords.

  1. Prevents your content of being labelled as SPAM

By using LSI keywords in your content, it helps search engines to understand that you are relating many keywords which are semantically related to your content. This will also help in differentiating your content from spun content.

By having content with LSI keywords, it will increases the credibility of your content.

  1. Decreases the bounce rate of your pages

LSI keywords also helps in reducing the bounce rate of your pages. For example, if you don’t use any LSI keywords in your content means, your content will rank for wrong terms and thereby it increases your bounce rate. Whereas, if you use LSI keywords in your content means, it will help in ranking for different related keywords of your content, which will helps in bringing the right people to your content and thereby it reduces the bounce rate of your pages.

Take a look at the below example:

Suppose if there is an article about Notebook

There are two kind of pages you might come up with.

  • Notebook (Movie)
  • Notebook PC

Suppose, if a movie lover is searching for Notebook keyword, he will be shown with the following page, as it contains semantic keywords like “Drama”, “Romance”, “PG-13”, “Cast” and “Crew”. Thereby the user will get the page what he is searching for. If you did not use semantic keywords in your page, it might show a different page to the user.

Say for example, he will be shown with page of Notebook PCs to a movie lover.

Immediately after seeing the page, he will exit from the page, as he is not looking for that page. So, the bounce rate will be very high for the pages which don’t use semantic keywords.

  1. Increases the time spent on your pages

Since, you will not be using any keyword stuffing in your content, it makes your content more readable. Therefore, it will increases the readability of your pages and thereby it increases the time spent on your pages.

  1. Improve Search visibility

When Google bots crawl your pages, they will look for semantic keywords which you have used in your content. If you have not stuffed any keywords and only used semantic keywords, Google will rank your content for all of your semantic keywords. Thereby your content will get ranked for different number of keywords and thereby you will get lot of search engine traffic which will improves your search visibility of your pages.

  1. Increases Authority of your website

If you get more rankings means, more click through for your website which will automatically increases the authority of your website.

  1. Get more sales

Using LSI keywords increases your website traffic. Your pages will rank for many long tail keywords which will bring people who have buying intention to your website, thereby it increases the numbers of sales from your website. So, using LSI keywords will help in bringing more sales to your website.

How to Find LSI keywords?

Now that you have understood what are the benefits of using LSI keywords and how it can bring positive results to your website. You might be wondering how to use LSI keywords in your content right?

Here is how you can do that, these are the most commonly used tools for finding LSI keywords for your content.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • LSI Graph
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Soovle
  • SEMrush
  • Mondovo
  • SEOPressor
  • KeywordTool.io

I am going to explain the details about each tool below.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to SEO part, Google provides everything to its users. You can also get LSI keywords from Google. Google Keyword Planner helps in finding LSI keywords for your keywords. This method is a bit basic method, but you need to use other tools aswell to get full benefits.

You can get few LSI keywords from Google search auto suggest feature and apart from that, you can get more LSI keywords from Google Keyword Planner.

For example: my keyword is “Weight Loss Products

And here is what I’ve got from Google Keyword Planner.

  1. LSI Graph

This is one of the best tool for getting LSI keywords. All you have to do is, just enter your desired keyword in the search bar and clear the captcha and click on “generate” LSI keywords for your desired keyword.

In the above example, I have used the keyword “weight loss products” as my desired keyword and below are the latent semantic indexing keywords for that keyword.

  1. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is another great tool for generating LSI keywords. Just enter the desired keyword in the search box and click on “shit keywords!” to generate LSI keywords for your keyword.

See below for example:

In the above, as you can see, I’ve gotten all the LSI keywords for the keyword I have entered in the search box. It also has the option to filter your keywords. There are positive filter and negative filter options in it, so you filter the keywords according to your needs.

It also has the option to download all the keywords that it has generated so far. Apart from that, you can use these generated LSI Keywords as long tail keywords also and try to rank them individually to get more from your SEO efforts.

  1. Soovle

Soovle is one of the best tools which will be useful for online marketers. It gives the top searched keywords from various websites like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Bing & Answers.com. It is very fast and easy to use, immediately after entering your desired keyword, it will start displaying the results from these top websites.

Here is an example:

In the above, I have searched for “weight loss” and here I got the top results from various websites like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing and Answeres.com

  1. SEMRush

SEMRush is another great tool for finding awesome keywords for your content marketing. You can use SEMRush for finding out what keywords your competitor is using and also you can find new opportunities for LSI keywords too.

Go to SEMRush panel and enter your competitor’s URL in the search box and hit “enter”. Now, click on “Organic Research” in the left hand side of SEMRush panel. And then click on “Positions“.

Now, you will get details about what are the keywords your competitor is ranking for. Now, use these keywords and find LSI keywords for these keywords with other tools I have mentioned in this article and grow your content marketing strategy.

With PRO SEMRush account, you can get fetch numerous keywords whereas with a free account you are limited with 10 keywords only.

  1. Mondovo

Since SEMRush is a paid tool, not everyone is going to buy SEMRush. For people who don’t want to pay for SEMRush, Mondovo tool can help them. It gives results from SEMRush and you can use it for free.

First of all, sign up for a free account in Mondovo. Once you have registered, you will be given with a free credits which you can use it for your keyword research.

After, you have logged in, click on SEO tab and select keyword research option in mondovo dashboard.

Now, enter the keyword or your competitor’s URL in the search bar and hit enter. You can also select the language and country to filter your search results. This will display the keywords related to your base keyword or keywords which were being used by your competitor.

How to use LSI keywords to improve your content marketing strategy:

Now that, you might have got the idea on how to get LSI keywords for your content marketing strategy. Most of the naïve bloggers just insert the LSI keywords in their middle of the blog post and messing up the structure of the entire blog post.

Proper placement of LSI keywords leads to better rankings in search engines.

Here are some of the tips for proper usage of LSI keywords.

  • Choose the right keyword

You must choose the right keywords to use it in your blog post or article. Because, most of the LSI keyword tools generate LSI keywords basing on an algorithm and they are not human produced ones. So, often with these tools, you will get irrelevant keyword suggestions also. You need to filter irrelevant suggestions and use proper LSI keywords in your article for better rankings.

  • Use it meaningfully

Some LSI keyword tools might generate numerous amounts of LSI keywords, and you don’t need to use all those LSI keywords in your article. And moreover, place these LSI keywords in your article meaningfully, i.e., make sure they are used in a proper way so that it gives out some meaning.

  • Place it in multiple positions

You can place LSI keywords in multiple positions of your blog post. You can place them in your tittle, conclusion, body and introduction parts. But you need to make the flow look natural, so that your blog post don’t seem suspicious in the eyes of Google and it will bring good rankings for your content.


So, have used LSI keywords to any of your blog posts? And did they bring any good results to your blog? Did I missed any LSI tool which I have not mentioned in the above? Please let me know through your comments below.

Ahrefs Review: The best backlink explorer tool

Ahrefs Review: The best backlink explorer tool

Ahrefs is one of the best backlink explorer tool available in the internet. It competes really well by having its amazing features with other backlink explorer tools like MOZ’s OpenSiteExplorer and Majestic SEO backlink explorer. They have their own backlink index which is fresh and growing in huge daily.


In this article, I am going to review Ahrefs tool.


This tool is very useful in exploring the backlinks of a particular website. It also helps in giving the social media insights of the sites you want. In SEO, it is the most recommended tool for analyzing your competitor’s backlinks.


With Ahrefs tool, you will get a lot of information about your competitor’s SEO practices, so that you develop better strategies than your competitors.


Though Ahrefs tool is not cheap, it does provides a lot of data for the price you pay. Their initial plan comes for $99 per month. If you buy annual subscription, you will get a discount and the final price would be $82.5 per month. Their initial lite plan is limited to 5 campaigns only and it can track up to 300 keywords. You can only able to export reports up to 5 million rows per month using lite plan. If you want greater limits then, you should get standard or an advanced plan. These prices may change with time, as of now, I have already mentioned the current rates in the above.

Ease of Use:

Ahrefs has a very easy to use user interface. But since it offers many other SEO tools in just one platform, it may take some time to adapt to its user interface.


They are not available 24 hours a day, so unless you are from USA, you have to wait few hours in order to hear from them. But their support is good, if you have any problems, you can always reach to them.


  • Ahrefs has an amazing site explorer where you will get information about the most recent backlinks information of any site you want. If you want to know what backlinks your competitor is building, you can get the most recent data with Ahrefs site explorer.
  • Ahrefs content explorer helps in finding new ideas for your blog. You can simply enter a topic name in the content explorer and search for the posts which are being shared a lot across the internet.
  • It also has Positions explorer where you can check your top keywords which are bringing you good organic traffic and you can do the same for your competitors also.
  • It also offers excellent crawl reports where you can able to see critical data of your site.


  • The keyword tool still needs to be improved as it is limited to basic features only
  • Many bloggers prefer using the Standard plan in Ahrefs. But it is a bit pricier for a newbie blogger who is just starting out.


On overall I must say, it is one of the essential tool every content marketer should possess. If you are serious about improving your search engine visibility of your site, you should always stay one step ahead of your competitors. For researching your competitor’s content marketing strategies, Ahrefs tool will work flawlessly. It gives you up to date link information about where your competitors are building links. So that, you can stay ahead of them by overcoming their content marketing strategy and mixing your own strategy.

To help you understand in a better way, I am going to explain the features that Ahrefs is offering to its customers. If you are serious about your marketing, you will learn a lot from competitor research using Ahrefs tool.

According to Hubspot, the more content you post, the better traffic you will get to your site. If you are already publishing content in your blog from a very long time, you might have understood how it will be like to get traffic from the content we post.

content graph

Image source: Hubspot

As you can see in the above image, blogs with more than 400 posts tend to receive double traffic than blogs with posts less than 300. And you can also see, there is a steady increase in the traffic with the increase of blog posts.

Many popular blogs like SearchEngineLand posts around 5 – 10 posts daily and it’s obvious that it receives more traffic than any other SEO blog. As we all know, creating content does not come in cheap, if you are writing by your own, it takes lot of your time and efforts, if you are hiring someone to write for your blog, it costs money. Everyone will publish content expecting that they will get traffic for the content they post.

But, the truth is, out of 100% of our content, only 20% of your content will bring you good traffic. So how to know which content will bring you good traffic? By having the right insights about your competitors, you will have better idea on how to do a better content marketing to get good traffic. Ahrefs will do a very good job in providing insights about your competitor’s content marketing techniques.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive suite which provides access to SEO and social tools where you can analyze your competitor’s SEO and social marketing techniques and then you can compare your website with them and understand what is working for them and what is not working for you.

In this article, I am going to explain the amazing features of Ahrefs and how you can use them for your content marketing.

Why you need Insights?

What if I ask you to sail the boat in a sea without a compass? It will be hard for anyone to sail without having a compass, because they don’t know where they are going without a compass. Marketing is also same, if you don’t have any insights to follow, it will be hard to see success. Every successful marketer first analyzes their competitor and tries to do better than their competitor which will help them to gain more traffic.

Suppose, after you have analyzed your competitor’s site, you will get some insights like what content is bringing good traffic to them and what are the strongest links for them? If you have these kind of insights, you can try to do better than your competitors and thereby you can get better traffic than them.

Here are the top four reasons why you need some insights in your content marketing strategy:

  1. Spying your competitor

    Know what keywords are bringing them good traffic to their website? And how are those keywords performing in search and social media?

    If you can able to find answers to the above questions, you can create a better content with the same keywords your competitor is getting traffic from, so that you too can get benefit by getting good traffic and also your website will perform better in search and social media networks.

  2. Get new content ideas

    Know what type of content your competitor’s are creating and see which type of content is getting more shares and likes.

    For example if your competitor has created a content on 5 Keyword Rank Tools which has gotten too many likes and shares. Then, you can create similar content to attract those visitors to your blog too.

  3. Get Backlinks data

    From which websites your competitors are getting backlinks from? What type of content is getting more backlinks?

    If you can get answers to these questions, you can easily build links to your website by creating such type of content in your website. For example if your competitor has gotten a link from MOZ’s website for the content on How to get Wikipedia backlinks? Then you can create similar content in your website and try to reach them that you have better content than them.

  4. Finding Like Minded People

    The people who share, like and retweet your website are the most important people for your website. If you can find those people, and engage with them, you can increase your website’s engagement and get more traffic.

Myths you should know first before you buy Ahrefs:

No doubt Ahrefs is an amazing tool. It helps me in finding new backlink opportunities for my blog and also gives me new content ideas. But one thing people need to understand before buying Ahrefs is that it only offers great features but you are the one who is going to use those features. It won’t do the work for you. You have to do the work with those features.

You have to set sometime for it in order to use this tool. Since, it has lot of tools in it, you need to set aside some time to make use of those features. Many people think like, if I buy this service, it will automatically do the job for you. But it won’t. Of course, it has some amazing tools which you need to use in order to find out new link opportunities and new content ideas. Without spending some time on this tool, you won’t get any usefulness from it.

So buy this service only if you think you can dedicate sometime for researching with Ahrefs.

Without spending some time on Ahrefs, you won’t get any benefit buying that. Apart from that you will lose your hard earned money if you don’t spend any time on it. If you still think you can dedicate sometime, continue reading this article.

I will show you

  • How to increase engagement rate for your posts with Ahrefs
  • How to do a better keyword research
  • How to find high quality link opportunities and avoid private blog networks.
  • How your competitor has attained good rankings

Who should not buy Ahrefs

  • Don’t buy this if you are just a casual blogger. As you won’t get any benefit from its deep insights. At the end you won’t make any profits if you don’t know how to make use of these deep insights.
  • Don’t buy this, if you are in a niche which was not known by anyone. You won’t get much data from this tool, if your niche is not so popular.
  • Currently the lite plan for Ahrefs is $99. If you are on a low budget and you can’t afford this much money, don’t go for it.
  • If you are not a regular blogger, you won’t get much value from it.

Finally, let’s dive into Ahrefs review:

The following are the amazing features of Ahrefs

  • Crawl Reports
  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Positions Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • SEO Toolbar
  • Domain Comparisons
  • Link Intersect Report
  • Batch Analysis

Crawl Reports:

After you have added your website to Ahrefs, you will be able to see the crawl report of your website which will help in finding how your site is performing.

Below is the snapshot of my site added to Ahrefs

Crawl reports

For example in the above, I can able to see the critical and non-critical errors for my site. If I fix those errors, it will help in increase my search engine visibility.

crawl report

If you click on Performance block in the right side of your Ahrefs tool, you can able to see the load time of each page in your website. If you have high load time means, it will affect your performance. Here is an article from MOZ about how site speed impacts search rankings.

So, if you have high load time for your pages, try to improve your site speed to get better performance.

With Ahrefs, you can also view which pages are generating 404 errors. Review the pages which are broken and fix them, because if you have too many broken links means, it will impact your search engine rankings in a negative way.

crawl report

Apart from that, In Crawl Report, you can also analyze your content, Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta keywords, H1 and H2 tags. This will help in finding any duplicate titles you have in your content.

With all these features, you can do a better on page SEO for your website which will help you for better search engine rankings.

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Site Explorer:

The number one tool in Ahrefs is its site explorer. Actually, the company Ahrefs got popular with its site explorer tool only. Most of the marketers spend tons of time exploring competitor’s backlinks with this tool.

site explorer

Site Explorer offers a lot of features in a single tool. With this tool, you will be able to get your domain rank from Ahrefs for your website, your domain rating, number of backlinks, referring domains etc.

You will be able to compare your website’s referring pages and domains for different months. Slow growth in your referring domains indicate poor promotion of your website. You need to have good number of referring pages in order to get good number of backlinks.

Here is how it looks like

referring pages

Ahrefs has the best index of links and with this you will be able to get information about the most recent backlinks you have acquired for your domain.

You will be able to explore the following features with Site Explorer tool.

  • The number of backlinks your site has
  • Type of backlinks your site has (Nofollow, dofollow, Redirect, SiteWide, Educational, Governmental etc.)
  • Your estimated domain and URL rating
  • CTLD’s distribution of your backlinks which tells where your backlinks are distributed in the world.
  • Anchor text cloud, where you can find out which anchor text was used most and how much percentage each anchor was used.
  • With Top referring TLD’s, you will be able to find from which TLD you have got backlinks from.
  • You can find the number of social shares your website has. For example, you will be able to see the number of Facebook shares, Google plus, LinkedIn shares and Pinterest pins.
  • Apart from all these, you will be able to export all these features to CSV or PDF file.

Usually, you can’t do anything with this much amount of data, but you will be able to get a quick glance on your website’s link profile. If you are doing a SEO consulting, you will be able to give a lot information to your clients using this tool.

  • Top Pages

Site Explorer offers Top Pages option where you can able to view the top pages of any website. These top pages are the pages which performs really well in the search engines for that particular website.

top pages

With this feature, you can able to view your competitor’s top performing pages in the web and try to replicate their content, so that there will be more chances to get more traffic by attracting new visitors.

For example, in the above, you can see my top posts and the number of backlinks they have. You can also see the number of social shares each post has. You can get the same data for your competitor URL’s also. Using these details, you can apply the same marketing techniques which your competitors are using for ranking their pages.

  • Grossing Pages

With Grossing Pages feature in Site Explorer, you will be able to explore the top grossing pages for your website, which will help in finding which pages are earning more links are.

Grossing pages

With this cool feature, you can explore the top grossing pages in your competitor’s website and create a better content than them and reach out to the blog owners who has already linked to your competitor’s website and suggest them your link saying you have better content than them.

It is a great way to attract new backlinks to your website.

  • Links

With this Links feature only Ahrefs got famous for. Existing tools like Open Site Explorer from MOZ, their link indexing is very slow, and you won’t able to get backlink data quickly. But with Ahrefs Site Explorer, you will get the most recent data of your backlinks.


This tool also offers a Disavow tool where you can disavow bad links in your website’s link profile.

  • Disavow Tool

Some spammers may try to bring down your website’s rankings by building too many spam links to your website. For this, Google has officially recommended to disavow bad links using Google Webmasters Central.

It is an advanced feature in SEO, use it carefully if you really needed it for your website. Even Google issued a warning before you use this tool. Here is the warning

Disavow links

Ahrefs offers a tool where you can create a file which contains links to disavow and upload them in your Google webmasters central.


It is very simple to disavow links in Ahrefs. Just check the links you want disavow and click on Disavow URL’s.

If the number of URL’s you want to disavow are more, you can save all those URLS in a file and upload it to Ahrefs.

Upload Disavow

  • Sorting of Links

You can sort your links basing on your requirements using Ahrefs filter option. Site Explorer has inbuilt filter option to filter the backlinks. If you want only nofollow links data, you can get that using its filter option.

  • Nofollow Links
  • Redirects
  • Sitewide links
  • Educational and Governmental links
  • Sort Links by platform (WordPress, Ecommerce, Message Boards etc.)
  • Sort links by language also.

Sort links

This feature is useful when finding which links are brining good value to your website.

  • New / Lost Links

With New / Lost links feature in Ahrefs, it is easy to keep track of your newly acquired links as well as the links that got dropped recently. In Site Explorer, you will be able to find the new and lost links between specified time periods. If you want to know what are the links you have acquired between the month of January and February, You can do that in Site Explorer and the same thing applies for lost links too. Here is how you can find that.

new lost links

In the above screenshot, choose the time period you want see the backlinks acquired or lost. And then, you will be able to find the link data below.

recent links

There are very good benefits with this feature, with new links data, you can reach out to the website owners who linked your website recently and get engage with them, so that you can increase the chances of repeated links from them.

And it is a good way to connect to the blog owners from where you lost links recently and notify them about the link down. So, that you can always maintain your link profiles.

Here is the email template if you would like to connect with the blog owners.

For New Links

Hi (Blog Owner Name),

My name is (Insert Your Name Here) and I am the owner or editor of the blog (your blog address).

Today, while I was browsing my website analytics, I saw you linked to one of my content (insert link here) from your site.

I just wanted to say Thanks for linking my website in your content. One day, if I find anything relevant to my content in your site, I will be glad to link back to your site.

Just let me know if you need any help J


(You’re Name)

The goal of the above email is to just get in touch with the blog owner, next time if your content is in good place to get a link from them, you can gladly ask them for a link back.

For Broken Links

Hey (Blog Owner Name),

My name is (Insert Your Name Here) and I am the owner of the blog (Insert Your Blog Name Here).

I just wanted to let you know that, one of your page recently went down and it is returning a 404 error. In case if you would like to fix it, here is the link (Please insert the URL for the page which was broken).


(Insert Your Name here)

Here also, the purpose of this email is to get in touch with the blog owner. Once you establish a good communication with him, you can pitch him for more links.

  • Broken Links Backlinks

Site Explorer will also help in finding the broken links in a particular site. It can help in finding broken links in your site, so that you can fix those broken URL’s for better performance. It is also helpful in finding new backlink opportunities.

broken links

You can reach to the blog owners who has some broken links and let them know about their broken links and also pitch them with your content recommendation to link in their content.

  • Content Explorer

Content Explorer helps in finding top shared content across the web. This is a great way to get new traffic by building new content. Just enter the topic related to your niche and check the results. You will be shown with top shared content across the web in your niche. Once you get the results, you can replicate the same content and publish the article in your website which can attract new audience to your blog.

content explorer

In the above example, I have searched for “Content Marketing” keyword in content explorer. Now, I am presented with top shared content on “Content Marketing”. If you write a new article on the above suggested topic and publish my article in my blog, I may have the chances in attracting new audience to my blog.

Filter Options:

filter options

You can also filter the results which you got in content explorer. You can filter them based on time, like if you wanted to get top shared content in past 24 hours, you can do so by using the filter option.

Social Shares:

social shares

You can also find the number of social shares acquired by these top posts. With this, you will be able to find how much popular this content is and decide whether to replicate or not.

Content Analysis Breakdown

This is another good feature in Ahrefs. You can actually see the content’s performance before you even decide to recreate in your blog. Once you think that this type of content can bring good performance in your blog. You can create similar content on your blog to attract more audience.

Content Analysis breakdown

As you can see in the above picture, you can see different graphs shows the distribution of organic keywords, traffic, backlinks, referring domains of that content. Once you find all these details, you will know whether creating this type of content in your blog will get your more visitors or not.

More number of shares, backlinks and good traffic means, you should definitely recreate the content in your blog.

  • Positions Explorer

This is another cool feature of Ahrefs. Just enter the domain name in the positions explorer to get more details about that domain. You will get details like who are the top 10 competitors for that entered domain. What is the estimated organic traffic coming to that site? What are the organic keywords which are brining good traffic to that domain? What are the top pages for that domain? And many more features.

positions explorer

If you click on the Top Pages option in the right hand side of the dashboard, you can get the top pages for that domain. It’s important to have this data about your competitors because many sites will get most of the traffic from long tail keywords. If you can able to find what those pages are, you can create similar content in your blog to get more traffic.

With positions explorer, you can also get information about the PPC keywords a domain is using. If your competitor is using PPC also for promoting their website, then you can easily know from what keywords he is attracting new traffic to his site.

  • Keyword Explorer

Keyword explorer is another great tool in Ahrefs. With keyword explorer you can get relevant keyword suggestions. Just enter the keyword you want to get long tail keyword ideas in the search bar. After hitting enter, you will be shown with relevant keyword suggestions under the results.

keyword explorer

In the above, I have entered “seo tools” as a search term and after hitting enter, I got the above keyword suggestions. This is very useful when you are lost and have no ideas on which topic you should create content. This tool will help you in giving new content ideas.

  • Domain Comparison

With domain comparison, you can compare up to 5 domains against each other. See below for example.

domain comparision

In the above, I have compared three domains, and you can compare a lot of metrics against each website. This will gives an overview on each site.

  • SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs has its own toolbar for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It gives quick details of each site while you browse or search in the Google search.

seo toolbar

As you can see in the above, it gives details like

  • URL Ranking
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Ranking
  • And Social Shares

If you browse a website, Ahrefs toolbar will display information about that site in the top of the page. See below for screenshot.

ahrefs toolbar


Finally, with lot of features for $99, it’s worth to have this tool for your marketing purposes. If you are serious about your website and wanted to improve its rankings and wanted stay ahead of your competitors all the time, then you must possess this tool.

Share your comments below if you have any.